Sydney just (attempted to) sleep through it's hottest December night EVER - and the heatwave's not finished yet with temperatures to hit 38C

13/12/16 19:53

13/12/16 14:32

Australia is currently sweltering through a hot start to summer as temperatures climb as high as 39 degrees in part of the country including Sydney's west.

13/12/16 09:02

Sea breezes knocked temperatures in Sydney down six degrees within half an hour on Tuesday before temperatures began to rise again, as a heat wave sweeps across Australia.

13/12/16 07:02

Australia is bracing for the hottest December night since 1972, as a 'freak' heatwave sends temperatures soaring across the country.

12/12/16 16:26

The South Australian government is set for a huge financial windfall when the first regular direct flight from China lands on Tuesday.

12/12/16 10:21

The Holy Trinity Church in Adelaide has rolled out a tongue-in-cheek campaign for Christmas showing an ecstatic man finding out he's not the father of his fiance's unborn child.

12/12/16 10:08

A shocking video filmed on a mobile phone has emerged of a man violently assaulting and verbally abusing commuters aboard a city-bound train in Adelaide.

11/12/16 14:53

She's just days away from giving birth to her second son. But despite being heavily pregnant Teresa Palmer is still getting into the festive spirit.

10/12/16 13:56

A mother and her four-month-old baby were banned from attending a Missy Higgins concert at the Bird in Hand, in South Australia. Sarah Reece was told babes in arms were not allowed in.

09/12/16 12:39

Eurovision star Dami Im looked exhausted as she arrived at Adelaide airport on Friday.

09/12/16 08:00

Senior teacher, Jamie Holland, from Pembroke School in Adelaide was dismissed after he was accused of sending inappropriate messages to a student outside of school hours.

08/12/16 11:17

An endangered orangutan at Adelaide Zoo has become pregnant - despite being on contraceptives. The zoo's senior primate keeper announced the unexpected pregnancy on Facebook on Thursday.

08/12/16 08:56

A 36-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly tasered a pregnant woman during a violent home invasion on a Morphett Vale property, south of Adelaide.

06/12/16 00:28

Peter Koncz and his wife just wanted to go to the pub on Saturday night - but they were shocked when security at the Palais Hotel (shown) in Adelaide wouldn't let them in due to their skin colour, they claim.

05/12/16 10:08

Carrie Underwood cut a casual figure in tracksuit bottoms and a graphic hoodie as she arrived at Adelaide Airport on Sunday, ahead of her guest appearance on Keith Urban's tour.

02/12/16 04:44

A man who was shot by police after taking his ex-girlfriend and her two children hostage in a 90-minute car chase through Adelaide has been described as 'really nice' by his current girlfriend

01/12/16 14:41

Kira Lee, from Adelaide, captured a 23-year-old biker driving irresponsibly through the streets moments before he was seriously hurt in a fiery crash, before returning to scold him on camera.

30/11/16 08:17

Teresa Palmer might still be pregnant, but something positive has just arrived in the form of a completed home.

30/11/16 05:28

Incredible timelapse satellite footage has revealed how Australia's cities have grown in size over the last three decades.

30/11/16 05:03

Adelaide TV personality Andrew 'Cosi' Costello, from Channel 9's South Aussie With Cosi, will host a birthday bash for children who have never been invited to a party before.

29/11/16 13:52

Sam Blewett, 22-months-old, from Adelaide, South Australia is impressing golf fans on social media with his incredible golf swing after videos of him practicing went viral.

29/11/16 07:32

Lleyton Hewitt soaked up quality time with his lookalike son Cruz before the seven year old successfully caught a wave

28/11/16 22:34

A father who allegedly abducted a mother and their two young children has been shot by police after threatening his three-year-old with a gun following a high-speed chase through Adelaide.

23/11/16 08:34

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT A woman who left 14 cats to die inside her squalid Woodville West home in Adelaide, South Australia, has been convicted of animal cruelty.

21/11/16 14:42

Former Guantanamo Bay inmate David Hick, 41, has appeared in an Adelaide court on Monday charged with assaulting his partner.

21/11/16 08:59

Beachgoers in South Australia have been warned to be careful and swim in shallow water as scores of large sharks descend on the shoreline to feed off schools of salmon.

20/11/16 11:03

A woman on an Adelaide bus has been recorded (footage pictured) swearing repeatedly at a mother and her daughter. She accuses them of not being 'f****** Australian' and failing to pay for a ticket.

20/11/16 11:02

The brawny bandit picked up the heavy Buddha head on a busy strip in Adelaide 'like a feather' and even got help putting it in his car by a passerby who didn't realise it was a brazen daylight heist.

