They have a voice! Over 70 child actors from Broadway musicals lend their talents to powerful anti-bullying charity single

  • The tune, taken from the forthcoming show Song of Bernadette, is entitled I Have a Voice and contains a message of self-empowerment
  • The single, which is accompanied by a short film, will see all proceeds donated to

More than 70 talented kids working in Broadway shows have joined forces in a powerful statement against bullying.

The group of child actors, who appear on stage in School of Rock, The Lion King, Kinky Boots, On Your Feet, and Matilda the Musical, star in an anti-bullying charity single entitled I Have a Voice.

The stirring track, from the upcoming show Song of Bernadette, was penned by Broadway composer Frank Wildhorn and lyricist Robin Lerner, and is accompanied by a dramatic short film. 

Coming together: More than 70 child actors from Broadway have come together to record an anti-bullying charity track

The video features a group of children leaving behind a coded message for their fellow bullied students around a school.

It begins with a boy sitting alone at lunch being slipped a note by a young girl. Then, throughout the video, he and other students come across multiple mysterious symbols on doors, walls and even a water fountain. 

At the end of the story, the kids have decoded the message and head to a janitorial closet where they discover positive and empowering messages written over the walls in glow-in-the-dark paint.

Tuneful room: The song, entitled I Have a Voice, features young singers from School of Rock, The Lion King, Kinky Boots, On Your Feet, Matilda the Musical and more

Singing loud: Profits from the single will go to, a non-profit that works to help schools teach compassion

Telling the tale: The song is accompanied by a dramatic video featuring a bullied child being passed a message

Leading the way: He is shown to a janitor's closet where there are strange symbols written on the floor

'No one can say what I have seen or understand where I have been,' the kids sing in the song. 'For what I found inside myself belongs to me an no one else. If I were blind and had no eyes to see, still I would hear that voice inside of me. I wish that you — I wish that you could hear it too.' 

The single itself, which is on sale for $1.29 on iTunes and $1.99 at Broadway Records, will be putting profits towards

The website is a non-profit that helps staff at schools better teach kids the compassion they need to prevent and stop bullying both in the halls and online.

Popping up: Soon enough he is seeing the symbols all over the school

Finding out: The boy and other students sit down and crack the code before returning to the janitor closet

The find: They switch off the lights to find empowering messages scrawled on the walls

A big hand: They exit the room to applause from the peers who let them there

Van Dean, President of Broadway Records, is the executive producer behind the track. He previously founded the Broadway for Orlando single that went viral after the Pulse shooting in June. 

'I truly hope this song will inspire others to be more inclusive, tolerant and unite kids to celebrate our differences,' he told People.   

Composer Frank Wildhorn added: 'I am so honored and grateful for my music to be used for this cause, which as a father, is so very important to me. I believe music can heal, I believe so strongly in its power to communicate.'

He described hearing the children's voices taking on the tune as 'a truly inspiring moment, one I’ll never forget'.  

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