Horrifying moment a schoolgirl dices with death by stepping over a LIVE rail as she walks across Tube lines 

09/12/16 13:46

30/11/16 07:47

He's got an Oscar, BAFTA and Tony award under his belt, millions in the bank, is the star of one of this year's biggest box office smashes and used to go to Eton.

20/11/16 00:04

The driver was caught nodding off as his tram headed towards New Addington in south London, just three miles from the scene of the Croydon crash.

16/11/16 21:20

The tram arrived too fast at a sharp bend in Croydon, south London, and careered more than 80ft on its right side, shooting off the track at 43.5mph when the top permitted speed was 12.5mph.

12/11/16 11:01

Teenager Dane Chinnery, 19, has been named as the first victim of the Croydon tram crash, with scores of tearful mourners visiting the site today to leave flowers and tributes.

12/11/16 02:02

Mother-of-two Dorota Rynkiewicz, 35, young father Mark Smith and 57-year-old grandfather Phil Seary are feared to be among the seven dead following the tram disaster in Croydon.

11/11/16 08:40

The tram overturned near Sandilands tram stop in Croydon, south London, during torrential rain this morning and at least seven people have died while more than 50 have been taken to hospital.

07/11/16 11:49

The 'bomb scare' at Hackney Central station in East London sparked a huge stampede involving hundreds of passengers and some people jumped on to the tracks - fearing for their lives.

05/11/16 01:25

Muraq Qureshi was left scratching his head after a machine at Edgware Road Station, refused to take his fiver, despite a £236million revamp on ATMs, ticket machines and self-service tills to accept the notes.

28/10/16 09:42

Damon Smith, 19, of Southwark, south-east London, was held by Metropolitan Police after two members of the public discovered a backpack on a Jubilee line service at North Greenwich.

27/10/16 11:12

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union said 400 of its members working on London Underground's Piccadilly line will vote in the coming weeks on whether to launch industrial action.

25/10/16 08:27

Damon Smith, 19, who was arrested after a 'suspicious device' was found on the Tube in London, is said to have been considering converting to Islam.

24/10/16 12:45

Every day, from the late 1880s to the early 1900s, the London Necropolis Railway ferried corpses from a purpose-built station near Waterloo directly to the Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey.

22/10/16 23:10

Police cordoned off the street in Newton Abbot just before 2.45pm this afternoon. A 19-year-old man arrested in Holloway Road on Friday remains in custody.

22/10/16 16:26

The collision which saw the roof of the double decker bus torn off took place at around 4am this morning in Tottenham, north London. 21 other passengers were treated at the scene.

22/10/16 16:16

The bomb, described by police as a 'viable device' was found on an underground train bound for London Bridge and Westmister. A teenager was arrested yesterday afternoon.

21/10/16 00:49

Passengers were evacuated from North Greenwich station in East London as alarm bells rang at about 11am and a huge section of the Jubilee line was suspended.

19/10/16 12:38

A signal failure at South Kensington left the Circle and District lines - which run through the centre of the capital - with a reduced service or none at all, and this caused problems for other lines and stations.

18/10/16 11:38

The argument, which was filmed at Debden station, Essex, yesterday, allegedly began after one girl said she 'hated Essex white people'. One girl can be heard asking 'Who's a black c***?'

19/09/16 17:04

Police, paramedics and two fire engines raced to Bethnal Green station in East London this afternoon after the person was hit by a westbound Central line service at about 1pm.

16/09/16 19:59

Statistics compiled by the British Transport Police (BTP) showed that King's Cross St Pancras was the worst for thefts. There were 215 incidents from January 2015 to February 2016 at the site.

15/09/16 13:10

Union leaders have said Transport for London has a 'flagrant disregard' for the welfare of staff and agreed policies and procedures on the Hammersmith & City and Circle lines.

12/09/16 13:36

The woman, believed to be travelling on the London Overground, can be seen using her hands to pick at the takeaway meal. The clip has been viewed more than 117,000 times on social media.

12/09/16 12:31

Footage filmed on a London night bus shows a woman insulting a man before slapping his face. The pair hit each other before the bus stops and the man shoves her out the door.

08/09/16 10:57

Fire engines, ambulances and police vehicles surrounded the station in Central London, which is used by up to 150,000 passengers daily, and roads around it were blocked off.

31/08/16 13:09

In the name of research, armed with an iPhone pedometer and a bottle of water, FEMAIL's Lucy Morris set out to test the accuracy of TfL's calculations at nine central London stations.

