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Amir Khan's parents slam his wife for her un-Islamic clothes and not wearing a headscarf

Faryal Makhdoom Khan, 25, claimed that for the past three years she's been bullied 'physically and mentally' by her in-laws, who today denied the model's allegations from their home in Bolton. read

‘I have no idea how I will pay off my credit card bill': Mother's agony after losing £12.5k through trading site in a bid to send her sons to university

Deanne Forrest, 50, from north Dorset, was looking for a way to boost her modest savings and support her teenage sons through university when a friend recommended Banc De Binary. read

Boris Johnson takes a swipe at Theresa May during diplomatic reception

Boris Johnson to ambassadors at the Lancaster House party about how Britain imported goods from all over the world, including Theresa May’s controversial fashion choice. read

Travellers hit by £50 Brexit taxes on Mark Warner Holidays

Customers say Mark Warner Holidays is demanding the extra cash because the pound has tumbled against the euro since the EU vote. read

Deaths of 185 British soldiers will NOT be investigated

The news was announced by Northern Ireland Minister Kris Hopkins (pictured). Last week the country's police service faced anger over moves to look at every single killing involving the British Army. read

Have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged secretly?

Reporters who cover his public engagements are told no questions about Ms Markle will be answered, although he and the American actress have been an item since August. read

The wreckers and the man who calls Corbyn the Messiah: How union behind rail strike is co-led by a Harley-riding Rick Wakeman lookalike who tattoos his name on his knuckles - and another who has promised TEN YEARS of passenger misery

Aslef’s heavily-tattooed president Tosh McDonald (pictured) standing with Corbyn is a perfect example of the intimate relationship between Labour's leader and Britain’s biggest rail unions. read

Southern Rail strike chaos sees angry commuters take to Twitter

The Government will have to foot a £50million bill for lost revenue and passenger compensation claims caused by 20 days of industrial action on Southern Rail services this year. read

Angry commuters flood Twitter with #SouthernFail memes

Despite a day of strikes bringing the failing network between the South Coast and London to a complete standstill, passengers still managed to see the funny side on Twitter. read

KATIE HOPKINS on the Southern Railway strikes

Two weeks before Christmas close to a million people are being held to ransom by overpaid thugs who believe they are too special to shut a door, writes KATIE HOPKINS. read

Hypocrisy of rail wreckers: After day of misery, how union bosses agreed FIVE years ago to reforms at centre of strike

Aslef chief Mick Whelan supported driver-only trains being introduced on Thameslink routes in London in 2011 despite now branding such services 'unsafe' as strikes continue. read

Commuter caught hurling abuse at Southern Rail staff live on Good Morning Britain 

Good Morning Britain correspondent Nick Dixon was reporting from Brighton train station this morning, where members of the Aslef and RMT unions are picketing. read

MAX HASTINGS says the government should target groups by introducing financial sanctions

Who could possibly express anything but disdain for those bringing mayhem and misery to Southern Rail at Christmas time, writes MAX HASTINGS? read

How we fell in love with supermarkets' own-brand luxuries

Analysts predict a record festive season for ranges such as Tesco’s Finest, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference, Morrisons’ The Best and Asda’s Extra Special. read

Ben Bradshaw says Russian hackers 'probably' fixed the EU referendum vote for Brexit

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw, a prominent Remain supporter, raised doubts about the validity of the result in June as he warned people underestimated the extent of cyber-warfare by Vladimir Putin. read

The damning verdict on £285million aid wasted on useless airport

The amount of taxpayers’ money blown on the ‘white elephant’ on the island of St Helena could have funded more than 7,500 beds in England’s crisis-hit social care sector. read

SARAH VINE on how the very vocal transgender lobby now threaten the sanity of normal youngsters

As Childline sees a massive rise in the number of callers questioning their gender identity, SARAH VINE asks if this is an epidemic of uncertainty or just the massively increased awareness. read

Painting of the Foreign Secretary goes missing from London club

Can anyone find Boris? A portrait of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson by artist Basia Hamilton has gone missing from London’s Polish Club. It disappeared a month ago and has yet to resurface. read

Rebel groups announce ceasefire in Aleppo after Syrian forces 'massacre 82 civilians in their homes' during 'the century's worst humanitarian tragedy'

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A ceasefire deal has been struck between the pro-Syrian government forces and the rebels effectively ending the battle for Aleppo that has raged for many years. read

Syrian children lined up dead in the streets in horrifying new images

The American-based Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations released heartbreaking pictures of dead children after the alleged gas attack close to the eastern Syrian city of Hama. read

