AAA Tax Resolution Gets your IRS Wage Garnishment Released!

At AAA Tax & Accounting, most of our wage garnishment clients have their wage garnishments lifted in 3 to 4 business days and the rest have their garnishments lifted in less than 10 business days. We don’t waste time with sending mail to the IRS, we handle your case directly over the phone.

We are former IRS agents with many years of experience and we know how the IRS works and what to do to get immediate results.



Just the simple mention of the IRS can get your heart racing and send your blood pressure through the roof. We are here to stop that from happening. Did you know that most IRS levies can be fixed in just a few days when do correctly? We know every way possible to get wage garnishments and levies released and quickly.

Our first step in getting a wage garnishment released is to make sure you are in compliance with the IRS. This means filing all outstanding tax returns.


If you do contact the IRS, be very cautious. They will ask you personal financial questions regarding bank accounts, income and assets you own. Your answers to these questions gives the IRS amunition to levy, garnish and seize your assets.

Save yourself the stress and risk by letting the professionals at AAA Tax & Accounting contact the IRS for you. We know their tricks and are not required to give them your personal information. Our goal is to establish your level of compliance with the IRS.

What Can You Do When the IRS is Garnishing Your Wages?

When the IRS settles debts, it does not do so gently, and your employer is powerless to help you out. Once an employer receives notice that the IRS is garnishing your wages, the employer is required by law to send a percentage of your money directly to the IRS, even if that means leaving you with not enough money to pay your bills.

The IRS will continue taking money from your paychecks until your debt, and all penalties and interest is paid in full.

We can help you arrange a payment plan with the IRS that is much more favorable to YOU and your financial situation. If the IRS is already garnishing your wages, we can provide assistance in negotiating a release of that garnishment and arranging for a more suitable payment plan in its place.

This allows you to receive the full benefit of your wages while working to meet your debt to the IRS in a more reasonable manner.

We routinely assist our clients in wage garnishment issues. Call our office 720-392-0420 or fill out the form on the right, and we will contact you within 24 hours.


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