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Mothers rule The Apprentice as Lord Sugar gets set to pick a winner between four women and

Of the five entrepreneurs battling it out on Thursday night's BBC One semi-final, the majority are balancing their businesses with their babies. Jessica Cunningham (centre), Grainne McCoy (left) and Frances Bishop (right) will join Alana Spencer and the only remaining male, Courtney Wood, to interview for the £250,000 contract with Sir Alan Sugar this week, ahead of Sunday night's final. Fashionista Jessica is a single mother with three daughters - Poppy, Olive and Hattie - while Grainne, who is the owner of a make-up studio, has an older son Ryan and finally, children's clothing company businesswoman Frances looks after son Oscar with her husband.

Jihadis 'hiding in plain sight' among migrants, says Armed Forces chief: Sir Stuart Peach

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, chief of the defence staff, said foreign militants were being moved from their shrinking stronghold in Iraq and Syria. And he warned copycat terrorists are now 'popping up all over the world' as propaganda spreads through social media.
In his first major speech since taking up the role in July, Sir Stuart said Britain also faced an 'era of competition' with other states - and that Russia was not playing by the rules.

Yahoo says it believes hackers stole data from more than one billion user accounts in August 2013. in a different breach from the one disclosed in September exposing 500 million accounts.

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New recommendations made by the Law Commission said that husbands who hadn't paid up should be banned from driving for a year or have their passports confiscated until they do.

Prince Harry and his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle went on a date to the theatre in London to see the comedy Peter Pan Goes Wrong at the Apollo.

Sweden's Civil Contingencies Agency has sent out a letter to all local authorities telling them they must be better equipped to respond to the threat of war following Russian aggression.

North Korea is accused of robbing children of their childhood as shocking footage shows children as young as FIVE forced to work in chain gangs

The footage appears to show children hammering away on railway lines and hauling bricks and rubble in Chagang in North Korea as they are being 'forced to work for 10 hours a day'. And it has been claimed some of the them are as young as five, raising more questions about human rights abuses in the country. Human rights experts have hit out at Kim Jong-un's regime claiming it is 'robbing children of the chance of a happy childhood'.

Every new mother will be warned to look for signs of sepsis in their baby in an all-out war on the illness. From today, the NHS will distribute a million leaflets in casualty departments across Britain.

Sepsis is a devastating condition which kills too many babies every year. The problem of sepsis is now every bit as urgent as meningitis, writes JEREMY HUNT as he launches new campaign.

£100-a-night luxury apartment was trashed by hundreds of rampaging teenagers after being

The newly kitted out property, which is rented out for £100 a night, was left with smashed furniture (pictured) and vomit smeared up the walls after police forced the youths to leave. The partying at the flat in Gants Hill, Essex, spilled out onto the streets during the all-night drinking sessions which left neighbours fearing for their safety. The wild party, attended by teenagers as young as 16, kicked off last Wednesday and carried on through the night until they finally dispersed on Saturday. The six-storey building was only completed in June.

The blaze broke out at Fleet services near Basingstoke on the M3 motorway and at one point more than 50 firefighters were battling the flames that quickly spread through the building.

Almost one in seven airplane pilots are suffering from depression, research has revealed. Pilots reporting symptoms like suicidal thoughts, trouble concentrating and feelings of failure.

Mel Gibson is nominated for Golden Globe despite career in ruins by racist rants

Audience members said the cast and crew of Gibson's World War II movie, Hacksaw Ridge, were 'overwhelmed' as they soaked up the plaudits earlier this year. And none more so, one can be certain, than its director, Mel Gibson (with girlfriend Rosalind Ross, right). It seemed a return to his glory days as Hollywood's most bankable name as he walked out of the Sala Grande theatre to find screaming fans waiting not for the film's stars, Andrew Garfield and Vince Vaughn, but for him. Gibson is engaged in one of the most delicate comebacks in Tinseltown history. After a decade in the wilderness he looks to have finally shrugged off an ugly past of anti-Semitic and racist outbursts, and incidents of domestic violence that few felt could be excused by Gibson's rampant alcoholism (drinking at a party, left).

