Sydney just (attempted to) sleep through it's hottest December night EVER - and the heatwave's not finished yet with temperatures to hit 38C

13/12/16 19:53

13/12/16 17:02

Lieutenant Sean Sargent could have been leading a double life before he went missing 17 years ago, after a man claimed to have seen him at a Brisbane gay bar in the days after he vanished.

13/12/16 09:21

The marsupial was pictured grabbing a tree trunk and leaning back like a pole dancer in a strip club at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane.

13/12/16 07:55

Candice Warner shared a loved-up snap with her cricketer hubby David and their younger daughter Indi at Southbank beach in Brisbane on Tuesday, ahead of the three-day Test at the Gabba

12/12/16 12:33

A man has been arrested at Brisbane Airport five months after he allegedly left a baby girl with 'very serious brain injuries' and fled the state.

12/12/16 12:15

Human remains found in a disused septic tank on a Brisbane property last month have been identified as belonging to a man who lived there before going missing 30 years ago.

11/12/16 12:01

Former The Block contestant Suzi Taylor displayed a fuller figure in a skimpy black bikini as she soaked up the summer sun at Brisbane's South Bank beach last Tuesday.

10/12/16 14:54

Simona Zafirovska, 20, who allegedly bludgeoned her Macedonian mother Radica, 56, the death using a floorboard in their Brisbane home, was the sole beneficiary of her estate.

09/12/16 14:45

Shoppers have been warned of a measles outbreak after a man, who was unknowingly infected, did his shopping at a Coles supermarket in Kenmore, west of Brisbane.

09/12/16 09:46

An 11-year-old Year 6 student was stabbed 'with a pair of scissors' by his classmate at Dakabin State School (pictured), north of Brisbane on Thursday.

09/12/16 09:18

Brisbane Coroner's Court heard newborn Nixon Tonkin died after a midwife from the Royal Brisbane and women's hospital tried to free him during caesarean birth using the pressure from her fingers.

09/12/16 00:28

CCTV captured the moment around a dozen drivers stopped on the Riverside Expressway in Brisbane during the Thursday rush hour in order to help flip a crashed car back on to its wheels.

08/12/16 11:15

Faith Williams and Jake Ellis are continuing to fuel romance rumours.

07/12/16 09:19

Brisbane personality Robin Bailey, 46, has found her feet in the radio work again after she was axed from her breakfast show following a sudden shake-up.

07/12/16 06:49

A rare gustnado, pictured, brought a red-brown sky and then darkness to Queensland's Darling Downs on Saturday afternoon. Half an hour later, a supercell storm hit Brisbane.

06/12/16 16:55

Chris Martin draped the Australian flag across his head when took to the stage at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium on Tuesday, as Coldplay continue their A Head Full Of Dreams world tour.

05/12/16 21:37

Tyrone Unsworth, a gay 13-year-old high school student from Brisbane, cried hysterically as he told a friend how kids taunt him and tell him to kill himself just one day before he committed suicide.

05/12/16 15:34

The vicious assault captured on camera at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital show the sick man throwing punches at two members of security.

05/12/16 13:17

Brisbane residents received the alerts at 5.30pm on Saturday hours after most of the destructive storms passed. A strong lightning storm (pictured) left 35,000 homes without power.

04/12/16 03:34

A teenager was struck by lightning, flights were delayed and over 30,000 homes were left without electricity as severe thunderstorms swept through southeast Queensland.

01/12/16 09:04

Tyrone Unsworth, the 13-year-old Brisbane school boy bullied so badly about his sexuality that he committed suicide, has been laid to rest auring a funeral on Thursday.

01/12/16 06:42

Queenslanders are sweating through a potentially deadly heatwave that's set to have Brisbane sweltering through its hottest December day in 15 years.

01/12/16 06:13

A tradie who forgot to pay for a $3 battery at a Bunnings store because he was nervous about asking out the check-out chick has been fined $500 in a Brisbane court.

30/11/16 07:59

Michael Atkins, the older lover of missing Matthew Leveson, has placed his $430,000 Brisbane apartment up for 'urgent sale' after he was abused in the street by people who recognized him.

30/11/16 05:28

Incredible timelapse satellite footage has revealed how Australia's cities have grown in size over the last three decades.

29/11/16 13:11

Human remains believed to belong to a male were discovered by a plumber at the back of a property used by Autism Queensland and may have been there for more that ten years.

29/11/16 09:56

A 60-year-old male bus driver has been punched in the face several times by a cyclist in a suspected road rage incident that took place in peak hour traffic in Brisbane.

29/11/16 09:29

A Brisbane high school graduate has received two years' probation after he acted 'out of character' when he pressured a 12-year-old girl to send him naked photos over social media.

