When you receive a threatening letter, phone call or visit from an IRS agent, what should you do next?


Your best representation will come from a firm with a team of seasoned and experienced professionals. The IRS sets dealines and they expect your response in a timely manner. Failure to comply will result in aggressive collection action and property seizure.

AAA Tax & Accounting knows that getting a levy lifted quickly is vital to your ability to you and your family.

Some qualification and experience you should look for when choosing the best firm for tax resolution:

  • Professional Certification
  • IRS agent experience
  • Full Service Tax Firm (tax prep, accounting, tax resolution)

AAA Tax & Accounting Qualifications and Services

CPA or Enrolled Agent:

CPA’s and Enrolled Agents can all represent you before the IRS. The IRS grants these tax professionals the same authority to represent you. They both have equal access to the IRS and can resolve your tax controversies. So why not choose a firm that can provide you with experienced professionals who can tailor a strategy according to your needs?

IRS Experience

IRS experience may be one of the most important qualifications you should look for when seeking tax representation. Although a tax professional may have years of experience dealing with IRS problems, are they getting the best results? The single most important qualification your tax professional should possess should be former IRS revenue agent or management experience. Tax professionals, with years of former IRS experience dealing with tax controversies on a daily basis really know how the IRS works. They know the secrets of the IRS, the IRS procedures, and most importantly, how to communicate effectively with an IRS agent. Our former IRS tax professionals can get better resolutions because they can establish a good rapport with the IRS employee and speak their language.

Full Service Tax Firm

Not all tax professionals operate full service tax firms. A full service tax firm will provide accounting, tax preparation, tax planning, and tax resolution services. You may not know this, but the IRS will not resolve your tax issues for you, as they just want your money! If you have unfiled tax returns, this could be a problem for you. If you hire a tax attorney to represent you, you’ll probably need to have someone else prepare your unfiled tax returns. Attorneys specialize in litigating legal issues and not in preparing tax returns.


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