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The librarian tragically killed innocently crossing a road in Wolli Creek

A woman hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver was walking home from the 'dream job' she had just started and was in the prime of her life, her devastated father said. Nicole Lewanski, 22, (pictured left) was crossing the Princes Highway near Brodie Spark Drive in Wolli Creek at 6pm on Wednesday when police said she was struck by a utility which allegedly ran through a red light. Patrick Nealon, 35, (pictured inset) was charged at the scene and did not apply for bail in court.

Dreaming of moving to America? How thousands of Australians are moving to the U.S. using a

Have you dreamed of moving to America? The special E-3 visa is making it easier for all Australians, from office workers to tradies, to live and work in the U.S. These three lucky Australians have all made the move to New York and haven't looked back. The application process was simple, cheap, and hassle free.


Prince Harry and his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle have been pictured together for the first time tonight while out on a date to the theatre in London to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong.

Wife of ISIS recruiter who refused to remove her Islamic veil in court loses lawsuit

The wife of a convicted Islamic State terrorist who refused to remove her Islamic veil in court has been left with a $100,000 bill after losing a lawsuit over an early morning police raid. Moutia Elzahed lost her legal bid against police on Thursday morning after accusing police of assaulting her during counter-terrorism raids at her southwest Sydney home in September 2014. Ms Elzahed, whose husband Hamdi Alqudsi is a convicted Islamic State recruiter, had refused to take off her veil to give evidence over the six-day hearing. District Judge Audrey Balla threw out all six brutality claims made by Ms Elzahed, who could also face a criminal charge for refusing to stand for the judge because she 'won't stand for anyone except Allah'.

NEW Kerry King received a debt recovery letter from Centrelink - so she decided she better pay back the money - all two cents of it. The Victoria woman responded by sending Centrelink a two cent coin.

James Mataafi, whose 17-month-old daughter Imogen (pictured) drowned two years ago in a pool on Christmas Day in Auckland, said he will never forgive himself for letting his 'wee girl down'.

Muslim teen Yasmin Seweid arrested for lying about Trump supporter subway attack

A Muslim teenager who claimed she was called a terrorist and attacked by Donald Trump supporters on a New York subway train apparently lied about the whole story. Yasmin Seweid, 18, was arrested by police on Wednesday for filing a false report and admitting she lied about the so-called attack. Seweid, who is a student at New York's Baruch College, initially told police she was harassed by three men when she got on a train at the 23rd Street station in Manhattan on December 1.

Underworld figure Pasquale Barbaro farewelled at Melbourne funeral

Gangland identity Pasquale Barbaro (inset) has finally been farewelled in a small funeral (left) attended by fewer than 30 people in north Melbourne. Only close family members (right) mourned the 35-year-old on Wednesday in Conburg's Tripodi Chapel, almost a month after he was gunned down on a Sydney footpath. Underworld funerals are normally attended by hundreds, but rumours Barbaro had been cooperating with police kept his mafia associates away. His estranged wife (top right) spoke at the service, commenting on how he managed to live out his favourite motto in death: 'Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse.' Barbaro's father, Joe, was spotted for the first time since his son's death and pictured smoking outside the service (bottom right).

Australia's biggest cruise ship Ovation of the Seas arrives in Sydney

The biggest cruise ship ever to visit Australia, Ovation of the Seas, has docked in Sydney Harbour (left) carrying more than 4,000 passengers who will spend $3.3 million in just two days and $35 million over the season. It is the fourth biggest cruise ship in the world including surfing and skydiving simulators (top right), robot bartenders, 18 restaurants (bottom right), and a huge entertainment complex with bumper cars, basketball courts, and roller skating, plus several theatres and three pools.

Shocking footage shows children as young as FIVE forced to work in chain gangs in North Korea

The footage appears to show children hammering away on railway lines and hauling bricks and rubble in Chagang in North Korea as they are being 'forced to work for 10 hours a day'. And it has been claimed some of the them are as young as five, raising more questions about human rights abuses in the country. Human rights experts have hit out at Kim Jong-un's regime claiming it is 'robbing children of the chance of a happy childhood'.

Police took DNA samples from Brett Cowan's car in 2003 to match with Sunshine Coast teen Daniel Morcome's but did not examine them for eight years until soon before Cowan confessed in 2011.

