Pit bull that bit man's face to be euthanized

Pit bull that bit man's face to be euthanized

URBANA — An Urbana man attacked by a pit bull dog in his own home Monday has been released from a local hospital. The dog who bit him repeatedly is scheduled to be euthanized.

Champaign County sheriff’s Sgt. Dan Coile said deputies were called to the home of Angela Nelson, 30, in the 1500 block of Carroll Avenue in Urbana Township, about 8:45 a.m. Monday.

When they got there, paramedics were already tending to her roommate, Robert Lee Palmer, 67.
“He had extensive injuries to his lower lip and chin,” Coile said.

Coile said an animal control officer was also present to take custody of the dog.

A woman visiting in the home told deputies that Palmer was sitting in a chair in the living room and that “Cash,” an adult male pit bull terrier, was also in the room and began to urinate on the floor.

“He raised his hand to yell at the dog and the dog lunged at him and bit him in the face. The witness tried to get the dog away and got it in a bedroom,” he said.

She then called Nelson, the dog’s owner, and 911.

Coile said besides the facial injuries, Palmer also had bites on his left arm. He was taken to Carle Foundation Hospital, where he was treated and later released.

Stephanie Joos, director of Champaign County’s animal control department, said Cash was taken into custody Monday and that Nelson has already agreed to relinquish him.

“She will not be reclaiming him. He will be here for a 10-day quarantine and at the end of that time frame will be euthanized,” Joos said.

Joos said her office had not had previous contact with the dog. She said Nelson had not registered the dog with her office, which involves showing proof from a veterinarian that a dog has been vaccinated for rabies. She said Nelson reported, however, that the dog had had its rabies vaccination.

Joos described the dog as having “very serious behavioral issues.”

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stingray1970 wrote 23 hours 18 min ago
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No dog behaves like this unless extreme neglect is involved.  This woman has no business owning a pet.

CommonSenseless wrote 23 hours 9 min ago

This is clearly self defense. Palmer admitted he raised his hand to yell at the dog......I don't need my hand to yell. The dog was just defending himself. The dog has probably suffered abuse in the past, since he knew that after the hand is raised, the strike is next. Better to preemptively strike back. Palmer should be punished.
  Maybe if they walked the dog, it wouldn't eliminate in the house.

yates wrote 22 hours 57 min ago

I would imagine both posters above knew both the dog and it's owner well to say the dog was abused or neglected. Hundreds of loving owners are bitten by pittbulls every year and it just goes with the territory of owning these sometimes dangerious dogs. Not always abuse and neglect involved.

stingray1970 wrote 22 hours 13 min ago
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Pitbulls are not sometimes dangerous dogs.  They are dogs who are taught to be dangerous.  Loving owners do not get attacked by their dogs.

ExN-G wrote 21 hours 24 min ago

Yates is absolutely correct!  Pit bulls are dangerous dogs and should be treated as such.  Abuse and neglect is not always a precursor to these dogs lashing out against their owners or others.  Keeping these dogs is like keeping a loaded gun, and they should be treated as such.  The statement that "it's how they're raised" is sheer ignorance and people need to quit uttering it.  Dogs all have inherent traits and are bred for what they do best.  Bottom line - pit bulls were bred to fight (hence their name) so what do you expect?   Their jaws can inflict damage like no other dog and once they latch on it is near impossible to get them to let go.  Put a pit bull with a herd of sheep and see if it herds or simply attacks.  Put a golden retriever in a fight ring and see how it fares....  people seriously need to educate themselves before claiming ownership of ANY animals!  Something that many people don't bother to do - our shelters are a prime example of this, and it is no coincidence that they are FULL of pit bulls....

CommonSenseless wrote 20 hours 32 min ago

I don't think you want to get in to the demographics of the irresponsible owners, and where all these "problem" dogs are coming from. Also, there is the street market of pit bulls for sale...anything for a buck.

