Olympic champions come in all shapes and sizes! Simone Biles, 4'9, delights her Instagram followers with brilliant image of herself posing alongside 6'8 NBA star LeBron James

  • Gymnast Simone, 19, attended a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Hornets on Saturday
  • Simone and LeBron stopped for a photo together, showing off their height difference of almost two feet 
  • The Cavaliers triumphed over the Hornets 116 to 105 at the game

The best in the world come in all shapes and sizes.

Never has that fact been more clear when Olympic champion gymnast Simone Biles came face-to-waist with Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James during a game against the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday.

The pair of gold medal-winning athletes posed for a snap or two together at the game, resulting in images that barely look like they're real.

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Hanging out: Simone Biles and LeBron James posed for a photo at a Cavaliers game against Charlotte on Saturday

Enjoying the day: Simone took in the game while sporting a blue Cavs T-shirt

The reason? At 4'9, Final Five gymnast Simone stands at almost a full two feet short than 6'8 NBA champion LeBron. 

The photo, which Simone shared on Instagram, shows the petite gymnast in a blue Cavs shirt standing with her arm around LeBron, her head not even coming up to the towering basketball player's chest. 

Simone's fans on Instagram couldn't get enough of the photo, with one writing: 'Wow David and Goliath.'

'Omg Simone!! You are like an ant compared to him!!!' said another. 

Big difference: With LeBron at 6'8, Simone is almost a full two feet shorter at 5'9

A bit of fun: Simone smiles as she poses with the Cavalier's mascot Moondog

Flipping out: Simone won an incredible four gold medals and one bronze at Rio 2016

Keeping it up: LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers triumphed over the Charlotte Hornets at Saturday's game

The Cleveland team also posted a video of the player having to bend right down to greet Simone with a hug courtside at the Quickloans Arena. 

She also posed with another Cavalier, Kevin Lowe, who at 6'10 has even more of an extreme difference on her.  

In another Instagram post, Simone hopped into the arms of the team's mascot Moondog while flashing her famous infectious smile.

'Had a good time at the Cavaliers Basketball game,' she wrote in the caption. 'Thanks for having me.' 

Family time: Simone was accompanied at the game by her father, who is a big fan of the team

Making the most: The pair were also given a tour around the home stadium of the Browns

Schmoozing about: During the Games, Simone posed with several other athletes who had plenty of height on her such as Michael Phelps (left) and Nathan Adrian (right)

The big one: Simone also went viral with this photo taken with 6'8 volleyball player David Lee

Simone was attending the game with her father, who not only got to see the Cavs triumph on the court, but was also treated to a tour of the home of the Browns.

The picture with LeBron is far from the first time that Simone has snapped a photo alongside a fellow world class athlete that has had viewers wondering if their eyes were playing tricks on them. 

During the Olympic Games this summer, Simone met up and posed for photos with plenty of fellow Olympians.

Some of the best photos feature Simone with 6'4 swimming superstar Michael Phelps and his teammate Nathan Adrian, who stands at 6'6'.

She also posed with the likes of volleyball players and other basketball stars at the Games, where she came away with a stellar four gold medals and one bronze.  

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