Australians who illegally download videos, such as America's Next Top Model, face a rude shock. A Federal Court judge is deciding whether or not sites like Pirate Bay should be barred.

Customers share WORST deconstructed food fails on Twitter

Deconstructing food is a restaurant trend where classics are reinvented, usually by taking apart the individual components. But these 17 photos prove it doesn't always make for a delicious meal. From left to right: spaghetti served separately to the bolognese sauce in glass containers; avo toast where the customer was served a halved avocado next to some bread; a make-your-own coffee; a black forest gateau where every element was separated; a chicken pie served without sauce and with pastry on the side; and a Caesar salad that was served as a whole head of lettuce tied together with a bread ring.

Woman auctioning off the chance to tattoo her buttocks closes the deal at $6,500

The 20-year-old New Zealand woman who auctioned off one of her buttock cheeks to be tattooed with a design of the winning bidder's choosing has earned $6,500 (inset). The auction to decide what Bailey Price (left) would have tattooed up to 9cm x 9cm closed on Wednesday, and was won by an Australian man named Paul who appeared to create a Trade Me account for the sole purpose of making the $6,500 bid. Another New Zealand woman, named Shannon (right), has listed her buttocks to be tattooed at auctioned for above $3,000.

Sweden's Civil Contingencies Agency has sent out a letter to all local authorities telling them they must be better equipped to respond to the threat of war following Russian aggression.

Australia's female cricketers are discriminated against. Team members, including Ellyse Perry pictured, must prove they are not pregnant and are denied access to maternity leave.

Hicham Jansis fled his war-torn home in Homs, Syria aged 14 for a refugee camp with minimal schooling. On Wednesday the teen who now lives in Sydney was awarded for topping his HSC.

The adult dating service was found to have had lax security services and misleading clients who believed their data would be protected even after they stopped using the site to conduct affairs.

Tensions brew as Japanese community says Korean sex slave statue on display in Sydney

The statue of a Korean sex slave on display in a Sydney church is the subject of a complaint by the Australia-Japanese community under 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, who claim it's a 'hurtful historic symbol'. The statue commemorates 'Comfort Women' - Korean and Chinese girls and women forced into sex slavery by Japanese soldiers during Wold War Two. Australia-Japan Community Network president Tetsuhide Yamaoka said the statue is 'detrimental to the local community and will only result in generating offence and racial hate'.

Mel Gibson is nominated for Golden Globe despite career in ruins by racist rants

Audience members said the cast and crew of Gibson's World War II movie, Hacksaw Ridge, were 'overwhelmed' as they soaked up the plaudits earlier this year. And none more so, one can be certain, than its director, Mel Gibson (with girlfriend Rosalind Ross, right). It seemed a return to his glory days as Hollywood's most bankable name as he walked out of the Sala Grande theatre to find screaming fans waiting not for the film's stars, Andrew Garfield and Vince Vaughn, but for him. Gibson is engaged in one of the most delicate comebacks in Tinseltown history. After a decade in the wilderness he looks to have finally shrugged off an ugly past of anti-Semitic and racist outbursts, and incidents of domestic violence that few felt could be excused by Gibson's rampant alcoholism (drinking at a party, left).

Entrepreneur Maddison Lawrence from Queensland transforms trucking industry

Chinese businessmen laughed Maddison Lawrence (left and right) out of the room when she first pitched her idea hoping to transform the Australian trucking industry, but the 22-year-old has had the last laugh. She flew to Beijing for an international car show in May with the sole purpose of finding a product which would prevent damage to trucks. She was not taken seriously, but managed to convince manufacturers her idea had potential. She was given the green light and launched her new business in November. Although she did not fit the mould of what a trucking expert should be, she now successfully owns and runs two businesses in the transport industry.

Aleppo was once a thriving commercial centre with more than two million inhabitants. Now much of it lies in ruins. Hospitals have been bombed; children maimed, mutilated and murdered.

Popular 3AW radio presenter Tony Jones has thrown his support behind unemployed people who turn down jobs. 'No one wants to get out of bed for a job they don't want to do,' Mr Jones said.

