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Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs claims 5,900 lives in five months

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs has sent the death toll top 5,927 in the five months he has been in office having vowed to eradicate the drug problem in the country. The radical leader insists he is not a killer, despite the country's streets being littered with dead bodies due to his crackdown on illicit drugs. President Duterte said he is not about to pull the plug on his operation, but would happily allow citizens to enjoy Christmas and New Year in peace if people stopped taking drugs.

Baby dies after being found with bruising on his head and anal injuries 

Michael Smedley, a five-month-old baby from Alice Springs who died in 212, ad 26 bruises on his body, as well as cerebral swelling and anal injuries, a coronial inquest heard on Tuesday. The infant died while in the care of his mother's friends Tamara Cole and Oliver Deighton, but no one has ever been charged for his death after medical experts disagreed over his cause of death for four years.

Australians suffered through the hottest day on record since 1972 on Tuesday, but temperatures in parts of Australia, including Sydney, will soar to 38 degrees yet again on Wednesday.

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Some unfortunate people have had truly terrifying encounters with the 'paranormal' and believe they may have even seen ghosts. Here, they share their tales.

While the disease was extremely viral, Dr Thompson said the three properties were now on 'lock down' to prevent it from further spreading

Two rivers south of Brisbane were placed under lock down by biosecurity officials after test results confirmed white spot disease in wild prawns collected in the area.

The pair are said to have been out and about not far from his Kensington Palace home yesterday evening as they prepare to spend some time together before Christmas.

Reiha McLelland was 'in love' with teacher Sam Back before committing suicide

New Zealand schoolgirl Reiha McLelland (left), 13, was likely in love with her teacher Sam Back (right), 42, before the disturbing relationship broke down and she tragically took her life in 2014. An inquest into her death heard from Reiha's psychologist and psychiatrist, who both agreed that the relationship breakdown would have hit Reiha like a divorce.

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Californian dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, known as Dr Pimple Popper, describes the sebaceous cyst as 'third eye blind' and cuts into it, squeezing out a thick goo.

'I don't want to sit next to a screaming baby': Mother carrying an infant is kicked out of first class seat by passengers who are angry because she didn't have the right ticket... but who is in the right? 

Tyrone Williams, from Bromley, shared a video that captured the moment when the woman was forced out of her seat despite the fact she had an infant in a sling. The mother sat down in the first class section of a Southern Rail train to Brighton. However, fellow passengers argued that she shouldn't be allowed to sit there because she doesn't have a first class ticket but the mother points out it is a priority seat. Southern Rail say that priority seats in first class are available to ticket holders only unless it has been declassified due to disruption.

Australian mother Sara Connor offers donation to family of murdered Bali police officer

Australian mother Sara Connor (left), who is charged with the murder of Bali police officer Wayan Sudarsa, has offered to pay his family $A2500 and maintained her innocence in court on Tuesday - insisting she tried to stop her toyboy British DJ boyfriend David Taylor from killing him. But the widow of Mr Sudarsa (right) rejected the offer (handwritten note, inset) and said she wouldn't accept 'even a cent', instead asking the judge to impose the 'maximum punishment based on Indonesian laws.'

Fiona Walker, pictured, from just outside Kilmarnock, said she was too frightened to call the police so begged for help on social media instead.

From playing festive music to luring you in with charm prices at Christmas, retail tricks which encourage you to spend more are routinely played by the shops. FEMAIL decodes the most common.

Bushfires in Abermain and Neath 'lit by arsonists' but no homes are destroyed

Hundreds of families have fled for their lives as a 25m wall of flames swept towards two towns in New South Wales. As many as 250 homes came within metres of being burned down as the two blazes - thought to have been started deliberately - merged and careered towards Abermain and Neath yesterday afternoon. Parents grabbed their children, pets and prized possessions as they desperately abandoned their homes, but many were unable to leave and were told to shelter in place by fire officials. More than 100 firefighters were tackling the blaze last night after it destroyed 119 hectares of land and threatened to rage through the two towns. The infernos came on a day where temperatures reached nearly 40C - and with the heat expected to continue for some time, experts have warned of yet more extreme fires to come.

The closure of Victoria's Hazelwood coal-fired power station will add about $78 a year to energy bills across the country, hitting South Australians hard with $150 a year added to household bills.

