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Alan Thicke dead at 69: Actor suffers 'fatal heart attack while playing hockey with his

Famous TV actor Alan Thicke has died age 69 on Wednesday. Thicke, known for his role as the father the popular ABC television series Growing Pains, had a heart attack while playing hockey with his son, TMZ reported. The Canadian-born actor was transported to hospital around noon where he was later pronounced dead.

Tony Abbott hits out at unemployed people receiving welfare for saying they have 'a sore

NEW Tony Abbott says governments have been far too quick to offer welfare payments to people with 'bad backs or a bit of depression', and hit out at unemployed people who refuse to take a job. Reflecting on the prevalence of the welfare payment, the former prime minister said for those who find it impossible to find work, 'fair enough' they need to be looked after. 'We were far too ready to put people on the disability support pension with bad backs, a bit of depression and so on and these are not permanent conditions,' he told Ray Hadley on 2GB radio on Wednesday.

Your LinkedIn post can ruin your career. Sydney public relations manager Michael Frier, pictured, explains what not to do if your want to keep your job and your boss happy. It is simpler than you think.

Two women filmed in 'brazen drug deal' in broad daylight on a packed Melbourne train

A railway worker named only as Jason said two men who seemed to be on drugs got on a train at St Auburns station with two women who exchanged money before taking pills out of a prescription bottle. He recorded the moment one woman popped an object into her mouth as the other held the bottle open on the seat for her. Jason added that one man staggered off the train as this was going on, while another was smoking inside the carriage.

Police dog 'left in the back of a patrol wagon for an hour in 30-degree heat'

NEW A police dog has allegedly been left in the back of a hot police wagon for an hour in 30 degree heat. Adam Semaan, 30, said he heard the dog barking and spotted the dog in a parked van outside Surry Hills Police Station in inner-Sydney on Wednesday morning. Mr Semaan, who lives nearby, said the dog was still in the van an hour later when he returned and has demanded better treatment in a picture posted to Facebook.

'They are animals': Landscaper, 21, recalls the moment he and a colleague were 'bashed and whipped with belts by gang of African teenagers' in a vicious attack while they worked at St Kilda beach

A young landscaper has spoken out about the moment he was attacked by a gang of African teenagers while working as a landscaper at St Kilda beach in Melbourne. Andrew, 21, was working with his colleague, Nathan, outside the Life Saving Club on Monday evening when he was targeted in the unprovoked attack that saw him stomped on and whipped with a belt by people he describes as 'animals'. Nathan warned Andrew about a dozen of teenagers who appeared to be of African appearance were pushing their way through temporary fencing onto the work site. Despite yelling at the group to leave the work site, they were attacked. 'They've all just stopped, looked at me, and without saying a word have come and attacked me,' Andrew said.

The family of a cyberbullying victim who committed suicide says the online harassment is continuing days after her death. Brandy Vela shot herself in front of her horrified parents.

NEW A Queensland father has called on police and the local council to crack down on inappropriate sexual activity on a local beach, after he discovered a couple having sex close to others on Sunday.

Fallen AFL star Ben Cousins will come to 'premature end' warns Perth judge

Ben Cousins (left, right) walked free from court on Tuesday but not without a stern warning from a Perth magistrate and a $2000 fine for breaching a violence restraining order and drug charges. 'If you keep on taking drugs you will end up coming to a premature end,' Magistrate Stephen Wilson told Armadale Magistrates Court. Cousins pleaded guilty to two drug offences and two breaches of a VRO (violence restraining order).

Bindi Irwin shops for a double bed and homewares with boyfriend Chandler Powell

For the last month, they've been dodging rumours that they're moving in together, having a baby and getting married. But last week, Bindi Irwin and boyfriend Chandler Powell added fuel to the fire after they were spotted shopping for a double bed and homeware items in Brisbane, Queensland. While out and about, the pair showed off big smiles as they were seen stopping to look at bed fixtures, desk fans and flat pack items.

The 43-year-old Queensland man has been accused of attempting to murder and sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl (stock image) just hours after he robbed a taxi driver.

The grinch who stole Christmas lights: Heartless woman caught on camera pinching festive decorations from a young family's front yard

A heartless woman was caught on CCTV allegedly stealing Christmas decorations from a young family's front yard in Taylors Hill, Victoria. The thief can be seen filling a black garbage bag with lights and signs (left, right). A spokesperson for Victoria Police said they were aware of the CCTV footage, but have not yet received a report in relation to the incident.

