'I wish I'd NEVER had plastic surgery': Heidi Montag reveals her regret as she unveils new bikini body after breast reduction

Heidi Montag has unveiled her new bikini body just four weeks after getting a breast reduction.

The reality TV star displayed her smaller curves in a string of sexy bikinis as she celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with husband Spencer.

The couple travelled to the luxurious One & Only Palmilla Resort, just outside Cabo San Lucas, where they eloped and tied the knot back in 2008.

Heidi, 27, had gone under the knife in Los Angeles to get her F-Cup breasts reduced down to a size C.

Another surgery makeover: Heidi Montag in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico just four weeks after undergoing a breast reduction

Downsized: The former reality star is now a C-cup

She took the decision to have the operation, which was done by Angelina Jolie's surgeon, Dr. Jay Orringer, after suffering a string of health problems.

Heidi explained that her huge implants had caused her severe back and neck pain, as well as numbness in her arms.

In 2010 Heidi famously underwent ten plastic sugary procedures in one day, which included getting her F-cup breasts.

New look: The former reality star is more comfortable with her smaller breasts and right, showing off her F-cup bust in 2011

Back in Mexico: Heidi returned to Cabo with her husband Spencer Pratt to celebrate their five year wedding anniversary

Heidi has explained how much her large breasts hampered her everyday life.

'Over the past few years my implants have handicapped me, I have not been able to do a lot of things,' she said.

'Over the past nine months I have not been able to do laundry, or look after my dogs or clean my house and I have had to stop working out because my injuries are so severe I cannot even do simple things like rowing or running.

'I have been limited in my everyday life and the last few months especially have been so uncomfortable and in pain that it has really been taking a toll on my life and my mood.'

Cautionary tale: Heidi has warned other women to think twice about going under the knife

Before her breast reduction Heidi admitted that she made a serious mistake have so much plastic surgery and regrets her actions.

'I definitely regret the surgeries that I have had over the years, I think I was so young and in such an unstable situation in my life with so much going on and so much pressure,' she said.

'It is really hard to be a woman in this day and age with all the media and internet and comments, there is so much more negativity coming at people, it is a lot easier to be insecure and let that get to me.

'I was so young and unstable': The 27-year-old turned to surgery because she felt insecure about herself


Beach break: Heidi enjoyed some alone time away from her husband on their romantic getaway

'I let myself be a victim of that and I listened to what other people said and let myself become really insecure and I had a doctor that made it sound really easy and a quick fix and it ended up being a hard road and I inflicted a lot of pain, mentally and physically, on myself.

'If I had to go back and do it again I definitely wouldn't and I would not recommend that.'

Heidi was just 23 when she had 10 procedures done in one day with surgeon Dr Frank Ryan, who was later killed in a car accident.

Hammock time: She was also spotted in a white bikini at their luxury resort

Body struggle: Heidi says she inflicted pain on herself both 'mentally and physically' by undergoing surgery

'I thought that plastic surgery was easy': Heidi warns getting work done has serious repercussions 

She underwent a mini brow lift, Botox in her brow and frownline area; a nose job; fat injections in her cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips; chin reduction; neck liposuction; had her ears pinned back; a breast augmentation revision; liposuction on her waist, hips and inner and outer thighs; and a buttock augmentation.

She is now warning others to avoid going under the knife.

She says: 'My experience should tell other young women that beauty and confidence comes from within, it does not matter what you do on the outside if you are not happy and do not feel beautiful and secure and confident on the inside then no amount of surgery will change that or make you happier.

Ten surgeries in one day: In 2010, Heidi underwent a mini brow lift, Botox in her brow and frownline area; a nose job; fat injections in her cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips; chin reduction; neck liposuction and had her ears pinned back

Too much too young: She also had liposuction on her waist, hips and inner and outer thighs; a buttock augmentation, and breast implants at just 23

'There are dangerous repercussions to it. I thought that plastic surgery was easy but it is really serious and is not something you want to mess around with.

'If you want to change your hair colour or your nail colour or things like that its fine, but you have to realize the dangers and repercussions of surgery.

'Every time you go under the knife it is risky and these huge implants are dangerous and you do not think of the long-term repercussions on your back, your neck and your body.

'You can never really take it back': She regrets the permanent changes she's made to her body

'Once you get surgery you can never be the same size you were, you can never really take it back so it is something you need to think about seriously.

'I wish that before I got my implants I had goner to a spine specialist and seen other doctors and consulted with them and got opinions of what size breasts I should have had and what my body could support.

'I rushed into things and people need to take messing with their bodies seriously as they may reject these implants, and that is a really scary place to be in.'

Unrecognisable: Heidi's surgery has completely transformed her look; pictured right during her early days on The Hills in 2006

Heidi's breast reduction was performed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and breast reconstruction specialist Dr. Jay Orringer.

The same doctor also performed Angelina Jolie's reconstructive surgery after undergoing a double mastectomy earlier this year.

Brad Pitt's fiance shocked the world when she announced that she had the procedure to prevent the risk of breast cancer.

And they said it wouldn't last! Heidi and Spencer Pratt marked five years of marriage

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