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'Cool!': Former Marine exclaims with joy in video showing his incredible progress just 4 months after receiving double arm transplant

It is just four months since former Marine sergeant John Peck received a double arm transplant.  But he is already showing incredible progress.  Peck lost all four limbs after standing on a homemade bomb in Afghanistan in 2010. Now, the 31-year-old has reached a milestone he never thought possible: he has two fully functioning arms - and is gaining control of his right elbow. In a video posted to his Facebook page on Tuesday, Peck shared a short exercise with his physiotherapist, sliding a block forwards and backwards across a table. For most, it would be simple. For John, it marks a moment of triumph. He beams at the camera as his physiotherapist straps the wheeled block onto his arm. Viewers then watch as Peck visibly strains to push it away from him, and back to his chest, over and over again. Finally, after reaching his total, he says, 'cool!'

The game actually got people off the sofa and out and about as they tried to 'capture' Pokemon characters but the excitement levels don't last, according to a new Harvard University study.

Findings published in the British Medical Journal show that three fifths of participants were unable to smell the distinct odour in their urine after consuming the vegetable.

A new data analysis of USDA statistics by Pew Research shows Americans are swapping out beef for lean meat like chicken, and shunning sugar. But portion sizes have swelled.

More than 2,000 US counties witnessed increases of 200 percent or more in deaths related to substance abuse and mental disorders since 1980 according to the University of Washington.

People given artificial sweeteners should have lost weight by avoiding the sugar packed into fizzy drinks. But they simply made up the difference in calories at lunch, a study in Singapore found.

Not eating every alternate day can actually halt the progression of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre found.

Research by scientists at Royal Holloway University has found certain pathogens have adapted to cause less-severe disease and fewer deaths in women.

Diet composition around the time of pregnancy may influence whether offspring become obese, according to a new study using animal models at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).

Jennie Yoo discovers she has tumour the size of a GRAPEFRUIT after visiting dentist

Jennie Yoo (left), 27, from Bangkok, Thailand, suffered from discomfort in her two front teeth towards the end of last year. However, she assumed she would just need a filling. But her concerned dentist could not diagnose her problem and sent to a specialist in Seoul, South Korea. X-rays revealed she had cancer, which was causing a tumour in the left side of her jaw. Despite six rounds of chemotherapy (inset), it has continued to grow and has now disfigured her face (right) completely, twisting her nose and left eye.

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Californian dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, known as Dr Pimple Popper, describes the sebaceous cyst as 'third eye blind' and cuts into it, squeezing out a thick goo.

Brian Gomez, 28, from California, has been in a wheelchair since he broke his neck five years ago. But he became one of the world's first patients to have the experimental device in June this year.

There are body-wide consequences to taking a shot below the belt. Vlogger Simon Whistler, who is based in Prague, Czech Republic, explains the biology in a new YouTube video.

Luke Maguire and Louise McKever of Ashington Northumberland, claim they have made more than 55 hospital visits since their 10-month-old son Bobby's jab left him racked by convulsions.

A Portsmouth University study sheds light on the evolutionary purposes of orgasms, revealing the feelings act as positive reinforcement between partners and can, in turn, motivate our behavior.

Kristen Tripson, 34, from Vero Beach, Florida, announced the birth of her daughter Lillie Belle on October 23 on her Instagram page, a little over a year after she lost her husband Sam.

Woman, 23, is accused of being DRUNK by strangers after a deadly mass on her brain left

Zoe Roscoe, (left) 23, from Bolton, was diagnosed with a brain AVM - a tangle of abnormal blood vessels which can bleed and expand - in 2013. It caused her to suffer stroke-like symptoms, and after a scan, she was told the mass on her brain was a 'ticking time bomb' (inset). She underwent radiosurgery (right) - which gives a high dose of radiation to a very small precise area - and the mass was removed. But it left her with severe weakness on her left side and now she's more prone to fall over and lose her balance, with strangers assuming she's drunk.

Tia Llewellyn, from Milford Haven, Wales, was diagnosed with a rare form of soft-tissue cancer. But after contracting a chest infection and septicaemia, the schoolgirl passed away on Friday night.