28/11/16 14:33

Three-time Olympian Lisa Skinner suffered a terrifying fall from rings during a Cirque du Soleil performance in Brisbane on Sunday afternoon. Paramedics (pictured) rushed to her side.

28/11/16 13:57

Paul Wilson, 75, who was found guilty of abusing a young girl at his home in the Seventies, published a book in 1981 defending 'man-boy love' and describing child abuse as a 'hobby'.

26/11/16 09:01

Stationary storms made their way down the Queensland coastline with bayside suburbs in Brisbane recording 113 millimetres of rainfall. Brisbane Airport copped 97mm of rain on Saturday.

26/11/16 08:25

The pilot landed safely around 10.50am at the Archerfield Airport, south of Brisbane, after witnesses noticed the aircraft experiencing difficulties with its landing gear an hour earlier.

26/11/16 03:54

The 24-year-old Polish-national was believed to be working in Australia as an au pair and was on her usual evening walk at around 8.30pm on Friday before she was found at a nearby house seeking help.

26/11/16 02:05

The Bachelor's Faith Williams took to Instagram on Friday sharing a snap with The Bachelorette's Jake Ellis while denying romance rumours, saying the reality TV pair are nothing more than friends.

25/11/16 19:20

A Queensland man has been jailed for seven years for raping a 15-year-old girl who was the daughter of a man he had put into a coma 15 years ago by stomping on his head.

25/11/16 13:43

Tragic Gold Coast boy Tyrell Cobb (pictured), 4, who died after allegedly being punched in the stomach, told his father Jason he loved and missed him the last time that they were together.

25/11/16 11:23

A 13-year-old boy has taken his own life after being relentlessly bullied by his peers at a school in Brisbane, Queensland. The boy's mother says he was physically and emotionally targeted for being gay.

25/11/16 10:52

The school where Tyrone Unsworth was bullied for being gay before killing himself claims it was not aware of the two years of torment he was subjected to and would have stopped it if it knew.

25/11/16 03:11

An 'Australian hero' who chased a man through a Brisbane suburb in his undies after he fell asleep at the wheel and damaged his friend's shop is a carnival worker who only drinks organic beer.

24/11/16 18:05

Daniel McConnell, who was branded 'Australian of the year' in a TV broadcast, did not let a lack of clothing stop him from pursuing a man who tried to drive away after smashing into a shop.

24/11/16 15:12

On Thursday evening, Faith Williams and Jake Ellis stepped out together at Cirque Du Soleil's Kooza opening night in Brisbane

24/11/16 06:29

This border collie cross puppy (pictured) found near Toowoomba, west of Brisbane, would have been crushed in a garbage truck if its six siblings weren't rescued. Their mum was shot dead.

24/11/16 06:21

This Toyota HiLux ute (pictured) was covered in human excrement after the driver in Queensland's Lockyer Valley failed to notice a semi-trailer carrying three tonnes of human poo.

24/11/16 05:59

A young Australian woman has spoken out about the shocking moment she was sexually assaulted by a customer in a changing room while working as the manager of a menswear store.

24/11/16 01:50

Ras Monroe is now studying year 12 chemistry and physics classes at Kenmore State High School in Brisbane. The six-year-old can answer the most complex questions, but can you?

23/11/16 15:47

The neighbours of missing Matthew Leveson's older lover say they're 'scared' to be living in the same Brisbane apartment complex as him.

23/11/16 11:18

High-profile criminologist Paul Wilson, 75, (pictured leaving Brisbane District Court) has been convicted of playing blindfolded sex games and touching a young girl at his home in the 1970s.

23/11/16 06:30

A man allegedly heard desperate screams from two people crammed inside a tool box before he helped lower their metal tomb into a dam south of Brisbane and left them to die, a court has heard.

23/11/16 04:55

Three children wandering a Brisbane street covered in blood alerted police to a horrific stabbing where a man had allegedly broken into a home and stabbed his ex-wife's new partner to death.

22/11/16 07:30

This is the Honda CR-V (pictured) which had a backyard swing set wedged to its roof. A 38-year-old woman from Logan, south of Brisbane, was allegedly almost four times over the legal limit.

22/11/16 02:19

Former Brisbane banker Neil De Graaf who died after ramming his BMW into his ex-girlfriend's home before setting himself alight had led a dapper lifestyle.

21/11/16 20:46

Jenna Louise Driscoll, 27, let off with a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to having sex with her dog and several other charges following a Brisbane judge hearing the ordeal 'ruined her life'.

21/11/16 12:58

Shocking footage has emerged of a Brisbane 7-Eleven employee handing a wad of $50 notes from her paycheck back to her manager to 'keep from losing her job' in 'cash back scam'

20/11/16 11:11

A former five-star hotel employee in Brisbane has spoken about some of the bizarre activities that goes on behind closed doors, including walking in on an amateur porn shoot.

