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‘I have no idea how I will pay off my credit card bill': Mother's agony after losing

Deanne Forrest (pictured) admits she was charmed into submission by Peter Parker - if that ever was his real name. The 50-year-old artist was looking for a way to boost her modest savings and support her teenage sons through university when a friend recommended Banc De Binary (inset) - a website that would let her trade on the stock market for instant returns of up to 60per cent. Peter, her smooth-talking Cypriot account manager, assured Deanne that the trades she was placing were 'absolutely zero-risk'. When she wavered, Peter became flirtatious, calling the divorcée 'beautiful' and 'glowing' and asking 'dear Deanne' if she would paint a portrait of him.

Several countries that receive British aid also have better networks, including India and Indonesia, the National Infrastructure Commission found.

The amount of taxpayers' money blown on the 'white elephant' on the island of St Helena could have funded more than 7,500 beds in England's crisis-hit social care sector.

The news was announced by Northern Ireland Minister Kris Hopkins (pictured). Last week the country's police service faced anger over moves to look at every single killing involving the British Army.

Customers say Mark Warner Holidays is demanding the extra cash because the pound has tumbled against the euro since the EU vote.


A diary item yesterday said that Sir William Blair, QC, brother of former PM Tony Blair, had been appointed a Senior Circuit Judge in Bristol. In fact, it is His Honour Judge Peter Blair, QC, who has taken up this role.

Rebel groups announce ceasefire in Aleppo after Syrian forces 'massacre 82 civilians in

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A ceasefire deal has been struck between the pro-Syrian government forces and the rebels effectively ending the battle for Aleppo that has raged for many years. It comes as the once proud Umayyad Mosque of Aleppo, also known as the 'Great Mosque' now lies in ruins in the middle of Aleppo following intense fighting. Several of the walls surrounding the UNESCO-listed building have been destroyed and pro-government fighters have been inspected looking on at the ruins. And images emerging of Aleppo's citadel and the old city also show how it has been destroyed by the bloody conflict that has left over 30,000 people dead.

The American-based Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations released heartbreaking pictures of dead children after the alleged gas attack close to the eastern Syrian city of Hama.

As the battle for the city came to an effective end yesterday, residents inside Aleppo who were fearing for their lives took to social media to post emotional messages and plead for help.

For centuries, the city in the north of the country was Syria's economic and cultural powerhouse, attracting tourists from around the world to its celebrated heritage sites and modern buildings.

The violent endgame in Aleppo is 'dreadful', but Britain being responsible for 'not intervening three years ago' is 'nonsense', writes MICHAEL BURLEIGH.

Three years after blocking the West from intervening in Syria, former Labour leader Ed Miliband was absent from an emergency debate on the Aleppo crisis, writes QUENTIN LETTS.

The wreckers and the man who calls Corbyn the Messiah: How union behind rail strike is

At the heart of the relationship between Corbyn and Britain's biggest rail unions is Tosh McDonald (pictured, left), the ultra-Left president of Aslef, who has his own name tattooed on his hand (left). McDonald introduced Corbyn to the stage at the union's raucous Christmas party on Friday, a demonstration of the intimate relationship between Corbyn and Britain's biggest rail unions. The union's general secretary, Mick Whelan, is also a long-standing ally of Corbyn. As well as the close ties, Whelan also shows the staggering hypocrisy of the unions. The union has led staff into strikes that caused travel chaos for millions over the last year (pictured, bottom right). Yet Whelan, who has seen huge pay rises over the last two years, personally signed off on the passenger-operated doors for another franchise in 2011 that Aslef now claim are dangerous - an issue at the heart of the dispute.

Aslef chief Mick Whelan supported driver-only trains being introduced on Thameslink routes in London in 2011 despite now branding such services 'unsafe' as strikes continue.

Who could possibly express anything but disdain for those bringing mayhem and misery to Southern Rail at Christmas time, writes MAX HASTINGS?