YourMomma'sFavorite wrote 19 hours 37 min ago

And the ingnorance continutes.  Perhaps you should read a bit more about the breed: they were not bred to be fighting dogs: they were bred and used as nanny's....long before you and I were around. I love the breed and frankly, will own no other.  Owners and dogs BOTH need traning.  This breed isn't your "poodle or lab"--they are smart, strong, and require someone who UNDERSTANDS the breed and is willing to put the time AND EFFORT into training them.  Are there dogs that are predisposed due to genetics, to be aggressive?  ABSOLUTELY.  But that is for ANY breed...any dog can snap. Bottom line?  Do your research before you discuss dog breeds you clearly know nothing about. =) 

ExN-G wrote 17 hours 35 min ago

Momma, you are the most truly ignorant commenter on here, so far....  Perhaps YOU are the one who needs to read up on your favorite "breed."  If you were as well versed as you purport, then you would already know that a "pit bull" is not even a breed!  It is a generic term used to describe the American Bull Terrier, Stafordshire Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier.  Half the dogs impounded in Champaign County, for one reason or another, are labeled as pit bulls.  Ignorant owners are the number one reason they are there.  Again, having a pit bull type dog is the equivalent of having a loaded gun, and they need to be treated as such.  I have witnessed first hand the results of these dogs turning on their owners COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED - time and time again.  Wake up people.  The ownership of these dogs is at an epidemic high and at any given time of day there is one running at large within our county!

98782015 wrote 5 hours 2 min ago

Alright ExN-G


So what do you have to say about my nine year old 5 time Grand Champion pitbull who has never, not even ONCE attempted to nip anyone? Let alone bite or attack anyone? My "oh so dangerous" pitbull that my 4 year old daughter plays with, hangs on, ride like a pony etc. How dogs are raised is absolutely 100% correct and YOU are the one who is ignorant by thinking it is any other way. Do your damn research, pitbulls were kept and bred essentially as "nanny" dogs until some ignorant morons decided "Hey, let's teach these giant dogs to fight" thus creating and epidemic and has created a nationwide issue for not only the dogs, but for owners of these dogs as well. 

Also, and this goes for ANY breed of dog, if you don't know the proper way to separate a dog fight, DON'T OWN ONE OR TAKE YOUR DOG WHERE THERE MAY BE OTHER DOGS. I have fostered many pitbulls and have seperated many pitbull and other breed dog fights and let me tell you there is a way. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO BE EDUCATED.

And to be quite honest, there are so many pitbulls in shelters MAINLY because they either 1) have been rescued and placed there or 2) surrendered by their owners due to housing arrangements and were unable to be kept. The percentage of pitbulls in shelters due to dog fighting or attacking humans is very slim.  Not every pitbull owner is willing to sacrifice their own needs in terms of houseing to accomodate their dogs. My girlfriend and I did. We sacrified our own safety by living in the south end of Lierman for two years, watched several people get gunned down, went through several break ins, harassing comments, etc because we were unable to find a new home that would allow pitbulls. Finally we did. I love my pit, and in all the years I've had him I have YET to meet anyone that doesn't like him. Come on over, see him for yourself, and if you are still DEATHLY terrified of him, I'll give you 1,000$. Until then EDUCATE YOURSELF.  

98782015 wrote 4 hours 50 min ago

Oh and I completely forgot to mention that I have ANOTHER pitbull. Who is a rescue that was being used as a bait dog in a fight ring out of Chicago. Do you think I've ever had any issues with her? Nope. Not aggressive, Little spazzy but that's about it. Is spazzy dangerous? Another perfect example of it's the OWNERS ACTIONS that effects a dogs behavior. 

verdadero wrote 19 hours 12 min ago

This pit bull "Cash" was acting from its fighting dog breed genetic inheritance over centuries.  Google "pit bull history".  Fortunately, the dog only attacked his owner and not another person, pet, or livestock animal as is frequent.  Google "pit bull attack" to see pit bull reality.  Most of the many daily reported mauling events involve 4-7 figure total bills for injury, trauma, disfigurement, plastic surgery, rehab, and often life flights. Typically these expenses are covered by the health care system and taxpayers but not the pit bull's owner.

