Did Your IRS Auditor Take Advantage of You?

The IRS doesn’t consider the taxpayer when performing an audit and you will probably not be pleased with the outcome if you dealt with the auditor on your own. The primary concern for the IRS is collecting your money and assets without regards for your family, health, bills or your ability to pay.

Did you know you have the right to appeal the outcome of an IRS audit?

You can submit a written formal request to the IRS tax appeals department within 30 days to negotiate with the IRS and possible lower the amount of your tax liability. 80% of audit appeals are successful to some extent. Submitting a formal protest and filing an appeal holds the IRS off for a few months and my help minimize your tax liabilities with the IRS. 

Appeals are handled by the IRS Tax Appeals Office, meaning the IRS auditor will no longer be involved in your case. You will now be dealing with an appeals officer and they are usually more considerate of your situation that an auditor.

IRS tax appeals are sensitive and you should be represented by a tax resolution specialist.


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