Quite a few Tory MPs were guffawing at Boris Johnson's expense again yesterday. Labour MP Peter Dowd (Bootle) had come up with a corker for the first question at PMQs.

BBC deputy director of radio and royal liaison officer Graham Ellis arranged for it to be launched (as part of Woman's Hour's 70th anniversary celebration) by Camilla.

Who has the best love life... mothers or their middle aged daughters? One brave family

Jackie Murrell, 72, says her sex life with husband Tony (pictured together left) is still very active. However, her 40-year-old daughter Kelly says as a working mum her sex life isn't as strong. The blonde lives with her partner Nathan, 47, (pictured together right) and her three children aged 20, 13 and ten. With such a hectic schedule she admits that time for intimacy is limited. She explains: 'When I was married to my ex-husband we had sex once a month, if that. I wasn't interested in sex at all. If I could have gone without it, I would.'

Fewer children are smoking or drinking alcohol than at any time in the past two decades, NHS figures reveal. One in six - 17 per cent - of those aged eight to 15 said they had tried alcohol.

Nice young women of past generations didn't talk dirty. It wasn't done. They talked of love and romance and handsome men (even my generation used the word 'swoony'), writes LIBBY PURVES.

Theresa May and the OED appear to have a disagreement on their hands. For while the Prime Minister declared that 'Brexit means Brexit,' the OED has come up with its own definition.

Incredible video shows how just one tablespoon of olive oil can calm half an acre of waves on a lake within minutes

A video by Harvard physicist Dr Greg Kestin shows that just one tablespoon of olive oil poured over water can spread out within minutes, calming the waves around you. The oil spreads out to form a layer just one molecule thick because oil molecules are double sided: one end is attracted to water and so flips towards it, and the other end stands upright because it's repelled by water.

The giant Unite union said BA cabin crew voted to strike over pay, with walkouts starting as soon as December 21. The move threatens to wreck the holiday plans of thousands of families.

The move is also designed to help with recruitment as some prospective employees are put off by the need to understand their home nation's language.

Meals on wheels for vulnerable pensioners have been axed by 45 per cent of councils since 2010, figures show. Others have increased their fees by an average of 20 per cent.

Margaret Gallagher, who requires crutches, slammed the parking warden who issued the fine in Derbyshire despite leaving the doctor's note on the windscreen.

The Prime Minister has warned that Europe is dealing with global mass migration issue with no other way of controlling it. She will address the European Council summit in Brussels on the issue.

The NSPCC's dedicated UK football abuse hotline has received more than 1,700 calls since being launched just three weeks ago, with three out of four calls coming from victims themselves.

The head of the NHS has demanded the pensions triple lock and the free bus pass be scrapped to enable more money to be ploughed into elderly care.

Camilla Cavendish was among 13 peers appointed by former PM David Cameron. She had been his policy chief for just a little over a year when she earned the seat in the House of Lords.

Theresa May recycles slinky red dress for military awards ceremony in London

The Prime Minister (pictured), who was at the centre of the 'trousergate' row, arrived for the star-studded Military Awards in London, with her husband Philip (right).Mrs May looked glamorous as she stepped onto the red carpet in her all-red dress and red heels. She previously wore the dress at the Sugarplum Dinner at London's One Mayfair in November 2013.

Amir Khan orders wife Faryal Makhdoom and family to end public feud

His model wife Faryal Makhdoom Khan, 25, (pictured left to right, and inset with her husband) used Snapchat to accuse Falak Khan of encouraging her boxer son to end their marriage after just three years. The British boxer's mother has previously slammed his wife for wearing un-Islamic clothes and no headscarf. Mrs Khan, who is in Canada on business, wrote on Snapchat: 'Even if YOUR mother tells you to DIVORCE your wife. You should listen to her "because she is your mother and she comes first" - WOW! So what's a wife? Exactly what I've said - a slave!' Approximately three hours after she said his family were pushing for a divorce, a furious Amir Khan has begged his parents and wife to stop 'bashing one another' in public. He said: 'My parents are my parents and my wife is my wife. Whatever misunderstanding has happened they should keep it private. This is getting to the point where they will lose a son and a husband'.