As Childline sees a massive rise in the number of callers questioning their gender identity, SARAH VINE asks if this is an epidemic of uncertainty or just the massively increased awareness.

Sydney factory manager loses court battle to claim Lotto Powerball winnings

Brendan King (pictured left) from Sydney, sued the lottery syndicate organiser, Robert Adams (right), claiming he was owed $2.7 million after the mammoth $40 million Powerball win in May. In NSW Supreme Court on Wednesday, Justice John Sacker found there had been two separate syndicates and Mr Adams had bought a ticket in the May lotto only using funds he received from the winning syndicate members, with no contribution from Mr King.

Not mentioning Australia's part in the New Zealand Wars in a new Anzac memorial in Hyde Park for risk of offending has been called 'political correctness gone mad'. Pictured is the memorial at the moment.

Retired Queensland criminology professor Paul Wilson, pictured, was found guilty of molesting a girl during the 1970s. Now there are calls for him to be stripped of his Order of Australia medal.

Chilling video shows Australian woman, 23, walking down notorious Khaosan Road in Bangkok minutes before she 'was raped by tuk tuk driver' - as Thai police give bizarre reason for NOT believing her story

A young Australian woman's rape claims have been publicly doubted by Thai police who say she reported the incident 'too quickly' for the story to be likely. The young woman says she was raped by her tuk tuk driver and his friend before escaping on the back of a motorcycle and reporting the matter to police. She was caught on CCTV walking down Bangkok's notorious Khaosan Road with a friend at about 3.40am, just minutes before she got in to the tuk tuk with the alleged rapist driver.

A Japanese woman, 75, has died while snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, near Cairns, making her the fifth tourist to die on the reef in November, and the 10th death this year.

'I can't feel anything Meg. I love you so much': Groom paralyzed in front of his

Meg Alexander, 29, and Brett Greenhill were due to tie the knot in just ten weeks time when tragedy struck.
The active couple - who loved to run out and work out together - had been holding a joint bachelor/ bachelorette party on the beach in Naples, Florida, on December 3 when Greenhill decided to go swimming. While his friends and fiance stayed on the beach, the 39-year-old had dived into the ocean. The next thing friends saw, was Greenhill floating motionless in the water. Alexander, 29, says friends helped drag him from the water and called 911. 'I can't feel anything. Meg, I love you so much and I'm so sorry. I love you so much,' she said he told her.

Is this the flashiest bachelor pad EVER? Luxury $2.68million mansion comes with a

A contemporary home at Robertson in Brisbane boasts a striking internal glass-walled garage, allowing the lucky owner to showcase their most prestigious car in the main entry foyer of the home.

Australian travellers looking to enjoy a tropical holiday on a budget will be pleased to know Virgin are offering flights to Fiji for a meagre $199 from Sydney. The cost also includes 23kg baggage.

The list was completed by Bridget Jones and Beyonce - leaving no room for influential women such as current Prime Minister Theresa May or American civil rights activist Rosa Parks.

Mayana Wyles-Dudman born with her intestines on the outside of her body

A two-year-old girl was born with her intestines on the outside of her body. Mayana Wyles-Dudman (pictured left and right with her grandmother Eileen Dudman ) cannot go swimming, taste food or drink water because she suffers from a rare birth defect called gastroschisis after her abdomen failed to form properly in the womb. The Queensland girl requires constant care and relies on a feeding line into her heart so she can only eat liquid nutrients through a tube to keep her healthy. Her body needs to be kept dry in a silo bag (left) at all times so there is no risk of any infection - a task that her grandmother tackles alone as a single mother-of-two.

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Californian dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, known as Dr Pimple Popper, describes the sebaceous cyst as 'third eye blind' and cuts into it, squeezing out a thick goo.

Where are the Love Actually cast now 13 years on?

Since its release in 2003, Love Actually has become a bona fide Christmas classic. The singing schoolgirl Joanna (top left), played by Olivia Olson (below left), is now 24, and still singing and acting in LA, while her secret admirer Sam (above, second from left), played by Thomas Brodie Sangster (below, second from left), has appeared in Game of Thrones and the Maze Runner. Martine McCutcheon, who played Downing Street staffer Natalie (above, third from left), was recently announced as a Loose Women panellist (below, third from left), while shy Karl (above, third from right), played by the hunky Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, now stars in the HBO hit Westworld (below, third from right). Hugh Grant, who starred as Prime Minister David 13 years ago (above, second from right), just picked up a Best Actor award for his performance in Florence Foster Jenkins alongside Meryl Streep (below, second from right), and Peter (above, right), picked up Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for his role in 12 Years a Slave (below, right).