The rate of youngsters at risk for obesity fell during the study, from almost 15 percent in 2010 to 12 percent overall in 2014, researchers from the CDC reported Tuesday in the journal Pediatrics.

The National Institutes of Health found teens' illicit drug use hasn't been so low since 1976, smoking has dropped from 10% to 1% in 20 years, and drinking has plummeted.

Victoria Miller claims crippling headaches have been cured by Botox injections

Victoria Miller (left), 30, from Rochdale, Lancashire, started suffering from them after contracting meningitis (riight in hospital) - a common after effect. It has forced her to leave her job as a legal assistant, as the pain often left her bedridden for days at a time. She had tried around 35 different drugs to relieve the pain, but nothing proved to work. But in January this year, she was given a series of Botox injections in her head as a last-ditch attempt to cure her. After having five rounds of the treatment - 200 injections in total - she says it has been 'life-saving' and has helped her get back on track.

Elizabeth Wigmore, 18, from South Wales, has suffered from psoriasis - which caused her intense pain and bleeding - for four years. She now takes methotrexate each week to keep her symptoms at bay.

New Zealand nail artist Jessie Mills has created edible nails made out of chocolate - the latest beauty nail craze to sweep the web. But not everyone is a fan, with some saying the nails are 'unhygienic.'

Amal Graafstra from Seattle, Washington has chips implanted in his body that allow him to open doors and activate his smart gun with a wave of his hand.

Last week it emerged that a fly bite put Lord Allen Bathurst, 55, a friend of Prince Charles, in hospital with sepsis and multiple organ failure. Doctors have revealed this could happen to anyone.

Husband-to-be, 29, suffers from agonising headaches so severe that he punches himself in the head

Nathan Jack, 29, (left with fiancée Natalie Wharton, 31) from Newcastle, has suffered from the disorder since having a brain tumour as a teenager. Cluster headaches, which are believed to affect around one in 1,000 people worldwide, cause excruciating pain on one side of the head. But over the past three years, his condition has deteriorated to the point where he now suffers up to seven debilitating attacks each day. It has left him unable to work, drive and even has forced him to put his wedding on hold. Last week he posted a powerful clip of him punching himself in the head (right) as a result of the condition to raise awareness.

Some big brand fizzy vitamin tablets sold in pharmacies and supermarkets, like Boots and Waitrose, contain the same salt levels as two packets of crisps, it has been shown.

While Christmas is all about indulging in treats, some of us tend to go overboard. These presents are all guilt-free - even the Thomson & Scott Prosecco and Holland and Barrett's truffles.

A new review has found that trainer insoles are not effective in preventing over all injuries. The team from Trobe University in Melbourne Australia looked at past studies done on the inserts.

Londoner Tom Wilson was killed in a tragic hockey accident at the age of 22

At 22, Tom Wilson had a job he loved as a trainee surveyor with a London property developer. Then, after a terrible accident at hockey practice last December, he never returned from hospital. Shortly after his death, his family was asked whether they wanted to donate his organs. 'It's a decision you never think you will have to make,' says Lisa. 'It was an extremely selfless thought in the darkest of hours.'

Simon Lamont-Brown from Kent suffered from cancer in both lungs, his lymph nodes and his vocal chords, and his treatment had stopped working. This all changed when he started taking nivolumab.

As a result of drug shortages in the UK patients are being harmed and even hospitalised, according to a survey of GPs and pharmacists for the parliamentary All-Party Pharmacy Group (APPG).

An analysis of federal data stretching from 2005 to 2014 by NYU Langone shows a 19 percent increase in the number of over-50-year-olds drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in one sitting.

The 54-year-old former musician reveals that he used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day, but gave them up in 2007 after 'something just switched and he stopped wanting them'.

At the beginning of their college careers, the mean weight of students surveyed in the Vermont study was 147 pounds. By the end of senior year, it had increased to about 157 pounds.