The kingdom's education ministry is thought to be preparing a project called 'Immunity' which is described as 'inoculating' children from ideas that could threaten their 'ideological security'.

Liz Hodgkinson says at 71 she's becoming well seasoned in the death of friends and a year ago, for instance, a former boyfriend died.

Kate Lawson, 21, a Northumbria University nursing student, is addicted to swimming off the Northumberland coast near her home in Alnwick.

We're with you: Eiffel Tower goes dark in solidarity with the people of the shattered Syrian city of Aleppo

The lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris were switched off tonight (pictured left to right) to show support for the people of the shattered Syrian city of Aleppo and protest the 'unbearable' situation. The monument was plunged into darkness from 8pm with hundreds of Parisians turning out to protest against the situation in Syria. It comes as rebel forces in Aleppo announced a new deal had been struck to allow citizens to evacuate.

Under siege for the president's refusal to take military action to protect Syrians from being slaughtered by their brutal dictator, the White House tarred and feathered Russia on Wednesday.

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry and Green leader Caroline Lucas have both urged the deployment of unmanned drones because of the risk of sending in aircrew.

Aleppo was once a thriving commercial centre with more than two million inhabitants. Now much of it lies in ruins. Hospitals have been bombed; children maimed, mutilated and murdered.

Once famous for textiles, soap and its UNESCO-listed citadel, Aleppo was Syria's economic hub and of huge historic and cultural importance - it has now been reduced to rubble after a fierce civil war.

Syrian woman pleads to be rescued in Aleppo to avoid sex attacks from Assad's men

Rebels in the city say the truce deal to stop the shelling will be implemented once again later tonight to allow the safe evacuation of fighters and civilians in eastern Aleppo. The evacuation from a sliver of territory the rebels still hold in eastern Aleppo was supposed to begin at dawn on Wednesday, but shelling resumed in the morning hours. But rebels accused the Syrian government and its allies of derailing the deal by placing new conditions.

New changes made by the College of Policing will require candidates to have studied policing, complete a conversion course or apprenticeship. Critics say the move will add a bill of £3 million.

People up and down the UK have proven you don't have to have a fir tree to celebrate Christmas with many building them out of unusual objects including egg boxes, wine bottles and rubber gloves.

Little Black Dazzlers! From the desk to the dance floor, High Street party dresses to suit

You may have hung up your little black dress a long time ago. Well, it's time to remove it from the sartorial doldrums because it's a must-buy for the festive season - whatever your age. This year's LBD is no longer quite so little. Whether it's sleeves to slim your arms or wide skirts to trim your tummy, these dazzling designs will ensure you don't flash too much flesh.

Seven months ago, Lucy Alexander's bright 17-year-old son took his own life when he jumped in front of a train near his home in Worcester.

At least 20 high profile people are at the centre of Scotland Yard investigations, Britain's top police officer said yesterday. They were described as 'very significant figures.'

The RMT's Mick Cash was blocked from joining a session at conciliation service Acas as the walkouts by drivers entered a second day, bringing all services to a halt.

Under this asinine deal, the Government will pick up the tab for a £38million shortfall in fare revenue caused by the walk-outs, while shelling out up to £15million compensation to passengers.

Natasha Pearson (pictured) is studying politics, law and media at Collyer's College in Horsham, which should be a 45-minute train journey from her hometown of East Grinstead.

All-out strikes could be banned and Britain's largest rail company broken up because of the misery and mounting anger over the Southern strikes - the worst rail dispute in a generation.

Kate Middleton attends a Cub Scout Pack meeting in Norfolk

The Duchess of Cambridge, 34, was given a helping hand by a youngster who showed her how to fashion her woggle into a sling, left, as she attended a special Cub Scout Pack meeting with the Kings Lynn District on Wednesday evening, an event held to help the group celebrate 100 years of the organisation. Kate, who drove over from her country home, Anmer Hall, joined the Pack as they took part in games and activities themed around 'looking after yourself and others physically and emotionally' including a parachute game, cake icing, and performing a Cub Scout promise, right. The Duchess has her own experience to call upon, having enrolled a Brownie in the 1st St Andrew's pack in Pangbourne, Berkshire, at just eight years old (inset, in 1990).

