'Ugliest bride I have ever seen... Bridezilla': Newlywed left devastated after photographer slams her on Facebook when she complained about his photographs - but he says his account was hacked

  • A bride and wedding photographer have gone to war on social media
  • Ashlea Howard claims Lee Maxwell Judd ruined her wedding snaps
  • She married Daniel Howard on February 21 at Bendooley Estate in Berrima
  • Mr Judd called Mrs Howard a Bridezilla online - he says his account was hacked

A bride has been left devastated after falling out with her wedding photographer, claiming he branded her 'ugly' and a ‘bridezilla’.

An image of 30-year-old Ashlea Howard with her husband Daniel Howard was posted on photographer Lee Maxwell Judd's Facebook page, alongside the caption: 'ugliest bride I have ever photographed. Winged (sic) the whole time #Bridezilla#1.'

Mrs Howard and Mr Maxwell Judd have now become embroiled in a bitter social media feud over the comment, which she branded 'unacceptable'. He says his Facebook account was hacked.

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Ashlea Howard (pictured, left with her husband Daniel) was left devastated when a post in her wedding photographer's name called her a 'bridezilla' and the 'ugliest bride' he had ever photographed 

Mrs Howard said she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the Facebook post.

'It was really disgusting, I was absolutely mortified at his behaviour, it was just unacceptable,' she said.

According to Mrs Howard, from Greystanes in Sydney's west, she was unhappy with 90 per cent of the 1200 photos captured from her outdoor wedding and claimed they were overexposed, leaving the background blurry and people's faces contorted. He hit back by saying it was a 'creative style'.

The pair hired the Sydney photographer after scouring the Southern Highlands Wedding directory before their nuptials.

They picked Mr Maxwell Judd to capture their magical day for $1500.

The couple were looking for someone local, affordable and down to earth, who could produce a simple shoot.

They married in Bendooley Estate, Berrima, NSW on 21 February 2015. 

While Mrs Howard claimed Mr Maxwell Judd was acting a bit 'bizarre' while taking photos on the day - snapping pictures over his head and taking 'random quick shots' - she told Daily Mail Australia her jaw dropped when she saw the results for the first time.

'He was definitely one of the cheaper photographers but now I know why,' she said.  

'He was acting like some artsy-fartsy creative, it was just a bit bizarre.' 

When she tried to contact Mr Maxwell Judd afterwards to complain, she claims he wouldn't return her calls. 

Mrs Howard said the feud really started between the pair when she initially struggled to get the finished photographs, as she said Mr Maxwell Judd had posted the USB stick to a different Ashley, who had once inquired about his services.

The bride said she was distraught, claiming her wedding photographs were ruined 

'She had all my photos and I called him and he said he had sent them when he hadn't,' Mrs Howard said.

'I had been holding my breath every day to get those photos.

'The only thing I wanted was a few nice photos and one big photo to put in my bedroom above my bed.'

According to Mrs Howard, Mr Maxwell Judd insisted he had spoken to her mother on the phone and he believed he had sent the photos to the right address.

However when Mrs Howard told him that her mother died when she was 13-year-old, she said he hung up. 

She then claimed she received an SMS from Mr Maxwell Judd telling her the other Ashley needed her address so she could post the USB on to her.

When Mrs Holland questioned Mr Maxwell Judd on why he called her 'a crazy person' and told her she 'needed to get her head checked' she said he called himself a 'Tossa' and apologised for the mistake.   

In the end, her new husband Danny drove to Mr Maxwell Judd's house to collect the USB as they were getting anxious about ever receiving the photographs.  

Mr Maxwell Judd claimed the Facebook post where the photographer called her a 'bridezilla', which has been deleted since, was written by a hacker. 

Taking to his Facebook page he wrote: 'Apologies to all concerned. My FB page was compromised by a computer hack yesterday evening.' 

Mr Maxwell Judd apologised for the Facebook message and said his account had been hacked

Mrs Howard claims the photographer sent further offensive comments to people who reviewed his personal page.

'He said his account had been compromised and then after that he wrote some crazy things,' Mrs Howard said. 

'I’ve sent the photos to a professional photographer who is having a look at them to give me honest feedback to see if they’re good or if a refund is warranted.'

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph Mr Maxwell Judd said his page was hacked and the comments were not his - and distanced himself from the 'bridezilla' message. 

'I don't even know anything about that post,' he told the publication.

'Not long after the hacking started to happen I just unpublished the page and I haven't bothered to even go there.'

Mrs Holland said Mr Maxwell Judd managed to capture a few nice photos from the canapés part of the evening, which were set up outside the venue that evening. 

'There's no definition, there's no detail. My dress was lace and I couldn't even see the lace on most of the shots,' she said. 

'My only goal is to make sure no other brides (go through this).' 

According to Mr Maxwell Judd, the scandal has attracted more people to his photography page and he is now booked up until 2019.  

Since the matter has been made public, Mrs Howard has received 18 offers to photograph her and her husband in their wedding attire, however she revealed that she had put on a bit of weight since the wedding and does not feel at her best.

'He still hasn't contacted Danny or I to explain what happened,' she said.  


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