Vision of Jesus... or just a colourful imagination? Mother who melted toddler's crayons discovers wax image of Christ

  • After looking closely at the arts and crafts project, she saw a 'sign'

A woman who prayed for a sign from Jesus got a little more than she bargained for when his image emerged out of some melted crayons.

Tara Gomez and her son put a few colourful sticks in the oven as part of an arts and crafts project they wanted to try out.

After cooling the mixture in the freezer, Ms Gomez was startled to discover Jesus's face had emerged out of the swirling pattern at her home in Blue Springs, Missouri.

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Waxing prophetic: Tara Gomez, from Missouri, said she had prayed for a sign from Jesus with his face appeared in some crayons she had melted for an arts and crafts project for her son

The young mother told ABC7: 'I'd been praying and praying about certain things, and I asked God for a sign and I think the crazy thing about this... what better sign to get then right in front of you.'

Ms Gomez said the family would be treasuring their symbol of good luck and not selling it on eBay. 

It's not always necessary to leave a Christmas miracle completely up to chance, thanks to company Burnt Impressions.

The Vermont-based firm have been selling around 100 toasters each day in the run-up to Christmas, who imprint your morning toast with the image of the Messiah.

Looking for a sign: Tara Gomez said she had been 'praying about certain things' before the likeness of Jesus appeared in the melted crayons

Surprise: The young mother saw the image of Christ in her son's melted crayons

Popular gadget: The Jesus Toaster costs $34.95 and can be bought online

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