Page does not say what he and Charles spoke about but on the same day he posted online about the damaging effect of 'overpopulation' on Britain, writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE.

Zimbabwe's ruling party says the country's 92-year-old president, Robert Mugabe, is certain to be endorsed as the party's presidential candidate for elections in 2018.

Today, stickers impregnated with active skincare ingredients are an increasingly popular way to ensure that vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the skin.

Abi Rose, 39, a married stay-at-home mother from North London, blames her late-night shopping habit -which costs her more than £5,000 a year - on a fear of missing out on good deals.

Yachtsman boasted about murdering British couple in the Caribbean in front of his son

Silas Duane Boston, of Sacramento, CA, now 75, told a friend in gruesome detail about killing a young British couple, Peta Frampton and Christopher Farmer, in 1978, court records reveal, He is now charged with the murders of the couple in international waters in the Caribbean. Boston (right) was arrested after a cold case review into his former wife's murder in 1968. It led to his arrest at a convalescent home in Paradise, California. Now DailyMail.com has seen testimony from his friend Bryan Logsdon (inset) and his sons Russell and Vince (left, foreground) who described Farmer and his partner's death. The friend said Boston boasted of the brutality of it just a decade ago - but all three said they were too scared of him and his contacts to tell police at the time.

Trump and Silicon Valley elite seek to smooth over frictions

Donald Trump and Silicon Valley executives broke bread today after a contentious presidential campaign, agreeing to a meeting with the president-elect in his Manhattan Tower. The biggest names in attendance were Apple's Tim Cook - who publicly supported Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton - and Tesla founder Elon Musk, who would meet Trump separately after the round table.

Illegal immigrants are being identified on social media with enough details for authorities to find them as their wronged exes plead with the president-elect to deport them.

Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta became the victim of a cyber attack when he was sent an email claiming to be from Google in March saying he needed to change his password.



Row erupts on This Morning sofas as Melinda Messenger is accused of scare-mongering over her decision NOT to give her teenage daughter the HPV vaccine

Dr Chris Steele (top and bottom right) slammed Melinda Messenger (main) on This Morning on Wednesday as she revealed why she won't be giving her daughter Evie (left), 13, the HPV vaccine.  TV presenter and former glamour model Melinda said she is concerned about the link between the vaccine and chronic illness. But furious Dr Chris said: 'What upsets me, Melinda, is that you've done this in the public domain. You could have done this privately. This will affect people.' Other viewers were concerned about her decision and tweeted their frustration.

Researchers from University College London explored why humans do not have a baculum, yet both ancestral primates and carnivores did (stock image).

As many as one in 20 women suffering partial deafness could blame their painkiller use, a study by researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in the US found.

Oxford University scientist Charles Michel says he's perfected cheese and crackers. He says the trick is to have six layers and cater for all five tastes, including umami.

The London-based luxury department store and tea rooms has been accused of denying workers a share of tips and service charges unless they agree to a pay cut below £7.20 per hour.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Marie Hind, 34, of Gosport, near Portsmouth, Hampshire, struggled to walk after waking up with the bite, which turned black and grew larger within days.

Eight of the world's 10 sexiest men have beards

It's the latest hipster fad that forecasters predicted would be killed off in 2016. But it looks like beards are here to stay for a bit longer after eight of the world's '10 sexiest men' had facial hair. Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan (far left) finished top of Glamour magazine's poll ahead of Poldark star Aidan Turner (second right), Twilight's Robert Pattinson (far right) and Scottish heart-throb James McAvoy (second left), with every man sporting a beard this year. But do they really look better with facial hair, or are they actually more attractive clean shaven?

The extraordinary assertion was made by an expert from the European Council on Foreign Relations, who said the foreign powers could collude to destabilise Germany ahead of next year's election.

Hussein Khavari, 17, accused of the sex killing of Maria Ladenburger, 19, in Freiburg, Germany, had previously thrown a 20-year-old woman off a cliff in Corfu, it has emerged.