Fiona Walker, pictured, from just outside Kilmarnock, said she was too frightened to call the police so begged for help on social media instead.

Jill Williamson has been 'potty-training' Ryker since birth and swears she knows, from his movements, exactly when he needs to 'go' and usually - usually - gets him to the toilet on time.

Temperatures will drop at 4pm as cold front sweeping southeast Australia hits Sydney

Temperatures are expected to drop rapidly as a cold front sweeps across the southeast coast, turning the heat down 16 degrees. Relief will wash over the Sydney CBD about 4pm on Wednesday, with temperatures expected to fall below 30 'rather rapidly' after a scorching top of 38 degrees, Weatherzone senior meteorologist Jacob Cronje told Daily Mail Australia. The humidity will bring showers overnight and keep temperatures just below 20 degrees. (Bondi Beach in Sydney's east is pictured).

Australians suffered through the hottest day on record since 1972 on Tuesday, but temperatures in parts of Australia, including Sydney, will soar to 38 degrees yet again on Wednesday.

The Australian Tax Office's online system crashed on Monday and may not be fully operational again until Wednesday. The agency is reported to be attempting to recover a million gigabytes of data.

Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs claims 5,900 lives in five months

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs has pushed the death toll to 5,927 since he took office in June vowing to get rid of narcotics in the country. The radical leader insists he is not a killer, despite the country's streets being littered with dead bodies due to his crackdown on illicit drugs (main and inset). President Duterte said he is not about to pull the plug on his operation, but would happily allow citizens to enjoy Christmas and New Year in peace if people stopped taking drugs.

People given artificial sweeteners should have lost weight by avoiding the sugar packed into fizzy drinks. But they simply made up the difference in calories at lunch, a study in Singapore found.

A list of 'just try it' guilty food pleasures features the weird, the wonderful and the downright disgusting. Suggestions included eating fruit peels and slathering chicken nuggets in honey

Who did YOU have a crush on? The most lusted after romantic heroes of all time are

Australians have voted, and revealed their favourite romantic comedies and who they lusted after in them, with Pretty Woman taking out the top spot on the list. A survey showed that Julia Roberts and Richard Gere (left) are the top romantic heroes. For women Audrey Hepburn (top centre) and Jennifer Aniston (top right) also ranked well. When it came to men Patrick Swayze (bottom right) and Hugh Grant (bottom centre) were up there too.

News agency AFP releases its best photographs of the year 

This collection of images is taken from Agence France Presse, or AFP's 'Pictures of the Year 2016' - a selection of the press agency's most important and powerful photographs from the past year. Every year AFP, which has photographers around the globe, chooses a selection of their most powerful, moving, shocking or fascinating images, offering a look back at the highlights - and lowlights - of the last 12 months. Pictured, left, a woman is sprayed by police during a public sector protest against austerity measures in Brazil. Top right, A biker shows off his 12-year-old cat named Chiquinho, which always rides with him on his motorbike, also in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bottom right, people watch the Euro 2016 final match between Portugal and France on a giant screen near the Eiffel Tower, while Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo is evacuated on a stretcher after being injured

Trump put Rex Tillerson to State today, rounding out a foursome that already had Jeff Sessions on deck for attorney general, retired Marine Gen. James Mattis at Defense and Steve Mnuchin at Treasury.

'I don't want to sit next to a screaming baby': Mother carrying an infant is kicked out of first class seat by passengers who are angry because she didn't have the right ticket... but who is in the right? 

Tyrone Williams, from Bromley, shared a video that captured the moment when the woman was forced out of her seat despite the fact she had an infant in a sling. The mother sat down in the first class section of a Southern Rail train to Brighton. However, fellow passengers argued that she shouldn't be allowed to sit there because she doesn't have a first class ticket but the mother points out it is a priority seat. Southern Rail say that priority seats in first class are available to ticket holders only unless it has been declassified due to disruption.