Civilians trapped inside Aleppo post emotional goodbye messages on Aleppo

As the battle for the city came to an effective end yesterday, residents inside Aleppo who were fearing for their lives took to social media to post emotional messages and plead for help. read

George Osborne condemns West for failing to stop the slaughter in Syria

Ex-chancellor George Osborne said the refusal of the House of Commons to back military action after chemical weapon strikes in 2013 proved staying out of foreign wars also had a price. read

QUENTIN LETTS hears vivid descriptions of events in Aleppo as MPs held an emergency debate on the bloodshed

Three years after blocking the West from intervening in Syria, former Labour leader Ed Miliband was absent from an emergency debate on the Aleppo crisis, writes QUENTIN LETTS. read

Historic images show how tourists flocked to Aleppo to visit the world's largest markets

For centuries, the city in the north of the country was Syria's economic and cultural powerhouse, attracting tourists from around the world to its celebrated heritage sites and modern buildings. read

Going in would have been a calamity: MICHAEL BURLEIGH says it is nonsense that Britain holds some responsibility for the horrors in Syria after not intervening

The violent endgame in Aleppo is 'dreadful', but Britain being responsible for 'not intervening three years ago' is 'nonsense', writes MICHAEL BURLEIGH. read

Felicity Jones dazzles in elegant grey gown at Rogue One A Star Wars Story screening

She's the leading lady in the hotly-anticipated Stars Wars spin-off. So Felicity ensured she was dressed to impress as she slipped into a flowing dove grey gown for a fan screening in London on Tuesday. read

BRIAN VINER gives his verdict on one of the most hotly anticipated blockbusters of the year

The Force is not only well and truly with us again, it seems as if it’s never been gone. This time last year the first Star Wars film for a decade hit the silver screen with all the impetus you would expect. read

Fans boycott new Star Wars film and claim it is anti-Trump despite Disney objections

Jack Posobiec tweeted out a a completely unfounded statement about the film, saying: 'Star Wars writers rewrote and reshot Rogue One to add in Anti Trump scenes calling him a racist. Disgusting.' read

Brickies and scaffolders earn up to £50,000 a year due to 'chronic' shortages of skilled workers 

Brickies and scaffolders were taking in £50000 per year in some areas because of shortage of skilled workers. Hiring outlook was most promising in construction and utilities sectors. read

League table to be released by energy regular Ofgem to see if families are being ripped off by tariffs from the Big Six 

Energy regular Ofgem will be releasing a table to see if families are being ripped off on their tariffs by energy companies. The hope is that households will change if they see what they could be saving. read

Mothers who potty-train babies from BIRTH: Believe it or not, it's the new parenting fad. Experts say it's risky, but these proud mums insist it's good for baby - and the planet 

Jill Williamson has been ‘potty-training’ Ryker since birth and swears she knows, from his movements, exactly when he needs to ‘go’ and usually — usually — gets him to the toilet on time. read

Alzheimer's 'will be as manageable as HIV' within ten years, says the head of new Dementia Research Institute

Alzheimer's may be as manageable as HIV within a decade, Professor Bart De Strooper, pictured, who is the head of a major new dementia institute predicted last night. read

£3billion Squeeze on school budgets fueled by rising pupil numbers 

Schools need to make £3bn in savings in the next three years amid a squeeze on budgets fueled by rising pupil numbers, according to the Government's financial watchdog. read

Boss announces jewellery store won't open on Boxing Day and staff bursts into tears

A Liverpool jewellers announced that it would not open on Boxing Day. Managing director Peter Wong said in the past there was 'mounting pressure' for retailers to open every day. read

ROBERT HARDMAN reflects on the passing of the great Ian McCaskill 

He was one of a long line of weather forecasters who came into our homes each night and who made the weather worth staying tuned for — not a tedious interlude with a lecture attached. read

Einstein had the answer - huge speed that Father Christmas travels at means he shrinks in size and is invisible to the human eye

Squeezing down narrow chimneys and delivering presents to 700million children in a single night – it all sounds impossible. How does Santa do it? One physicist believes Einstein is the key. read

Fun can cut risk of dying in next seven years by quarter 

People who are happier in middle age are likely to live longer, experts have found. Over-50s who consistently enjoy life have a 24 per cent reduced risk of dying in the next seven years. read

JD Sports workers are 'exploited' and treated 'like scum' at Rochdale warehouse

Many workers are effectively earning less than the minimum wage and threatened with being sacked if they sit down during long shifts at the facility in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. read

Jeremy Hunt believes families should put money away like they do with pensions 

Jeremy Hunt (pictured) called on adults to start thinking about how to fund their future needs as early as their twenties and thirties. read

