'If you thought 2016 was bad I'm releasing an album in 2017': James Blunt has Twitter in hysterics AGAIN with his tongue-in-cheek announcement that he is returning to the music scene 

  • James Blunt announced he would be releasing a new album in 2017  
  • His hilarious tweet received more than 20,000 retweets and 31,000 likes
  • The singer is well known for his amusing come backs on the social media site 

He is known as the king of comebacks on Twitter swatting away his trolls with the sharpest responses.

And today, anticipating a fair amount of backlash, singer James Blunt used his usual good humour to announce the launch of his new album.

Taking to Twitter this morning the Your Beautiful singer wrote: 'If you thought 2016 was bad - I'm releasing an album in 2017.' 

Well known for his good sense of humour on Twitter, James Blunt shared a tongue-in-cheek tweet announcing the release of his new album and it soon went viral

The tongue in cheek tweet has since received more than 20,000 retweets and 31,000 likes.

It also received a deluge of responses from Blunt's followers who may not always appreciate his music but certainly appreciate his humour.

One cheeky tweeter ewenmacintosh commented: '12 covers versions of 'You're Beautiful' I hope'. 

He has previously been dubbed the king of Twitter comebacks for his ability to shut down his haters with hilarious tweets 

Other users were concerned that James Blunt may have collaborated with another controversial artist.

User gerardmcswiney tweeted to say: 'Hang on its not duets with Honey G is it?'

DrBilly46 hoped that Blunt's tweet was literal. He said: 'as in literally one copy? Please?' 

His tweet received a deluge of responses from Blunt's followers who may not always appreciate his music but certainly appreciate his humour

Kon Karapanagiotidis didn't sound too thrilled with the news adding: 'haven't we suffered enough? Please have some mercy James'.

HB came up with a plan to avoid hearing the album. They tweeted: 'Is it too late to start a crowd source campaign to buy all the copies and ship them to Mars?'

One user did say they would be buying the album but admitted they would not be the one listening to it.

Many users came forward to beg the singer not to go through with his musical plans 

Julian simply responded to the tweet writing: 'I'm gonna buy it for my ex.'

This isn't the first time that James Blunt has given his Twitter followers a chuckle with his quick wit.

In May he appeared as a special guest at the Invictus Games opening ceremony where he sang in front of thousands of spectators and distinguished guests. 

Some users hoped he literally meant one copy while another said it would make the perfect present for his ex partner

However, it seemed that not everyone was happy to see him there. Twitter user Laura from West London tweeted to say: 'Who the f*** invited James Blunt to the Invictus Games? He better be out of Disney World before I get there.' 

Rather than take the tweet to heart the singer quickly shut down his hater, surprising her and his fans by responding: 'Prince Harry by text. BOOM!'

Tweets such as this have seen the singer hailed as the king of Twitter comebacks - with this tweet in particular receiving more than 3,000 likes and 1,000 retweets. 

When Laura asked who had invited James Blunt to the event he revealed that it had been Prince Harry himself


@BWillett87: @JamesBlunt can't stand your music but your comebacks are second to none

@JamesBlunt: Can’t stand your face but thanks for the compliment 

@bruislee: Chris Martin is not the guy who sang that annoying "you're beautiful" song, right? 

@JamesBlunt:  No, he’s the guy who sang that annoying “Paradise” song.

@NME: Noel Gallagher says songs about his own life would be 'more boring than James Blunt'

@JamesBlunt: For once, I agree with him.  

@supermarton: James Blunt es lo peor que le ha pasado a la humanidad desde Hitler

@JamesBlunt: I'm guessing this is not good.  

@JimJimhawker: Have agreed to go and see james blunt with my mum....

@JamesBlunt: This is embarrassing on so many levels. 

@Chelsea_Goulden: Just got in a taxi and You're Beautiful by James Blunt is playing. Why thank you kind sir

@JamesBlunt: I was talking to the driver.   

@KyleB_96: James blunt - broken strings is a tune

@JamesBlunt: A tune by James Morrison. 

@heatherhjordisX: Why is james blunt not touring in scotland??????

@JamesBlunt: The Scots have taste. 

@Amykiiins: Why are people following James Blunt?

@JamesBlunt: They're not. They're running me out of town. 

@chickenoriental: I must be 1 of only 2 who genuinely likes every @jamesblunt song. The other person being him.

@JamesBlunt: Nope, you're on your own.  

Following a tweet from Muzakir to the singer saying: 'your music's s***' James came back with the rather tongue in cheek response of 'And it's taken you a decade to figure that out.'

It seems that the star is quite happy to make light of the insults. When Sassyfalahee tweeted: 'omfg james blunt is on the tv downstairs can this day get any worse (sic)' he was quick to respond: 'Coming up stairs now.' 

James has even suggested that his own family aren't fans of his music in his hilarious Twitter comebacks

This isn't the first time that James has impressed his followers with his sharp comebacks 

Spencer tweeted: '@BBCRadio2 please please please please stop playing James Blunt please... thank you' to which James replied saying: 'Dad? Is that you!?' 

When Troy attempted to roast the singer with his tweet: 'no one really likes James Blunt right?' James wasted no time pointing out how many records he sold tweeting: 'Yeah I bought those 20 million albums myself.'

When Lewis wrote: 'James Blunt is playing in the gym. This is unacceptable' Blunt found a way to switch the meaning 'I'm not playing. This is a serious workout.'

Joanne's worst fears may have been confirmed when James responded to her tweet: 'James Blunt looks like a serial murderer' with 'I know where you live.'

The singer has been noted for his ability to laugh at himself and not take his insults to heart



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