19/11/16 05:46

Four men aged 28, 23, 22 and 17 have died in a tragic accident in Penola, south-east of Adelaide, after their car lost control and crashed into a guard rail in the early hours of Saturday morning.

18/11/16 11:28

South Australia's Water Minister Ian Hunter (pictured) has told Barnaby Joyce to 'f**k off' and called his female colleague a 'c**t' at a council meeting in Adelaide Thursday night.

17/11/16 00:01

Adele fans can expect to pay up to $310 to see the star perform in Australia for the first time. Tickets for all five of her confirmed tour dates are expected to be greatly in-demand.

16/11/16 23:30

A 45-year-old man has died after he was hit by a taxi on Tapleys Hill Road, near Adelaide Airport late on Wednesday night. The taxi driver remained at the scene and was questioned by police.

15/11/16 05:01

South Australia's parliamentary speaker Michael Atkinson (pictured) says he was attacked after he called police to report graffiti vandalism at a train station in Adelaide.

14/11/16 09:07

Teresa Palmer attempted to cover her large baby bump as she dressed in loose-fitting clothing during a day out in Adelaide, South Australia with her son Bodhi on Monday.

12/11/16 10:56

They're currently on a grueling promotional schedule for their new pop single, On Your Side.

12/11/16 01:37

Young men from private schools in Adelaide are calling out the elite all-girls school, Wilderness, for double standards after staff let them create a 'wall of boys' that ended up online.

11/11/16 23:31

The wild weather forecast for much of Australia this weekend has begun to fall, with Sydney and Adelaide both drenched by rain overnight, while 350 calls for help were made in Mildura, Victoria.

11/11/16 15:17

Terminally ill Adelaide man Anthony Scott, 45, has been sentenced to more than 19 years in jail over a drug importation ring reminiscent of hit television show Breaking Bad.

11/11/16 08:18

Convicted murderer and former physics teacher Dieter Pfennig, 68, has been found guilty of murdering Adelaide schoolgirl Louise Bell more than 30 years ago.

10/11/16 14:27

Brisbane sweltered through its hottest day of Spring so far this year, but residents are now bracing for wild weather as severe thunderstorms are expected to intensify into the weekend.

10/11/16 07:39

American Apparel's three Australian stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are set to close after the fashion retailer, known for their raunchy ads, went into voluntary administration.

07/11/16 09:31

A drunk man who sexually assaulted his fiancee's work colleague at a New Year's Eve party has had his three-year jail sentence suspended by Adelaide's District Court. Pictured is a stock image.

04/11/16 12:34

Before her show at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, the 31-year-old singer was greeted by fans who gave her flowers as she arrived at the airport

04/11/16 04:54

Brenton Kelly Dickson (pictured) was punched outside court in Adelaide on Friday, where he was earlier convicted of one count of persistent sexual exploitation of a child.

03/11/16 12:58

Police are searching for a man in his 20s after two women were assaulted, one sexually, during a home invasion in Adelaide's northern suburbs (shown) early on Thursday morning.

03/11/16 12:14

The grandmother of a 16-month-old boy put on life support the day after contracting meningococcal disease has posted a confronting photo of his worsening condition in an Adelaide hospital.

02/11/16 09:55

A teenager, who crashed a stolen ute and killed a mother-of-two (pictured) in Adelaide in October, has pleaded guilty to causing the woman's death, appearing via video link in the Adelaide Youth Court.

31/10/16 15:31

A South Australian baby is in a critical condition in an Adelaide hospital after being admitted with meningococcal disease (pictured), the 21st case reported in the state this year.

31/10/16 13:55

Nicholas Sneath, 14, from Adelaide Hills, South Australia, said he discovered the cuddly creature in his bedroom after it crawled in through his family's doggy door late at night.

31/10/16 01:07

Shoppers got the shock of their lives when the venomous reptile slithered down an aisle at the shop in Victor Harbour, South Australia, on Sunday.

30/10/16 15:52

A South Australian woman (pictured) is fighting for her life in hospital after being hit by an alleged unsupervised learner driver on Saturday night in north Adelaide.

30/10/16 14:52

Convicted murderer Tara Kehoe was found dead in Adelaide's southern suburbs. Kehoe had been taking part in a pre-release program run by Adelaide women's prison when she was reported missing.

28/10/16 12:14

Wei Li, 23, who is serving a nine-year sentence for bludgeoning his mother to death at the family's Adelaide home will spend an extra 10 months in jail for possessing child pornography.

23/10/16 16:42

Horrific scenes outside of Coopers Stadium in Adelaide on Saturday marred an A-League classic which saw Melbourne Victory snatch an extra time winner.

23/10/16 11:54

Dannii Minogue showed off a wide smile on Sunday as she strolled through Adelaide airport after opening the annual gay and lesbian Feast Festival.

