'I am a better lover - my wife has never been happier!' Group of wealthy men claim that CHEATING on their spouses with attractive sugar babies has made them more attentive husbands

  • A group of sugar daddies have opened up about how being on the controversial dating site Seeking Arrangement has affected their marriages 
  • The site pairs well-off men with attractive women who like to be spoiled with lavish gifts and allowances 
  • Many of the men said becoming a sugar daddy saved their marriage, while some say they are even having more sex with their wives thanks to their mistresses  

Infidelity often puts a devastating end to a relationship, but some of the wealthiest married men in the world are claiming that the affairs they're having with sugar babies they meet online are making them better husbands.

A group of sugar daddies, who have chosen to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, have opened up about how serving as benefactors on the controversial dating site Seeking Arrangement has really affected their marriages — and most insist the cheating has actually saved their relationships. 

Many of the men argued being intimate with another woman has given them the motivation to continue their marriages despite the lack of intimacy with their longtime spouses, while one man even boasts that being a sugar daddy has made him a better lover for his wife.

Happier than ever? A group of sugar daddies have opened up about how being on the controversial dating site Seeking Arrangement has affected their marriages

Seeking Arrangement, which pairs well-off men with attractive women, reports that there are 123,802 married sugar daddies from the US on the site, and according to the company's survey, many believe it has been their saving grace.

Joe, 45, from Arizona, explained that after more than 30 years together, he and his wife were in a 'mundane routine' and had a sex life that was 'practically non-existent'. 

After some attempts to spice up their marriage, Joe said his wife said he 'could reach out for some "extracurricular" activities' as long as it didn't affect her directly, and neither she, nor anyone else found out about it. 

 Time with my sugar baby has taught me so much about a woman's psyche and physique, that I am a better lover

Joe said his current sugar baby is in her 20s and reminded him that 'being sexual is a fun thing', noting that they have 'talked for hours on end'.   

'My marriage has benefited, too,' he said. Since the time that I have taken on my sugar baby, I have re-learned how to flirt, compliment and seduce my wife. 

'In fact, time with my sugar baby has taught me so much about a woman's psyche and physique, that I am a better lover. My wife has never been happier!'  

Samuel, 42, from Texas, also claims that he and his wife are having 'more sex' now that he has a sugar baby on the side. 

According to the businessman, he has been married for about two decades and doesn't have any interest in changing his marital status, but his infidelity has given him an outlet for the passion he wishes he still had with his wife. 

'I am a successful professional and I enjoy feeling like I am doing something to help develop young talent ... I am helping her through allowance with her bills and using my business knowledge to help her start her own company on the next few years,' he added. 'I really think the arrangement works well for everybody involved.' 

Meanwhile, other men admit they sought out affairs on the site because their wives' physical and mental health has affected their libidos. 

'My wife suffers depression and has not enjoyed nor participated in sex for several years,' Gavin, 52, from Michigan, said. 'Without having an arrangement I would have certainly divorced her by now.'

Josh, 54, from New York, added: 'My wife has some health issues, so making love is very infrequent. I love her very much and would never want to divorce, but I am very amorous and love sensuality and being sexual.  

'Having an arrangement where I spend time "letting loose" keeps me calm and therefore a much better husband than if I were bound up.'

 Without having an arrangement I would have certainly divorced [my wife] by now

Dexter, 48, from Florida, said his wife has not only allowed him to join Seeking Arrangement, but she has given him the okay to bring his sugar baby to events with him. 

However, the site hasn't helped all of its married men become more intimate with their wives. 

Brandon, 47, confessed that he can't stand his wife of 15 years, but he doesn't want their children to grow up in a 'split home' even though their 'marriage is drowning'. 

'She complains about everyone from the school cafeteria lady to the President of the United States and everyone in between. She worries non-stop,' he said of his spouse. 

'My marriage is not good. I don't see eye-to-eye with my wife about anything in life. I don't know how we ever ended up together. But my kids need a family, not a split home. My only peace is going to work. What kind of peace is that?'

Brandon went on to say that starting relationships with two separate sugar babies has given him the escape he needs. 

'My mindset around my house has changed considerably,' he noted. 'I tolerate things much better and I am a whole lot less stressed. I hope it lasts for a very long time.'

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