Two weeks before Christmas close to a million people are being held to ransom by overpaid thugs who believe they are too special to shut a door, writes KATIE HOPKINS.

Despite a day of strikes bringing the failing network between the South Coast and London to a complete standstill, passengers still managed to see the funny side on Twitter.

Good Morning Britain correspondent Nick Dixon was reporting from Brighton train station this morning, where members of the Aslef and RMT unions are picketing.

The Government will have to foot a £50million bill for lost revenue and passenger compensation claims caused by 20 days of industrial action on Southern Rail services this year.

JD Sports workers are 'exploited' and treated 'like scum' at Rochdale warehouse

Many workers are effectively earning less than the minimum wage and are threatened with being sacked if they sit down during long shifts. The practices are taking place despite public uproar about working conditions at warehouses operated by other large retailers, including their rivals Sports Direct, as well as Amazon and Asos. The investigation involves the Kingsway Business Park facility in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, which supplies all of JD Sports' stores in the UK and abroad, as well as its thriving online business.

It means most British savers are effectively losing money, as the growing cost of living erodes the value of their cash reserves.

Brickies and scaffolders were taking in £50000 per year in some areas because of shortage of skilled workers. Hiring outlook was most promising in construction and utilities sectors.

The number of pupils caught cheating in GCSE and A-level exams using their mobile phones has increased, new data reveals. Sneaking smart phones in to exams has increased by 14%.

Boris Johnson to ambassadors at the Lancaster House party about how Britain imported goods from all over the world, including Theresa May's controversial fashion choice.

Schools need to make £3bn in savings in the next three years amid a squeeze on budgets fueled by rising pupil numbers, according to the Government's financial watchdog.

A new report has found that HSBC has closed a quarter of its network. Several other banks have also closed branches leaving out the elderly and small businesses that still rely on their local branch.

Energy regular Ofgem will be releasing a table to see if families are being ripped off on their tariffs by energy companies. The hope is that households will change if they see what they could be saving.

How we fell in love with supermarkets' own-brand luxuries

Budget-conscious shoppers have long turned to supermarkets' own-label products to get more for their money. But now it seems increasing numbers are upgrading to retailers' premium food brands, with figures showing they are spending 13 per cent more on them than they did last year. Analysts predict a record festive season for ranges such as Tesco's Finest, Sainsbury's Taste the Difference, Morrisons' The Best and Asda's Extra Special.

Squeezing down narrow chimneys and delivering presents to 700million children in a single night - it all sounds impossible. How does Santa do it? One physicist believes Einstein is the key.

The latest adaptation of Agatha Christie's famous play may not be a family friendly affair. The director has warned it's no Miss Marple with swearing, police brutality and sex scenes.

Research by scientists at Royal Holloway University has found certain pathogens have adapted to cause less-severe disease and fewer deaths in women.

People given artificial sweeteners should have lost weight by avoiding the sugar packed into fizzy drinks. But they simply made up the difference in calories at lunch, a study in Singapore found.

Alzheimer's may be as manageable as HIV within a decade, Professor Bart De Strooper, pictured, who is the head of a major new dementia institute predicted last night.

People who are happier in middle age are likely to live longer, experts have found. Over-50s who consistently enjoy life have a 24 per cent reduced risk of dying in the next seven years.

Amir Khan's parents slam his wife for her un-Islamic clothes and not wearing a headscarf

The parents of the British boxer slammed his wife for wearing un-Islamic clothes and no headscarf while denying she has suffered domestic abuse. Model Faryal Makhdoom Khan (right), 25, claimed last week that for the past three years she had been bullied 'physically and mentally' by her in-laws. She also said she was considered a 'bad Muslim' if she bared any skin and claims she was even cropped out of family photographs. Today, speaking for the first time over the growing rift, Khan's parents (inset) rejected accusations of bullying and domestic abuse by their daughter-in-law. She then hit back on Snapchat with a picture of their other son Haroon Khan lying on a bed naked (left). But tonight, the boxer described the actions of both parties as 'childish'.

