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Jihadis 'hiding in plain sight' among migrants, says Armed Forces chief: Sir Stuart Peach

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, chief of the defence staff, said foreign militants were being moved from their shrinking stronghold in Iraq and Syria. And he warned copycat terrorists are now 'popping up all over the world' as propaganda spreads through social media.
In his first major speech since taking up the role in July, Sir Stuart said Britain also faced an 'era of competition' with other states - and that Russia was not playing by the rules.

Every new mother will be warned to look for signs of sepsis in their baby in an all-out war on the illness. From today, the NHS will distribute a million leaflets in casualty departments across Britain.


A diary item yesterday said that Sir William Blair, QC, brother of former PM Tony Blair, had been appointed a Senior Circuit Judge in Bristol. In fact, it is His Honour Judge Peter Blair, QC, who has taken up this role.

£100-a-night luxury apartment was trashed by hundreds of rampaging teenagers after being

The newly kitted out property, which is rented out for £100 a night, was left with smashed furniture (pictured) and vomit smeared up the walls after police forced the youths to leave. The partying at the flat in Gants Hill, Essex, spilled out onto the streets during the all-night drinking sessions which left neighbours fearing for their safety. The wild party, attended by teenagers as young as 16, kicked off last Wednesday and carried on through the night until they finally dispersed on Saturday. The six-storey building was only completed in June.

New recommendations made by the Law Commission said that husbands who hadn't paid up should be banned from driving for a year or have their passports confiscated until they do.

New changes made by the College of Policing will require candidates to have studied policing, complete a conversion course or apprenticeship. Critics say the move will add a bill of £3 million.

The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel has been ordered to improve its security measures for infants after inspectors found services to be inadequate.

Millions of households could save up to £260 a year on their energy bills simply by switching to the cheapest deal offered by their existing supplier, an official price league reveals.

Car insurance has soared by an average of £100 this year, new figures revealed yesterday. Motoring cover is now 12 per cent higher than it was just four months ago, says a consumer website.

Banks say that the move is to tackle fraud, but that customers can opt out the program. Critics say that tracking customers through their mobile phone data raises privacy concerns.

At least 20 high profile people are at the centre of Scotland Yard investigations, Britain's top police officer said yesterday. They were described as 'very significant figures.'

Fewer children are smoking or drinking alcohol than at any time in the past two decades, NHS figures reveal. One in six - 17 per cent - of those aged eight to 15 said they had tried alcohol.

Dozens of firefighters battle massive blaze at M3 service station as it's declared a

The blaze broke out at Fleet services near Basingstoke on the M3 motorway and at one point more than 50 firefighters were battling the flames that quickly spread through the building. The fire is believed to have begun at one of the restaurants at the service station but this has yet to be confirmed. Pictures from the scene showed smoke billowing across the motorway as the fire burned and Hampshire Police were forced to close the road.

The Prime Minister has warned that Europe is dealing with global mass migration issue with no other way of controlling it. She will address the European Council summit in Brussels on the issue.

Quite a few Tory MPs were guffawing at Boris Johnson's expense again yesterday. Labour MP Peter Dowd (Bootle) had come up with a corker for the first question at PMQs.

The head of the NHS has demanded the pensions triple lock and the free bus pass be scrapped to enable more money to be ploughed into elderly care.

Natasha Pearson (pictured) is studying politics, law and media at Collyer's College in Horsham, which should be a 45-minute train journey from her hometown of East Grinstead.

The giant Unite union said BA cabin crew voted to strike over pay, with walkouts starting as soon as December 21. The move threatens to wreck the holiday plans of thousands of families.

Camilla Cavendish was among 13 peers appointed by former PM David Cameron. She had been his policy chief for just a little over a year when she earned the seat in the House of Lords.

Mothers rule The Apprentice as Lord Sugar gets set to pick a winner between four women and

Working mothers Jessica Cunningham (left), Grainne McCoy (top right) and Frances Bishop (bottom right) make up three of the five semi-finalists on The Apprentice, which reaches the gruelling interview stage on Thursday night, on BBC One.