Grieving mother takes picture of her baby son who died to meet Santa

Erin Morrison (left, and inset), 26, from Victoria, lost her son Caesar (also inset) in March after he tragically died from heart complications. Caesar. As the festive season approached, Erin couldn't bear the idea that Caesar would never get to meet Santa, so she decided to mark his first Christmas in a unique way. Armed with a precious photo of her little one and his favourite belongings, she took them to meet Father Christmas and had the bittersweet moment captured on camera (right)

The 22-year-old female was struck Princes Highway near Brodie Spark Drive in Wolli Creek just before 6pm on Wednesday. She died in hospital a short time later.

Google has released a list of the top 10 most searched for recipes online. Mid-week meals and tempting side dishes feature heavily while trendy foods don't rank at all.

Brisbane boy Curtis Powell's nurse aunt didn't take him to doctors before he died of

Jodie Maree Powell, the aunt of an 11-year-old boy in her care, failed to take him to doctors before he died of pneumonia despite the fact she was an experienced nurse, it has been alleged. Curtis Powell (pictured) was found dead in July 2015 with suspicious injuries and he had received no medical care for almost five years, the Brisbane Magistrates Court (inset) has heard. Powell, 43, and her de facto partner, James Burnham, 35, have been charged with manslaughter, child cruelty and interfering with a corpse.

Zimbabwe's ruling party says the country's 92-year-old president, Robert Mugabe, is certain to be endorsed as the party's presidential candidate for elections in 2018.

Former MP Bronwyn Bishop has said Australians who suffer depression are 'rorting the welfare system' a year after she resigned for using taxpayer funds to take helicopter rides. 

Heartwarming photo shows boys helping man in wheelchair shovel snow in Wisconsin

Two Wisconsin boys' good deed for a disabled neighbor is going viral after their father shared a photo of them on Facebook. Daniel Medina with his two sons spotted a disabled man trying to clear his path. The boys suggested they get out of the car and help the man who was struggling. Their Dad took a photo of the eager youngsters, Daniel, 10, right, and Dominic, 6, inset, before posting it to Facebook.

A truck driver who crashed a truck on the Cahill Expressway in Sydney on Wednesday, causing hours of traffic delays, was driving with a fake license and was banned from driving until 2019.

Tony Briggs and his wife Vicki are giving someone the once-in-a -lifetime opportunity to own a slice of paradise, after putting their secluded Great Barrier Reef island on the market.

Alan Thicke had his teenage son snap a photo of him moments before he died

The beloved actor was playing hockey with friends and his teenage son Carter when he suddenly was forced to sit down in the middle of the game, but assured the men that he was completely fine. Carter thought otherwise however, and called 911 to get an ambulance on the scene. Alan however continued to brush off the concerns  of those around him and urged everyone to return to the game, which they did. And the Growing Pains star still thought he was going to be fine even while being taken away on the stretcher, making Carter snap a photo of him as he was taken into the ambulance because he thought it was funny.

Dylan Milverton, 22, the son of Tasmania Senator Jacqui Lambie, has revealed he has overcome addictions to drugs he has been hooked on 'since before my teenage years' thanks to rehab.

Hervey Bay man steals dying man's credit card to go on spending spree

Shannon Davis, 28, (right) is accused of stealing Matt Clark's (left) credit card after he was fatally hit by a car on Saturday night in Hervey Bay, in Queensland (inset). Davis and co-accused female friend Shannon Tubb used, the card to buy a mobile phone, clothes, yoghurt and $90 worth of alcohol. The purchases led to a police raid of Davis' home where they found Mr Clark's wallet and meth smoking pipes.

The move is also designed to help with recruitment as some prospective employees are put off by the need to understand their home nation's language.

Monaco's royal twins join Princess Charlene and Prince Albert to give Christmas gifts

Royal twins Jacques and Gabriella, two, have joined their parents Prince Albert, 58, and Princess Charlene, 38, (left) to give out Christmas gifts to children at Monaco's royal palace for the first time. Charlene looked appropriately festive in a cheery red coat and silver shoes, while her husband added a touch of Christmas cheer with a Santa Claus tie. Prince Jacque (right) was wrapped up warm in a navy anorak as he made his way to the annual event with his parents.

Incredible video shows how one tablespoon of olive oil can calm half an acre of waves on a lake within minutes

A video by Harvard physicist Dr Greg Kestin shows that just one tablespoon of olive oil poured over water can spread out within minutes, calming the waves around you. The oil spreads out to form a layer just one molecule thick because oil molecules are double sided: one end is attracted to water and so flips towards it, and the other end stands upright because it's repelled by water.

