Perils of Perception

Perils of Perception 2015: Perceptions are not reality.

We’re delighted to share the latest findings from Perils of Perception 2015. This year we have included new questions on key issues such as obesity, inequality and the proportion of female politicians in each country. The study is also larger than ever with 33 countries taking part for 2015.

On this site you can view the survey data in interactive form, you can take the quiz to see how you compare with other people around the globe as well as seeing the full results from this study and all of the Perils of Perception work we have conducted over the past few years. We will continue to build our knowledge in this area and to encourage debate with policy makers, academics and the public on key social realities and public misperceptions.

The intention here is to showcase our findings on the gap between perception and reality and to examine why people around the world are so wrong about basic facts about their population. For the full results of the survey and information on the sources for the actual data, click here.

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Bobby Duffy
Managing Director, Ipsos MORI Public Affairs

James Stannard
Research Manager, Ipsos MORI Public Affairs

Interact with the data

Take a look at the findings in closer detail in our data interactive. Here you can see individual questions from the study and look at how the rest of the world compares to your country.

Take the quiz

Do you know how many people are overweight or obese in your country?

Or what proportion of people have access to the internet at home?

Take the quiz and compare your knowledge and accuracy to people all over the world in the Ipsos Perils of Perception Quiz.

View the slides

This is the latest slide deck from Perils of Perception 2015. This was our biggest Perils survey to date with findings from 33 countries and an updated ‘Index of Ignorance’

Data archive

We’ve been conducting work on public misperceptions for several years now. From military facts to personal finances we have a wealth of fascinating data which you can explore here.