Captain of overloaded migrant ship that flipped over and sank in the Mediterranean killing 700 is jailed for 18 years and fined £7.5million 

13/12/16 20:46

22/11/16 22:56

GRAPHIC CONTENT - A shocking video has emerged of a dinghy packed with migrants sinking in the Mediterranean after they mistook a Tunisian trawler for a coastguard ship.

18/07/16 00:34

Tahar Mejri had desperately scoured Nice for his son Kylian (pictured) after the body of his wife Olfa Ben Souayah Khalfallah was found on the Promenade des Anglais in the wake of the massacre.

17/07/16 14:41

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, had received medical treatment for mental health issues for 'several years' before leaving Tunisia for France in 2005, his family said.

31/05/16 09:42

Hanover-based TUI, whose brands include Thomson, has been accused of failing to warn its customers of the security threat and offering steep discounts despite being aware of concerns.

24/05/16 15:16

Britons are currently warned against all but essential travel to Tunisia, guidance that has been in place since 31 British holidaymakers were killed in two terror attacks in 2015.

12/04/16 19:25

Harry laid a wreath at the Innocent Victims Memorial at Westminster Abbey in Central London on behalf of the Queen as he joined survivors and families affected by the two atrocities in 2015.

19/02/16 23:22

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - The bombing raids are thought to have killed 40 people including jihadi Noureddine Chouchane who was wanted over two terror attacks in Tunisia last year.

19/02/16 12:03

Turkey is usually a popular summer destination thanks to its history and idyllic Mediterranean resorts, but TUI Group, which owns Thomson and First Choice, says tourists are opting for staying away.

17/12/15 20:07

When council inspector Faida Hamdi confiscated a vegetable stall five years ago, she had no idea that it would lead to the world changing Arab Spring protests that toppled governments.

11/12/15 03:37

A Tunisian pro-democracy group accepted the Nobel Peace Prize and called for the fight against terrorism and helping Palestinians to achieve self-determination as global priorities.

10/12/15 14:35

The travel giant took a £37.6 million hit from the Tunisia attack in June and changed its recommendations for the year ahead after cancelling all flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

06/12/15 12:47

These surreal photographs are instantly familiar to any fan of Star Wars - they show the landscape of Tatooine, where Luke Skywalker grew up in the sci-fi blockbuster.

29/11/15 15:29

Kirsty Murray and Radley Ruszkiewicz, from Braintree, in Essex, were in the pool when fanatic Seifeddine Rezgui opened fire - sending them running for their lives.

25/11/15 08:14

At least 12 people are dead after an explosion tore through a bus full of Tunisian presidential guards today in a suspected suicide bomb attack on the country's capital.

23/11/15 14:34

Lewis Gaskin and Jemma Goddard, from Aldershot in Hampshire, booked holidays which coincided with both disasters - as well as the Greek banking crisis.

21/11/15 22:01

Belaguered travel firm Thomas Cook is expected to reveal a fall in turnover and profits when it announces its full-year figures on Wednesday.

11/11/15 10:29

Zoe and Paul Thompson from Ilkeston, Derbyshire were on holiday at the Imperial Marhaba resort in Sousse with their teenage daughter Millie when ISIS fanatic Saif Rezgui opened fire.

15/10/15 01:32

Tony and Christine Callaghan were among dozens of tourists who were forced to run for their lives when an ISIS gunman stormed a popular resort near Sousse, Tunisia, in June.

09/10/15 11:18

Announcing the awarded in Oslo, Norway, the Nobel panel praised the group for establishing an 'alternative, peaceful political process at a time when the country was on the brink of civil war.'

23/09/15 17:38

Tunisia, which relied on tourism for about seven per cent of its GDP, is under a state of emergency. Thirty-eight people were killed by a gunman at a hotel in Sousse.

11/09/15 02:04

Britain Kirsty Murray, 26, thought she was going to die after being blasted five times in the leg by gunman Seifeddine Rezgui, who killed 38 tourists when he opened fire in Sousse, Tunisia.

07/09/15 13:34

Tunisian authorities have warned of possible car bombings in the capital Tunis and banned traffic in parts of the city after receiving intelligence reports about potential attacks.

02/09/15 02:18

Matthew James, 30, is still recovering from his wounds after being shot in the Tunisian terror attack but took his family on a Welsh holiday, making it the first time he's visited a beach since the attack.

29/08/15 23:54

Trudy Jones, a 51-year-old from South Wales, was brutally gunned down in the June terrorist attack in the Tunisian resort of Sousse. Her children spoke publicly for the first time since her tragic death.

20/08/15 08:55

Two men on a powerful motorbike opened fire on three police officers, killing one of them, on the outskirts of the resort of Sousse, pictured, where 38 tourists were gunned down on a beach in June.

13/08/15 21:27

Of the people killed in a Tunisian beach massacre, 33 were on TUI holidays. The company said that supporting families of victims remained its number one priority at the moment.