Debbie Halliwell claims ICE Designs Clothing Ipswich said she was 'too fat' to shop there

Debbie Halliwell (far right), a single mother on a disability pension, was reduced to tears in an ICE Design Clothing store (pictured right) in Ipswich, Queensland, last week when a staff member allegedly told her she was 'too fat' to be shopping. The 53-year-old was doing some Christmas shopping for her teenager daughter (left) when the store manager allegedly snatched a pair of shorts out of her hand and put it back on the rack. The CEO of the company vigorously denied the allegations.

The record volume of new properties that will be built in Sydney will be spread across the city, making the market there more resilient than in other Australian cities, the NSW government says.

Coked-up cops would send each other joking texts about their drug use and another was building a 'sophisticated drug syndicate' a Victorian anti-corruption investigation has unearthed.

Kanye West and entourage arrive at Trump Tower but is he visiting Donald?

Kanye swept past reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower shortly after 9am, followed by an entourage including a videographer, for a 15-minute meeting he requested with Trump.

'In the grave... six feet under': 'Video message an NRL star's ex-girlfriend sent after posting naked pictures of him in a revenge porn attack'... as she is charged

Brittany Hura, the ex-girlfriend of NRL player Bryce Cartwright, has been captured on video (main) reportedly threatening to kill her former lover and place him 'in a grave six feet under.' The 24-year-old woman is seen in the heated Facebook videos drinking beer, punching a boxing bag and reportedly telling her ex-boyfriend 'you're going to be dead soon, bro.' She allegedly also posted an explicit image of Cartwright to Twitter (inset). Ms Hura was arrested on Tuesday and charged with 'use carriage service to menace/harass or offend and stalk/intimidation with the intent to fear physical harm,' police said.

Victorian truck driver Kenneth Laurence Pillar, 55, was found guilty of dangerous driving causing the death of 61-year-old Maria Dowdell in the South Australian District Court on Tuesday.

From playing practical jokes to involving yourself in office gossip and politics,  Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, has shared the office mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Where are the Love Actually cast now 13 years on?

Since its release in 2003, Love Actually has become a bona fide Christmas classic. The singing schoolgirl Joanna (top left), played by Olivia Olson (below left), is now 24, and still singing and acting in LA, while her secret admirer Sam (above, second from left), played by Thomas Brodie Sangster (below, second from left), has appeared in Game of Thrones and the Maze Runner. Martine McCutcheon, who played Downing Street staffer Natalie (above, third from left), was recently announced as a Loose Women panellist (below, third from left), while shy Karl (above, third from right), played by the hunky Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, now stars in the HBO hit Westworld (below, third from right). Hugh Grant, who starred as Prime Minister David 13 years ago (above, second from right), just picked up a Best Actor award for his performance in Florence Foster Jenkins alongside Meryl Streep (below, second from right), and Peter (above, right), picked up Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for his role in 12 Years a Slave (below, right).

German cannibal Detlev Guenzel chopped up WILLING victim Wojciech Stempniewicz

Police say Detlev Guenzel killed and then partially ate Polish-born businessman Wojciech Stempniewicz in his basement in the mountains near Dresden in eastern Germany. A picture of Detlev, a police forensic specialist, shows him standing next to a skeleton and holding an axe wearing nothing but socks and sandals. Detectives say he spent five hours cutting up his victim's body in the cellar of the house which was a cheap holiday pension for hikers.

A bus in suburban Perth veered off the road and crashed near a building on Tuesday after the driver passed out at the wheel in a dramatic moment that was caught on video.

New Zealand-based beer writer Alice Galletly sampled 365 different beers in as many days. She has written a book about the experience and the weird and wonderful brews she encountered.

The terrifying moment a crazed man tries to smash his way into a car with his BARE HANDS as it waits at a red light - before punching a tourist and two security guards

A man on the rampage on the Gold Coast has tried to smash his way through a car window as it waited at a red light, horrifying the teenagers inside. Terrifying footage shows the raging man grabbing the vehicle's door handles, banging the roof and trying to break through the window of the car. The petrified teenagers inside were forced to wait for a traffic light to change as the crazed man desperately tried to get into their vehicle, but they eventually escaped. After they drove away, the man - who remains on the run - punched a tourist and two security guards, witnesses said.

Scott Harry Richardson, 25, was found guilty of raping an American backpacker who was sleeping on the couch during an 'impromptu' party at his apartment in Redfern, Sydney.

Captain of a Southwest Airlines plane travelling from Oakland, California, to Kansas City was seriously impressed with his passengers' booze-drinking abilities and praised them.

