December 19, 2016

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Air Traffic Control Newsletter #138

Mixed messages on NextGen modernization | GAO report on ATC transition

Robert Poole

In this issue:

  • Mixed messages on NextGen modernization
  • GAO updates and expands report on ATC transition
  • The battle between ADS-B and ADS-C
  • Why is AOPA still fighting against user fees?
  • Why PASS should reconsider ATC corporatization
  • News Notes
  • Quotable Quotes

Adding Toll Lanes to the I-405 is a Good First Step

County needs a network of variably-priced toll lanes to provide option of uncongested travel

Baruch Feigenbaum

Drivers on the I-405 will get a faster commute thanks to one new general purpose and one new express lane in each direction. First pioneered on SR 91 more than 20 years, express lanes provide an uncongested trip for drivers and a transit way for buses. Yet Orange County is behind the curve in building these option priced lanes. County leadership should make expanding the express lane network a priority.  

Public-Private Partnerships Have a Good and Under-Appreciated Infrastructure Track Record

How to increase infrastructure investment and produce better-justified projects that add real value to our economy.

Robert Poole

Most state DOTs and the entire transportation research community now understand that we need to transition from per-gallon fuel taxes to per-mile charges as the primary funding system.

A New Way to Jump-Start US Infrastructure Investment

Asset recycling and pension fund investment could play a key role.

Robert Poole

The paradox of US infrastructure in 2016 is that everybody agrees we need to invest more—but nobody is enacting policies to bring this about.

Innovators in Action 2016

How governments and agencies are using market-based policies to improve services, become more efficient and reduce costs

Leonard Gilroy

Edited by Reason Foundation's Leonard Gilroy, the Innovators in Action 2016 series profiles a range of innovators who have demonstrated leadership through action on privatization, competition, government re-invention and other market-based policy reforms designed to reduce the costs of government and deliver more value to taxpayers. Innovator interviews or self-penned articles will be added periodically throughout the year, so be sure to check back regularly for new content.

Privatization & Government Reform Newsletter #28 (November 2016 edition)

November 2016 edition: highway PPPs, public pension returns, student-based budgeting, correctional privatization trends, and more

Leonard Gilroy, Austill Stuart

In this issue:

  • TRANSPORTATION: Investor Financed Toll Roads Are Not Failures
  • PRISONS: Developments in Criminal Justice and Private Corrections
  • PENSIONS: CalPERS Says 7.5% Returns Over the Next Decade Unlikely
  • EDUCATION: Mississippi Pursuing Student-Based Budgeting
  • REGULATION: Antitrust Immunity and Regulatory Boards
  • INNOVATORS IN ACTION: PPPs Improving Services in Sumter County, FL
  • News & Notes
  • Quotable Quotes

Goodbye (and Good Riddance) to Kentucky’s Hedge Fund Investments

Kentucky Retirement System Wisely Divests from Hedge Funds

Daniel Takash

The Kentucky Retirement System’s (KRS) investment committee recently announced plans to remove hedge funds from the pension system’s portfolio. If successful, this would completely eliminate hedge funds—currently about 10% of KRS’s portfolio—from the retirement system’s investment mix by 2019. Taxpayers should be breathing a sigh of relief.

Annual Privatization Report 2016

Privatization trends in local, state and federal government, plus highways, aviation, education, criminal justice, and more

Leonard Gilroy

Now in its 29th year of publication, Reason Foundation's Annual Privatization Report is the world's longest running and most comprehensive report on privatization news, developments and trends.

Annual Privatization Report 2016 details the latest on privatization and government reform initiatives at all levels of government. The individual sections include:

  • Air Transportation
  • Surface Transportation
  • Transportation Finance
  • Education
  • Federal Government Privatization
  • Local Government Privatization
  • State Government Privatization
  • Criminal Justice and Corrections

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