Countdown: Ranking the Bond films |


Countdown: Ranking the Bond films

From ''Dr. No'' to ''Casino Royale,'' we track the peaks and valleys of 007's onscreen life through all 21 official films

(The Spy Who Loved Me: Everett Collection; Casino Royale:Greg Williams; Die Another Day: Keith Hamshere)

There is no such thing as a perfect James Bond movie. Like diamonds, they all have their flaws, even the ones that sparkle brightest. And even though Bond himself may have changed over the years and the actors, the core remains remarkably untouched. He still drives an Aston Martin, still orders drinks shaken not stirred (sort of), and still introduces himself the same way he did when he first sauntered into U.S. theaters 43 years ago in Dr. No, last name first. ”The simple fact is, the character was pretty much fully formed from the start,” explains Mr. Bond himself, Daniel Craig. ”Sean Connery nailed it from the beginning. Bond’s single-mindedness. His toughness. His ruthlessness. He wasn’t infallible, but he always knew the answer, always knew exactly what to do in any situation. And he always knew how to wear a suit.”

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