10/08/15 11:31

Marc Albrighton has paid tribute to the mother of his girlfriend, who lost her life in the Tunisian terrorist attack in June, after producing a magnificent personal display in the win over Sunderland.

07/08/15 09:01

Thirty eight people were gunned down in Tunisia by Seifeddine Rezgui but the death toll from his rampage could have been far higher were it not for employees at the Bellevue Park hotel in Sousse.

05/08/15 21:02

The slaughter of 30 British tourists on a Tunisian beach is being 'strongly' linked to an earlier terror attack in the country which killed 22 people, Scotland Yard said today.

02/08/15 15:34

A Dundee man has demanded answers from Thomas Cook after the company refused to refund his holiday to Tunisia on November 1 despite cancelling sales for the very same trips.

02/08/15 02:07

This is what British holidaymaker Ellie Makin witnessed seconds before the beach massacre in Tunisia that shocked the world. She and her best friend Debbie Horsfall on how they escaped.

01/08/15 01:11

The home of Seifeddine Rezgui, who opened fire on tourists on a beach in Sousse, Tunisia, was raided just 18 months before the attack, according to a neighbour who witnessed the sting.

30/07/15 22:21

The company has cancelled all trips to Tunisia until October after a gunman killed 38 holidaymakers. It evacuated more than 15,000 people on 60 flights.

30/07/15 12:05

The Tunisia attack, which last month claimed the lives of 38 holidaymakers is expected to have a £20million impact on the company's full-year results with a further effect possible next year.

22/07/15 19:40

Thousands are flocking to the seaside resort of Benidorm, on Spain's east coast, as families seek value-for-money holidays after the mass shooting in Tunisia in June.

21/07/15 15:55

Travel advice may change in time for the winter season if security measures are improved and there is progress in exposing the terrorists behind last month’s beach massacre.

21/07/15 15:05

Homeless Shayan Moradisohi took flowers addressed to John and Janet Stocker from under a police cordon outside Fulham Coroner's Court. The couple died during the Sousse beach attack

20/07/15 14:23

UK travel association ABTA report that holiday bookings to Greece are in fact up by two per cent from last year.

19/07/15 16:27

It’s almost a decade since former Arsenal duo Thierry Henry and Robert Pires tried to pull off an audacious penalty against Manchester City - only to end up looking absolutely ridiculous.

17/07/15 18:10

Hundreds of mourners saw Joel Richards, 19, his uncle, 49-year-old Adrian Evans, and his grandfather, Charles Patrick Evans, 78, laid to rest together in West Bromwich.

16/07/15 21:09

Eileen Swannack, 73, from Biddestone in Wiltshire, and her 74-year-old partner John Welch, had gone on holiday to Sousse for the fifth time because they 'loved the resort and sunshine.'

15/07/15 19:12

Mourners at Fairhaven United Reformed Church in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, remembered former Birmingham City player Denis Thwaites, 70, and his 69-year-old wife Elaine.

14/07/15 22:24

Mary Lisa Burbidge (pictured), 66, was among 38 people killed by a gunman in Sousse on Friday June 26. When she came home, her funeral brought her home town of Whickham to a standstill.

14/07/15 17:15

Customers booked to travel to the terror hit country are being allowed to switch to other destinations, but only if they pay as much as £1,000 more to fly to the likes of Greece instead.

13/07/15 17:34

Friends and family of Billy and Lisa Graham, from Bankfoot near Perth, heard they were 'senselessly and unjustifiably murdered'.

13/07/15 14:52

People in Tunisia have told the Daily Mail they will have to consider making the 150km journey to Italy to find work after the mass exodus of British tourists left the hotels empty.

13/07/15 12:19

The blood on the sand has washed away, but the damage inflicted on Tunisia by a few terrifying minutes of gunfire at a beach resort will be deep and lasting.

13/07/15 00:01

Five Islamic extremists on the verge of carrying out another terrorist attack on holidaymakers in Tunisia were yesterday shot dead as thousands of tourists were flown home.

12/07/15 22:03

Seifeddine Rezgui, 23, who slaughtered 38 people at a beach resort in Sousse, Tunisia, last month, trained at an ISIS camp in Sabratha, Libya, alongside Jihadi John.

12/07/15 21:18

Some 300,000 Britons who had been planning to visit Tunisia have been left to look for alternatives, after the Government advised against travelling there following the recent terror attack.

12/07/15 00:23

The Mail on Sunday can reveal dramatic CCTV footage captured gunman Seifeddine Rezgui arriving in a white van – 300 yards from the scene of the horrific massacre in Sousse, Tunisia.

11/07/15 16:42

At least three flights from Tunisia will arrive back in Britain later this afternoon with 10 more leaving tomorrow as 3,000 holidaymakers are evacuated.

11/07/15 00:34

The Foreign Office yesterday called for Britons to leave the country where 38 tourists were shot dead two weeks ago, saying another ISIS attack is now 'highly likely'.

