Meet robo-mop! The £19 remote controlled gadget that cleans the floor while you sit back and relax

  • The time-saving RC Sugoi mop is operated by remote control
  • A mini version is also available and comes in an array of hues
  • The Japanese company behind it also makes a remote controlled bin

If you are faced with a dirty floor but don't have the energy to clean it, Japanese company Sugoi might just have the solution you've been searching for.

The RC Sugoi Mop works like a regular mop but is operated by remote control, which means you can clean the floor from the comfort of your sofa.

Amazingly, the robo-mob, which comes in colourful canary yellow plastic, costs just £19 - similar to traditional mops and far less than high-tech steam versions.

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Dream clean for lazy people: The RC Sugoi Mop is remote controlled and lets you clean the floor from the comfort of your sofa

For those with a smaller space to clean, the mop also comes in a mini version for £18, available in a choice of pink, purple, orange, green and black.

And if one remote controlled kitchen gadget isn't enough to satisfy your technological cravings, the company also makes a remote controlled dustbin - seen zooming around like a mini R2D2 in Sugoi's promotional video.

Bizarre though the mop might seem, it's not the first automatic floor cleaning product on the market. Robotic vacuum cleaners, that zoom around a room cleaning a floor at the touch of a button, have been around for years.

Although they have not taken off to replace the traditional vacuum, the makers of the robo-mop have not been deterred. The invention is arguably more useful than other gadgets that have come from of Japan in recent years.

The country is famous for its technological creations, among them the 'crisp picker-upper' immortalised by An Idiot Abroad star Karl Pilkington during an episode set in Japan.

Colourful: Sugoi's time saving gizmo also comes in an £18 mini version that works similarly to the original


Other wacky inventions include the Ear Wax Camera, a tiny camcorder designed to be inserted into the ear to check for wax deposits and the Slim Mouth Piece intended to reduce the size of your mouth.

For beauty conscious women with a shaky hand, there's the lipstick mask, which, when laid over the mouth, acts as a template for clumsy lipstick fans.

More useful, particularly for those living in the UK and Republic of Ireland, is the full body umbrella which combines a brolly with a tube of clear PVC that extends to the feet - ideal for driving rain.

Less so are the odd Pee and Poo dolls - designed to resemble the contents of your toilet - and the unwieldy Swiss Army shovel, which combines a spade with a rake, clippers and a pickaxe.

And action! The mop works equally well on rubbish and spillages according to the rather odd promotional video

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