Massachusetts author Celeste Ng was served a hilarious deconstructed salad (pictured) where the lettuce was not chopped up but instead rolled up like a napkin in a ring.

Celebrity children's chef Annabel Karmel has exclusively shared recipes for cute festive treats for kids, such as Strawberry Santas, that will impress little ones (and grown ups) this Christmas.

Chilling cookie dough before rolling it can make it too hard to work with. But New York baker Dorie Greenspan may have the solution: roll it out before chilling, not after.

Budget brands such as Lidl are using advertising tactics of their luxury rivals, such as M&S;, says expert Gyles Lingwood. See if you can tell them apart with our tricky picture quiz.

Most popular Christmas chocolates revealed in new Datify quiz

A new interactive game by Datify asks you to choose your favourite selection box and the chocolates within. Cadbury Roses (top left and top right) comes out as nation's favourite with approval rating of 35 per cent, but Quality Street (bottom centre and right) trails in last place behind Celebrations (top centre) and Cadbury Heroes (bottom left). Nutty chocolates, milk chocolate bites and gooey caramels come out on top, while strawberry, orange and coconut-flavoured treats rank low with players.

Dietitian Christina Merryfield reveals Poland has the healthiest Christmas meal: borscht (beetroot soup), carp and fruit-based desserts. The US meanwhile ranks poorly.

The British Empire enslaved approximately 1.5million people during colonial era - but the associations completely escaped Team Titan who named their orange gin 'Colony'.

A liqueur recipe on blog Brown Eyed Baker, which contains just four ingredients, is trending on Pinterest and has had 16,300 pins. It won't break the bank either.

Sports nutritionist Anita Bean has busted some popular myths about carbs. She says eating bread won't make you put on weight, or make you bloat.

Healthy fryers, which sell for up to £220, claim to make tasty fried food with just hot air and no oil. Lidl has brought out a £60 model so we put it to the test against a £100 rival from Philips.

Tannins, sugar and histamines are the cause of wine headaches, say experts. We share some tips on how best to prevent them, including drinking two cups of coffee before you start on wine.

A recipe for tiny jam-filled biscuits have had 264,000 pins on Pinterest, making them the most popular biscuit recipe on the visual bookmarking website. The author has now shared the recipe with Femail.

Chicken George in Luton was named best takeaway restaurant at The British Takeaway Awards. Pictured: Ainsley Harriott (left) with Takeaway Chef of the Year Michael Springer (right).

The average Brit will eat 5,906 calories just on Christmas Day, says new research. It's the equivalent of 22 6" turkey subs from Subway or 55 Kit Kats.

Chef Annabel Karmel releases new range of chilled toddler ready meals

Celebrity chef Annabel Karmel has released a new range of chilled toddler ready meals, so write Joanne Gould and son Leo, two (pictured right) compared a beef cottage pie (bottom centre) to other healthy kids' microwave dinners. They found that all were a great alternative to home cooking if pushed for time - and Leo particularly enjoyed a pasta bolognese meal from Little Dish Pots (top left). Other meals tested included a Cheesy Peasy Pasta by Kiddyum (top centre), a Babease Organic chickpea, pumpkin, tomato and coconut cream pouch (bottom left).

The average Brit will consume an extra 2,410 calories every day over Christmas, according to a new study. A nutritionist says that could mean you could put on two pounds in just three days.

The chef's Banana and Bacon Trifle will launch at Waitrose on Wednesday, made up of layers of banana and caramel topped with smoky bacon bits. It's available inside £3.99 packs of mini trifles.

More than a few people have caved early and have already eaten their advent chocs - and it's only December 1. They took to Twitter to share their guilt and remorse - including singer Bette Midler.

Videos of chocolate tower desserts from Bahrain have been viewed on Instagram 55,000 times - but the desserts instantly collapse. They've been slammed on Reddit for looking like 'diarrhea'.

EXCLUSIVE: The discount shop's first advert will air tonight across multiple channels. It shows a presenter asking members of the public how much they would pay for certain items.

To order the secret menu item, customers have to whisper the right code words to their waiter. The pizza chain also has 25 goodie boxes full of props and vouchers to give out today at five branches.

Orlando blog Cake Wrecks has rounded up the funniest ever festive baking mishaps. Reindeer that look more like blobs of fecal matter feature heavily, as well as melting snowmen.

A new study reveals that two thirds of people can't correctly identify a clementine from a picture. Femail decided to see if the results are true and put together a tricky quiz to test your fruit knowledge.

New pictures reveal just what Britain's busiest mince pie factory looks like. Park Cakes Bakery in Bolton makes 375 pies every minute for M&S;, and it began making them way back in September.

Interiors experts including Alison Cork reveal why you should NEVER get a kitchen island

Interiors experts share why they'd never put in an island unit in their home. Cowboy Builders presenter Alison Cork says they're just a status symbol for the middle classes. while Vanessa Arbuthnott calls them 'a place for the wealthy to eat ready meals'.

British cheeses have scooped prestigious awards at the Oscars of the cheese world - the World Cheese Awards. They include a goat's cheese, and a mass-produced cheddar.

Restaurants routinely hike up the prices of their cheaper wines by up to 500 per cent, selling £5 bottles of wine for more than five times that amount - and they are squeezing profits out of frugal diners.

From an indulgent chocolate souffle to scrumptious steamed panettone puddings, we can guarantee you and your guests will find them impossible to resist!

Delia Smith shares some of her best-loved classics for festive entertaining.

The UK's first gin-themed hotel, The Distillery, is opening in London next week. But there are plenty of other boozy staycations. Femail has rounded up the best hotels offering gin or whisky experiences.

The Japanese are famed for their healthy eating but Brits hoping to emulate them might not be eating as well as they think.

FEMAIL rated 14 different hot chocolates from Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero and Pret A Manger out of five. Caffe Nero's £2.95 spiced orange hot chocolate emerged as the clear favourite.