It's the latest hipster fad that forecasters predicted would be killed off in 2016. But it looks like beards are here to stay for a bit longer after eight of the world's '10 sexiest men' had facial hair.

The NSPCC's dedicated UK football abuse hotline has received more than 1,700 calls since being launched just three weeks ago, with three out of four calls coming from victims themselves.

The Prime Minister (pictured), who was at the centre of the 'trousergate' row, arrived for the star-studded Military Awards in London, with her husband Philip.

Almost one in seven airplane pilots are suffering from depression, research has revealed. Pilots reporting symptoms like suicidal thoughts, trouble concentrating and feelings of failure.

As many as one in 20 women suffering partial deafness could blame their painkiller use, a study by researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in the US found.

Scientists have grown a super-wheat which produces a harvest a fifth larger, without being genetically modified. They produced the monster wheat using a simple crop spray.

New MP Clive Lewis, 45, who entered the Commons only at the 2015 General Election, is said to be planning to take over as leader, with several people touting him as a serious candidate.

London woman gives birth after having an ovary frozen when she was younger

Moaza Al Matrooshi (pictured with her newborn child), 24, from London, had her ovary tissue removed before she underwent chemotherapy to battle a blood disorder she was born with, which is known to damage the organs. Surgeons defrosted the tissue last year and began to transplant it back into her body, which restored her fertility (inset). And after undergoing successful IVF treatment, her son was delivered at the Portland Hospital yesterday.

The vehicle hit a road sign outside the station (pictured) fatally injuring the 19-year-old driver at around 12.10am on Wednesday morning in Stevenage.

This is the shocking moment that Mr Cheeky, a ginger tabby cat was stolen outside his owner Ollie Wilson's home in Hove, East Sussex leaving the 54-year-old journalist devastated.

Nishanthan Gnanathas, 31, of Sutton, South London, who was the best man, hit his head on a wire balustrade when he was pushed from a yacht by Andre van Eck into the River Tagus in Lison.

Leanne Mary Gordon, 30, died in a 'tragic misadventure', a coroner ruled, after a nine-year-old boy who was with her told how she suddenly went under the water in the River Ouse, in Bedford.

A damning new report has revealed Luke Jenkins, seven, died at Bristol Children's Hospital after a nurse walked off during cardiac arrest rather than pressing an emergency button.

Sunday league footballer who suffered double leg fracture in collision with a goalkeeper

An amateur footballer was left lying in a muddy puddle for three-and-a-half hours with a double leg break because of a lack of ambulances. Elliot Smith, 23, broke his right tibula and fibula following a collision with his own goalkeeper while playing a Sunday league match in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Margaret Gallagher, who requires crutches, slammed the parking warden who issued the fine in Derbyshire despite leaving the doctor's note on the windscreen.

Oliver Bunford, from Louth in Lincolnshire, shelled out £40 for a new iPhone but when he found it was faulty the youngster was told 'I don't care' by its conman seller on Facebook.

Gary Davy, 22, was playing the game on his Xbox in Peterborough when he noticed he kept getting killed by the same player - which was Kayleigh Hopgood, 22, from Grays, Essex.

Mark Maloney, 37, of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, battled fierce currents to pull the four-year-old boy to safety near Bankside in London with 'seconds to spare' yesterday afternoon.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Marie Hind, 34, of Gosport, near Portsmouth, Hampshire, struggled to walk after waking up with the bite, which turned black and grew larger within days.

Yachtsman boasted about murdering British couple in the Caribbean in front of his son

Silas Duane Boston, of Sacramento, CA, now 75, told a friend in gruesome detail about killing a young British couple, Peta Frampton and Christopher Farmer, in 1978, court records reveal, He is now charged with the murders of the couple in international waters in the Caribbean. Boston (right) was arrested after a cold case review into his former wife's murder in 1968. It led to his arrest at a convalescent home in Paradise, California. Now has seen testimony from his friend Bryan Logsdon (inset) and his sons Russell and Vince (left, foreground) who described Farmer and his partner's death. The friend said Boston boasted of the brutality of it just a decade ago - but all three said they were too scared of him and his contacts to tell police at the time.

