Why AAA Tax & Accounting Should Handle Your Tax Audit

1. We have IRS insider knowledge and experience
2. We know how to get around the IRS’s tricks
3. We know what the IRS next move will be in advanceIf you are being harrassed by the IRS, get AAA Tax & Accounting in your corner. Then politely tell any IRS agent that contacts you that your tax representative will be contacting them soon regarding your case. Do not say anything else and be nice. Any information you give them will be used against you.

What are the Pros & Cons of Using Just a CPA?

AAA Tax & Accounting staff are CPA’s as well as ex-IRS agents so there is no need to contact a CPA firm. We specialize in tax resolutions.

As soon as you get a letter from the IRS in regards to a federal income tax audit, you might automatically assume that it’s necessary to contact an expensive CPA to handle the issue for you. This may not be the correct solution, as many CPA’s do not wish to battle the IRS due to the fact that they have many other clients they need to protect and fear that the IRS will retaliate by aggressively pursuing their other clients. AAA Tax & Accounting has a team of experts that specialize in tax resolution and IRS regulations, but more importantly we have the experience to safeguard your assets.

Some Consequences for Failing to Get Expert IRS Representation

  • Seizure of vehicles/houses/boats/equipment/artwork
  • Seizure of real estate
  • Wage garnishment
  • Seizure of accounts receivable
  • Seizure of cash loan value of life insurance
  • Seizure of 401(k)’s, IRA’s…
  • Seizure of commissions owed
  • Seizure of Social Security benefits

What exactly is an IRS audit?

Taxpayers countrywide are anxious and terrified of getting audited by the IRS for very good reasons. After all, during an audit the IRS makes every effort, non-stop, to confirm all of the numbers and detailed sums that you’ve put on your tax return(s). Almost all taxpayers can’t help but to become confused and disoriented when it comes to an invasive IRS audit. Most individuals are unsure of what an audit actually is and what may be involved. An audit is defined as an, “official examination and verification of accounts and records, especially of financial accounts,” but there’s much more to it than that. We’ve outlined some important details about the actual IRS process below for your consideration.

Three IRS Auditing Methods

  • Correspondence  Mail-away audit
  • Office Audit  You’re asked to appear at an IRS office
  • Field Audit  The IRS auditor(s) make announced or surprise visits to your home

Are there reasons why you shouldn’t try handling an audit yourself?

IRS audit agents are lethal when in interrogating taxpayers. They are considered the ‘detectives’ of the IRS. They begin a modest IRS audit letter or perhaps just a call asking you to discuss something as benign as your deductions. You’re then summoned to the IRS office just to answer just a few simple questions. Since this seems benine, you go by yourself.

Usually, the IRS agent positions you in their tiny cubicle which many people describe as an “interrogation room.” Some IRS agents will begin speaking to you in a nice, calm manner. Without fail, he/she then starts to become deliberately aggressive and scrutinizes your tax returns and many other documents. In most cases, they have you believe you are being questioned about deductions for one tax year but then they widen the scope of the audit and start fishing for information and details pertaining to other years and you find yourself unprepared. In short, you will eventually come to realize that you are in ‘over your head’ and find yourself in the middle of a nightmare with very real ramifications.

In 98% of all audit cases, the agent will send a document requesting bank statements, canceled checks, deposits, receipts, driving logs, utility bills and home office expenses promptly after your first meeting. Most taxpayers are willing to send the agent all of the documents they’ve requested. However, if at this point you mistakenly haven’t obtained experienced representation like AAA Tax & Accounting you should do that right now. You need a tax resolution expert to review those documents before you ever send them in. The IRS is only entitled to certain information if you send in all the documents they’ve asked for, it can hurt you considerably in the long run.

In some cases, an IRS agent may ask to visit you at your home. This may seem like an easier, more friendly and convenient approach. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that the IRS’s motives are to obtain as much information about you as possible. They are simply trying to quantify the assets you have inside and outside your house. If you claimed to only make $20,000 a year but have nice furniture with expensive art on the walls, a Mercedes in your driveway or a boat in your backyard, the IRS will suspect that you have far more income than you’ve reported on your tax return(s). Ultimately, you don’t want an IRS agent at your residence even if you’re confident that you have nothing to hide!


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There are Several Reasons Why You Should Never Handle an Audit on Your Own

You must understand that the IRS always has an exceptionally unfair advantage, due to the fact that the average taxpayer lacks adequate knowledge of tax laws to suitably defend themselves against the IRS.

An IRS Tax Auditor is trained to pick apart a tax return and scrutinize every line. It’s an auditor’s job to extract every scrap of information that you are legal required to provide. Tax Auditors are experts in the world of tax returns and you are probably not.

Our clients rarely have to do more than forward us an IRS Notification of Audit Letter-should one arrive. As part of our expert tax preparation services, we take on the IRS for you. We handle the paperwork, the questions, the scrutiny, and the intimidation while you go on about your life as usual.

If you have received an IRS Audit Letter, go ahead and contact us. One of our tax specialists will be in touch soon with a FREE CONSULTATION.

We routinely assist our clients in these issues. Call our office (720-392-0420) and we will be in touch right away.

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