An Amazon delivery driver who was sacked for kicking a woman's door in Sussex claims he was only defending himself from her dog. Richard Jeffries, 46, tried to deliver a parcel to Claire Bewley's home.

Andrew Wainright, 60, from Reading in Berkshire, planned the once in a lifetime holiday with wife Liz around the risks posed by the altitude in South America.

Detective Constable Jim Morrison was murdered outside the Indian High Commission in London in 1991. The off-duty officer had been walking to meet his wife, Victoria, when he spotted a handbag thief.

Kausar Uddin, pictured, from Edinburgh was forced to sell his takeaway business after he was arrested in Saudi Arabia while on a pilgrimage with his family to the holy city of Mecca.

Brian Gomez, 28, from California, has been in a wheelchair since he broke his neck five years ago. But he became one of the world's first patients to have the experimental device in June this year.

British Airways captain reveals how he battled in vain to save his daughter, 14

Hannah Cubin collapsed suddenly after going to a sleepover at a friend's house. Her mother Dawn got an 11pm call from Hannah's friend saying something was wrong and she and Mr Cubin rushed to their daughter's side. While Mrs Cubin performed CPR, her husband gave mouth to mouth before paramedics arrived at the house in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. They spent an hour trying to save the youngster but to no avail and she was pronounced dead from a suspected heart attack.

Kelly Marie Renton, 28, from Oldham in Greater Manchester, was left distraught after thugs ransacked her home as she and her partner awaited the arrival of their new baby.

Gillian Simpson claimed she was subjected to 'hostile treatment' following her decision to live as a woman and says she was banned from going into her parents' Lancashire home in a dress.

Florence Jarratt, 98, was allegedly severely injured by workers at the Bupa St Christopher's Nursing Home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, and left with dark bruises on her arms, nose, right eye and cheek.

Angie Kenney, 45, from Whetstone, has received a Christmas card from a woman called 'Eileen' every year for two decades, and now wants to track down the mystery woman.

Matthew and Steph Neville, both 35, from Birmingham, have even paid all the bills for the first year and are hoping their new asylum seeker tenants will move in before Christmas.

Isle of Wight drowned his daughter, killed pet dogs and hung himself to 'punish his wife'

Keziah Flux-Edmonds (pictured left) was killed by her father Darren (right with his daughter and wife Nikki), 44, who drowned her in the bathtub of the family home in East Cowes, Isle of Wight before laying her body in the master bedroom. The father-of-one also killed the family's two terrier dogs. Keziah's lifeless body was found with her arms wrapped around her beloved pets Arnie and Maximus. Both the dogs were soaking wet and it is believed Flux-Edmonds drowned them too. Flux-Edmonds, who suffered from depression, was looking after Keziah while her mother Nikki Flux-Edmonds was at work for an hour. He sent her a chilling text 25 minutes after she left the house. The inquest heard the long message began with 'Congratulations' and ended with: 'You have left me with nothing, I'll leave you with only memories.' Keziah's grandmother June Lillian Flux is pictured inset leaving the inquest today.

Thomas Laessing, 40, a maths teacher and head of tennis at the prestigious St Paul's School (pictured), south west London, harassed a teenage girl by phone and two others on social media.

Paul Abbott, 57, was jailed for life with a 15-year minimum term earlier this year after he admitted killing his wife Jacqueline Abbott but was found dead in HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire on Sunday.

Claims the Russian state may have been part of a hack to plant indecent images of children on the computer of dissident Vladimir Bukovsky have been rejected at his trial at Cambridge Crown Court.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Adrian Brown, 38, of Forest Hill, south east London, has been charged with attempted murder, possession of an offensive weapon and assault.

Former billionaire Simon Halabi, pictured today outside Southwark Crown Court, began kicking and punching binman Carl Thomas outside Annabel's in Mayfair, a court has heard.