How YOU can get Salma Hayek's toned back muscles

The 50-year-old Mexican-American actress claims not to like the gym, but puts her muscles to work doing yoga and everyday chores, she says. ‘I don’t have time to exercise. I am working,’ she said. The mother-of-one also focuses on her posture, claiming: ‘I just hold my body in a way that activates muscles all day long.’ To replicate her toned back, we recommend the alternating overhead squat, which targets the upper and lower back.

New technique replaces joints while causing minimal damage

Marci Maheson, a surgeon at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, says: 'While we don’t fully understand what causes hip arthritis, in most cases it is the result of wear and tear as we age. Patients can exercise to strengthen muscles and lose weight, as this can put undue pressure on joints, and we can also prescribe painkillers or give steroid injections into the hip to reduce symptoms, but these are temporary measures.'

Looking at data from four countries: the UK, the USA, Germany and Australia, researchers found that the positive glow of parenthood only lasted 12 months.

Dr Frans Folkvord of Radboud University in the Netherlands says that every week two-thirds of primary school children play online games that ply sweets and other unhealthy snacks.

Such differences are mainly due to the influence of our sex hormones, which can affect your health in all kinds of ways says Dr Adam Taylor of Lancaster University Medical School.

The postage stamp-sized patch, developed at North Carolina State University, keeps a round-the-clock check on the forming of clots and so does away with the need for repeated blood tests.

Taking the daily tablets for at least two years reduced the risk of Alzheimer's by 15 per cent for women, researchers from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, found.

61-year-old Malcolm Buchan from Glos consults our expert about his prostatic hyperplasia, as his symptoms are similar to those signalling prostate cancer. But does he need a yearly check up?

David Blount Jr has to keep arm above head for 16 HOURS a day after shooting himself 

David Blount Jr (pictured left with his 20-month-old daughter, Jordynn), 28, blasted himself with his high-powered weapon just before a deer shoot in Montgomery, Texas, on November 19 this year. After undergoing three 30 minute operations (pictured right, a skin graft from his left thigh) - one every 48 hours for a week to monitor and clean the wound - he has been told to keep his arm elevated for 40 minutes out of every hour. Mr Blount, who is a father to a 20-month-old daughter and works as a plumber, may never fully regain feeling in his right arm.

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Hobson, head of London-based Healthspan Nutrition, says fats take longer to be digested and prevent blood sugar levels from dropping quickly, which can cause a hangover.

Researchers pointed to healthy lifestyles and good incomes as key reasons why pensioners around London have formed a longevity belt unmatched elsewhere in the country.

Scientists from Queen Mary University of London have found that pre-eclampsia starts when a mother’s white blood cells fail to adapt to the foreign body - the baby - inside her.

The procedure works by removing the vitreous gel that sits between the eye's lens and retina, and replacing it with saline solution, researchers from the University of Washington, found.

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), which causes severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, affects as many as 3 percent of pregnancies, leading to over 167,000 ER visits each year in the U.S.

Grandmother who went to hospital with broken arm died from pneumonia and sepsis

Patricia Fowler, 75, was not assigned to a doctor at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Lancashire, because she was overlooked by a secretary who mistook her for another patient, an inquest heard. There was confusion over who was caring for Mrs Fowler and she was left to grow increasingly ill on a cardiac ward, even after her son raised concerns over her health. Mrs Fowler was eventually seen by doctors three days after being transferred to the ward but by that point had developed pneumonia and sepsis, which led to her death.

Researchers from the University of Zurch, Switzerland, have found 90 per cent of a new strain of syphilis samples they analysed were resistant to antibiotics.

As the doctor in the unnamed clinic, believed to be in Australia, pulls several feet of the parasitic worm from the horrified man's right nostril with a pair of tweezers, he moans in pain.

The study, published today in JAMA Pediatrics, highlights a dramatic and disproportional rise in opioid-related complications among rural pregnant women and their infants.

Khloé, 32, has treated fans to a 'natural' guide to ditching hangovers - extolling the virtues of drinking lemon tea and doing exercise, which she says will let you 'get s*** done the next day.'

Dr Lisa Ackerley, Hygiene Doctor and Dettol Expert, reveals that if you don't wash your sheets weekly, you could be putting yourself at risk of serious viruses and infections.

