Thief steals woman's phone - then posts picture of himself smoking weed to HER Facebook page

A Bronx thief identified himself to authorities when he accidentally posted a photo of himself smoking marijuana to a victim's Facebook page.

According to police, the unnamed robber stole a woman's cell phone on Saturday, March 2, near East Tremont Avenue and the Grand Concourse at about 3 a.m.

The woman was not injured.

Up in smoke: This dumb thief accidentally loaded a photo of himself smoking marijuana to the woman he robbed's Facebook page

A short while later, the 27-year-old victim logged into her Facebook page and saw a picture of the man who'd just robbed her, bleary-eyed and exhaling a huge hit of marijuana smoke posted to her wall, The Daily News reports.

The thief didn't know that her cell phone was linked to her Facebook account and set to automatically post pics.

Though they've yet to identify him, police say he was last seen wearing a blue hat, blue sneakers, and an orange jacket.

He's only the latest in a series of dim crooks who accidentally reveal themselves on social media.

In December, police said Felicia Crooks and a gang of friends beat up and robbed a teen at a Bronx bus stop.

Police arrested Cooks when pictures of her pouting in front of a mirror were posted to the victim's Facebook.

Also this year a California mother was busted after her kids took a picture of her with a stolen iPad that then beamed to the victim's cloud account.

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