Now only one in six savings accounts beats inflation rate 

It means most British savers are effectively losing money, as the growing cost of living erodes the value of their cash reserves. read

Starbucks employees spell your name wrong on cups ON PURPOSE claims conspiracy theory

Do you find your name wrongly spelled time after time on your Starbucks cups? Do you go in asking for 'Bob' and come out with something that looks like the title of a Dutch in-flight magazine? read

Britain's most hated mother Karen Matthews 'wants plastic surgery'

Karen Matthews, who was jailed for eight years in 2008 after faking the kidnap of her own daughter, wants to make her nose smaller in a bid to stop people attacking her in the street. read

Kanye West and entourage arrive at Trump Tower but is he visiting Donald?

Rapper Kanye and the president-elect had an extraordinary meeting at Trump Tower on Tuesday morning with West bringing a book of nudes and posing with Trump and his daughter Ivanka. read

Hillary Clinton and the hypocritical Democrats aren't defending American democracy

Cast your minds back to a few weeks before the US election, when it never crossed the Hillary camp's elitist, arrogant minds that Trump, the ignorant Neanderthal, could beat her. read

Trump is the new JFK says Bill Gates: Microsoft boss says new president will unite country through innovation as the pair meet

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates suggested that Donald Trump could be Kennedy-esque, if the president-elect played his cards right. read

Donald Trump picks former Exxon boss Rex Tillerson to lead State Department

Trump said: 'His tenacity, broad experience and deep understanding of geopolitics make him an excellent choice for Secretary of State.' read

Briton who grabbed gun at Donald Trump rally in 'bid to kill him' is jailed for a year 

Briton Michael Sandford, 20, has been jailed for 12 months by a Las Vegas court for trying to grab a policeman's gun at a Donald Trump rally in an alleged bid to kill the now US president-elect. read

Nicola Sturgeon says SNP could stand in English elections because no-one is ‘speaking up'

The Scottish First minister hinted that London, where there has been anger over the Brexit vote, could be a target for the party. read

Amazon driver sacked for kicking customer's door says he was trying to free his hand from dog

An Amazon delivery driver who was sacked for kicking a woman's door in Sussex claims he was only defending himself from her dog. Richard Jeffries, 46, tried to deliver a parcel to Claire Bewley's home. read

Video of Egypt church bombing said to shown ISIS suicide bomber

Abu Abdallah al-Masri detonated a 12kg bomb targeting Cairo 's main Coptic Christian community killing six children and 19 adults, mostly women. read

UK's mobile reception is worse than Romania and Peru

Several countries that receive British aid also have better networks, including India and Indonesia, the National Infrastructure Commission found. read

Yaya Toure admits drink driving charge but Man City star insists he doesn't drink

Yaya Toure has accepted a charge of drink driving, but insists that he did not 'intentionally consume alcohol'. He has been banned for 18 months and fined £54,000 by magistrates. read

French-speaking gipsies driving BENTLEYS in Kent village

A fleet of 15 caravans and a group of around 40 travellers arrived on the playing field in the village of Kemsing on Saturday night. read

Husband who battered his wife to death with a hammer after she sold his ticket to an ELVIS tribute act is dead in a prison - exactly a year after the murder

Paul Abbott, 57, was jailed for life with a 15-year minimum term earlier this year after he admitted killing his wife Jacqueline Abbott but was found dead in HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire on Sunday. read

Children's book We're Going On A Bear Hunt brought to life in animated film

The story of a band of siblings setting off in search of a bear has enchanted children for more than 25 years. But how did Channel 4 transform the short story into a half-hour adventure? read

BT caps call costs at £10 a month to landlines and mobiles for low-income families

BT is capping the cost of calls to landlines and mobiles at £10 a month for vulnerable customers. read

Louise Maloney from Greater Manchester goes missing after work Christmas party

Louise Maloney vanished from the party in central Manchester on Monday, sparking a frantic search for the mother-of-two. Her boyfriend Craig Colclough said it was 'too soon' to say where she went. read

Tunisian captain of Mediterranean migrant ship that sank killing 700 is jailed

A judge in Sicily convicted Tunisian Mohammad Ali Malek on multiple manslaugther counts for the Mediterranean's worst-ever disaster in April 2015. read

Tinder launches on Apple TV as 'fun for the whole family'

The free update, which is now available to Tinder users worldwide, includes a new, swipeable remote control and a large-screen version of the app in HD. read

How can Beyonce EVER be considered to have the calibre of Maggie?

