Man, 18, dressed as The Joker rapes an autistic woman dressed as Harley Quinn - but claimed it was consensual because the pair had exchanged Facebook messages afterwards

14/12/16 11:13

14/12/16 10:16

Renowned supermodel Rachel Hunter, 47, showed off her youthful and blemish-free complexion, as she filmed a short clip for Air New Zealand.

14/12/16 10:13

A New Zealand policeman who was filmed pushing a 13-year-old boy off his bike and pinning him against a fence will not face criminal charges but will be asked to apologise to the teen and his family.

14/12/16 10:02

An 18-year-old German tourist had to be rescued by helicopter after he was attacked by a 'grumpy seal' while swimming in New Zealand on Wednesday.

14/12/16 01:03

New Zealand woman has spoken about the moment her grandson brought home a toddler, just after she had seen a photo of the 18-month-old on Facebook announcing he was missing (stock image).

14/12/16 00:23

Harrison Woods is lucky to be alive after he nearly shot himself in the foot with a gun he found in his grandpa's shed while holidaying in New Zealand.

14/12/16 00:03

Joanna Burgess (nee King), 28, shared an Instagram story on Wednesday, hinting at the name of her and husband George's unborn child.

13/12/16 23:17

New Zealand schoolgirl Reiha McLelland, 13, was likely in love with her teacher Sam Back, 42, before the disturbing relationship broke down and she tragically took her life in 2014.

13/12/16 13:20

New Zealand nail artist Jessie Mills has created edible nails made out of chocolate - the latest beauty nail craze to sweep the web. But not everyone is a fan, with some saying the nails are 'unhygienic.'

13/12/16 09:47

They tied the knot in Noosa last week. And after a few days of sunshine in Byron Bay, George Burgess and Joanna King jetted off to New Zealand to continue their honeymoon.

13/12/16 02:14

A man has been accused of filming a 14-year-old girl as she tried on lingerie at an Auckland store. The man allegedly followed the girl and her mum at the store in Auckland's south, and remains at large.

12/12/16 11:59

A giant alien-like object covered in barnacles that washed up on a New Zealand beach last week has sparked debate online and left locals baffled.

11/12/16 05:09

A giant alien-like object covered in barnacles that washed up on Muriwai Beach near Auckland, New Zealand, has locals baffled with suggestions including a shipwreck or Rastafarian whale.

10/12/16 14:14

Shocking images show the crushed Contiki van that crashed on the way to a Gili Island surf beach on Thursday, injuring Abbey Moore, 29 (pictured) and killing a New Zealand woman.

09/12/16 19:04

The weather turned extreme during an expedition to the top of the Marum Crater, on the island of Vanuata, and battered the camp.

09/12/16 12:48

McLaren do package holidays, and they're probably the best package holidays in the world - as long as you own one of their ultra expensive supercars, that is.

08/12/16 22:18

Incredible footage shows a 12-year-old girl stand up paddle boarding on the world's highest lake: Lake Pumori in the Himalayas. Maya Allsop, from New Zealand, completed the daring stunt on icy waters.

08/12/16 11:25

The lawyer of a prominent New Zealand actor (pictured) accused of sexually violating four models has accused one of the alleged victims of making up stories about his client.

07/12/16 11:33

A man born in Taiwan who had his passport photo rejected by the New Zealand immigration website as it registered his eyes as being closed.

07/12/16 09:51

A 28-year-old woman from New Zealand, named only as Sarah, said set up a webcam to catch her female housemate stealing, but caught her male roommate doing something much worse.

07/12/16 09:18

Young New Zealand burns victim Jack Dragicevich, 11, has bravely shown off his scars eight years after pulling a dish of boiling water onto himself when he was a curious toddler.

07/12/16 09:17

Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and King Kong - it’s no wonder so many movies have used New Zealand’s epic backdrop to depict a fantasy universe. Rach Stewart's photos capture the magic.

07/12/16 08:09

A New Zealand man who returned to his car to find someone had backed into it and found a note on his windscreen, got a much different response than he expected.

06/12/16 22:05

KFC has turned its signature dish into a scented candle. The candle - a prize in an online competition - is designed to send the smell of fried chicken into the air as it burns.

06/12/16 18:05

Former astronaut and second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin (left), is in a New Zealand hospital being treated by a doctor (right) with the same name as David Bowie - who wrote songs about space.

06/12/16 13:32

The woman was travelling from Sydney to Auckland via an Air New Zealand flight on Monday afternoon when a male passenger allegedly touched her despite repeated pleas asking him to stop.

06/12/16 10:10

Max Stacey McCormack has contacted the Purple Rain star's estate claiming to be the late singer's son, and lawyers have agreed to carry out DNA tests on him.

