Do Starbucks workers spell your name wrong ON PURPOSE so you will share pictures of your cup on social media?

  • The video says social media posts of the misspellings work as viral adverts
  • Viewers then get their own misspelled Starbucks cup, and make their own posts
  • And so on and so on, 'perpetuating the frothy cycle of control' the video says
  • It was posted by self-styled 'creative weirdos' Super Deluxe  

Do you find your name wrongly spelled time after time on your Starbucks cups?

That might not be an accident, according to a new conspiracy video that the self-styled 'creative weirdos' at Super Deluxe posted Friday.

They claim that that says all those mangled vowels and crazy consonants are part of a plot to get you to advertise Starbucks for free - by sharing photos of the 'mistake' on your phone.

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Oops! Starbucks employees are infamous for getting their customers' names wrong. But could their misspelled scribblings have a sinister reason? A new vid from Super Deluxe says they do

What's in a name? A Super Deluxe employee, Molly (left), went to five Starbucks branches - and had her name misspelled three times. One misspelling was 'Mommy' (right)

Suspicious about the number of wrong names they've spotted, the Super Deluxe team sent one of their number - 'Molly' - out to five different Starbucks branches.

Three of them managed to misspell her name in increasingly spectacular fashion: Molli, Mali and - incredibly - Mommy.

That was too much for the team, who then formulated a theory about why the servers are so terrible at basic spelling. 

The theory goes that millions of the corporation's customers around the world 'post pictures of their butchered names on Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, wherever.'

And what do all those pictures have in common, the video asks?

'Two things: A misspelled name, and that familiar green siren, staring at you with her all-knowing gaze,' the narrator says.

'That's right, sheeple - you've been giving Starbucks free publicity for years!'

Each post goes out to more potential Starbucks customers who are tempted to get their own cup o' Joe - or cup o' Jeurgh, as the baristas would have it - who then post their own pictures.

That goes on and on, 'perpetuating the frothy cycle of control,' the narrator says.

Is it true? Super Deluxe admit they have no idea. But after your hundredth misspelled cup it starts to sound almost believable.

Viral uploads: The video argues that people who share the misspellings on social media are advertising Starbucks to their friends - who also share pictures of their own names, and so on

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