30/08/16 14:49

Experts fear the Underground could be inoperable within 15 years, with around 1.7billion people projected to use the tubes by 2026. The new map (pictured) is also aimed at getting people fit.

29/08/16 16:13

The Tideway project, which will run under the Thames, is being investigated by the National Audit Office, but potential damage to London landmarks are just some of the concerns surrounding it.

20/08/16 19:22

The hugely-anticipated Night Tube launched in the early hours of this morning and drunken revellers made use of the service - by urinating on the tracks and throwing up on the platforms.

19/08/16 00:17

Trains will operate through the night on London Underground's Victoria line and parts of the Central line, with the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines following in the autumn.

17/08/16 17:32

Police are trying to trace the Good Samaritan who leapt onto the train tracks at Tottenham Court Road Underground Station in London to save a man who became unwell and fell off the platform.

19/07/16 13:56

The hole, which was around 50 feet deep and six feet wide, appeared at Forest Hill station in South East London during the afternoon and disrupted dozens of Southern and London overground trains.

19/07/16 04:51

UAE royalty has been photographed riding the London Tube today. The Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum rode the undeground with his son.

13/07/16 14:04

His journey will take him along the 2014 Tour de France route before he blazes across four mountain ranges: the Himalayas, Andes, Alps and Rockies.

09/07/16 03:20

A Japanese pensioner who waited on a busy London tube platform for 45 minutes before he tried to kill a stranger by pushing her in front of an oncoming train was today locked up in a mental hospital.

07/07/16 16:34

Designed by architect Charles Glover, the 'Central Airport' for London was launched in an article in the Illustrated London News in 1931. It would have cost £5 million ($6.5 million).

06/07/16 17:14

Passengers were trapped inside the peak-time train near Shepherd's Bush station, west London, for 40 minutes before train crews and police led them in single file back to a platform.

01/07/16 15:59

Suki Waterhouse opted for a dressed down look as she sauntered to catch a train at Paddington Station in central London on Friday.

28/06/16 22:22

May Patterson was hit at Leyton Underground station, near her home in east London, after falling in front of a carriage on June 15. Her devastated friends have described her as 'sweet and supportive'.

27/06/16 16:02

Users on US-site Reddit have been sharing their strangest public transport stories, which range from the hilarious to the disturbing.

24/06/16 01:40

More heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast to hit the south of England and East Anglia during the evening rush hour. A family had to be rescued from their home in Romford by boat earlier.

16/06/16 15:17

Benedetta Frizzarin, 27, was on her way home with brother Ireneo, 37, waiting at Waterloo station, when she caught the striking image of the headless man on her phone (pictured).

16/06/16 15:10

Specialised officers arrived on the scene after the Renault Clio parked in the middle of a narrow walkway was reported next to Blackfriars station and it was cordoned off during investigations.

14/06/16 00:03

The mayor has announced that there will be a block on adverts that 'demean' women or encourage them to conform to unrealistic body shapes.

06/06/16 19:55

Rick Footman, 53, has had a shop called The Tube Station for six years, but received a letter from TfL demanding that he change its name and logo, despite being 250 miles from the Underground.

03/06/16 19:43

A leading rail union has attacked the 'disgusting and obscene' spectacle of transport managers celebrating the closure of London Underground ticket offices.

03/06/16 01:44

Muhiddin Mire, 30, allegedly cut the throat of Lyle Zimmerman, 56, at Leytonstone station in East London, three days after the House of Commons debate on the bombing of Islamic State in Syria.

01/06/16 11:07

Muhiddin Mire, 30, attacked commuter Lyle Zimmerman, 56, at Leytonstone Underground station, the Old Bailey heard. The incident was caught on CCTV footage (pictured).

25/05/16 18:24

Ravjeer Sandhu, 25, was asked to show her ticket to a guard at Slough train station last year - but instead of presenting her season ticket, she launched into a violent rage.

20/05/16 18:11

John Breen, 53, suffered catastrophic head injuries and died in hospital a day after the assault in Stratford tube station last year. His 17-year-old killer, a Romanian national, was jailed for just two years.

20/05/16 15:56

Devindra Ferguson, 29, has been charged with the attempted murder of Kamlesh Ramji, who remains in a serious condition in hospital after being injured at Kentish Town station.

18/05/16 15:17

The actress, 27, was spotted mingling with the masses as she rode the London Underground in the British capital.

16/05/16 12:25

Devindra Ferguson, 29, shoved software developer Kamlesh Ramji (pictured), 40, onto the tracks on the southbound platform at Kentish Town underground station in north London.