Father of a teen who flew 15 metres off a cliff in Melbourne's northeast while drag racing has said the driver is 'looking after himself' after he pleaded not guilty and asked for his licence back.

As many as one in 20 women suffering partial deafness could blame their painkiller use, a study by researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in the US found.

Girl gang stripped football star naked before subjecting him to sex ordeal 

Brogan Gillard, 26, Paige Cunningham, 22, and Shannon Jones, 20, lured the 20-year-old stranger to one of their homes after meeting him on a night out. He passed out after being plied with vodka by the women from Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria before they sexually assaulted him while dancing. The women admitted sexual assault, while their not guilty pleas to sexual assault by penetration and actual bodily harm were accepted at Preston Crown Court. The victim, who must remain anonymous for legal reasons, appeared on the floor in a video as Gillard cut his hair and peeled vegetables over him. She wielded a pair of scissors and asked 'Put in his bum?' before parting his bottom cheeks.

Chloe Lattanzi and her fiancé James Driskill are building a cannabis farm in Oregon, where recreational marijuana is legal. The business is believed to be in the early stages.

Eric Schmitt-Matzen had broke down in tears during an interview with the DailyMail.com on Monday, where he described how a terminally ill little boy had died in his arms after he visited him in hospital.

Potato-only diet sees astonishing weight loss

Melbourne man Andrew Taylor turned to a potato-only diet (inset) after realising he had a food addiction. In little under a year of eating nothing but spuds, he has gone from 151 kilos (left) to an astonishing 99 kilos (right). Mr Taylor said his diet consisted purely of baked potatoes, mashed potatoes and boiled potatoes. 'I've not had a single slip up.  It's been quite amazing to me as well. It'll be a year on January 1,' he told Daily Mail Australia.

A ride down a water slide ended in pain for a teenage girl who was injured at a Queensland theme park. The incident happened around noon on Wednesday at a Wet'n'Wild park.

'Democracy sausage' (pictured) has snagged this year's word of the year as named by the Australian National Dictionary Centre, beating out other popular terms, 'smashed avo' and 'shoey'.

Mother-of-two makes her terminally ill best friend's last wish come true by adopting her

An Illinois woman has made a life changing decision by making her dying best friend's last wish come true. Sara (pictured far right on the right), 36, is in the final stages of ALS in hospice care and is not expected to make it to Christmas. Her best friend, Missy Armstrong (pictured left on the far right), is in the process of legally adopting her three young children, (pictured together left), 11-year-old Cayden, 9-year-old Micah and eight-year-old Amara.

A 16-year-old Sydney boy has been named among the top HSC students in NSW - after coming equal first in maths - after completing the exam a year earlier than needed.

A former school teacher in South Australia was sentenced to jail time for taking 'upskirt' videos of female students. Stephen Thomas Ward, 67, was a teacher at Gawler's Trinity College for 20 years.

Ursula von der Leyen REFUSES to wear hijab during visit to Saudi Arabia

Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (pictured with Saudi Vice Regent Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud) said women should have the same right to choose their clothing as men. She shunned traditional Saudi attire, opting instead for a dark blue suit. But she was heavily criticised in Saudi Arabia for not wearing traditional clothing. Her stand came a week after Angela Merkel called for the burka to be banned in Germany.

Dietitian Helen Bond reveals her top 20 tips to stop IBS-related symptoms during the party season - including avoiding the mini quiches and mince pies at the office Christmas party.

The kingdom's education ministry is thought to be preparing a project called 'Immunity' which is described as 'inoculating' children from ideas that could threaten their 'ideological security'.

Kate Middleton attends a Cub Scout Pack meeting in Norfolk

The Duchess of Cambridge, 34, attended Cub Scout Pack meeting with the Kings Lynn District on Wednesday to help youngsters celebrate 100 years of the organisation. Kate, who drove over from her country home, Anmer Hall, joined the Pack as they took part in games and activities themed around 'looking after yourself and others physically and emotionally'.

