The miracle baby who died three times during traumatic birth

Last updated at 11:28 13 June 2007

A tiny baby who died three times is now making a fighting recovery at home in her mum's arms.

Kayley Crow was born weighing just 2lb 1oz - 11 weeks before she was due.

Mother Jaime Crow, 27, feared the worst for her premature second child as Kayley's heart stopped three times during the birth due to complications.

Doctors had detected preeclampsia in the young mum that was putting both lives at critical risk.

Crow said: "The doctors told me the baby wasn't getting any oxygen because my blood pressure was going through the roof.

"They said that if I didn't have a Caesarean immediately we would both die."

Jaime was rushed to Queen's Hospital, Romford, on February 14 for an emergency Caesarean almost three months before her due date.

"I was terrified, especially as I wasn't due before April 25."

Despite a successful delivery at 1.11pm, even greater dangers lay ahead for fragile Kayley as she clung to life.

"Her heart kept stopping," said Crow.

"Kayley died three times but the doctors were able to resuscitate her every time - everyone said it was a miracle. It was touch and go for weeks.

"She had 13 blood transfusions and each day I went to see her I cried my eyes out because I felt so helpless.

"It broke my heart to see her go through all that suffering."

But the worst was still to come. After five weeks in an incubator, Kayley developed a serious bowel infection. Her mother said: "It happened all of a sudden, overnight, just as we thought she was getting better.

"Her whole body swelled up like a balloon. We thought we were going to lose her - I don't think I've ever prayed so hard in my whole life."

Kayley was rushed to the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, where surgeons removed the infected part of her bladder.

She made a full recovery and after two weeks in Goodmayes King George Hospital, Kayley has gone home for the first time.

"Kayley is a genuine miracle baby," said her proud mum. "She has the heart of a lion.

"I'm the proudest mum in the world to have such an amazing little girl.

"She's a perfect, beautiful, healthy baby and weighs 6lb 3oz now.

"Our girl fought to stay alive and won - I'm the happiest mum in the world."

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