The 22-year-old (pictured) reality TV star was two-and-a-half times over the drink drive limit when he was arrested and spent the night in custody on August 15 this year.

A man was punched in the face on the London Underground by an alleged attacker who had read over his victim's shoulder. The attack took place between the Victoria and Green Park stations.

Richard Ford, 38, an inmate at Nottingham prison, who threatened to murder ten people and have sex with their dead bodies has been sentenced to an extra 45 years behind bars.

The unmarked HGV gives officers a better vantage point to see people using their mobile phones at the wheel, but the truck has captured far more unusual crimes since going into operation in Devon.

The drugs, which also included 50 kilos of cannabis, was shipped into Britain in 15 months through the UK's biggest airport - 11 suspects, including three baggage handlers, were arrested.

Hairdresser Amy Merrifield (pictured), 21, and her older sister Rebecca, 24, went on the rampage at Goals five-a-side football centre in Dagenham, Essex, on January 16.

Fraudsters convicted of rigging English language tests for 800 bogus overseas students

The gang charged 'very large sums of money' to read out the answers to multiple-choice tests or provided substitutes to sit in the language exams on behalf of candidates. The 'industrial scale' fraud was first uncovered by an undercover BBC Panorama sting in 2014 which triggered a police investigation. Three firms involved also provided forged bank statements and academic records for Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi migrants trying to illegally extend their stay in the UK. The companies ran tests devised by one of the world's largest language testing firms, Educational Training Services Global (ETS), Southwark Crown Court heard. Today Harinder Kumar, 31, Shaheen Ahmed, 33, Mohammad Hasan, 37, (left to right) and Talal Chowdhury, 30, (not pictured) were found guilty of plotting to facilitate the commission of breaches of immigration law between 17 October 2012 and 10 February 2014. Six other alleged fraudsters named on the indictment fled the country before they could be charged.

Simon Halabi, 58, also called self-employed refuse collector Carl Thomas a 'peasant' and a 'monkey' as he picked up bin bags outside Annabel's in Mayfair.

Aiden Grimshaw, 25, from Blackpool, has been banned from driving for 20 months after he was caught at twice the drink-driving limit when he left a gig at his local golf club.

Harinder Kumar, 31, pictured, Talal Chowdhury, 30, Shaheen Ahmed, 33, and Mohammad Hasan, 37, were convicted of rigging English tests for more than 800 bogus overseas students.

Richard Ariss, 29, was sentenced to a year in prison for abusing the girl earlier this year after teaching her at a school in the Plymouth area. He has now been banned from the classroom for life.

These are the shocking images of a driver using a mobile phone behind the wheel of their car in London while watching television on their tablet computer while stuck in heavy traffic.

Kate Middleton attends a Cub Scout Pack meeting in Norfolk

The Duchess of Cambridge, 34, was given a helping hand by a youngster who showed her how to fashion her woggle into a sling, left, as she attended a special Cub Scout Pack meeting with the Kings Lynn District on Wednesday evening, an event held to help the group celebrate 100 years of the organisation. Kate, who drove over from her country home, Anmer Hall, joined the Pack as they took part in games and activities themed around 'looking after yourself and others physically and emotionally' including a parachute game, cake icing, and performing a Cub Scout promise, right. The Duchess has her own experience to call upon, having enrolled a Brownie in the 1st St Andrew's pack in Pangbourne, Berkshire, at just eight years old (inset, in 1990).

A rare silver £2 coin could fetch up to £350 online due to an imperfection that occurred during the minting process, with normal coins featuring dents around the Queen's head.

The London-based luxury department store and tea rooms has been accused of denying workers a share of tips and service charges unless they agree to a pay cut below £7.20 per hour.