The Australian government are looking at removing $100 bills from circulation amidst fears people are avoiding taxes by paying cash.

Arsonist Luke Blacker caught on CCTV setting fire to the park opposite his Melbourne house, before returning home to report the emergency to firefighters. Blacker denies any involvement to police.

Yazidi women sexually assaulted hundreds of times by ISIS receive human rights prize 

Lamiya Aji Bashar, 18, and Nadia Murad, 23, are two of thousands of Yazidi women and girls who have been abused by the terror group. Lamiya (pictured, right, with Nadia), who lost the sight in one eye when she was injured by a landmine while escaping in March, said the Sakharov Prize for human rights was one 'for every woman and girl who has been sexually enslaved' by ISIS.

Donald Trump's meeting with Kanye West at Trump Tower in New York City on Wednesday spawned numerous memes making fun of the 'longtime' friends.

Yoga mogul, Trevor Tice (pictured), 48, who founded CorePower Yoga in 2002, was found dead under 'suspicious circumstances' in his $3 million California home on Monday, authorities said.

Awkward Family Photos showcase hilarious classic haircuts

Awkward Family Photos have shared some of the most outlandish hairdos from the decade. It seems that the rule of thumb is the bigger the hair the better with perms and mullets making a regular appearance. Some adventurous men can be seen getting creative with their fronts and sides as well as the back of their head.

Cast your minds back to a few weeks before the US election, when it never crossed the Hillary camp's elitist, arrogant minds that Trump, the ignorant Neanderthal, could beat her.

Two men were caught on camera brawling outside a petrol station in Mooloolaba, Queensland, on Tuesday afternoon after one allegedly used a racial slur against the other.

Woman who lost both breasts at 35 launches fashion blog to help women navigate dressing

After Genevieve Esgate, 38, from NSW, survived breast cancer and had a double mastectomy, she struggled to find clothes which suited her. Here, the mother of two (pictured left with her son before she had cancer) talks to FEMAIL about launching a fashion blog for breast cancer survivors (pictured right on the blog).


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Historic images show how tourists flocked to Aleppo to visit the world's largest markets

For centuries, the city in the north of the country was Syria's economic and cultural powerhouse, attracting tourists from around the world to its celebrated heritage sites and modern buildings. But the war that erupted across Syria in 2011 exploded into Aleppo in the summer of 2012, when rebel fighters took over the east of the city, leaving it in ruins, inset. Pictured left is Aleppo's citadel while right are the the stalls and shops in the city's old sooks.

Facebook is launching a portal aimed at improving online safety for children. Called Parents Portal, adults will find videos, tips and advice on how to approach children about staying safe on the site.

Jack Posobiec tweeted out a a completely unfounded statement about the film, saying: 'Star Wars writers rewrote and reshot Rogue One to add in Anti Trump scenes calling him a racist. Disgusting.'

A Belgium firm has designed a robot that prints out perfectly sized boxes to ship your gifts. Called Slimbox, users measure their product, and enter the dimensions using the app.

Australian surfer Mick Fanning catches waves underneath the majestic Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights majestically shimmer across the Norwegian skyline is a bucket list item for many. But surfing underneath the iridescent green glow as the lights bounced off the icy cold water took Mick Fanning's experience to a whole other level. The three-time ASP World Tour champion said he could not help but scream with excitement when he saw the lights peaking out from beyond a mountain top and rushed to get into the icy water as photographers Emil Sollie and Mats Grimsaeth sat poised on the beach to capture the unprecedented event on film.

From playing festive music to luring you in with charm prices at Christmas, retail tricks which encourage you to spend more are routinely played by the shops. FEMAIL decodes the most common.

Debbie Halliwell, a single mother on a disability pension, was reduced to tears in a clothing store in Ipswich, Queensland, last week when a staff member allegedly told her she was 'too fat' to be shopping.

NEW It may be called the beautiful game, but there were ugly scenes in Jakarta as the military attempted to hand out 5,000 tickets to a match between Indonesia and Thailand.

Thousands of Britons who have snapped up a 4K television in the Black Friday sale or as a Christmas treat will be facing higher energy bills for the technology, data claims.

Victorian truck driver Kenneth Laurence Pillar, 55, was found guilty of dangerous driving causing the death of 61-year-old Maria Dowdell in the South Australian District Court on Tuesday.