The list was completed by Bridget Jones and Beyonce – leaving no room for influential women such as current Prime Minister Theresa May or American civil rights activist Rosa Parks. read

BBC's racy Agatha Christie: Latest adaptation of The Witness For The Prosecution features sex scenes, swearing and police brutality

The latest adaptation of Agatha Christie's famous play may not be a family friendly affair. The director has warned it's no Miss Marple with swearing, police brutality and sex scenes. read

People reveal TERRIFYING encounters with the 'paranormal' on Reddit

If you're sceptical about the paranormal, you may want to read on as thousands of people have taken to Reddit to share their spooky stories - and they'll make your hairs stand on end. read

Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle 'buy Christmas tree' near Kensington Palace 

The pair are said to have been out and about not far from his Kensington Palace home yesterday evening as they prepare to spend some time together before Christmas. read

Nepal man has 2 stone tumour removed from his face after successful surgery

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, 60, developed the tumour in his childhood and suffered with it for 47 years before it was removed by surgeons in his native Nepal. read

Horrifying moment petrolhead smashes his £260,000 Lamborghini Aventador into two other cars in a traffic-light pile up after racing another supercar through the streets of London 

Shocking footage taken from a passenger in the other racing car shows the black Lamborghini whiz down a street in Park Lane, London. It overtakes the its competitor but is unable to stop. read

Orgasms 'evolved as a bartering tool' to control partner's behaviour suggests new study

A Portsmouth University study sheds light on the evolutionary purposes of orgasms, revealing the feelings act as positive reinforcement between partners and can, in turn, motivate our behavior. read

Teenager's psoriasis is cured by a cancer drug methotrexate

Elizabeth Wigmore, 18, from South Wales, has suffered from psoriasis - which caused her intense pain and bleeding - for four years. She now takes methotrexate each week to keep her symptoms at bay. read

How Britain's biggest shops are pocketing YOUR delivery fee refunds on unwanted items and making up to £4.1bn

Online stores including Asos, Boohoo and Topshop routinely pocket the postage and packaging costs - often called delivery fees or charges - when customers return goods. read

Couple, 89 and 94, devastated to be split up by lack of social care cash

Ralph and Cecelia Martin, from Surrey, were devastated by the separation as they have only ever been apart for hospital visits since they met in 1951. read

News agency AFP releases its best photographs of the year 

Every year AFP, which has photographers around the globe, chooses a selection of their most powerful, moving, shocking or fascinating images, offering a look back at the highlights of the year. read

Flu viruses want to kill men more than women finds study

Research by scientists at Royal Holloway University has found certain pathogens have adapted to cause less-severe disease and fewer deaths in women. read

Use of mobiles in exams rises: 900 pupils are caught cheating by sneaking phones into tests 

The number of pupils caught cheating in GCSE and A-level exams using their mobile phones has increased, new data reveals. Sneaking smart phones in to exams has increased by 14%. read

HSBC axes 321 in just two years as all the big lenders look to cut costs 

A new report has found that HSBC has closed a quarter of its network. Several other banks have also closed branches leaving out the elderly and small businesses that still rely on their local branch. read

King’s College London says test could predict if children will grow up to be criminals

A fifth of the population are responsible for 81 per cent of convictions, 77 per cent of children brought up without fathers, two-thirds of benefit claims and more than half of the nights spent in hospital. read

Queen Letizia arrives for Madrid awards ceremony wearing a sparkly striped dress

Queen Letizia of Spain stole the show in a striped and sparkly Nina Ricci dress that is not even on sale yet as she accompanied her husband to a journalism awards ceremony in Madrid. read

Mentally ill Edwin Gyekye strangled beauty student Sarrah Garba with her knickers

Mentally ill Edwin Gyekye, 31, killed beauty student Sarrah Garba (pictured), his girlfriend of 12 years, at their home in Gateshead on September 23 last year. read

The blind man that convinced Google to launch a self driving car firm

Steve Mahan, former director of the Santa Clara Valley Blind Center used one of Google's cars on his own in Austin in October 2015 - convincing the firm to spin out its project as car firm Waymo. read

Apple's iOS 10.2 update adds 72 new emojis, headphone icon and new TV app for US

The software update from Cupertino-based Apple brings long-awaited features such as emojis, along with a number of bug fixes for iPhones and iPads. read

Uber driver 'beats female passenger' over fare row

Francesca Donnelly, 19, from Watford, says she was beaten by the private hire driver as she made her way home from in Islington, north London, after a night out in the early hours of Saturday. read

Kilmarnock woman posted Facebook updates as man followed her home from Christmas party 