Schoolboy has jaw built using his LEG BONES after tumour ravaged his face

Adam McCalmont (right), 16, from Coleraine, Northern Ireland, was diagnosed with mesenchymal chondrosarcoma - a rare form of bone cancer - after complaining of a dull ache in his jaw. Doctors warned there was a chance operating on the tumour could permanently paralyse the schoolboy, or even kill him. Thankfully, chemotherapy proved to be successful and worked in shrinking the tumour. This allowed him to finally undergo a 19-and-a-half hour operation (left) to replace the ravaged muscles and arteries in his face with ones from his leg. He is still struggling to move the left side of his face, but doctors have high hopes for his recovery.

The actor, who plays Jez Andrews in BBC's Casualty, wasn't diagnosed until he was an adult studying at drama school in Cardiff. Now, he has basically developed his own written language.

The research comes from Northeastern University in Boston, and suggests that people can achieve success at any point in their careers - and achieve it repeatedly - as long as they keep trying.

Nutritionist Angela Dowden gives her top 10 tips to be guilt-free this Christmas - and still have what you want. She says eat the turkey and vegetables first before the roasties and sausages.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said work was under way to eradicate "inappropriate out of area placements" over the next five years

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the NHS bed shortage was 'unacceptable' and work was under way to eradicate 'inappropriate placements' over the next five years.

Local councils' - which fund contraception through their public health budget - will face a cut of £800million over six years. Experts warn it could lead to an increase of women seeking abortions.

A team of psychologists, including researchers from the University of Warwick, say their findings reinforce the importance of teaching people just how changeable their memory really is (stock image)

Could blasting brain with soundwaves help reverse Parkinson’s?

Scientists at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London are testing the therapy on 20 people with ‘essential tremor’, a brain disorder that causes uncontrollable shaking and affects around one million people in the UK. Those who suffer from tremors currently rely on drugs or an invasive procedure called deep brain stimulation, which involves surgically implanting electrodes into the brain. The shaking is caused by faulty circuits in the thalamus, a small area at the base of the brain.

A British study suggests children who are read to by their mothers or are helped with their homework between the ages of 3 and 7 tend to have more advanced cognitive abilities.

Try this muscle-toning exercise to ease back pain and increase mobility, advises Nadya Fairweather, founder of Lie on your front with your forehead resting on the floor.

The time for buying Christmas presents is running out, so here is a guide to some of the best gifts you can pick up this season, be it for the outdoorsy type or those workout warriors.

Patients who live on their own and do not have a strong support network have a 60 per cent higher chance of dying from the disease within ten years of diagnosis, according to a study.

A poll of 1,000 workers from all over the UK found that 37 per cent of us put 'dancing at the Christmas party' as our number one fear during the office bash.

The chief executive of the UK Sepsis Trust believes up to 12,000 people are dying each year as a result of superbugs - more than double the number which was released by the Government.

How those cream-topped, syrup-flavoured drinks can contain up to 13 teaspoons 

Last week we learnt that cakes at High Street coffee shops can contain astonishing amounts of sugar. Now, as Christmas draws near, they have rolled out their cream-topped, syrup-flavoured 'festive' drinks, costing more than their normal equivalents and also super-sweet. MATTHEW BELL tried some... He said of Starbucks' fudge hot chocolate: magine putting a Crunchie bar in a blender, then adding sugar and cream. The gold curls create a cheerful first impression but dissolved into a film that clung to my lips, leaving a strange synthetic flavour. I tried a classic hot chocolate afterwards and it tasted bitter compared with this sugary (but heart-warming) slurry.

The End of Life Transport scheme in the north east, gives patients the option to be transported by ambulance, along with a specially-trained crew, to their preferred place to die.

It is estimated that 70 per cent of pacemaker patients struggle to respond to emotional events, such as the joy of seeing a favourite football team score a goal (pictured).

Actress Denise Welch (pictured) has revealed how she suffered a setback in her battle with depression – after making a film about mental illness. The film is loosely based on her own experiences.