FILE - In this Jan. 3, 2007, file photo, Ricky Gray is escorted from the county courthouse in Culpeper, Va., following his preliminary hearing. Gray asked a federal court Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016, to block the state's plans to execute him next month with lethal injection drugs from a secret compounding pharmacy, suggesting even a firing squad would be more humane. Attorneys for Gray said in a federal complaint that there is a serious risk that Virginia will "chemically torture" the man to death when it uses compounded drugs for his execution scheduled for Jan. 18. Gray was convicted of killing Bryan and Kathryn Harvey and their 9-year-old and 4-year-old daughters during a home invasion.  (Mike Morones /The Free Lance-Star via AP, File)

A Virginia inmate asked a federal court Wednesday to block the state's plans to execute him next month with lethal injection drugs from a secret compound suggesting firing squad would be more humane.

Teens accused of brutally killing David Grunwald in Alaska face victim's parents in court

Bradley Renfro, 16, (second from left) appeared to address the parents of murdered teen David Grunwald (right) as he was escorted out of court in Palmer, Alaska on Tuesday after being charged with killing him. Witnesses in the courtroom claim Renfro cocked his head as he walked past Ben and Edie Grunwald (inset) and said 'What are you gonna do?... Do something'. Renfro was among five teens to enter not guilty pleas over Grunwald's murder. Grunwald was was allegedly beaten, kidnapped and forced to walk into remote woods where he was shot dead execution style on November 13. His body wasn't found until three weeks later on December 2 following a police investigation. Erick Almandinger, 16, Austin Barrett, 19, Devin Peterson, 18, and Dominic Johnson, 16, were the other charged in relation to the murder.


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Inside Donald Trump's custom designed 1988 Cadillac limousine

This is the one-of-a-kind luxury limousine that Donald Trump designed exclusively for Cadillac more than two decades ago. The custom automobile was first spoken about by Trump in his 1987 autobiography The Art of the Deal. Trump said he was approached by John Grettenberger, the head of Cadillac at the timer, and agreed to design two distinct versions of the limousine - the Trump Golden Series and the Trump Executive Series. Automotive News reports that both were unveiled in Atlantic City in 1988 and featured 'Italian leather upholstery, wool carpeting, a TV and VCR, a fax machine, a paper shredder, pop-out writing desks and even a cellular phone.'

Pensioner Rakesh Dhody, 63, claims he was left in 'extreme pain' after he stood on the banana and got his finger trapped in a shelf as he fell over at a Coles supermarket in Melbourne.

Rhiannon Stevens, from Melbourne, has fulfilled a promise she made to her gay younger brother 14 years ago. The 35-year-old has carried two surrogate children for her brother and his partner.

Today, stickers impregnated with active skincare ingredients are an increasingly popular way to ensure that vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the skin.

A teenager with links to the notorious Apex gang (unrelated member pictured) has admitted to trashing a juvenile jail in Melbourne in the lead-up to his sentencing over a string of other crimes.

£100-a-night luxury apartment was trashed by hundreds of rampaging teenagers after being

The newly kitted out property, which is rented out for £100 a night, was left with smashed furniture (pictured) and vomit smeared up the walls after police forced the youths to leave. The partying at the flat in Gants Hill, Essex, spilled out onto the streets during the all-night drinking sessions which left neighbours fearing for their safety. The wild party, attended by teenagers as young as 16, kicked off last Wednesday and carried on through the night until they finally dispersed on Saturday. The six-storey building was only completed in June.

A Chinese firm has built a smart eyeshade that uses sensors to detect your brain activity for the ultimate power nap. Called Naptime, this device wakes you up right before you hit a deep sleep.

Russian model Masha Rudenko, 27, is believed to be at the centre of the latest love triangle involving Mick Jagger. A friend suggested Rudenko was dating Jagger and the model did not correct her.

The lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris were switched off tonight to show support for the people of the shattered Syrian city of Aleppo and protest the 'unbearable' situation.

Sangeeta Guru, a mother-of-two and beautician, has been awarded more than $90,000 after slipping on a grape four years ago at a Coles supermarket in Sydney's west.

Would YOU take your pup out in a pram? Trainer launches dog stroller hire service (but

NEW You may be used to seeing babies inside prams, but on the Gold Coast, prepare to see a few puppies out for a stroll in them too.Joanna Parkes has recently launched a puppy pram hire service for pet owners who want to keep their pets off the ground. But Ms Parkes, who was worked as a dog behavioural trainer for more than a decade, says the pet strollers aren't about making a fashion statement but have a practical purpose. She says they are aimed at puppies who have yet to be fully vaccinated to keep from safe from disease and also if they are intimidated by bigger animals.