Boulder police and prosecutors are planning a new round of testing on DNA evidence found in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case that will allow them to access the FBI database, 20 years after her death.

The 20-year-old rapist - named only as Amir A. in court - attacked the child at a swimming pool in Vienna. His victim was left with horrendous injuries and is still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Dangerous Porsche driver in Liverpool cuts up furious motorists in rush hour traffic

Shocking dashcam footage has caught a dangerous Porsche driver cutting up furious motorists as he raced through rush hour traffic in Liverpool. The clip starts with the female driver who was filming cruising in the right hand lane around a long corner. There is a large gap in front and a car to the left which she was slowly gaining on.

There are gifts to suit everyone, from globetrotters to beauty lovers and fashionistas. Some of the items have had their price tags slashed by more than half.

Ben Emmerson, a senior QC, was suspended from his job on the inquiry at the time time the claims were made and he subsequently quit his post as senior counsel.

Bryony Freestone, 19, from Northampton, was found washed up on a Koh Chang beach at 9am on August 14 while away in south-east Asia with friends.

The 72-year-old victim was reportedly shot when four men tried to steal his Jaguar outside the Hare and Hounds in Bradford, West Yorkshire yesterday.

Car insurance has soared by an average of £100 this year, new figures revealed yesterday. Motoring cover is now 12 per cent higher than it was just four months ago, says a consumer website.

Researchers from Maastricht University, the Netherlands, found people with albuminuria in their urine were significantly more likely to develop cognitive impairment than people who did not have it in their urine.

Photos of underground city in Turkey reveal hidden rooms that could house 20,000 people

Photos of the ancient city of Derinkuyu (pictured) reveal how 20,000 people - including livestock and entire food supplies - could have lived 18 storeys beneath the earth. Thought to have been created during the Byzantine era in 780-1180AD, the network of kitchens, stables, churches, tombs, wells, communal rooms and schools was most likely used as a massive bunker to protect inhabitants from wars or natural disasters.

Jayne Fisher, who was head of Sinn Fein's London office, is due to start working in the Labour leader's office in January, according to a Labour source.

News of the latest pay hike for MPs will cause fury among public sector workers who have been subject to tough austerity restrictions since 2010.

A driver does what many motorists have dreamed of and confronts a traffic warden for breaking parking rules.The cameraman lectures the warden for parking in a 30 minute bay in Stroud 'all day'.

Just when you thought the Labour party couldn't become less harmonious, their MPs release a Christmas single so out of tune that some are dubbing it the worst festive song of all time.

Lorraine Burnett, 37, from Dunfermline, danced all night in heels, which doctors believe led to a devastating heel infection. Two years later, she was advised she would need a lower leg amputation

Touching moment twins conjoined at the sternum see each other as they are reunited for the first time after risky separation surgery 

They spent two-and-a-half years glued to one another, conjoined at the sternum.  But over time, life was becoming an insurmountable struggle for Eva and Erika Sandoval.  The girls, from Antelope, California - who shared a digestive system, a uterus, a liver, a bladder, a pelvis, and a third leg with a seven-toed foot - suffered countless infections, and Erika was becoming dangerously weak. Last Tuesday, in one of the riskiest separation operations ever performed, the twin girls were successfully separated. And on Monday afternoon, six days after their 18-hour operation, the pair were reunited for the first time. A touching video released by Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford on Wednesday shows the girls' parents carefully carrying one over to the other, while nurses lift the numerous wires and cords with them. Finally lying on a bed together, they silently stare at each other. It was a staggering moment of triumph for the entire family after years of fears over the risks surrounding their procedure.

The unmarked HGV gives officers a better vantage point to see people using their mobile phones at the wheel, but the truck has captured far more unusual crimes since going into operation in Devon.

Banks say that the move is to tackle fraud, but that customers can opt out the program. Critics say that tracking customers through their mobile phone data raises privacy concerns.

German scientists said the breakthrough could lead to victims being diagnosed before they reach an advanced stage - when treatments and lifestyle changes are less likely to be effective.