Fiona Walker, pictured, from just outside Kilmarnock, said she was too frightened to call the police so begged for help on social media instead. read

Tel Aviv University develop robotic glove that shows how in sync our body is

Researchers from Tel-Aviv University used a motorised glove and a virtual reality headset to carry out the unusual experiment. read

Tea leaves are still being picked at Cornwall plantation three months after harvest

Britain's balmy winter has seen a record-breaking crop at England’s only tea plantation. Crops at Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall have been boosted by exceptionally mild conditions. read

Tadcaster teen remains missing since leaving for school yesterday

Lilibeth Ambler-Lomax, who was was last seen by her father at Huddersfield railway station in West Yorkshire on Sunday, was found by police in Leeds this afternoon. read

Divers rediscover the Schiedam in the same spot as the wreck from TV drama Poldark

When it sank in April 1684, the Schiedam was part of a fleet carrying ordnance, tools, horses and people back from Tangier, the port in present-day Morocco. It now rests of the coast of Cornwall, England. read

WWI British soldier's meals included gruel, calves foot jelly and beef tea

The meals for soldiers included the dreaded Maconochie stew, a watery stew of turnips and vegetables with minimal meat, which had been a standard part of rations since the Boer War. read

London is the cocaine capital of Europe but only during the week

Tests conducted in March showed the average weekday concentration of cocaine in London's wastewater was 949.3mg per 1,000 people per day - higher than any other European city. read

Vogue model Elaine Ford allegedly beaten and held captive by ex Nathan Gray

Elaine Ford, from Stirling, was giving evidence at the trial of former lover Nathan Gray, who is accused of abducting and assaulting her after she broke up with him. read

Gillian Simpson fights to save home after parents did not want to see her as a woman

Gillian Simpson claimed she was subjected to 'hostile treatment' following her decision to live as a woman and says she was banned from going into her parents' Lancashire home in a dress. read

New Zealand nail artist Jessie Mills creates edible nails out of chocolate

New Zealand nail artist Jessie Mills has created edible nails made out of chocolate - the latest beauty nail craze to sweep the web. But not everyone is a fan, with some saying the nails are 'unhygienic.' read

Hull's ad showing women's bottoms is branded 'inappropriate'

The display on the front of the office in Hull, East Yorkshire, shows two women in underwear - each with their hand on the other's bottom. read

First Dates ends in disaster as contestant WETS himself during dinner

There was a disaster on Channel 4's First Dates last night when northerner Lee, from Leigh, revealed that he had accidentally wet himself during dinner with his blind date and beautiful blonde Abigail. read

Princess Diana's velvet Bruce Oldfield dress fetches more than £56k at auction

A velvet Bruce Oldfield evening dress worn by Princess Diana has sold for more than £56,000 at an auction of her iconic dresses in London, with one fetching five times more than expected. read

Prince Charles attends concert and prayer service at Russian Orthodox Cathedral in London

The Prince of Wales visited the Dormition Cathedral in Knightsbridge today, where he met with church leaders and members of the congregation ahead of a prayer service. read

European Parliament's chief Brexit negotiator says there are no EU future plans without Britain

Europhiles have repeatedly accused Britain of not having a plan for leaving, but Guy Verhofstadt said the remaining 27 member states are also ill prepared for the country’s departure. read

Rebecca Dore who caused horror crash said SATNAV told her it was safe avoids jail 

Rebecca Dore, 25, claimed her Toyota Yaris did not accelerate as quickly as she thought it would when she overtook a car and a truck while crossing Tidwell Moor to Chesterfield. read

Where are the Love Actually cast now 13 years on?

Since its release in 2003, Love Actually has become a bona fide Christmas classic. But whatever happened to Joanna the schoolgirl singer? Or 'god of sex' Colin Frissell? FEMAIL finds out... read

Bill Cosby's lawyer argues with the DA during a hearing about his rape accusers

Bill Cosby was back in a Pennsylvania courtroom on Tuesday where a judge was deciding whether or not to allow 13 of the women who have accused the actor of rape to testify against him. read

Ukrainian man ‘killed his aunt and uncle and their son and boiled them in saucepans'

Detectives believe the 29-year-old killed his family members after they found their chopped up remains in cans and saucepans in his Kiev flat where he shot himself in the head as they tried to break in. read

Colombian plane crash survivor says they had NO IDEA they were about to crash 

Only six of the 77 passengers on board survived, and the dead included 19 members of the Chapecoense soccer club from southern Brazil, as well as 20 journalists covering the team. read

Hiker Andrew Wainright 'died when struck down with altitude sickness'

