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8 reasons Kings Island's Coasterstock is the must attend event of the spring

Monday, January 25th, 2016


Chances are you love a good roller coaster ride on Banshee, a signature blue ice cream, and an entertaining live show when visiting Kings Island amusement park. For those that have a passion for roller coasters, have you considered joining a coaster club? Once a year, Kings Island invites various clubs out to the park for an exclusive three-day event that is the must do event of the spring, Coasterstock!

This year’s Coasterstock event takes place May 20-22, 2016, starting out on Friday with exclusive ride time (ERT) on Racer, Flight of Fear, and Firehawk. Then pack it in for the night, because Saturday is scheduled full of more ERT, dinner, tours, guest speakers, oh and did we mention a whole bunch more ERT where you can potentially ride over, and over, and... Finally, finish off the event with more behind-the-scenes tours, lunch, contests, and you guessed it, more ERT.

Coasterstock is designed to give you hours upon hours of exclusive access to all your favorite rides and attractions. So let’s take a look into the top 8 reasons Kings Island Coasterstock is the must attend event of the Spring.

1) Beat the Foot Traffic

As soon as Memorial Day weekend starts, the crowds really start to ramp up at Kings Island. Since Coasterstock is scheduled just prior to the extended weekend, that means expected lower crowds than peak summer weekends, which translates to less waiting around to get on your favorite attractions.

2) Family Friendly Event

Our family of five spends a good portion of the year traveling around to the various Cedar Fair amusement parks across North America to write about the food on the CPFoodBlog, and one of the events we are most looking forward to returning again this season is Kings Island Coasterstock. In addition to all the other highlights outlined in this article, the Golden Ticket Award-winning Planet Snoopy area provides hours of entertainment for those with families. Then consider taking the kids through Dinosaurs Alive! to experience beautiful wooded terrain with moving, life-sized dinosaurs, and you soon forget you are standing in the shadows of roller coasting beasts. Is that the yell of a rider or dinner?

3) Coasterstock Souvenirs

Like any coaster club special event, the parks like to go above and beyond to show their support, and Kings Island is no different. Just for registering for the event, you get a free t-shirt promoting the event. Plus, we bet there could be more perks, but you will only find out by attending the event.

4) Exclusive Ride Time

The reason everyone LOVES Coasterstock is undoubtedly because the monster list of ERT scattered across the 3-day weekend. Racer, Flight of Fear, Firehawk, Banshee (x2), Bat, Delirium, Adventure Express, Beast (x2), Backlot Stunt Coaster, Diamondback (x2), Vortex, Woodstock Gliders (x2), Grand Carousel, Dodgem, and Zephyr. If you are keeping up with the math, that is 19 unique opportunities where only participants of Coasterstock can ride the attractions. So get back in line as fast as you can, as your train is waiting on another departure.

5) Friendships New and Old

No doubt one of the best benefits we have taken away from Coasterstock is the friendships of fellow enthusiasts. It does not matter your age, profession, or background. At Coasterstock, everyone is there for one thing, to have FUN, and that creates a unique bond with other guests there to do the same thing.

6) Meals

Your ticket includes not one, but two meals throughout the event. Gather with all the friends you made during ERT, and chat about your favorite Kings Island snacks, best ride, and favorite secret spot. Consider the meals a must do pit stop for the hours of ERT coming your way. You are going to need the stamina to keep up. Let's go!

7) Exclusive Tours

Have you ever wanted to look into the underbelly of the Beast? Or hear about the history of the KI & Miami Valley Railroad? Coasterstock provides a great opportunity to get exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes workings of Kings Island.

8) Affordability

Coasterstock provides an incredible value to the guest. Assuming you already have your season pass and coaster club membership purchased, where else can you get 3 days of scheduled activities, two meals, tours, friendships, and souvenirs all for less than the price of a tank of gas? Use all that extra money saved to splurge on that funnel cake sundae you have been craving. You will thank us later!

If you love roller coasters and Kings Island, from our family to yours, Coasterstock is the must attend event of the spring. Tickets are now available at until midnight on May 8, 2016.

Justin D. Dietz curate’s food information from across the Cedar Fair chain on the, Justin, his wife and three boys, spend the season traveling across the country taking in as many roller coasters, attractions, and live shows as they can, all while "testing" out the fresh cut fries, the latest food creations, and finding hidden menu items. His favorite Kings Island attraction is The Beast. Pull up a chair and come join the conversation.

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