'Let's f***ing party!' Lisa Vanderpump takes defiant stance following Orlando nightclub massacre on reality show

Lisa Vanderpump showed her defiance after the Orlando nightclub massacre by throwing a raucous party during Gay Pride in West Hollywood, California.

The 56-year-old reality star on Monday's episode of Vanderpump Rules filmed six months ago was devastated to hear about the Pulse nightclub shootings.

Lisa the night before planned a huge party at her trendy restaurant in the gay enclave of West Hollywood for a Gay Pride parade.

Showing pride: Lisa Vanderpump showed her defiance after the Orlando gay nightclub massacre on Monday's episode of Vanderpump Rules filmed six months ago

After considering shutting down the event the Brit decided to act in contempt of terrorism – by making the party even bigger.

'This is what we do, we stand defiantly in the face of a heinous act like that,' she yelled to the screaming crowd.

'Now turn the music on and let's f***ing party,' she added.

The staff took her advice, stripping down to their underwear and dancing on the bar.

On the bus: The 56-year-old reality star rode atop a bus during the Gay Pride celebration

Behind the bar: Lisa got behind the bar and poured drinks into the mouths of customers

On the bar: Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval danced on top of the bar

'It's the craziest Pride I've ever been a part of,' remarked Peter Madrigal, Sur's manager.

'People haven't backed away, in fact the LGBTQ community have come out even stronger,' said Lisa proudly.

'I'm happy to have a place where the LGBTQ community feel welcome…today is about love, it's about acceptance and I'm here to celebrate with them,' added the restaurateur.

Craziest one: Peter Madrigal said it was the craziest Pride since being manager at Sur

Not backing down: Lisa said she was proud to have a place for the LGBTQ community

The show opened with the group preparing for the Gay Pride celebrations.

'That looks like a onesie for a baby,' balked Katie Maloney as she examined Ariana Madix' skimpy outfit.

Hostess Lala Kent announced that she wasn't wearing underwear beneath her miniskirt.

Skimpy outfits: The restaurateur showed the staff their skimpy outfits for the celebration

Too small: Katie Maloney scoffed at the size of the sexy outfits

Sexy outfit: Ariana tried on the sexy outfit and displayed her derriere

He's a fan: Jax Taylor wistfully declared that Ariana had a nice rear end

'I hope they burn that chair that she's sitting on,' huffed Katie, 29.

Initially the parade was dampened by the news of the Orlando nightclub massacre.

Lisa and her staff were horrified by the news, with Katie deciding to forego work for the day.

Cause for concern: Lisa wrestled for a bit about what to do after the nightclub massacre

Staying in: Katie stayed away from work after the nightclub massacre

Good reason: Tom Schwartz talked about being proud of the community he lives in as he decided to attend the celebration and show support

Lala too decided that her '$10 per hour' wage was not worth risking her life over.

'It's so scary,' sniffed Stassi Schroeder, as Tom Sandoval sobbed.

Lisa opted to put on a stiff upper lip and attend the parade. The others decided to put their differences aside and join in as well.

Safety first: Lala decided not to go into work due to safety concerns

Getting emotional: Tom Sandoval burst into tears talking about the nightclub massacre

'It's a real wakeup call,' said Ariana, who rubbed a lemon in her bum to make the boys laugh.

'This is what we call not letting the terrorists win,' said Tom Schwartz.

Lisa, dressed in a scarlet gown and jewels, made a rousing speech to the crowd.

Spirited speech: Lisa made a rousing speech in a scarlet gown, jewels and hat

Tender moment: Tom and Lisa had a tender moment as they were each proud of each other

Meanwhile, Ariana was working on a book about cocktails.

'I'm wondering if Ariana knows how big of a feat this book is going to be,' said Tom, who eagerly wanted to work on her project.

'I'm horrified,' grumbled Ariana who later became enraged at his constant interventions.

Getting annoying: Ariana was getting annoyed as Tom tried to take over her cocktails book project

'You're not going to be the face and you're not going to take attention away from me…don't roll your eyes you little f***ing b****,' she told him angrily.

Tom then accused her of being 'grumpy' while she said he is 'bitter'.

In a sideline plot Stassi Schroeder was planning a birthday trip to Montauk in The Hamptons.

Her deal: The cocktail book was Ariana's project and she wanted to keep it to herself

Book argument: Ariana told Tom to stop acting like a 'little b****'

Birthday plans: Stassi Schroeder decided to spend her birthday in Montauk

Cheers to that: Scheana Shay and Stassi's friends Lauren and Ashley cheered to going to The Hamptons

Lala boasted that she could get them 'a private jet' if they needed one.

'To me that sounds a lot like, a whore, that just shows how moronic this girl is,' said Katie.

Lala and James Kennedy, who has been ejected from Sur, joined up to 'make some music' but it descended into an argument.

Flying commercial: Katie blasted Lala for talking about getting a private jet 

'If you could not make me want to slit your f***ing throat right now that would be amazing,' barked Lala.

She also admitted that she was 'super sensitive' after being dumped by her boyfriend.

Vanderpump Rules continues next week on Bravo.

Music makers: James Kennedy and Lala met up to make some music together

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