Morton's neuroma is a very painful and incapacitating condition that affects one of the nerves running between the toes. It tends to happen to women over 40 with a history of wearing high-heel shoes.

Half of patients who undergo the treatment will preserve their hair, according to the results of a landmark trial announced on Friday at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

A major report highlighted how Muslim communities remain isolated even after its members have lived here for decades, because the men often marry foreign women who do not speak good English

Customer wins £90k from hair salon after shampoo and rinse gives him a stroke

Father-of-two Dave Tyler suffered a near-fatal blood clot while his head was bent backwards over a basin – the latest case of so-called beauty parlour syndrome. Experts believe that as the neck extends, the artery can over-extend and become torn, either blocking it completely or causing a clot which restricts blood supply to the brain. Sound engineer Mr Tyler began suffering headaches and collapsed during a business meeting two days after visiting the Headmasters salon in Brighton in 2011.

One patient took a picture of Aintree Hospital in Liverpool where 20 paramedics and technicians were waiting along with patients for admission to the emergency ward.

Martin Hale, 47, from Southampton died after an ambulance too too long to arrive when he suffered a heart attack and collapsed. The wait left the type one diabetic without oxygen for too long.

For decades we were told that eating fat would clog our arteries and send us to an early grave, but a current study published in a leading medical journal disproves this theory.

The study, published in the Pediatrics medical journal, tracked two groups of premature babies over 20 years and found those given kangaroo care were less prone to aggressive and impulsive behaviour.

In the expert hands of a cosmetic doctor, facial fillers simply replace lost volume and restore the face back to where it once was, with no other telltale evidence of treatment.

America's overdose epidemic shown in chilling interactive map

Prescription opioids and illicit drugs have become incredibly pervasive throughout the U.S., and things are only getting worse.  Overdose deaths have increased 137 percent since 2000. In fact, new figures released today revealed more than 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year - the highest figure ever.

Seven percent of never-smoking older African American women and 5.2 percent of White older women have COPD. In comparison, just 2.9 percent of never-smoking older white men.

More than 60,000 Britons a year develop DVT - a blood clot which causes dangerous swelling. Until now, there has been no real treatment. But a new treatment in the UK has shown remarkable results.

The peer-reviewed study comes at a pivotal time as legalization of cannabis for medical use increases across the U.S. Twenty-eight states and D.C. have laws that permit medical marijuana.

Gov. Rick Scott announced today that the popular tourist destination had been cleared of active Zika transmission. However, within hours, Texas reported another four local Zika cases.

Former soldier, 51, left fighting for his life in a coma and needing a kidney transplant

David Money (left), 51, from Manchester, spent six weeks in a coma (inset) as his body broke out in tennis-ball sized blisters (right). Doctors battled to keep him alive for five months in hospital after killer bacteria lurking in his dog's mouth seeped into an open wound. This caused him to develop sepsis after his immune system went into overdrive as it tried to fight the infection. Against all odds the HGV driver pulled through, but not before his kidneys both failed - leaving him needing life-saving dialysis every other day.

Julie Netto, an occupational therapist at Curtin University, explains the limits of our muscles and bones, and how to work around them.

Danish scientists fed a group of men either fiber-rich vegetarian patties or protein-heavy veal and pork patties. They found those who ate legumes at 12 percent fewer calories at their next meal.

The 20-year-old US model said in preparation for her Victoria's Secret show debut she ate 'a lot of protein'. But experts warn too much of it could lead to side effects such as bloating and constipation.

Scheduling leisure time activities too strictly can turn them into chores, a study has found. Researchers from Ohio State University found that people enjoy 'roughly planned' events more (stock image).

California mother of conjoined twins says 'it's a dream come true'

It was one of the riskiest separation surgeries ever performed. But the 50-surgeon team that divided two-year-olds Eva and Erika Sandoval today appeared at a press conference beaming. The Californian girls shared a digestive system, a uterus, a liver, a bladder, a pelvis, and a third leg with a seven-toed foot. Just two days after the grueling 18-hour operation, the girls are still being closely monitored in the intensive care unit. However, lead surgeon Dr Gary Hartman gushed that both are doing far better than expected. Most excitingly, Erika - the smaller twin who was getting smaller, weaker, and more sickly ahead of surgery - is seeing the most significant improvements. The team has also released photos from inside the operation, and pictures of the 3D-printed models of the girls' shared body parts. Weeping at the press conference with their father Arturo, mother Aida said: 'It's been a dream come true.'