Lieutenant Sean Sargent who vanished 17 years ago believed to have led 'double life'

A soldier who vanished more than 17 years ago could have been leading a 'double life' in an extraordinary case. A man has told a court he saw Lieutenant Sean Sargent (pictured) at a Brisbane gay bar in the days after he vanished in 1999. A number of previous girlfriends of the lieutenant indicated he could have been gay, and he reportedly broke up with his girlfriend in the weeks before he went missing.

A prized Aboriginal artwork that's been missing for 35 years has been discovered hanging in a tourism boss's office in the Northern Territory.

Ben Marks, an Australian con man who served jail time for swindling dozens of women out hundreds of thousands of dollars, has allegedly been dating multiple women again under a fake name.

And they call this the 'liberation' of Aleppo? Assad's forces 'shoot 82 civilians in their homes' while '100 children are trapped in a building under attack by Syrian forces'

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The harrowing footage was captured on camera in the aftermath of a bomb blast as Syrian troops were poised to recapture all of the country's second city. A burning woman can be heard screaming as she rolls on the floor (left) before rescuers come to her aid (centre). Men can also be seen lying in pools of their own blood among the rubble (right). The UN human rights office says it has received reports of forces loyal to president Bashar al-Assad killing at least 82 civilians as they entered the last remaining strongholds of the rebels in eastern Aleppo.

Victorian police are searching for an Asian man who touched himself in front of teenage boys while they were playing basketball at a park in Melbourne's north-west.

An Australian mum has revealed the reasons she still breastfeeds her triplets even though they are five years old. Davina Wright said she believes they should decide when she stops nursing them.

Awkward Family Photos showcase hilarious classic haircuts

Awkward Family Photos have shared some of the most outlandish hairdos from the decade. It seems that the rule of thumb is the bigger the hair the better with perms and mullets making a regular appearance. Some adventurous men can be seen getting creative with their fronts and sides as well as the back of their head.


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Karl Stefanovic and pal Sofia Levin enjoy drinks on a balcony together in Sydney

Karl Stefanovic, 42, has been pictured enjoying drinks with food blogger Sofia Levin, 27, at James Packer's Bondi apartment. In the images, which were taken late last month, the pair are seen standing atop the beach-front balcony of the luxury abode as they mingled with a small group of other attendees. Dressed in a blue jacket and black T-shirt, Karl was seen laughing on the balcony as he sipped from his wine glass. 

Dr Joseph Nuth, a researcher at Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland, says that as it stands, humanity could be destroyed by an asteroid strike.

The London-based firm, Today Translations, describes emoji translation as an 'emerging field' and says that it requires a human touch. The salary for the job is 'competitive'.

Amal Graafstra from Seattle, Washington has chips implanted in his body that allow him to open doors and activate his smart gun with a wave of his hand.

Charles University in Prague says people suit perfumes that complement their natural body odour. As siblings have a similar body other to each other they can choose better fragrances. (stock image).

Sisters who squat together! Incredibly toned bikini-clad fitness model uses her sibling as a weight while performing reps in viral video 

Swedish fitness model Katarina Konow (top left in the white bikini) crouches down in the clip to allow her sister to climb onto her shoulders (top right) - before executing a series of steady squat thrusts (below left and right) with apparent ease. The 24-year-old shows no visible signs of strain as she lifts her equally scantily clad sister, who is the same height as the other girl.

Researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences suggest a new geoengineering method using calcite - a constituent of limestone.

A 20-year-old dairy farmer was hospitalised after being fiercely attacked by a one-and-a-half metre goanna while catching yabbies in north east Victoria on Monday.

The incident took place in the area of Summerstand in the city of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Province, in Southern South Africa, and footage was shot by other drivers who were stuck in the resulting traffic jam.

The ex-wife of former Billabong chief executive Matthew Perrin has broken down in a Brisbane court describing how she found out her husband may be going to jail - after thinking he was having an affair.

News agency AFP releases its best photographs of the year 

This collection of images is taken from Agence France Presse, or AFP's 'Pictures of the Year 2016' - a selection of the press agency's most important and powerful photographs from the past year. Every year AFP, which has photographers around the globe, chooses a selection of their most powerful, moving, shocking or fascinating images, offering a look back at the highlights - and lowlights - of the last 12 months. Some of the photographs capture the most important events of the year, while others have been chosen because they encapsulate a particularly poignant, touching, or even funny moment. Seen top, a woman is sprayed by police during a public sector protest against austerity measures in Brazil, bottom left an Iraqi woman holds her cat, and bottom right a Syrian man is pulled out from rubble following an air strike.