Andrew Wainright, 60, from Reading in Berkshire, planned the once in a lifetime holiday with wife Liz around the risks posed by the altitude in South America. read

Texas scientists suggest starving your children may cure them of cancer

Not eating every alternate day can actually halt the progression of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre found. read

Couple claim son started suffering from 14 seizures a day after having meningitis jab

Luke Maguire and Louise McKever of Ashington Northumberland, claim they have made more than 55 hospital visits since their 10-month-old son Bobby's jab left him racked by convulsions. read

German couple's home where they lured young women in to torture and murder them

Wilfried W, 46, and his former wife, Angelika B, 47, are facing trial for murder in Germany. The couple are accused of torturing five women in their home they lured there with lonely hearts ads. read

St Paul's School, London teacher faces being banned from the classroom over lewd meaasges

Thomas Laessing, 40, a maths teacher and head of tennis at the prestigious St Paul's School (pictured), south west London, harassed a teenage girl by phone and two others on social media. read

Florence Jarratt, 98, says staff at £1,000-a-week care home gave her 'a good hiding'

Florence Jarratt, 98, was allegedly severely injured by workers at the Bupa St Christopher’s Nursing Home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, and left with dark bruises on her arms, nose, right eye and cheek. read

Nathan Jack suffers from agonising cluster headaches that he punches himself in head

Nathan Jack, 29, from Newcastle, has suffered from the disorder, which are believed to affect around one in 1,000 people worldwide, since having a brain tumour as a teenager. read

Levenmouth Police in Fife use Twitter account to create mock Christmas calendar

Levenmouth Police in Fife have used their Twitter account to create the mock-calendar and upload images and captions each day in the run-up to Christmas. read

AP selects its best pictures that tell this year’s big stories from Europe and Africa 

From an overcrowded migrant boat reaching the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos at sunrise, to Nigel Farage celebrating Britain's vote to leave the EU, these are some of 2016's biggest pictures. read

Apple's wireless earphones AirPods go on sale online and will be in stores next week

The Cupertino-based firm first unveiled the wireless earphones in September alongside the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but their release date was delayed due to 'technical issues'. read

German Shepard sucks on a DUMMY as it lounges on the sofa while enjoying a head scratch

They're designed for stressed parents who want to save their ears from their baby's screams. But dummies can also be used on dogs, as this adorable video of a German Shepherd shows. read

House prices SURGE by 20% in Slough and Barking but FALL in Kensington and the City

Overall, average house prices in the UK have increased by 6.9 per cent in the year to October 2016 - a small slowdown from 7.0 per cent in the year to September 2016. read

Basildon and Slough are Britain's property hotspots, ONS figures show

With property values rising swiftly in some areas, including Basildon and Slough where they are up a fifth, but falling in others, we take a look at what's happening with house prices. read

December Supermoon will be visible tonight and appear almost 14% larger

Tonight's supermoon, can be seen around the world and will appear 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than normal. It will reach peak fullness at 00:05 GMT (19:05pm ET). read

Python dies after it eats a dog and tries to squeeze its body through a fence

A six-foot-long python was found dead in between an iron fence in south-western Nigeria. The enlarged reptile had tried to squeeze its large body through iron bars but was unable because it ate a big dog. read

Brother of Detective Constable Jim Morrison makes plea for killer to be brought to justice

Detective Constable Jim Morrison was murdered outside the Indian High Commission in London in 1991. The off-duty officer had been walking to meet his wife, Victoria, when he spotted a handbag thief. read

Women share pictures of #ClothesMyHusbandHates on Instagram

Women have been proudly sharing pictures of the outfits their partners and husbands hate on social media, using hashtags such as #ManRepeller. read

2 Afghan women try to illegally enter Austria found stuffed inside a pair of suitcases

Romanian border patrol officers stationed in the town of Curtici entered the luggage compartment of the train which was travelling to the Austrian capital having become suspicious of the bags. read

Business class Emirates passenger 'stripped to waist before lighting cigarette'

Fellow passengers said it was 'chaos' as five crew members surrounded the business class passenger within moments of the Emirates aircraft touching down in Dubai on Friday. read

University Challenge viewers shocked after contestant offers sarcastic thumbs up

It's a rare sight; a student on University Challenge who doesn't appear terrified of Paxman. Last night saw Goldman, of Oxford, get short shrift from viewers over his apparent lack of respect for the host. read

FEMAIL reveals the wine mistakes we're ALL making and what you should be doing

Experts have revealed that drinking Champagne from a wine glass makes it taste better; that wine glasses should never be held by the bowl; and that red wine should be put in the FRIDGE before serving. read