06/12/16 09:45

Armed New Zealand Black Power gang members are infiltrating the Gold Coast and brazenly posing for pics in full gang colours - with two members posing for a photo on Facebook.

06/12/16 03:16

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key resigned on Monday, but he will be remembered as much for his embarrassing gaffes as for all his achievements in the job.

06/12/16 02:01

On Monday, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announced he would be stepping down from the leadership position to spend more time with his family, including kids Max, 21, and Stephie, 23.

05/12/16 21:16

A 19-year-old woman has spoken of her terrifying ordeal of how she was left 'feeling ugly' after being smashed in the face with a wine glass at a New Zealand nightclub on Saturday night.

05/12/16 15:32

Two New Zealand mothers have taken a stand against methamphetamine usage, or the 'Voldemort' drug, in their local community and plan to make a series of short videos to scare kids off the drug.

05/12/16 15:07

John Key has resigned as Prime Minister of New Zealand. He made the announcement at his weekly press conference on Monday. 'I don't know what I'll do next,' an emotional Key said.

05/12/16 13:24

Kiwi tourist Chloe Phillips-Harris, 28, was detained in Kazakhstan in May for almost two days after immigration officials refused to believe New Zealand was a country.

05/12/16 12:18

The man is accused of violating four women between 2010 and 2013 while teaching acting classes. He has pleaded not guilty to four charges and will stand trial on Monday in Auckland.

05/12/16 08:52

Tens of thousands of New Zealanders have welcomed summer with parties fuelled by crates of beer as part of the annual 'Crate Day', held on the first Saturday of December.

04/12/16 22:56

New Zealand's popular tourist destination Elephant Rock has lost its trunk after weeks of earthquakes have rocked the country, including a 5.5 quake which struck on Sunday.

04/12/16 14:24

A stunning catch from Steve Smith was the icing on the cake following his recording-breaking innings of 164 during the opening one-dayer against New Zealand at the SCG on Sunday.

04/12/16 10:58

Christchurch midwife, Chris Barbier, slipped into a coma for two months last year after catching the flu, which has left her paralysed from the neck down and needing full-time care.

04/12/16 10:42

Professional women in New Zealand were tricked into giving gifts as part of a spiritual networking scheme. Life coach and 'spiritual guide' Soreya James, pictured, is said to be the mastermind.

04/12/16 09:01

New Zealand has been struck with another large magnitude 5.5 earthquake, just three weeks after the mammoth earthquake that shook central New Zealand.

03/12/16 23:48

Queensland school student Gabiel Runge, 16, pictured, died during a school excursion to New Zealand in November 2014. His parents are suing his school to get closure over his death.

03/12/16 15:10

Satellite photographs captured by NASA's Earth Observatory reveal new land along the Kaikoura coastline pushed up from under the sea by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit New Zealand.

03/12/16 08:52

New Zealand funny man Josh Thomson had just begun a Skype call - with fellow comedian Guy Montgomery - and was unsuspecting of the magpie that was about to swoop.

02/12/16 17:08

The television presenter, 67, whose hit game show Deal Or No Deal was axed earlier this year is said to be making the move with his third wife Liz Davies, 47 to make a 'fresh start' in a new country

02/12/16 15:33

Taylor Ruatara, 18, surrendered to police over murder of alleged Nomads bikie Jason Boyd on the Gold Coast. His heavily-tattoed adopted mother is on the run and wanted as an accomplice.

01/12/16 17:02

The pair were joined by a bustling production team while taking a break between scenes as their location shoot in scenic New Zealand, where much of the exterior action has been shot.

01/12/16 14:58

Road workers along a popular tourist trail in New Zealand were baffled after road cones kept being found in the middle of the road, until CCTV revealed a group of kea birds were behind the mischief.

01/12/16 11:54

Studded belts, crash helmets and glow-sticks are just some of the products banned from a Coldplay concert at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland.

01/12/16 04:57

Deborah Stokes, the mother of England cricketer Ben, was put live on air without her permission after calling Radio Hauraki to complain about them bad-mouthing her son.

01/12/16 01:59

Strolling through a summer wonderland: Ronan Keating and Julian Dennison teamed up with Air New Zealand to record a Christmas carol.

30/11/16 05:39

HIV-positive nursing assistant Johnny Lachlan Benjamin Lumsden, 26, from New Zealand, has been accused of using hook-up app Grindr to have unprotected sex with men, police say.

30/11/16 00:53

For the first time since the natural disaster, scientists have been allowed into the area surrounding the epicentre in New Zealand, and discovered the massive Hadrian's Wall-like rock formation.

29/11/16 23:44

A 13-year-old boy has gone missing and is believed to be in a 'distressed state' lost in bush in Wellington, New Zealand. Police are concerned as weather conditions worsen.