The popular travel lodging website Airbnb has narrowly avoided a hefty fine of 30,000 euros (£25k) imposed by the regional government of Catalonia thanks to a ruling by a Barcelona Court.

Brad Pitt filed the papers after Jolie made the decision to file an order just days prior despite knowing that by doing so it would make the details of the couple's custody agreement public.

Horrifying moment a balaclava-clad man fires shots near two teenage girls during a violent carjacking 

A balaclava-clad man who fired shots while holding up two teenage girls in a violent carjacking on the Central Coast of New South Wales has been arrested.Horrifying CCTV footage shows the man approaching the two teens, 17 and 19, as they sit on a boat ramp before firing a shot into the on water. The man, 26, allegedly robbed the girls for their phones, wallets and the keys for their white BMW, which was crashed several hours later.

Susie Hodge's new book reveals secrets of The Scream and history's greatest paintings

Paintings such as The Scream (top-right) and The Laughing Cavalier (top-center) have graced art books and walls for so long now that they almost seem commonplace. But within those paintings - and many more - lie rarely known details (circled in red) that bring them to life all over again. Those details form the basis for Susie Hodge's new book Art in Detail: 100 Masterpieces, CNN reported. These paintings - which also include (counter-clockwise from top left) Joseph the Carpenter, Entry of the Crusaders in Constantinople, are some of the most fascinating and illuminating.

The child, who started rope-walking at two and a half years old, performed on an online show on Dec 10. The little boy revealed on the show how his previous stunts had supported his family.

Australian Capital Territory bureaucrats are banned from supplying chocolates as part of fundraisers, giveaways or catering. The ban, released on Tuesday, has been called an abuse of power.

Victoria Miller, 30, from Rochdale, Lancashire, struggled to find an effective treatment for her headaches. But she says 200 Botox injections have helped to get her life back on track.

Hilarious memes show the toll the last 12 months have taken on us 

It's fair to say 2016 has been a mixed year, with the deaths of several icons and one of the most divisive Presidential campaigns in living memory. This is being marked on Twitter with a series of tweets jokingly illustrating the toll the year has taken on posters. The memes purportedly show people at the start and end of 2016 - and the change in them is certainly unflattering.

Luciano Ponzetto, 55, became infamous last year after sharing snaps of his trophy kills. Despite protesting his innocence, people sent him death threats and hate, and he has died in Turin, Italy.

Derrel Weaver, of Looe, Cornwall, is accused of 12 counts of indecently assaulting a girl and two counts of gross indecency.

Haleigh York, 23, a student in Ireland, originally from Spring Lake in Michigan, weighed 285lb (20st 5lb) but after losing weight, was left with excess skin that her father wanted to help her fix.

'I can't go to bed because Santa's dead!': Hilarious video shows three-year-old boy trying to worm his way out of going to sleep by saying Father Christmas has passed away 

A thee-year-old boy tried to get out of going to bed by telling his father that Santa Claus had died. Ross Fairweather (right, holding his son) of Falkirk, filmed his son Oliver (left and right) giving him the 'news' about Santa. He published the video on Facebook where it has since been viewed more than 286,000 times.

For decades, the Florida mansion of William John Howey, completed in 1927, was a social hub. And yet now, in stark contrast, the impressive 20-bedroom home sits empty.

In an attempt at dog diplomacy, Japan had planned to give the Russian president, who is known for being a canine lover, a male Akita when he visits Japan on December 15 and 16.

Zoe Roscoe, 23, from Bolton, was diagnosed with a brain AVM in 2013. She underwent radiosurgery and the mass was removed. But it left with her severe weakness and loss of balance.

Christmas ROCKS! Heavy metal fan syncs dazzling Christmas light display covering his entire house PERFECTLY to AC/DC song

Footage of Greg Jaeschke's dazzling Christmas light decorations on his home in Shepparton, Victoria, has taken social media by storm. The vision shows the property transformed into a dazzling lightshow, to the strains of the classic Australian rock song Thunderstruck by AC/DC. The display has 280 channels of lights, and he plans to add more in the coming days, when he plans to sync the display to different songs.

Rebecca Dore, 25, claimed her Toyota Yaris did not accelerate as quickly as she thought it would when she overtook a car and a truck while crossing Tidwell Moor to Chesterfield.