The toymaker, which has its headquarters in Billund, Denmark, said the change was a reaction to the collapse in the value of the pound since the UK's vote to leave the EU in June.

Batman and C3PO among characters ripped off in fake Christmas gifts

From 'E3PO' to the 'Moneyply' board game, these are the Christmas presents you might not want to receive. It might also be best to stay clear of a terrifying lizard called 'Big Fella' and a 'Breast Chaser' model kit. These are among the hilarious fake toys taking the internet by storm with dubious packaging and odd names. The collection includes a 'Harry Potter' backpack with the word 'Obama' and a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog. Among the other knock-offs area a 'Little Pluckies Ninja' turtle and a 'Toy World 3' Buzz Lightyear action figure.

The tech giant delivered its first package - an Amazon Fire TV box and a bag of popcorn - to a customer in Cambridge after launching its drone from a track and flying it at an altitude of 400ft.

Guitarist Andy Taylor lived at the four bedroom flat at Royal Victoria Patriotic Building (pictured) in Wandsworth, South West London, in the 1980s during some of the band's most successful years.

Guests at the Swallows Leisure Centre, inset right, in Sittingbourne, Kent, were shocked when they saw the reindeer during last weekend's Christmas festival and posted their outrage on social media, left.

North Korea is accused of robbing children of their childhood

The footage appears to show children hammering away on railway lines and hauling bricks and rubble in Chagang in North Korea as they are being 'forced to work for 10 hours a day'. And it has been claimed some of the them are as young as five, raising more questions about human rights abuses in the country. Human rights experts have hit out at Kim Jong-un's regime claiming it is 'robbing children of the chance of a happy childhood'.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has retained his place at the top of the Forbes list of the world's most powerful people, with Donald Trump up from 72 to two on the list.

The extraordinary assertion was made by an expert from the European Council on Foreign Relations, who said the foreign powers could collude to destabilise Germany ahead of next year's election.

TV channel France 2 went undercover in various areas with high Islamic populations in Paris to show how conservative Muslim men are enforcing social segregation in public spaces.

A source said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un raged at elderly officials and told them to stay up all night to write up their statements, but appeared perplexed by their presence the next morning.

Public prosecutors in Berlin have identified the man who booted the 26-year-old victim face-first down the stairs, but that police have not been able to arrest him because he has left the country.

The 20-year-old rapist - named only as Amir A. in court - attacked the child at a swimming pool in Vienna. His victim was left with horrendous injuries and is still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Hussein Khavari, 17, accused of the sex killing of Maria Ladenburger, 19, in Freiburg, Germany, had previously thrown a 20-year-old woman off a cliff in Corfu, it has emerged.



Ugandans made to serve Lord's Resistance Army recall how their lives were shattered

The LRA is thought to have murdered tens of thousands of people and abducted at least 30,000 children, forcing them to become soldiers or sex slaves while some had their faces mutilated (left bottom and top). Lily Atong (right) was taken as a young girl and made to marry the chief Joseph Kony (centre) with whom she had five children. As well as being repeatedly raped and forced to kill, abductees were allegedly forced to cook and eat human flesh and some had their lips, ears and noses cut off by militants.

Government bosses want to reverse a decision by dictator Francisco Franco 70 years ago to shift Spain's clocks one hour agreed to be in line with Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Video footage captures one Santa pulling a sledgehammer from his sack to smash down the door of suspected drug dealers while his colleagues grab guns from the sack to enter the house in Peru.

Svetlana Roslina, 24, dropped her mobile phone into the vat of sweet mix and reached in to retrieve it, but fell, and couldn't get out, according to reports.

Aleppo was once a thriving commercial centre with more than two million inhabitants. Now much of it lies in ruins. Hospitals have been bombed; children maimed, mutilated and murdered.

Under this asinine deal, the Government will pick up the tab for a £38million shortfall in fare revenue caused by the walk-outs, while shelling out up to £15million compensation to passengers.