Experts at Duke University in North Carolina, suspect this is a key reason married people tend to do better following a stroke - they simply have someone to look after them.

A rare silver £2 coin could fetch up to £350 online due to an imperfection that occurred during the minting process, with normal coins featuring dents around the Queen's head.

Olivia Newton-John's daughter Chloe and fiancé move to Oregon to open marijuana farm

Chloe and her fiancé James Driskill are building a cannabis farm in Oregon, where recreational marijuana is legal. The business is believed to be in the early stages, but fitness trainer James and model Chloe have already moved from their small Stoner Avenue apartment in Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, and are devoting most of their time to their new business. To help them set up a new life in the state Chloe's mom, Australian actress Newton-John, has stumped up a 'loan'. A rep for the Grease star confirmed she has 'loaned her daughter money' so Chloe, 30, could have 'a fresh start when she moved to Oregon'. But the rep insisted the money was to buy land to build a home on, not to contribute to their weed business. News of Chloe's weed farm comes soon after California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts voted to approve the use of recreational marijuana.

Every year AFP, which has photographers around the globe, chooses a selection of their most powerful, moving, shocking or fascinating images, offering a look back at the highlights of the year.

Guests at the Swallows Leisure Centre, inset right, in Sittingbourne, Kent, were shocked when they saw the reindeer during last weekend's Christmas festival and posted their outrage on social media, left.

A hilarious video shows father and daughter Rick Harnsberger and Holly Wolff, from Ohio, breaking out all kinds of moves as they take to the dancefloor on her wedding day - leaving guests wide-eyed.

Sunday league footballer who suffered double leg fracture in collision with a goalkeeper

An amateur footballer was left lying in a muddy puddle for three-and-a-half hours with a double leg break because of a lack of ambulances. Elliot Smith, 23, broke his right tibula and fibula following a collision with his own goalkeeper while playing a Sunday league match in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Rome's annual Christmas tree has been dubbed the 'saddest in the world with drooping limbs, lackluster lights - and not even a star on top.'The barren tree stands in the centre of the city at Piazza Venezia.

A damning new report has revealed Luke Jenkins, seven, died at Bristol Children's Hospital after a nurse walked off during cardiac arrest rather than pressing an emergency button.

Svetlana Roslina, 24, dropped her mobile phone into the vat of sweet mix and reached in to retrieve it, but fell, and couldn't get out, according to reports.

Noel Hopkins, three, from Scotland shot to fame when his mother Laura shared a clip of him blaming a superhero on scrawling lipstick all over a mirror. He was treated to a surprise on This Morning.

Nishanthan Gnanathas, 31, of Sutton, South London, who was the best man, hit his head on a wire balustrade when he was pushed from a yacht by Andre van Eck into the River Tagus in Lison.

Monaco's royal twins join Princess Charlene and Prince Albert to give Christmas gifts

Royal twins Jacques and Gabriella, two, have joined their parents Prince Albert, 58, and Princess Charlene, 38, (left) to give out Christmas gifts to children at Monaco's royal palace for the first time. Charlene looked appropriately festive in a cheery red coat and silver shoes, while her husband added a touch of Christmas cheer with a Santa Claus tie. Prince Jacque (right) was wrapped up warm in a navy anorak as he made his way to the annual event with his parents.

Dietitian Helen Bond reveals her top 20 tips to stop IBS-related symptoms during the party season - including avoiding the mini quiches and mince pies at the office Christmas party.

A daredevil biker is being hunted by police after a video was posted online showing him pulling stunts on a school roof. The rider tried to do a trick from one level of the roof of Mascalls Academy in Kent.

The LRA is thought to have murdered tens of thousands of people and abducted at least 30,000 children, forcing them to become soldiers or sex slaves while some had their faces mutilated.

London woman gives birth after having an ovary frozen when she was younger

Moaza Al Matrooshi (pictured with her newborn child), 24, from London, had her ovary tissue removed before she underwent chemotherapy to battle a blood disorder she was born with, which is known to damage the organs. Surgeons defrosted the tissue last year and began to transplant it back into her body, which restored her fertility (inset). And after undergoing successful IVF treatment, her son was delivered at the Portland Hospital yesterday.