L'Autre Pied - 'Grinch' thieves steal £700 Christmas tree from top London restaurant

The pair were caught on a CCTV camera on Sunday morning taking the tree from outside Marylebone's L'Autre Pied, which boasts Sir Patrick Stewart and Lisa Faulkner among its former guests. read

Latvian Raimondas Saveikis who killed Tesco worker to be freed in THREE YEARS

Raimondas Saveikis was more than twice the drink-drive limit when he crashed into Mark Smyth's Fiat Panda in Santon Downham, Suffolk. read

Manchester, Glasgow and London airports most likely to experience Christmas delays

Manchester Airport was found to be the worst performing airport when it comes to punctuality but Leeds Bradford Airport is the least likely to experience delays this festive season. read

Southern rail passenger carrying infant denied first class seat because she hasn't paid

Tyrone Williams, from Bromley, shared a video that captured the moment when the woman was forced out of her seat despite the fact she had an infant in a sling. read

British backpacker Mary Kate Heys 'kidnapped' in Australia by friend she met at a hostel

EXCLUSIVE: A young British backpacker touring Australia claims she was kidnapped by a friend has revealed how terrified she felt after realising a Swedish man she thought she trusted 'had snapped'. read

Britain's cheapest Airbnb could be yours for £7 a night in Glasgow

The student owner is offering a £3 discount from £10 for guests prepared to get scrubbing. Renters at the Glasgow flat will get use of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and free internet and heating. read

Bradford driver caught on helicopter footage before crashing a stolen car into railings

Isaac Blamires, 21, was filmed swerving in and out of traffic, driving through a red light and speeding down the wrong side of the road in Bradford, West Yorkshire. read

Feliks Zemdegs sets new Rubik’s Cube world record

The footage, shot in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, shows Feliks Zemdegs (pictured), 20, solving the famous 1980s Rubiks cube toy in just 4.73 seconds. read

KFC loyalty scheme members may have their passwords sold online after major hack

KFC's Colonel's Club loyalty scheme currently has 1.2 million users in the UK, who were sent an email advising them to change their passwords, although only a 'small number' had been hacked. read

Vladimir Putin makes his Akita dog earn treat after snubbing Japan's offer of a puppy

In an attempt at dog diplomacy, Japan had planned to give the Russian president, who is known for being a canine lover, a male Akita when he visits Japan on December 15 and 16. read

Isle of Wight drowned his daughter, killed pet dogs and hung himself to 'punish his wife'

Keziah Flux-Edmonds was killed by her father Darren, 44, who drowned her in the bathtub of the family home in East Cowes, Isle of Wight before laying her body in the master bedroom. read

Stuntman escapes from a straightjacket while being towed by a 4x4 in Kazakhstan

A stuntman escaped from a straightjacket while being towed by a 4x4 along an icy road. The daredevil is now being investigated by police after the shocking stunt in eastern Kazakhstan. read

Boy started chewing his own TOENAILS during school Christmas play

Bailey Jordan from Caerwent in South Wales was a shepherd in the school's nativity and his parents were looking forward to watching him perform - but he started chomping on his nails. read

Durham student accused of raping a woman claims 'they were on the verge of intimacy'

Alastair Cooke, 22, of Perranarworthal, Cornwall, is accused of finding the woman asleep on the couch, taking her to bed and asking if she knew his name before allegedly raping her. read

It's RICHARD LITTLEJOHN's Mind How You Go Awards 2016 celebrating police stupidity

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN picks the biggest examples of police stupidity, incompetence and abuse of power to happen across Great Britain in 2016. read

Police blame ‘lazy’ shoppers for rise in online fraud

Detective Chief Superintendent David Clark, who oversees the UK’s national fraud reporting centre, accused shoppers of leaving their ‘crown jewels’ on display. read

How to profit from boom in cyber crime by investing in firms protecting us all from internet hackers

A hacking attack on Tesco Bank last month left 9,000 customers out of pocket and many more wondering whether their money was safe. read

Twitter users praise woman's 'genius' fridge hack for keeping wine cool

Clare Potts, 28, a blogger from Manchester, shared pictures of her inventive hack, which involves pouring the wine into the water cooling section of her fridge, and Twitter users praised her. read

CV-Library's Lee Biggins reveals small things that could tempt your boss to sack you

From playing practical jokes to involving yourself in office gossip and politics,  Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, has shared the office mistakes to avoid at all costs. read

