Never Call the IRS First!

Why you should NEVER call the IRS First!

When an individual calls the IRS, they use the opportunity to gather information to use against you. The questions they ask you are an attempt to seize your assets, providing you give them the answers. Don’t answer their questions, in fact, don’t even talk to an IRS agent.

It is of vital importance that you hire a representative to speak to the IRS on your behalf. Your representative at AAA Tax & Accounting is an ex-IRS agent has insider knowledge and knows exactly how the system works. Our representatives will prevent the IRS from seizing your bank accounts, investments, paychecks, your home and other assets.

The IRS Always Assumes You Are Guilty

Unfortunately, some people think that hiring a representative will only make them look guilty to the IRS. The IRS always assumes that you’re guilty, no matter what you say or do. IRS agents never listen to excuses, never assume you are innocent and just don’t care about you or your story. Don’t waste your time and breath speaking to them or trying to stand up for yourself and your situation. They have heard it all before and non of what you say will make a difference.

Hiring a AAA tax professional to represent you is your best chance. Remaining silent with the IRS is your best defense. Fact is, the IRS actually prefers working with tax professionals and will reward you with a speedy case. They don’t want to hear your sob stories and excuses. Don’t give the IRS amunition to render you guilty and seize your belongings to auction off to the highest bidder.

Give yourself and your case the best defense possible with an AAA Tax & Accounting representative.

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