Melbourne removal men make saucy SHIRTLESS calendar

A Melbourne house moving company has created a shirtless calendar for 2017 to raise funds for homeless women, after seeing the impact of domestic violence in the community. Friendly Moving Men, which is based in Collingwood, features a number of scenes in the calendar including a pool-themed one (top left), and a festive Santa (bottom right). It's the second year the company has done the project, with all funds going to a homeless support service.

German scientists said the breakthrough could lead to victims being diagnosed before they reach an advanced stage - when treatments and lifestyle changes are less likely to be effective.

Ryerson University marketing and creative industries teacher Jessica Langer of Toronto has become the inspiration for many after penning the note to students.

A spokeswoman from Marks & Spencer - home to many British women's go-to underwear department - said it recommends washing a bra after every time you have worn it.

Trump’s controversial quotes about women feature in Oregon student's series of photos

Aria Watson, 18, from Oregon, originally created the pictures as her final project for an 'introduction to photography' class. the pictures have attracted global attention and resonated with hundreds of thousands of people. The photographs, pictured, show the naked bodies of Aria and her family and friends with the President-elect's sexist comments written on them.

An 18-year-old German tourist had to be rescued by helicopter after he was attacked by a 'grumpy seal' while swimming in New Zealand on Wednesday.

Movie stars share both sides of their personalities in unique portrait series

Photographer Andrew H. Walker wanted to do something different for his celebrity portraits and asked stars at the Toronto Film Festival to share two sides of themselves in front of the camera. Walked wanted it to be a thoughtful project where celebrities examined both their public persona and private selves. He said Anne Hathaway was one of the most enthusiastic, while Richard Gere one of the most analytical stars he photographed.

Skye Preston was walking home from a hospital appointment in Sunderland with her step father Alan Dale, when she was pushed from behind and knocked to the ground.

It's the latest hipster fad that forecasters predicted would be killed off in 2016. But it looks like beards are here to stay for a bit longer after eight of the world's '10 sexiest men' had facial hair.

Meggs and Bacon vlogger Megan , 14, had her 42-year-old dad Jon narrate her recent beauty tutorial. The California teen told Daily Mail Online that her dad was happy to help and 'thinks he's funny'.

Two Rich Kids of Instagram from London have sparked controversy after setting fire to a Mercedes G Wagen, which starts at £87,000, for the 'laugh' because they were bored.

Professional pet sitter lives rent free and is saving for a house

Chase Osland, from Brisbane, hopes to pay for her first home through her work as a pet sitter (left and right). The 28-year-old lives rent free in exchange for looking after pets while their owners are away. 'I was trying to come up with a way to save money that didn't involve moving back home,' the animal lover (inset) told Daily Mail Australia. '[I] thought house sitting would be a great way to have my own space while living rent free, with a pet to keep me company.'

A three-year-old boy from Texas boy has been buried days after he died when he accidentally hung himself after a cord from window blind wrapped around his neck.

A man who was rejected when he tried to speak to a woman at a Canberra bar around 2am on November 20 has seen on CCTV footage pulling on her hair so hard she falls to the ground.

Child’s Christmas letter to dead father sparks online appeal after being found in field

The unidentified boy told his father in the letter (left) that he was missing him in heaven and said he dreamed that he could leave him a note under his pillow. It was found with the balloon in a private field in Dunfermline by Stuart McColl (centre), who wants to find the child to give him the presents he asked for in the note. Photographer Mr McColl, 30, who discovered the note in the field (close to the location pictured right) behind the Balmule House four-star hotel while walking his friend's dog Millie. He told MailOnline: 'I almost cried - it was quite touching. I was just a bit kind of taken aback by the letter, it was just such a tragic note and it really affected me.

The adult dating service was found to have had lax security services and misleading clients who believed their data would be protected even after they stopped using the site to conduct affairs.

App made by researchers at UC Berkeley uses a smartphone's motion detectors to measure seismic waves, and is sensitive enough to pick up on tremors as small as magnitude 2.5.