The closure of Victoria's Hazelwood coal-fired power station will add about $78 a year to energy bills across the country, hitting South Australians hard with $150 a year added to household bills.

'Worst idea ever!' Heart-stopping moment young boy almost shoots himself with a GUN he found in his grandpa's shed

Harrison Woods (inset) is lucky to be alive after he nearly shot himself in the foot with a gun he found in his grandpa's shed (right) while holidaying in New Zealand. The video shows Harrison attempting to reload the gun (left), before it becomes 'stuck.' 'Safety off... oh no it's stuck... oh c***,' Harrison says before the gun goes off. 'Ah, that was the worst idea ever, I just shot that when it was on my foot.' Luckily for Harrison the bullet misses his foot, but the close encounter doesn't seem to bother him as he goes on shooting things in the backyard.

The 46-year-old actress has repeatedly spoken out against the church since she left in 2013. In a new PAPER essay, she says she wants to keep fighting and hopes the government will go after them.

Joe Graham, 29, became paralyzed last summer. On Thursday, the Connecticut man's team of physical therapists helped him propose to his girlfriend, Tonya, on bended knee.

Haunting footage captures an ISIS suicide bomber calmly strolling into a Cairo church before killing 25 Christians in a savage attack 

Horrifying footage showing the moment an ISIS suicide bomber killed 25 Christians at a Cairo church has been released by the Egyptian government. Abu Abdallah al-Masri detonated a 12kg bomb targeting Cairo 's main Coptic Christian community killing six children and 19 adults, mostly women. A further 49 were wounded in the savage attack on Sunday.

Stephanie and Jordan Jones, both 29, sold their home in the US and most of its contents to travel with their children to Turkey and Austria where they stayed in Airbnb properties.

The rover is climbing a layered Martian mountain, and has found the ingredients for a 'stew of life', researchers said at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

Rugby League legend Matt Cooper has opened up on his drug addiction after he was admitted to rehab this week - one month after taking a dangerous cocktail of prescription drugs.

Snapchat is rolling out Groups that lets users chat with up to 16 friends at once. Chats disappear in 24 hours and Snaps sent within a Group can only be opened and replayed once by each participant.

Lieutenant Sean Sargent who vanished 17 years ago believed to have led 'double life'

A soldier who vanished more than 17 years ago could have been leading a 'double life' in an extraordinary case. A man has told a court he saw Lieutenant Sean Sargent (pictured) at a Brisbane gay bar in the days after he vanished in 1999. A number of previous girlfriends of the lieutenant indicated he could have been gay, and he reportedly broke up with his girlfriend in the weeks before he went missing.

New Zealand schoolgirl Reiha McLelland, 13, was likely in love with her teacher Sam Back, 42, before the disturbing relationship broke down and she tragically took her life in 2014.

Captain of a Southwest Airlines plane travelling from Oakland, California, to Kansas City was seriously impressed with his passengers' booze-drinking abilities and praised them.

Classic paintings such as Edvard Munch's The Scream have been seen millions of times - and yet they contain hidden secrets that pass many viewers by. Here are some of the most interesting.

Rebel groups announce ceasefire in Aleppo after Syrian forces 'massacre 82 civilians in

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A ceasefire deal has been struck between the pro-Syrian government forces and the rebels effectively ending the battle for Aleppo that has raged for many years. It comes as the once proud Umayyad Mosque of Aleppo, also known as the 'Great Mosque' now lies in ruins in the middle of Aleppo following intense fighting. Several of the walls surrounding the UNESCO-listed building have been destroyed and pro-government fighters have been inspected looking on at the ruins. And images emerging of Aleppo's citadel and the old city also show how it has been destroyed by the bloody conflict that has left over 30,000 people dead.

As the battle for the city came to an effective end yesterday, residents inside Aleppo who were fearing for their lives took to social media to post emotional messages and plead for help.

The nativity is one of Christdendom's much-loved festive scenes, gloriously recreated every year. But it seems not everybody has taste in mind when they fashion Jesus' birth.

The American-based Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations released heartbreaking pictures of dead children after the alleged gas attack close to the eastern Syrian city of Hama.

The ex-wife of former Billabong chief executive Matthew Perrin has broken down in a Brisbane court describing how she found out her husband may be going to jail - after thinking he was having an affair.