10/07/15 18:14

More than 400 people today turned out for the funeral of Jim and Ann McQuire, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, who were killed in last month's terrorist attack in Tunisia.

10/07/15 14:46

The Government last night released a statement claiming the Tunisian government had not done enough to protect British tourists and urged families still in the country to leave

09/07/15 17:12

Nathan Priestley was holidaying with his mother when the beach massacre happened. The 21-year-old, from Norwich, spearheaded a fundraising campaign for staff at the two hotels.

09/07/15 07:30

Tunisia Prime Minister Habib Essid said the barrier would stretch inland from the Mediterranean coast which has become a new breeding ground for the Islamic State and other terror groups.

08/07/15 19:17

Jihadi schoolgirl Amira Abase (pictured), 16, wrote that she was laughing out loud – ‘Lol’ in text language – as Britain mourned the 30 citizens murdered on the beach in Sousse, Tunisia.

06/07/15 16:35

The controversial campaign, sparked from the attack in Sousse last month which saw an Islamist gunman kill 39 people including tourists, has received both praise and criticism.

06/07/15 15:16

Declaring the urgent reinstatement of 30 days of security measures that were lifted in March last year, Beji Caid Essebsi said terrorists pose an existential threat to the North African nation.

06/07/15 09:58

Hani al-Sibai – who described the 7/7 attacks as a ‘great victory’ – is one of the ‘key influencers’ of the Islamic fanatics believed to have recruited and trained gunman Seifeddine Rezgui.

06/07/15 06:09

The Prime Minister warned that the public need to be prepared for 'many of those killed' in the 'savage' Tunisian shooting being Britons, speaking after a plot to bomb a march in London today was foiled.

05/07/15 23:23

As tourists continue to visit flowers left on the beach in Sousse, Tunisia where 38 people were killed, the Prime Minister revealed there will be a permanent memorial to the Britons killed in the UK.

05/07/15 17:27

Glaswegian father Jim Stevenson has given a detailed description of a man he said he watched shoot a woman in the Imperial Marhaba hotel in Sousse during the terror attack that left 38 dead.

05/07/15 12:56

Kirsty Murray, 25, was wounded by a man with a handgun she believes was not Seifeddine Rezgui, while Steve Johnson is just as convinced he saw a second shooter 'in red shorts'.

05/07/15 08:13

Radhia Manai, 49, claims her son Seifeddine Rezgui (pictured) 'couldn't kill a mouse' in an interview following the massacre in Tunisia on June 26.

05/07/15 00:00

In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday from his hospital bed, Matthew James, whose courage made headlines around the world, reveals his astonishing story for the first time today.

04/07/15 20:53

Tunisia's president has declared a state of emergency after the terror attack on a holiday resort. Meanwhile the final five bodies of Britons killed in the beach massacre have landed back in the UK.

04/07/15 17:27

Tunisian police have arrested the 'girlfriend' of Seifeddine Rezgui - the ISIS gunman who slaughtered 38 holidaymakers in Tunisia - over fears she helped plan the heinous attack.

04/07/15 16:44

Pictures show a worker at a hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, dressed up in a tuxedo and running down the beach with an imitation revolver and pointing it at tourists' heads.

03/07/15 20:18

The Queen paused during a visit to Glasgow and Owen Richards who survived the shooting but lost his brother, his uncle and his grandfather (all inset), stood in his hometown of Walsall.

03/07/15 15:17

William Cass, Labour’s defeated candidate in Aylesbury, said the 30 British holidaymakers gunned down by ISIS fanatic Seifiddine Rezgui should not be treated like ‘fallen soldiers’.

03/07/15 15:09

A minute's silence has been observed impeccably across the world of sport to commemorate the 38 people killed in the tragic Tunisia beach attack last week.

03/07/15 09:55

Murderer Seifeddine Rezgui and the 38 people he killed had all been taken to the mortuary in Tunis in the aftermath of the deadly rampage. Yet a week later, his body is still there, lying among his victims.

02/07/15 22:10

Russell Brand blamed the Tunisian beach massacre which claimed the lives of 38 tourists on Britain's policy of selling arms abroad, military interventions and bombing campaigns overseas.

02/07/15 15:05

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon will today tell MPs that it is 'illogical' for UK forces to carry out strikes in Iraq but not in Syria, but he faces claims there is little the the UK can do to help US strikes.

02/07/15 12:27

An investigation of jihadi internet forums and social media accounts is said to have unveiled plans for attacks on shops selling alcohol, the country's main airport and the tourist island of Djerba.

02/07/15 00:16

Eight victims of the Tunisian beach massacre have made their final journey home. Their coffins were loaded on to an RAF aircraft in Tunis this morning for the 2,000 mile flight back to Britain.

01/07/15 22:47

There was a hold-up in tackling Seifeddine Rezgui before he was finally brought down by police marksmen in the Tunisian beach resort of Sousse.






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