If you've ever dreamed of an amusement park in your backyard, then the perfect property near Newcastle is for sale for $2.4 million and it comes with waterslides, laser tag, putt putt golf and a toboggan track.

After a rhinoplasty, chin implant, Botox, lip and facial fillers, Bunny Smith from New York has the same facial features as model Bella Hadid. She's spent $15,000 (£11,800) on the procedures.

Christmas enthusiasts showcase ugly jumpers from around the globe

For these festive enthusiasts when it comes to Christmas jumpers the busier the better as they share photos of their outlandish sweaters. For many of the festive fans a good pullover needs to include plenty of elements whether that's baubles, tinsel or even fairy lights. Others have included photos of loved ones and even Barack Obama.

Lt Cdr John Jock Moffat (pictured) described flying through 'a lethal storm of shells and bullets' as biplanes from HMS Victorious and Ark Royal carried out an air strike off the coast of France.

Thousands turned out to pay their respects for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre on China's third official Day of Remembrance. The Nanjing Massacre killed 300,000 people.

Chilling cookie dough before rolling it can make it too hard to work with. But New York baker Dorie Greenspan may have the solution: roll it out before chilling, not after.

A breath-taking mannequin challenge: Free divers take the plunge and film themselves frozen at the bottom of a 20-foot-deep pool without breathing equipment 

The video was filmed by Russian professional free diver and teacher Alexey Molchanov, 29, and his students at the Freediving Federation Education Agency in Moscow. Mr Molchanov can hold his breath for a seemingly impossible eight minutes and thirty-three seconds. The group appear frozen in time at the bottom of a 20-foot-deep pool without breathing equipment. The divers 'surf' on top of each other, relax at the bottom of the pool and appear frozen mid-fight. The clip also shows people closer to the surface of the pool as they cling to the side.


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Illinois community is home to sculptures of everyday objects which tower over the houses 

Casey, Illinois, is home to eight giant inventions that hold the record for largest in their category. Here you can find the world's largest rocking chair, mailbox, knitting needles, crochet hook, wind chime, pitchfork, golf tee and clogs. Jim Bolin created eight of the world's largest objects, including a rocking chair and mailbox.

Kevin Fowler and Aislyn Miller, from Oklahoma, have been arrested on child abuse charges after their twin infants were found 'looking like skeletons' and suffering from several infections.

Ivanka Trump is auctioning off a coffee date with her for $50,000. It'll take place sometime next year at either Trump Tower in New York City or Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.



That's not in the script! Four-year-old playing a shepherd in his school nativity gets so bored on stage he starts chewing his own TOENAILS

Bailey Jordan from Caerwent in Monmouthshire, South Wales, was a shepherd in the school's nativity show and his mother and father were looking forward to watching him perform. But ten minutes towards the end of the 40-minute show last Wednesday, the bare-footed schoolboy lifted his left leg up and started chomping on his nails (right). Earlier, he had also inadvertently shown off his underwear and been seen slapping his face (left), seemingly to keep himself awake through the nativity. His parents Sarah Bailey and Kevin Jordan (centre, together) were stunned, but his mother said she was laughing so much that she wrapped her coat around her face.

The dam in northern Iraq was built on an unstable foundation that continuously erodes, and a lapse in required maintenance after the Islamic State jihadist group briefly seized it in 2014 weakened the already flawed structure ©Safin Hamed (AFP/File)

With the battle to liberate the Iraqi city from Islamic State continuing, an Italian company will have about 18 months to fix the dam's foundations and stop more than 11 trillion litres of water from flooding Mosul.

Has Dieselgate put you off oil burners altogether, even when buying a used car? We've tested five-year-old petrol versions of the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and VW Golf to find the best one for you.

Justine Elwood, 19, was fat-shamed by a female customer at a Cold Stone Creamery store in Utah last week when she criticized the teen over her weight and later posted a negative review on Yelp.

More than 400 citizens from the Caribbean island of Trinidad are feared to have left to join the terror group in Syria and Iraq since 2013.

Photos reveal abandoned Portugal mansions that show how the other half lived 

Crumbling mansions and rusting automobiles are showcased in this photo series taken throughout Portugal. The snapshots capture once grand residences and shiny cars that now are dilapidated. The coastal country has an estimated 735,000 homes that are vacant and there are even tours that show visitors around abandoned buildings. Pictures reveal a peak into homes with formidable high ceilings that have collapsed and flaking paint peeling from the walls.