Have Casey Batchelor's boobs staged a comeback? Reality star appears to have a bigger chest despite having reduction surgery in 2014

  • Casey, 32, from Essex, had surgery to reduce her cup size from 32GG to 32EE
  • She revealed she had suffered years of insecurities about her chest size
  • Plastic surgeon says if she has put on weight her boobs could have grown

Years of insecurity about her 32GG breasts prompted Casey Batchelor to have them reduced. 

The reality TV star, 32, from Essex opted to go down by two cup sizes and debuted a significantly smaller 32EE chest in September 2014. 

No doubt her many fans were left disappointed by the disappearing act displayed by her breasts - but two years on they appear to have staged a comeback!

(Left) Casey Batchelor, 32, shows off her assets in her 2017 calendar and (right) the reality star in September 2014 just after her breast reduction surgery

In Celebrity Big Brother Casey was blasted by viewers for her 'chubby' appearance and admitted she 'hated the way I looked' when she saw herself on screen

Images released of the Essex girl's new 2017 calendar are full of shots of the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant in different states of undress - from topless to totally naked - and displaying far bigger breasts than in recent months. 

In a photoshoot just after her breast reduction surgery, Casey was at her smallest weight of seven and a half stone.

She showed off her smaller chest in a set of pink lacy underwear and a cutout black swimsuit. 

When the reality star appeared in CBB she was branded 'chubby' by viewers after gaining weight in the house and said she 'hated the way she looked'. 

Mark Norfolk, clinical director and plastic surgeon for the Transfrom clinic in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, has shared his thoughts on Casey's changing bust.

While her breasts could have grown as a result of weight gain, one cosmetic expert believes the change in appearance could be down to implants. 

However this has been denied by Casey's agent who said any change was simply down to her choice of lingerie. 

Mr Norfolk said: 'Looking at the images of Casey Batchelor, her breasts are undeniably looking much bigger than when she first had her breast reduction op.

'It appears as though she's had an implant put in - I say this because of the shape and positioning of her breasts and the fact that she's not put on weight elsewhere. 

'If she had put on weight elsewhere, it's very plausible that her breasts may have grown since her reduction op.' 

In October 2016 Casey shared an underwear selfie (left) where she is supporting her boobs and compared to a snap in December 2014 just months after her reduction her chest seems a different size

(Picutred) Casey attended an event in London this month, showing off her busty figure in a deep-V cut full-length gown

Casey has shared other pictures to her Instagram page which appear to show a change in size, with one snapped in October of this year where she is seen supporting her boobs as they spill over her red bra.

But in a similar snap from December 2014, just months after her reduction operation, the difference in her chest is noticeably different.

Casey opened up about how pleased she was with the results of her surgery, saying at the time to MailOnline: 'For the first time, I can now go out bra-less. I no longer have to worry about my boobs wibbling and wobbling all over the place.

'My boobs are so much perkier and I love them. They have given me so much more body confidence.' 

Casey's breasts were a size GG when she appeared in Celebrity Big Brother alongside Blue singer Lee Ryan (right)

She spoke about suffering years of insecurities over the size of her boobs and announced in the same year of CBB that she was going to get them reduced

The model has also previously spoken about the possibility of having a second surgery after she has children as breasts can grow after giving birth.  

 A rep for Casey said: 'Casey had very large natural breasts so had them reduced in September 2014 when she came out of the CBB house. 

'Casey wanted them to be more in proportion with her frame and size.' 

Breast size can be determined by several factors, including inherited genes, body weight and hormones.

Reduction surgery requires a surgeon to remove excess fat tissue from the breasts which can help problems such as back or neck pain from the weight.

While the results of a breast reduction will last as long as the person has stopped growing, there is a chance that if the patient gains weight the breast size will change according to the NHS. 

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