Luciano Ponzetto who posed with game animals he shot DIES while hunting in Italy

Luciano Ponzetto, 55, became infamous last year after sharing snaps of his trophy kills. Despite protesting his innocence, people sent him death threats and hate, and he has died in Turin, Italy. read

WWII pilot John "Jock" Moffat who helped win Scottish referendum has died aged 97

Lt Cdr John Jock Moffat (pictured) described flying through 'a lethal storm of shells and bullets' as biplanes from HMS Victorious and Ark Royal carried out an air strike off the coast of France. read

WW2 boat used to pick up agents on Mediterranean missions now being sold on eBay

One of the last remaining World War Two gunboats - that played a crucial role in the D-Day invasion - has gone on the market as a houseboat. read

Kalgoorlie filmmaker in close encounter with great white shark

Ash Gibb, 29, from Western Australia, was swimming just metres off the coast when a great white shark bumped against him, before circling him several times as he filmed. read

Thieves ransack Manchester home and steal mum's presents while she is in labour

Kelly Marie Renton, 28, from Oldham in Greater Manchester, was left distraught after thugs ransacked her home as she and her partner awaited the arrival of their new baby. read

That's gotta hurt! Painful moment artist smashes to the ground after her ladder slips as she puts up paintings

Zoia Skoropadenko was putting up paintings ahead of her Brussels exhibition entitled Torso. Suddenly the ladder slipped out from underneath her and she crashed to the floor. read

German cannibal Detlev Guenzel chopped up WILLING victim Wojciech Stempniewicz

Police say Detlev Guenzel killed and then partially ate Polish-born businessman Wojciech Stempniewicz  in his basement in the mountains near Dresden in eastern Germany. read

Christmas detox tricks EVERYONE should adopt to avoid weight gain

What if you could have fun over Christmas without putting on half a stone? Experts say you can - and they've shared pre-Christmas detox tips you can try. read

Afghan boy with Lionel Messi carrier bag football shirt gets to meet hero

The Barcelona star carried six-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi in his arms at a specially arranged meeting in Doha, Qatar today. read

YouTube's Simon Whistler reveals why getting kicked in testicles make men feel sick

Science vlogger Simon Whistler, who is based in Prague, Czech Republic, says being kicked in the testicles also increases someone's heart rate and body temperature due to the trauma. read

Scientists create aerosols that could cool the planet without ozone damage

Researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences suggest a new geoengineering method using calcite - a constituent of limestone. read

Met Police have received 106 allegations of sex abuse at 32 London football clubs

Scotland Yard has received 106 separate allegations of historical sex abuse connected with individuals at 32 London football clubs, including four in the Premier League and two in the Championship, the Metropolitan Police said. read

Genius boy rapidly clears his drive by making a snowplow with his HOVERBOARD

Clearing the drive of snow after a heavy dump is normally an arduous task. But one genius boy from Wisconsin has found a way to speed up the painstaking process. read

This Morning viewers amazed at talented young gift-wrapping champion

April Horscraft, 9, has wowed with her Christmas gift wrapping skills after winning a competition run by retailer WHSmith. She showed the best ways to wrap tricky presents on ITV's This Morning. read

How to make perfect home-made Christmas cookies every time

Chilling cookie dough before rolling it can make it too hard to work with. But New York baker Dorie Greenspan may have the solution: roll it out before chilling, not after. read

Anthony Joshua and Eric Molina boxing match sees fight break out in CROWD

A huge brawl erupted in a crowd of boxing fans during a World Championship match on Saturday. Before a fight between Anthony Joshua and Eric Molina fans began to throw punches. read

MAC on... the Southern Rail strike 

'You're safe. They're all saying they want something called "union boss" stuffed and roasted for Christmas'. read

Channel 5's Xmas Excess: Parents Splash The Cash shows mother buy children 96 gifts EACH

Emma Tapping, 28, from the Isle of Man, will be making sure they each get 96 gifts – even though they still haven’t used many of the items they were given last festive season. read

Boy, 12, uses martial arts skills to stop gunman robbing Turkish jewellery store 

The man walked into the store in Istanbul's Bagcilar district carrying a bag and wearing a surgical mask, baseball cap, and sunglasses. When he pulled out a gun, the boy sprang into action. read

Bunny Smith from New York spent $15,000 to look like Bella Hadid

After a rhinoplasty, chin implant, Botox, lip and facial fillers, Bunny Smith from New York has the same facial features as model Bella Hadid. She's spent $15,000 (£11,800) on the procedures. read

British Airways captain reveals how he battled in vain to save his daughter, 14

Hannah Cubin died suddenly of a suspected heart attack after going to a sleepover at a friend's house near her home in Wiltshire. read