Trump is the new JFK says Bill Gates: Microsoft boss says new president will unite country through innovation as the pair meet

  • Microsoft's Bill Gates discussed a telephone conversation he had with President-elect Donald Trump on CNBC today
  • Trump, Gates said, was interested in talking about 'innovation,' which the tech titan considered to be a good thing 
  • 'In the same way President Kennedy talked about the space mission and got the country behind that,' Gates said, Trump could unite people through innovation
  • Later Tuesday, Gates showed up at Trump Tower for a face-to-face meeting with the president-elect
  • Talking to reporters on his way out, Gates called it a 'good time' and again said they spoke about innovation  

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates suggested that Donald Trump could be Kennedy-esque, if the president-elect played his cards right.

Talking to CNBC's Becky Quick on the network's Squawk Box show, Gates suggested that Trump could establish 'American leadership through innovation.' 

'In the same way President Kennedy talked about the space mission and got the country behind that,' Gates mentioned. 

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Businessman Bill Gates was spotted today in the lobby of Trump Tower, explaining to reporters that he spoke to President-elect Donald Trump about 'innovation' 

Before Bill Gates' meet-and-greet with President-elect Donald Trump, the Microsoft head honcho explained how Trump could be like John F. Kennedy 

Gates relayed that he and Trump had spoken over the phone. 

'I had an opportunity to talk to him about innovation,' Gates said. 

'A lot of his message has been things, he's seen things not as good as he'd like,' the billionaire continued. 

But Gates suggested Trump could tack on a hopeful message to this too. 

'I think that whether it's education or stopping epidemics, other health breakthroughs, finishing Polio,' Gates said. 

'And in this energy space, there can be a very upbeat message that his administration is going to organize things, get rid of regulatory barriers, and have American leadership through innovation,' Gates said.  

Gates said it was natural for innovation to be the central theme of the two billionaires' talks.  

'Of course, my whole career has been along those lines,' Gates told Quick.  

'And he was interested in listening to that,' Gates continued. 'And I'm sure there will be further conversation.'   

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates didn't talk to reporters on his way into his meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, but called it a 'good time' as he was leaving 

There was – and it happened just a few hours later.  

Trump hosted the tech tycoon around lunchtime at Trump Tower today, who arrived at the president-elect's home office several hours after rapper Kanye West, whose appearance turned heads. 

Gates didn't speak to reporters when he entered the Manhattan skyscraper. 

The pool reported that Gates was wearing a winter coat and that his hair was tousled, leading the reporter to believe he had just taken off a ski cap. 

Gates did speak to the press as he exited his meeting with Trump. 

'It was a good time,' the Microsoft head honcho declared. 

'We had a good conversation about innovation, how it can help in health, education, the impact of foreign aid and energy, and a wide-ranging conversation about the power of innovation,' he said, using the buzzword once more.  

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