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The Center for European Renewal (CER) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, educational and cultural organisation dedicated to promoting and protecting the Western ideal of a civilised, humane, and free society.  We wish to renew the spirit of Europe.

On this website you can learn more about the CER's mission, the principles that guide us, the network of European partners who work with us, upcoming and recent events, and how to support our ongoing work. Our next event is:

The Eleventh Annual Vanenburg Meeting

was held in August 2016

in the United Kingdom

on the theme


featuring keynote speaker

Rocco Buttiglione


For information about our activities and how to support our work, please write to:  vanenburg.society@gmail.com.

Recent News

Winter-Spring 2016 edition of The European Conservative now available.

Issue 13 of The European Conservative magazine is now available. This new 60-page edition includes:

  • Todd Huizinga of the Acton Institute on Europe as a 'soft utopia'.
  • Filip Mazurczak on recent criticisms of Poland and Hungary by Brussels bureaucrats.
  • Anthony Daniels (a.k.a. Theodore Dalrymple) on conservatism and markets.
  • Roland Fritz of the Austrian Economics Center on the 'Socialist Calculation Debate' according to Peter Boettke.
  • André DeBattista on the 450th anniversary of the city of Valletta.
  • Edwyn Dyga reports on the failures of Australia's political class.
  • Edouard Chanot of the Institut Clisthène reviews Chantal Delsol's recent book, Populisme, les demeurés de l’histoire.
  • Alex Catharino on the power of the imagination in Russell Kirk and T.S. Eliot, and the challenge of mass culture.
  • Andrew Balio on the important cultural mission of the Future Symphony Institute.
  • Miltiades Varvounis on the legacy of King John III Sobieski of Poland.
  • Roberto de Mattei of the Fondazione Lepanto on the nominalism of Umberto Eco.
  • A recent lecture on Europe and Italy by Roger Scruton.
  • Profiles of the Center for European Renewal and Sweden's Föreningen Heimdal.
  • And, from the archives, an essay by the late Leonardo Polo on the role of the university professor.

  • Clicking here -- or on the image of the cover at the top of the blue column to the right -- will take you to the magazine's site where you can download a free, full-colour PDF file (4.7 MB) of the current issue as well as all back issues.

    As usual, a limited number of hard copies of the magazine are being produced. These will be available exclusively at the 11th Vanenburg Meeting. You may also purchase a copy of the current issue, as well as selected back issues, by sending a request to editor@europeanconservative.com. You may also use this email address to find out how to contribute articles, essays, and book reviews.

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