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Beat the heat, try the treats

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2016


As the morning temperatures begin to rise, and you are preparing for the day, you begin to think to yourself, how could I keep cool today? You could turn on the air conditioner, a fan, or place your feet in a bucket of ice, but that kind of FUN does not create memories.

Instead you could spend a day at Kings Island, taking in the rides, the shows, and the food to keep you cool as a cucumber, but where do you start? Let’s take a walk and experience why Kings Island is the best place to cool off this summer.

10) Wind in your Hair

Feel what it is like to fly at highway speeds with the windows down by taking in rides on Diamondback, the Beast, Banshee, or the Bat. Once you descend the first hill, the wind through your hair will instill a sense of coolness and give you that sense of FUN you have been waiting to experience this summer.

9) Will You Be Orange or Green?
The easiest way to stay hydrated all summer is with a souvenir bottle. Purchase the green cup for unlimited refills on the day of purchase and $1 refills the rest of the season, or splurge and get the orange all-season cup for free refills all year.

8) Better Late than Never
Take advantage of the Kings Island After 4PM tickets where you can enjoy the park during the later part of the day when the heat subsides.

7) Free Water
Visit one of the many water fountains around the park or visit any food stand for a free cup of water. Better yet, find a water fountain with a bottle refill built right in to help save the environment and stay cool at the same time.

6) Make a Splash

Looking for a quick cool me down? Try out Congo Falls, White Water Canyon or Race for Your Life Charlie Brown, where the chill of the water on your back will be just the thing you need.

5) Unique Cool Treats

Did you know about the Barq's Red Creme Soda Float? This creamy treat is only available at one location in the park, and you will not be disappointed.

4) Take a Plunge
Spend a day over at Kings Island's Soak City Waterpark where you can try the brand new Tropical Plunge or one of the 36 water slides, rushing rivers, tropical lagoons, and surfable waves including a 650,000-gallon wave pool, Tidal Wave Bay.

3) Heed the Scream
If you took advantage of tip #10 and rode Banshee, than you can not leave the park without trying a Banshee Twist! The creative blue and purple ice cream

2) Step Into the Cool Zone
As you go from area to area of the park, consider walking into the stores to take a look around and enjoy the air conditioning. Or better yet, pull a chair at the Reds Hall of Fame Grill or the Festhaus where you can enjoy a beer, food, and even a show.

1) Eat Well, Ride Often

Only once in a lifetime is a legend born and cherished by the masses. That iconic creation is cold, creamy, and blue, and regardless of whether you enjoy it in a cone, bowl, or in a float, the Kings Island blue ice cream is exactly the treat you need to ensure a summer of FUN.

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