The latest 'Where's Wally' style challenge involves finding the toy robot hidden in the workshop where the elves are hard at work on the production line - but it's a lot harder than it sounds.

Kim Kardashian's (left) hairstylist, Chris Appleton, dished on his favorite drugstore hair products from brands like Tigi and Moco de Gorilla on the reality star's app yesterday.

Amazon makes it first delivery by DRONE: Internet giant airdrops its first package - just 13 MINUTES after it was ordered (just as well he lives round the corner from the test site) 

The tech giant delivered its first package - an Amazon Fire TV box and a bag of popcorn - to a customer in Cambridge after launching its drone from a mechanised track and flying it at an altitude of 400ft. Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos confirmed the debut delivery in a tweet earlier today. He wrote: 'First-ever AmazonPrimeAir customer delivery is in the books. 13 min - click to delivery.'

Police investigating a murder-suicide involving former minister Daniel Randall plan to review reports about the 1993 death of the his first wife Greta Randall in Maine, officials said.

Liz Hodgkinson says at 71 she's becoming well seasoned in the death of friends and a year ago, for instance, a former boyfriend died.

A New Zealand policeman who was filmed pushing a 13-year-old boy off his bike and pinning him against a fence will not face criminal charges but will be asked to apologise to the teen and his family.

Alan Thicke was a picture of health 48 hours before his sudden death on Tuesday. The 69-year-old died of a heart attack on Tuesday. But in his final few days there was no visible evidence

Mother who weighs 22 stone successfully gives birth after 16 medical staff join forces to

A team of medical staff teamed up to carry out the operation on December 13 at a hospital in Changsha, southern China. The woman were reportedly 39 weeks pregnant and had been diagnosed with various heart diseases, pulmonary hypertension and gestational diabetes. Her baby was delivered after two hours, but its gender was not specified.


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What would REALLY happen if an asteroid struck the ocean: Simulation reveals impact would

An asteroid collision would have devastating effects if the impact occurred within 10-20 kilometers of a populated coastline, spurring severe flooding, shockwaves, extreme temperatures, and hurricane force winds. But, out in the middle of the ocean, the massive waves generated by the collision would quickly die down, a new simulation reveals, preventing city-swallowing tsunamis from reaching the shorelines. Water vapour, instead, could pose a larger threat - the impact would launch billions of tons of the greenhouse gas into the air, with potential to linger in the stratosphere for months or even years.

Outback Queensland is in the grip of a severe drought, but you wouldn't know it to look at these stunning snapshots after heavy rains transformed the Birdsville region from a desert into an oasis.

Public prosecutors in Berlin have identified the man who booted the 26-year-old victim face-first down the stairs, but that police have not been able to arrest him because he has left the country.

A hilarious video shows father and daughter Rick Harnsberger and Holly Wolff, from Ohio, breaking out all kinds of moves as they take to the dancefloor on her wedding day - leaving guests wide-eyed.

Helen McGinn's bargain of the week is an Exquisite Collection Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh, crisp and nectarine-scented, it's a real fridge-door banker.



Rome slammed for having the 'ugliest Christmas tree in the world' 

As cities around the world begin to light up with Christmas cheer, the great capital city of Italy has left their citizens wanting more. Rome's annual Christmas tree has been dubbed the 'saddest in the world' with drooping limbs, lackluster lights - and not even a star on top. The barren tree stands in the centre of the city at Piazza Venezia - and has driven many locals to social media to express their disappointment.

Indi, an orphan kangaroo in Alice Springs, was spotted unashamedly munching on toilet roll after hopping her way into a bathroom.

Tourists are flocking to Thailand's popular party island of Ko Phangan in droves for the first Full Moon Party since the he death of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej in October.

The rare moment the rhinos started to fight was captured by senior field guide Wayne Howarth in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa during an evening game drive looking for a pride of lions.

The winner of an intense rock, paper, scissors tournament has had an epic meltdown after she beat 98 competitors to be crowned the leader of the Japanese music supergroup AKB48.

'This could go on all day': Determined dogs refuse to give up in epic tug of war battle for a stick 

A dog owner has shown the determination of his two dogs by uploading a video of them in a tug of war. Darren Woods, of County Clare in Ireland, filmed a video of his two dogs fighting over a stick. In the video, his two dogs are seen growling at each other as they refuse to let go of a stick while on a walk.