The Wellcome Trust, the world's second biggest charitable foundation revealed one of its team earned the significant amount. This is believed to be Danny Truell, chief investment officer.

When an explosion at 36-year-old Maria Ines Candido da Silva's workplace in Russas, north east Brazil caused her severe burns, doctors dressed her wounds with the skin of a Tilapia fish.

The Southend United striker is accused of being part of a telephone banking scam in February last year in which a vulnerable person was targeted.

Researchers from University of California, Davis and the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, or NERR say that climate change could lead to similar incidents.

Shocking bodycam video shows car theft suspect shooting two US cops with a hidden gun after being asked repeatedly to take his hands out his pockets 

Khari Gordon, 22, was arrested on Monday night after shooting Captain Michael Schulman (top right) and Jeffrey Martin (bottom right) in the parking lot of Zaxby's restaurant in Lavonia, Georgia. The pair pulled him over after receiving reports the car he was driving had been stolen. Captain Schulman, 50, was heard on the video asking the suspect repeatedly to remove his hands from his pockets. Gordon shot him in the armpit, puncturing one of his lungs, before turning to shoot Martin.

Today Kennecott, nestled in the south central Alaskan mountains of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, is a derelict wooden shell, in a gradual state of decay.

Pokemon Go was what the world wanted to know the most about in 2016. Euro 2016 was Britain's top trending search, while the US searched most for Powerball.

Aiden Grimshaw, 25, from Blackpool, has been banned from driving for 20 months after he was caught at twice the drink-driving limit when he left a gig at his local golf club.

Christmas is coming and many shoppers are still stumped for ideas. MailOnline Travel has put together a catalogue of more than 50 gift options to suit every budget.

Pamela Gower (pictured), from Hebburn in South Tyneside, died in September after falling 15,000ft to the ground. She had twice decided not to jump alone before the fatal fall.


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Back to the Future's original storyboards show film set to end with nuclear bomb blast

The original ending to Back to the Future has been revealed after secret storyboards from the classic film were unearthed. The 113 drawings depict the unfilmed ending, in which Michael J Fox's character Marty McFly travels back to the future using the power of a nuclear test conducted by the US Army. The full set of storyboards offers a unique insight into the film's early vision, including the look of the DeLorean Time Machine, Marty's Radiation Suit, and his scientist sidekick, Doc Brown.

Photographer David Jenkins captured the heated moment two lions engaged in an aggressive play fight at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe, Africa - pawing at each other with their teeth bared.

Pictures show newborn babies at Christmas. And whether they're sleeping in Santa hats, pulling funny faces or snuggled in nappies and festive ensembles, Christmas doesn't get cuter than this.

Mac on ... the Southern Rail fiasco

MAC: 'Yeah. I want a train set. But I'll decide who opens and closes the bloody doors! Okay?'



The ‘perfect’ female body type revealed

Men and women were asked to picked out the stars with the most desirable body parts, with Hollywood hunks including George Clooney and Chris Hemsworth scoring highly. Pictured: Women opted for Gigi Hadid's eyebrows, Jennifer Aniston's hair and Chrissy Teigen's legs while men cited Chris Pratt's nose, George Clooney's teeth and Gareth Bale's legs.

A cheeky German Shepherd was filmed shoving a cat's face into some snow. Lindsay Roy-Bernatchez, of Canada, filmed her poor ginger cat, Kiwi, having his face pushed into the snow.

Ashley Williams Sistrunk created a heartwarming Christmas photo that included her husband, Brandon, who is deployed in Iraq for the holidays. The photo also included their four children.

Let him entertain her! Grandmother, 67, goes wild at her first Robbie Williams gig (and busts some incredible moves!) 

Wherever he goes, Robbie Williams attracts a gaggle of screaming fans.  But none was more excited to meet her hero than 67-year-old Pat from Manchester. Her grandson had booked her tickets as a surprise and filmed her reaction when Robbie walked on stage. Pat couldn't contain herself as she frantically clapped her hands.