20/11/16 10:56

A 46-year-old woman died when she was thrown from her 'spooked' horse and kicked in the head after she hit the ground, while she was riding with a friend south of Brisbane.

19/11/16 22:15

Jenna Louise Driscoll, 27, who pleaded guilty to bestiality and drug charges was left sobbing at a Brisbane Court after she was told she must await her sentencing behind bars.

18/11/16 17:00

Queensland woman Jenna Louise Driscoll, 27, will be sentenced in the Brisbane District Court on Monday after pleading guilty to bestiality and three drug-related charges.

18/11/16 08:31

Robin Bailey (pictured) was 'in talks with rival radion station Triple M' before the Brisbane breakfast broadcaster was axed from her hosting gig for 97.3FM's Breakfast show on Monday.

17/11/16 22:00

A man has been taken into police custody in relation to the alleged fatal shooting of a man in Brisbane on Thursday afternoon. The man surrendered himself to police on Thursday night.

17/11/16 07:39

A Brisbane coffee shop owner has hit back at a mother who left a scathing review over her treatment by staff after she changed her baby's dirty nappy twice at the table while customers were eating.

17/11/16 00:57

Former Brisbane banker Neil De Graaf, 37, said he was 'feeling inspirational' on Facebook just two days before he crashed his BMW into his ex-girlfriend's home and then set himself on fire.

17/11/16 00:01

Adele fans can expect to pay up to $310 to see the star perform in Australia for the first time. Tickets for all five of her confirmed tour dates are expected to be greatly in-demand.

16/11/16 21:57

The Brisbane men who pranked North Korea into believing they were professional golfers will regale 'tales of adventure from the Communist Bloc' at a polo event.

16/11/16 21:31

Veteran radio host Bianca Dye will replace her friend Robin Bailey after she was hired weeks before the Brisbane breakfast broadcaster was axed from her hosting gig for 97.3FM's Breakfast show.

16/11/16 01:17

The driver, believed to be the husband and father, was attempting to reverse at a Woolloongabba property in Brisbane when the car rolled a woman, 50 and her 14-year-old son.

15/11/16 20:03

The supermoon has graced Australian skies for the second time in two days and with clear skies over most the country gazers had the chance to snap the ‘extra super’ supermoon in all its glory.

15/11/16 11:10

Garry Reginald Dubois, 69, is accused of murdering Barbara McCulkin, 34, and of raping and killing her two daughters, aged 11 and 13, in Brisbane in the 1970s.

15/11/16 03:24

It has been almost 70 years since a rare supermoon lit up the dark night skies like it did on Monday but across Australia it created some memorable images like in Fremantle (pictured).

15/11/16 02:46

Brisbane radio personality Robin Bailey has spoken of the 'distressing' moment she was axed from her breakfast show just a year after she opened up on air about her husband's suicide.

14/11/16 14:33

It has been almost 70 years since a rare super moon lit up the dark night skies like it did on Monday and people flocked to vantage points in Australia to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon.

14/11/16 08:03

A Queensland criminologist has appeared in the District Court in Brisbane on Monday, accused of sexually abusing two girls at his home in the 1970s.

13/11/16 15:52

Brisbane man Gene Downs uses a spoon to peel the skin off a mango. After piercing the skin around the fruit with a knife, he runs the spoon around the cheek, popping off the skin.

11/11/16 14:05

A Brisbane bikie gang member has been charged with a string of charges after police discovered a loaded handgun wedged between his buttocks.

11/11/16 07:35

A woman has been charged with torture, grievous bodily harm and fraud offences after she allegedly failed to feed the baby properly. She is now set to appear at Brisbane Magistrates' Court.

11/11/16 06:25

Taya and Patricia Young have been farewelled at a heartbreaking funeral service in Queensland after the drowned in a backyard pool in Logan, south of Brisbane, earlier this year.

10/11/16 14:27

Brisbane sweltered through its hottest day of Spring so far this year, but residents are now bracing for wild weather as severe thunderstorms are expected to intensify into the weekend.

10/11/16 09:39

Brisbane woman Sarah says Paul Lambert stalked her after they met on Tinder last year. She feels lucky to be alive after he stabbed girlfriend Angela Jay 11 times last week and was shot dead by police.

09/11/16 09:27

 Australian Survivor contestants Lee Carseldine and El Rowland have taken their romance to the red carpet.

09/11/16 06:38

Commuters heading home in Sydney and Brisbane on Wednesday afternoon are advised to grab an umbrella and brace for some wet weather, with thunderstorm warnings in place across both states.

09/11/16 02:05

Strolling through arrivals at the airport with a big smile on her face, the 55-year-old former Countdown star looked delighted to have arrived Down Under.






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