'I love you baby brother!' Savannah Guthrie shares a precious video of her daughter Vale giving her newborn son Charles a sweet kiss after the siblings met for the first time

  • The Today Show co-anchor delivered her second child at 8:59am Thursday morning in New York City 
  • The baby boy, who is named Charles Max Feldman, is Savannah's second child with her husband Michael Feldman 
  • Savannah called the baby boy a 'bruiser' for his birth weight - eight pounds and nine ounces, and he is also 21 inches long    
  • The 44-year-old called in to the Today show on Monday morning to talk about the sweet moment her two-year-old daughter Vale met her baby brother  

Savannah Guthrie has proudly revealed the heartwarming moment her two-year-old daughter Vale met her baby brother Charles for the first time — and it was love at first sight. 

Although she is on maternity leave, the 44-year-old anchor called into the Today show on Monday morning to check in with her colleagues, and Matt Lauer couldn't wait to show the footage of Vale giving kisses to the little boy. 

Savannah and her husband Michael Feldman welcomed their second child last Thursday morning, and the mother-of-two admitted that she went out of her way to make Vale feel comfortable with the newest addition to their family. 

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Big sister: Savannah Guthrie shared a video of the two-year-old daughter Vale meeting her new baby brother when she called into the Today show on Monday morning 

Happy family: The 44-year-old gave birth to a baby boy named Charles Max Feldman, her second child with husband Michael Feldman (all pictured above) on Thursday morning 

'I mean first of all, in the '70s our parents never gave it this much thought, but we wanted to make sure she wasn't feeling displaced,' she explained. 

'Jenna Bush actually gave me a really good idea which was to put picture of Vale on Charley's bassinet.'

Savannah said that she also put a lollipop into Charley's bassinet with him so Vale had double the surprise when she walked over to see him. 

'Vale was like, "Oh, baby bother... 'oh, lollipop,' she recalled with a laugh. 

Too cute: 'I love you, baby brother,' Vale whispered to her baby brother when she met him 

Smooches: The proud big sister gave Charles a kiss on the cheek when her dad brought him over to her 

In the adorable video, Vale is sitting in a chair while her father brings over Charles, who is swaddled in a hospital blanket.  

'I love you,' Vale says, and Michael encourages the little girl to tell her brother how she feels. 

Vale leans over and sweetly whispers in Charles' ear: 'I love you baby brother.' 

Michael praises Vale for her sweet words, and the little girl leans over again and gives her new brother a kiss on the cheek. 

'That is so cute Savannah the way she kisses him,' Matt noted, and Savannah agrees. 

Right on time: Savannah gave birth to baby Charley at 8:59am on Thursday, less than a week after she went on maternity leave

Big boy: Savannah called her baby a 'bruiser' for his birth weight of nine pounds, eight ounces. He is also 21.5 inches long

'Oh my gosh I know. I've only watched that 10,000 times,' she joked. 

When asked about how her husband is feeling now that he is a father-of-two, Savannah said he is 'doing great' as well. 

'He already was super daddy, but now he is super, super daddy,' she explained. 'He and vale are so tight. You know, it's just so lovely and beautiful. We feel so thankful.' 

Savannah recalled that when she was little she would ask her mother why she didn't have any children after her, and her mother would tell her that she knew her family was already complete — and she now understands what she meant.  

'I feel that way,' she said. 'My family is complete and we are so happy.'

Savannah, who couldn't help but gust about her 'adorable' son, said he is a 'good little eater' and they have been getting three hour stretches of sleep. 

Mom duty: Savannah went on maternity leave last Friday, and Tamron Hall is filling in for her until she returns

On Friday, the cast of the Today show made the happy announcement that Savannah had given birth to her second child, a baby boy named Charles Max Feldman, at 8:59am on Thursday morning.

Matt revealed that Charles weighed nine-pounds, eight-ounces, and Savannah called him a 'bruiser' because of his size. 

Savannah's co-anchor later visited the happy family at the hospital, bringing some bubbly to celebrate.

'I went over there yesterday. I was called to bring over wine so we may have had a little toast,' Matt aid. 

Like family: Savannah's co-anchor Matt Lauer visited her at the hospital on Thursday, and was one of the first to hold baby Charley

Memories: Charley's feet were blackened after nurses stamped his feet for his birth certificate 

Happy as can be: Savannah and Michael are pictured before a White House state dinner October (left). Their daughter Vale is pictured (right) 

He added: 'The minute I walked into the room, Charley pooped and peed so we know everything is in working order.' 

Savannah's child is named after her father, Charles, and after her husband's grandfather, Max.

Savannah and Michael wed in March 2014 and had their daughter Vale, the following August.   

The working mom went on maternity leave last Friday, and Tamron Hall is filling in for her until she returns. 

Support system: Everyone at the Today show gathered around the anchor desk on Friday to announce the happy news and congratulate Savannah 

Last week, it was announced that Savannah signed a new contract with the Today show that brings her annual salary closer to Matt's $20 million.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, she also spoke about preparing for baby number two, and how lucky she feels to become a mother again. 

It has now been over four years since Savannah became co-anchor on Today back in July 2012, and she admitted in the interview that after focusing on her career for so long she did not know if having children was ever in the cards.

'I think that's why I feel such an acute level of gratitude about getting to have a baby. Because I know how late it is in the game, you know?' an emotional Savannah said in the interview.

'I'm a person of faith. It feels like the greatest embrace from God that I can imagine, to get to have a baby. And to get to have a second is just beyond.'

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