Alastair Cooke, 22, of Perranarworthal, Cornwall, is accused of finding the woman asleep on the couch, taking her to bed and asking if she knew his name before allegedly raping her.

Married father-of-two teacher, 32, who had three-month fling with 15-year-old girl asking

Lloyd Garratt, 32, had a three-month fling with the teenager in which he was accused of encouraging her to send him naked selfies. He was also said to have kissed the girl in his car and asked her to allope to the US so they could be together. Garratt, who worked as head of creative arts at Garstang Community Academy, in Lancashire was arrested in August 2015 after the relationship came to light.

Chelsea boutique owner Diana Lank, 61, pictured, was accused of trying to track down the witness who anonymously gave evidence to help convict her 34-year-old son Rupert Ross of murder.

Isaac Blamires, 21, was filmed swerving in and out of traffic, driving through a red light and speeding down the wrong side of the road in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

A huge brawl erupted in a crowd of boxing fans during a World Championship match on Saturday. Before a fight between Anthony Joshua and Eric Molina fans began to throw punches.

A boy, 17, who hacked TalkTalk has been given a 12-month youth rehabilitation order and had his iPhone and computer hard drive confiscated for his role in the hack.

Convicted killer Michal Cezary Podlaszczyk served 12-and-a-half years of a 15 year sentence in Poland before arriving in the UK a few weeks before he raped a woman in Bede Park, Leicester, pictured.

Gary Green, pictured, killed Harry Whitlam, 11, at Swithens Farm near Leeds in 2013, after he reversed a tractor over the youngster having spent the previous night drinking heavily.

How can Beyonce EVER be considered to have the calibre of Maggie?

Britain's first female prime minister (left) was an obvious choice for the top spot, while second place went to Helen Brook, who set up Brook Advisory Centres in 1964, offering contraceptive advice to unmarried women. They were followed by Labour MP Barbara Castle, who was behind the Equal Pay Act. Feminist writer Germaine Greer and Jayaben Desai, who campaigned for better working conditions for women, were also chosen. The list was completed by Bridget Jones (centre) and Beyonce (right) - apparently leaving no room for influential women such as current Prime Minister Theresa May, American civil rights activist Rosa Parks, or Catholic missionary Mother Teresa.

It was caught in the Indian Ocean near the Seychelles on Saturday, where it took seven men to bring it aboard, and is the third largest fish of its kind on record and is now on sale in Manchester.

A hospital was closed yesterday after 6,000 litres of diesel spilled onto the maternity ward. A faulty ventilation system may have caused the incident at the Cardigan Wing at Southend Hospital, Essex.

Scotland Yard has received 106 separate allegations of historical sex abuse connected with individuals at 32 London football clubs, including four in the Premier League and two in the Championship, the Metropolitan Police said.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT -- As three new cases of the deadly illness were confirmed in Cumbria, Devon and Monmouthshire, dog owners have been urged to take extra precautions.

Tests conducted in March showed the average weekday concentration of cocaine in London's wastewater was 949.3mg per 1,000 people per day - higher than any other European city.

Tea leaves are still being picked at Cornwall plantation three months after harvest

Britain's balmy winter has seen a record-breaking crop at England's only tea plantation. Crops at Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall have been boosted by exceptionally mild conditions. The region has been even warmer than Darjeeling in India, which is known as the Champagne of Teas, and as such the estate has been able to harvest much later into the season than its illustrious counterpart.

Holy Trinity Church, in Bradford-on-Avon, in Wiltshire, has undergone a £2million revamp thanks to the discovery of a forgotten Flemish masterpiece by Quentin Metsys hanging on the wall.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) shocked millions waiting for presents to arrive or who are planning to send gifts by announcing a five days of industrial action.

A fleet of 15 caravans and a group of around 40 travellers arrived on the playing field in the village of Kemsing on Saturday night.