01/05/16 01:41

London Zoo animal experts have joined hundreds of other opponents of the HS2 project as they try to protect the only group of wild hedgehogs in the zoo's inner-city car park.

29/04/16 20:28

An unwanted Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross was abandoned and left to ride on a London night bus for up to 10 hours on Thursday night until an animal charity could come and rescue it.

26/04/16 11:42

Nearly 22,000 passengers are now arriving in London during the morning rush hour peak - forcing commuters to be crammed in carriages with five people per square metre.

22/04/16 13:42

A man was arrested by British Transport Police at Bank Station on the London Underground on suspicion of assaulting a woman and carrying a bladed weapon.

18/04/16 14:07

The smartly-dressed woman was 'sent flying' and left lying face down on the floor of North Greenwich Underground Station at around 7am yesterday morning.

15/04/16 14:46

Voice-over artist Phil Sayer, 62, who previously worked for the BBC as a regional TV and radio presenter, died on yesterday, his wife announced.

12/04/16 15:44

The man had been travelling on a Circle line train between Paddington and Euston Square stations when he says he was subjected to abuse from the woman sitting opposite.

30/03/16 19:02

The woman saw an elderly man performing the lewd act at Leytonstone on Monday, but when she reported it to TfL staff at Bank station she was told there was 'nothing they could do.'

23/03/16 13:48

The colourful bird was spotted flying around a conveyor belt at Waterloo station in Central London - and certainly provided a splendid sight for commuters.

15/03/16 00:07

The number of people at getting their salary handed to them before tax at TfL, which runs the Tube, pictured, has almost trebled in the past four years to 2,300 - up from 970 in 2011.

09/02/16 17:18

The man was pursued by a fellow passenger after they collided at the ticket barrier at Putney overground station in south west London.

09/02/16 14:27

The RMT union announced today that 500 track patrol staff on the London Underground would walk out of their jobs for 24 hours starting on Friday morning.

05/02/16 17:56

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union were due to walk out at 9pm on Saturday, which would have disrupted Tube services into next week.

03/02/16 15:46

Ministers are launching an assault on unions by pledging to ban cosy deals for jobs such as driving a Tube train. MP Sajid Javid said he would 'shine the light of transparency' on such deals.

03/02/16 15:18

Steve Hedley, assistant general secretary of the RMT union, claimed the Government's benefit cuts are 'killing three disabled people every week' as he made a series of sweeping allegations on live radio.

03/02/16 12:55

Plans for a pilot scheme across 200 sq miles of north Norfolk could see centre lines removed on minor rural roads and a blanket 40mph speed limit imposed instead of the current 60mph.

27/01/16 17:07

Other buzz words from an analysis of the their social media account included “delay”, which was used 260 times, “cancelled”, which featured 136 times and “due to”, which was posted 130 times.

26/01/16 00:27

The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union has announced it has joined other unions in deciding not to go ahead with tomorrow's walkout in London following lengthy talks with the company.

11/01/16 15:00

Tube drivers are set to go on another three-day strike on January 27 and February 15 and 17 over a long-running dispute with London Underground bosses over pay and plans for an all-night service.

06/01/16 01:48

The service was due to start in September but no agreement has been reached with current drivers on pay and conditions such as how many night shifts they will work.

24/12/15 08:24

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, himself a former Rhodes Scholar, said it was possible to ‘celebrate’ Rhodes’s achievements while being aware of his ‘faults’.

28/11/15 08:20

Members of the action group Stop Killing Cyclists lay down next to coffins to stop traffic outside TfL's headquarters. They demand that 10 per cent of its budget be spent on cycling infrastructure.

08/08/15 02:00

Residents of an estate in Maida Vale, north-west London, have been left without a local bus stop after a rich neighbour paid £11,000 to have it moved.

03/08/15 21:49

Thousands of workers from four unions are due to walk out for 24 hours from 6.30pm on Wednesday evening, shutting down the service for the second time in a month.

25/06/15 16:01

Network Rail chief Richard Parry-Jones was moved by the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin and replaced with the controversial boss of Transport for London Sir Peter Hendy (pictured).

10/06/15 08:06

Boris Johnson has been accused of creating a 'first class gravy train' for senior managers at Transport for London, but the company says chief officers' pay was 'significantly below market level.'

27/05/15 12:54

More than 8.4million journeys were taken for free last year by people living with TfL staff members - which could even include lodgers, according to figures obtained by the Tories.






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