We've rounded up 12 foods which will improve your skin and get rid of spots. Avocados make you look youthful and fats in coconut fills cracks in the skin. Dark chocolate can also help, surprisingly.

Choosing not to go for an early morning jog increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by 13 per cent, according to studies collated by two Australian researchers.

Tannins, sugar and histamines are the cause of wine headaches, say experts. We share some tips on how best to prevent them, including drinking two cups of coffee before you start on wine.

Natalie Parletta, a dietitian at the University of South Australia, says iron can be found in either haem - meat, poultry and fish - or non-haem forms - legumes, wholegrains and leafy green vegetables.

Leading Guernsey-based medical nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer, and author of Eat Well, Stay Well, reveals which of nature's cold remedies are worth trying – and why.

A Cancer Research UK study has found that women taking dummy drugs are just as likely to suffer nausea and vomiting as those taking tamoxifen, and are just as likely to stop taking them.

Woman born without a WOMB fundraises to help pay for a surrogate

Lisa Beavan-Mason, 31, from Ledbury, Hertfordshire, was diagnosed with Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser syndrome when she was 21. Despite her ovaries functioning properly, not having a womb means she will never be able to carry her own child. After tying the knot with David Mason (pictured together), 28, in September, the couple began searching for options to begin their family. But they were refused IVF treatment, she turned to her best friend Laura McCrae, 38, who has offered to be the couple's surrogate. Now the pair need to find £25,000 to cover the costs after the NHS turned down their funding request.

In a report examining the health of baby boomers, Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer, made it clear that exercise is vital to reduce the risk of an early death as a result of rising obesity rates.

Heart-melting video shows twin brothers once conjoined at the head cuddling and speaking weeks after separation surgery

Jadon and Anias McDonald, twin brothers who were conjoined at the head, are thriving post-separation surgery.  The boys have been recuperating with their parents at Montefiore Hospital, showing vast improvements. And now their mother Nicole has posted the first video of them in weeks.

Researchers from the University of Dundee, Scotland, found antibodies are produced by the immune system in response to the early stages of lung cancer.

According to a study by Northwestern University, one strong inhale through the nose strengthens your brain and makes your memories sharper.

A small study in France has found prolonged marijuana use could wear down retinal ganglion cells, the nerves that sit just behind the retina.

A report by Public Health England revealed 1,704 cases of the virus had been confirmed in laboratory testing - 55 per cent higher than this time last year.

The ferocious giant beast that roamed Earth 255 million years ago would have had terrible toothache - thank to a cancerous tumour in its jaws, according to new research.

Amnesia patient from South Australia wakes up with no memory of his wife or kids

Wayne Meyers woke up in hospital with no recollection of his wife, his four loving children or the past 20 years (top right and bottom right with his wife and eldest son). Days earlier, the forklift driver from South Australia had passed out on the side of the road from heat stroke and severe dehydration. Slowly but surely life returned to normal for Mr Meyers, although he never regained his lost memories. He told Daily Mail Australia about meeting his children for the second time, falling in love with his wife again (pictured left at their second wedding in 2014) and the struggle to find his old self.

People may have less brain matter due to genetic factors, and this abnormality may make them more likely to abuse alcohol, the researchers write in the journal Addiction.

A study by a team of British and Irish researchers has revealed a 'safety catch' within cells that prevents them from dividing until DNA is allocated equally to the two daughter cells.

This summer, surgeons at UC Davis demonstrated the incredible capabilities of modern medicine - by operating on Matthew while he was still in the womb, at 32 weeks gestation.

Researchers have found that some of what we see in the periphery - the areas just outside our eye's direct focus - could be a visual illusion, as our brain 'fills in' part of the scene.


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