23/10/16 11:48

An adorable and rare Golden Lion Tamarin monkey (pictured) has been born at Adelaide zoo. The infant is a welcomed addition to the zoo's international breeding program.

21/10/16 11:39

Pop princess Dannii Minogue barely took any time out to celebrate her 45th birthday on Thursday, except to share a glass of champagne with Virgin Airlines flight crew before jetting off to Adelaide.

21/10/16 08:59

One family had an almighty shock on Friday when they woke in the early hours of the morning to discover thieves reportedly wearing clown masks inside their home in Adelaide's north.

21/10/16 07:40

A South Australian schoolboy was rescued with the help of olive oil and a harness on Thursday after he became trapped in a cave 15 metres underground.

20/10/16 14:46

Patrick Perkins, 57, a grandfather-of-five from Adelaide, is accused of raping one woman and assaulting four others over a six year period from 2011 to 2015.

20/10/16 03:34

A man may have murdered his ex-girlfriend and then staged a car crash north of Adelaide to cover up his crimes, a court has heard.

20/10/16 03:02

Nicole Tucker (pictured) was waiting at a red light on a major expressway in Adelaide, South Australia, on October 6 when a stolen Holden ute driven allegedly by teenagers crashed into her.

19/10/16 15:33

The shocking mobile phone footage shows one girl walking up to a table of teenagers at the burger joint in Adelaide and chucking her drink over her.

17/10/16 10:57

Firefighters pulled the puppy called Layla from the blaze in Salisbury, in Adelaide's north, after the flames tore through owner Iesha Morgan's home. Ms Morgan was able to flee with her three children.

16/10/16 10:13

Adelaide was invaded by hundreds of bloodied zombies on Saturday for the annual Zombie Walk, a free annual community event that raises money for Foodbank SA, a national charity.

13/10/16 10:52

Amritpal Singh Gill (pictured) has received a suspended sentence after he ran down a drunken customer who had refused to pay his fare in Adelaide, breaking both the victim’s legs in the process.

12/10/16 09:47

Adelaide mother Kylie Anne Hie, 34, has been refused permission to change her guilty plea after admitting to being high on meth when she crashed her car and killed her daughter in 2013.

12/10/16 05:38

An Adelaide man, 27, has sexually assaulted his three-year-old daughter, his nine-year-old stepdaughter, the family dog and chickens.

10/10/16 15:35

One of the best hockey player's in South Australia lost his life on Sunday after jumping 20 metres from a bridge as his friends watched on and filmed the daylight stunt.

08/10/16 22:08

Lauren Venning, 25, and husband James, 26, married on his family farm in the South Australian town of Bute just days after the state was hit with the biggest storm seen in 50 years.

06/10/16 15:06

Matthew Gregory Denton, 30, was asked by a staff member at an Adelaide strip club to stop being rude to a female staff member when he allegedly bottled the man, a court has heard.

05/10/16 09:21

A young couple enjoying a date in Adelaide on Tuesday had parked their Suzuki 4WD on a hill to view the lights when a giant sinkhole opened up beneath them at about 11.30pm.

05/10/16 05:37

Samantha Magdaleine Farrer, who was high on ice when she hit and killed mother-of-three Kathleen Heraghty near Adelaide in 2013, says serving jail time could ruin her relationship with her son.

02/10/16 12:25

Neighbours who comforted a bound and gagged 27-year-old woman in a driveway after a suspected Adelaide home invasion have said they have never seen someone so scared.

02/10/16 11:43

Myrna Nilsson (pictured), 57, was murdered inside her Adelaide house in a horrifying home invasion on Friday night. The attack also left her daughter-in-law gagged and tied up in the neighbour's front lawn.

30/09/16 01:00

Embryos at an Adelaide fertility clinic have been destroyed in compromised incubators after a back up generator failed during a power outage in severe storms in South Australia.

29/09/16 16:29

A doctor at Adelaide's Flinders Medical Centre hand pumped the baby oxygen for 90 minutes after backup power failed during the huge storm on Wednesday that plunged the state into darkness.

29/09/16 08:47

Jacqueline Breithaupt, a mother-of-two from Adelaide Hills, filmed Kevin the koala clinging to a tree as the worst storm for 50 years hit southern Australia yesterday, felling trees and power lines.

29/09/16 02:28

Destructive winds ripped through parts of South Australia on Wednesday night bringing down the entire power network - as winds of at least 140km/h have started to lash Victoria.

29/09/16 02:23

A friend of Cy Walsh revealed in her witness statement that the 27-year-old told her he wanted to stab his father Phil Walsh, just days before he killed the AFL legend.






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