29/11/16 10:04

Jackson Lidgard, 18, from Kaikoura on New Zealand's south island, filmed himself cycling over landslides, around boulders and through wrecked tunnels to get to the airport on time.

29/11/16 07:46

John Savage, 27, has been jailed for a March road-rage attack which saw him ram a car carrying five victims into a river in Christchurch before attacking them with bottles as they swam to safety.

29/11/16 01:19

Tania Williams, a New Zealand physiotherapist, has been suspended for a year and ordered to pay $10,000 for having sex with two premier rugby players she treated for injuries in 2014.

29/11/16 01:08

Alexander Kirkley, 32, from Oxford, was cutting a tree in the back garden of a client's house when the machinery 'kicked-back', hit him in the neck and sliced through his jugular vein.

28/11/16 22:45

Ena Lia Dung, 77, had 14 broken ribs, a cracked sternum, severe bed sores and serious internal injuries when police found her emaciated body in an Auckland home in 2015.

27/11/16 01:35

Five people are dead and three others missing after a chartered fishing boat overturned in rough seas north of Auckland. Other charter boats said and it should never have been on the water.

26/11/16 15:30

Little Irish rugby fan Jack couldn't resist taunting New Zealand rugby players when they arrived in Dublin for a rematch test. He followed them around shouting 'we're gonna beat you All Blacks!'

24/11/16 14:22

Natalie Roser, 25, Renae Ayris, 26, and former Home and Away stars Tai Hara, 26, and Johnny Ruffo, 28, enjoyed an action-packed trip to New Zealand

24/11/16 06:06

A Muslim cleric in Auckland turned away a reporter (pictured) because she is female and it is against 'Islamic Law' before offering the interview to her male colleague.

24/11/16 05:26

Matt Foy, owner of Kaikoura Kayaks - based near the quake's epicentre - was paddling off Whalers Bay when he spotted a plume of bubbles rising from the sea floor.

24/11/16 02:59

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has accidentally thanked the Australian government for hosting him while in Auckland. The President has come under fire for his tough 'war on drugs'.

23/11/16 07:47

A fatal car accident on a highway in New Zealand which killed James Crous, 8, after he broke his neck was caused after his mother looked at Google maps on her phone, a court heard.

22/11/16 11:32

A huge brawl broke out on Cavill Ave in Surfers Paradise on Monday night after an Australian teenager mocked a group of New Zealanders who were performing the haka.

22/11/16 08:37

A Sydney woman was given no longer than a year to live after a stroke but after regaining movement and speech, now faces a financial battle to continue rehabilitation.

22/11/16 07:04

John Croawell, 63, spent thousands to have an $80 speeding fine dismissed after he was charged for driving 61km/h in a 50km/h zone, southwest of Dunedin, New Zealand in February 2014.

22/11/16 03:34

An intellectually disabled man has been unable to find work after he was fired from a Christchurch Bunnings Warehouse store for taking a soft drink from the staff room in September.

22/11/16 03:17

Mystery surrounds the death of two male hikers, aged 32 and 39, who were found dead in Tararua Forest Park, north of Wellington in New Zealand, on Monday.

22/11/16 03:15

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 struck New Zealand's Northern Island on Tuesday, just a week after a powerful tremor on the upper South Island caused widespread damage.

21/11/16 22:15

Astonishing drone footage has shown the enormity of the damage occurred along the Kekerengu Fault line after New Zealand's 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

21/11/16 14:57

Troy Tapara and Billy Mclachlan cycled and trekked to Parnassus, 40km south of the quake-ravaged town of Kaikoura on South Island, where they found the makeshift ramps.

21/11/16 12:55

The All Blacks did play in white jerseys before on away trips when their shirt colour clashes with an opponent's like the dark blue of Scotland - but it's still a move that will upset traditionalists.

18/11/16 23:26

Incredible photos have emerged showing the devastating aftermath of the New Zealand coastline - north of Kaikoura - after it was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake around midnight Sunday.

18/11/16 18:22

Aldrich Viju, four, died after an 'accident' on playground equipment at his daycare centre in Auckland, New Zealand on Friday. His mother was four months pregnant.

18/11/16 09:49

A video from a local driver has revealed the devastation to roads in New Zealand after the destructive earthquake there - with one man shown walking over a huge rupture in the road.

18/11/16 08:31

The Royal New Zealand Navy greeted the US navy with a traditional welcome haka as part of their 75th anniversary celebration in Auckland. (pictured)

18/11/16 08:28

Aaradhna rejected the award for Best Urban/Hip-Hop artist at NZ Music Awards saying it was a 'category for brown people' that didn't reflect her work. Organisers said it wasn't racist but would review it.






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