BLACKBERRY BONANZA: Now’s the perfect time to plant these succulent fruits for a harvest

What a glorious year we've had for blackberries. Hedgerows were laden with fruit for weeks and there are still some left. But country folk say the devil spits - or does something worse - on November blackberries, though this is a good time for planting.

Like guardsmen trooping the colour, beds of big tulips are a stirring sight. But you'd never call them subtle. Little wild tulips, though, have a simpler and more endearing charm.

With habitat loss and poorer countryside hedges, garden berries are becoming ever more important. In hard times, they're almost as beneficial as feeding tables.

After the recent rain, soil conditions are perfect for some autumn planting. Lift and divide earlyflowering perennials such as brunneras as soon as you can.

Plug some gaps in your garden with the beautiful 'Monch' flowers, the most popular Michaelmas daisy, for a splash of colour and enjoy an even better display from them the coming year.


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November is the classic month for planting tulips. But if you have already sorted yours, don't worry - no harm is done. Late and deep planting helps avoid fungal diseases such as tulip fire and botrytis.

A bunch of freshly picked radishes in the hands of a female gardener UK

If you haven't sown pea seeds yet - or if there were problems with earlier crops - there's still time to re-sow. Tender plants, newly outdoors, still need to be acclimatised despite the warm weather.


Heavy rain storms have ruined rose blooms over much of Britain. Most will flower again, of course, but all roses will benefit from a clean-up, Remove dead flowers, cutting just above an outward-facing bud.

Pinks offer a sensational show when they flower in June and July. If bought in pots, they can be planted whenever you like. The best time to take cuttings is between now and late July.