In that light, consider that over 937 Cities, Towns and 31 Counties, plus 292 US Military bases in 36 states in the US currently have Breed Specific Legislation against pit bull type dogs as do several dozen countries. Pit bull bans are widely precedented. Why would all those locales and the US military worldwide ban pit bulls?  Service personnel are trusted with the most powerful arms but not pit bulls.

Breeders make a lot of money selling pitbulls and don't want to lose this franchise. The true costs of this private enterprise become socialized when people, pets, and livestock are mauled. Also when shelters are overwhelmed with surrendered pit bulls whose owners couldn't handle them. In fact 1 million pit bulls are euthanized annually with ~35000 up for adoption in the US at any given time.  If the pit bull were another dangerous human engineered product such as a hoverboard or defective auto airbag, the dog would have been highly regulated and/or banned long ago.

It is due to a twisted ideology that authoritative groups such as the ASPCA have failed in their duty to properly educate the public about the hazards of bully breed dogs. A lot of pit bull carnage can be pinned on the promotion of dangerous dogs as acceptable pets to an unsuspecting public.  See YouTube "pit bull attack" for real live violent pit bull behavior up close and personal.  In many settings, a pit bull may be a superb and loyal companion, but outside of "many settings" they can abruptly do explosive, unprovoked, unpredictable attacks of unimaginable ferocity, with a rend, hold and shear bite style that cause severe injuries or death to the target prey.


yates wrote 19 hours 3 min ago

OK momma go do your research and see which dog is the most responsible for servere attacks on it's human owner. It's the friggin pit bull! Own one if you wish but don't let it loose on the public.

SaintClarence27 wrote 18 hours 4 min ago

That isn't because pit bulls are more aggressive - simply more capable of causing damage if they become aggressive. Chihuahuas are a FAR more aggressive breed, but significantly less dangerous. 

For those claiming that Pit Bulls are bred to be fighting dogs, they weren't, though there has been some favor towards fighting breeding in the last 150 years or so. But you should realize, that involves attacking dogs, not humans. Breeding for fighting (which I am certainly not advocating, don't get me wrong) also includes selecting out for aggressive traits towards owners.

*Usually* the issue is the owner being a bad owner or the dog being abused/neglected previously. I don't think that's an unfair guess in this case. Of course, that's not 100%. Without making breed specific arguments, I've seen dogs that became aggressive due to brain tumors.

Objective Reporter wrote 18 hours 8 min ago

Pit Bulls are wired wrong....plain and simple.

But seriously wrote 16 hours 55 min ago

Worst dog bite I ever got was from a toy poodle. That's all I'm gonna say.

ExN-G wrote 16 hours 3 min ago

Really?  Did you undergo over 7 hours of surgery after half of your face was hanging off, requiring over 350 stitches???  Too bad the article left out THAT info!!!

Balmy wrote 13 hours 58 min ago

So... you've never been MAULED by a pit bull? Did the toy poodle bite require a band-aide?

wayward wrote 16 hours 25 min ago

Many pitbulls I've met are great dogs, but they also seem to be overrepresented in attacks.  It's true that people may be more tolerant of nasty behavior from smaller breeds because they can't do as much damage.  Maybe pitbulls are more likely to end up with owners who would consider an aggressive dog to be good protection.  I've wondered if pitbulls are more susceptible to problems with their environment -- with owners who take good care of them and don't encourage aggression, they're often fine.  If they're abused, neglected or encouraged to be aggressive, they may be more likely than other breeds to be involved in attacks.

GLG wrote 15 hours 26 min ago

Its not the dogs its the "Gangsta" owners that train these dogs to be the way they are!  Too bad for the dog!

Balmy wrote 14 hours 59 sec ago


Balmy wrote 14 hours 3 min ago

Animal Control states, this pit bull has “very serious behavioral issues.” Pit Bull Nutters stand aside this MAULER needs to be put down. BSL might have saved this poor fellow's face.

Ban Pit Bulls and save a face!