News agency AFP releases its best photographs of the year 

This collection of images is taken from Agence France Presse, or AFP's 'Pictures of the Year 2016' - a selection of the press agency's most important and powerful photographs from the past year. Every year AFP, which has photographers around the globe, chooses a selection of their most powerful, moving, shocking or fascinating images, offering a look back at the highlights - and lowlights - of the last 12 months. Pictured, left, a woman is sprayed by police during a public sector protest against austerity measures in Brazil. Top right, A biker shows off his 12-year-old cat named Chiquinho, which always rides with him on his motorbike, also in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bottom right, people watch the Euro 2016 final match between Portugal and France on a giant screen near the Eiffel Tower, while Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo is evacuated on a stretcher after being injured

Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs claims 5,900 lives in five months

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs has pushed the death toll to 5,927 since he took office in June vowing to get rid of narcotics in the country. The radical leader insists he is not a killer, despite the country's streets being littered with dead bodies due to his crackdown on illicit drugs (main and inset). President Duterte said he is not about to pull the plug on his operation, but would happily allow citizens to enjoy Christmas and New Year in peace if people stopped taking drugs.

Father Sante Braggie, a chaplain in Cremona, northern Italy, said the scene would have been set up near a section of the city's cemetery 'reserved for Muslim graves'.

The dam in northern Iraq was built on an unstable foundation that continuously erodes, and a lapse in required maintenance after the Islamic State jihadist group briefly seized it in 2014 weakened the already flawed structure ©Safin Hamed (AFP/File)

With the battle to liberate the Iraqi city from Islamic State continuing, an Italian company will have about 18 months to fix the dam's foundations and stop more than 11 trillion litres of water from flooding Mosul.

Only six of the 77 passengers on board survived, and the dead included 19 members of the Chapecoense soccer club from southern Brazil, as well as 20 journalists covering the team.

A coalition air strike in Syria has killed three Islamic State leaders involved in plotting foreign attacks, including two men involved in facilitating last year's attacks in Paris, the Pentagon said today.

Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart is calling for the demolition of the recently finished £2m 'anti-migrant' wall. It was built nearby a busy motorway to prevent people from climbing onto lorries heading for the UK.

Wilfried W, 46, and his former wife, Angelika B, 47, are facing trial for murder in Germany. The couple are accused of torturing five women in their home they lured there with lonely hearts ads.



Afghan boy with Lionel Messi carrier bag football shirt gets to meet hero

The Barcelona star carried six-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi in his arms (inset) at a specially arranged meeting in Doha, Qatar today. Murtaza was pictured in January wearing a shopping bag with Argentina's blue and white stripes along with five-time Ballon d'Or winner Messi's name and No 10 on the back, written in black marker pen (right). The child eventually received a signed shirt from the prolific forward. But the youngster's dream of actually meeting the star came true today when the pair came face-to-face (left).

Romanian border patrol officers stationed in the town of Curtici entered the luggage compartment of the train which was travelling to the Austrian capital having become suspicious of the bags.

Luciano Ponzetto, 55, became infamous last year after sharing snaps of his trophy kills. Despite protesting his innocence, people sent him death threats and hate, and he has died in Turin, Italy.

Police say Detlev Guenzel killed and then partially ate Polish-born businessman Wojciech Stempniewicz  in his basement in the mountains near Dresden in eastern Germany.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Sickening footage shows an extremist strapping explosives to a man dressed in an orange jump suit in the Sinai peninsula in Egypt.

Joanna Palani is being tried in a Copenhagen court after she violated Denmark's 'foreign fighter' rule. The 23-year-old left her country for a year to fight against ISIS and Assad's forces in Syria.

He was one of a long line of weather forecasters who came into our homes each night and who made the weather worth staying tuned for - not a tedious interlude with a lecture attached.

Even if the unions had cogent reasons for their action, this paper would find it impossible to sympathise with such a brutal exercise of industrial muscle.