Nepal man has 2 stone tumour removed from his face after successful surgery

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, 60, developed the tumour in his childhood and suffered with it for 47 years before it was removed by surgeons in his native Nepal. Mr Bhattarai suffers from neurofibromatosis, a rare condition where non-cancerous tumours grow in the nervous system which is caused by mutations in genes. The tumour was found to weigh almost two stone after the seven-hour surgery but the 60-year-old is now recovering well.

Only six of the 77 passengers on board survived, and the dead included 19 members of the Chapecoense soccer club from southern Brazil, as well as 20 journalists covering the team.

April Horscraft, 9, has wowed with her Christmas gift wrapping skills after winning a competition run by retailer WHSmith. She showed the best ways to wrap tricky presents on ITV's This Morning.

Footage of Greg Jaeschke's dazzling Christmas light decorations on his home in Shepparton, Victoria, has taken social media by storm, with millions of views in under a week.

Findings published in the British Medical Journal show that three fifths of participants were unable to smell the distinct odour in their urine after consuming the vegetable.

The incredible bond between a disabled little girl and her best friend is captured in

A heartwarming video has captured the incredible bond between a disabled little girl and her best friend. Madison Cobb, eight, who has a number of conditions including a rare blood disorder and a brain disease, met Eliza Hazlewood, seven, at kindergarten three years ago. Despite being in a wheelchair, having limited verbal communication and suffering more than 230 epileptic seizures a day, Madison, from NSW, attends a mainstream school and enjoys going to the movies, bowling and playing sports with her friends. 

Swedish fitness model Katarina Konow crouches down in the clip to allow her sister to climb onto her shoulders - before executing a series of steady squat thrusts with apparent ease.

Mexico is a country of amazing contrasts and nowhere is the division between the wealthy and the impoverished more starkly illustrated than in these images of the capital, Mexico City.

Diet composition around the time of pregnancy may influence whether offspring become obese, according to a new study using animal models at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).

Channel 5's Xmas Excess: Parents Splash The Cash shows mother buy children 96 gifts EACH

Emma Tapping, 28, from the Isle of Man, inset, will be making sure they each get 96 gifts - even though they still haven't used many of the items they were given last festive season. She was accused of 'abusing' and spoiling her children by lavishing them with the gifts that cost £1,500 in 2015, left. But the mother-of-three said the criticism hasn't put her off spending lavishly again this Christmas and this year she started her present-buying in July when she armed herself with a suitcase to carry everything home - and shared a snap of this year's tree on Facebook, right.


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Jill, a 38-year-old teacher, from South Croydon, is proud to be an ‘EC Mum’ (that’s Elimination Communication)


Stunning map made for King Philip II to show off 'The Spanish Empire' in 1562

For Europeans of the 16th century, the lands that lay across the Atlantic harboured wonders both dangerous and unknown - a 'New World' guarded by sea monsters, cannibals, and giants. A map crafted in 1562 by esteemed chartmaker Diego Gutiérrez and Dutch engraver Hieronymous Cock highlights the extraordinary views of the time, revealing a description of the Americas that combines fact with folklore and propaganda. Pictured top left, one of the map's many sea monsters can be seen. It also features mermaids (top center) and giants in Patagonia (top right).

A study from Queens University of Technology finds using phones in hands-free mode while driving is just as distracting as holding it, as reaction for both is 40% longer than those don't use phones.



Cy-bare warfare! Russia holds competition to find Putin's next hacker where boffins are distracted by STIPPERS to test their nerve

Russia is searching for its next generation of computer programmers with the help of some very distracting strippers. Boffins in Moscow are being tested on their ability to great a 'prototype programme under very difficult conditions'. As they beaver away on their laptops, scantily-clad women approach and attempt to put them off their work.

A study from the University of Arizona has found that humans' efficient stride boils down to the pivot point it creates below the ground, creating a 'virtual leg' that's longer than expected.

Lucy Adamsky, three, from New Jersey threw a hilarious tantrum after her mother tried to make her believe The Elf On The Shelf, Bubbles was real. Lucy shouted: 'He's a toy, he's not really.'

There's snow stopping him! Genius boy rapidly clears his drive by making a snowplow with his HOVERBOARD 

Clearing the drive of snow after a heavy dump is normally an arduous task. But one genius boy has found a way to speed up the painstaking process. The youngster created a makeshift snowplow with his hoverboard at his home in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The boy rapidly rolled up and down his drive while shovelling snow at either side.