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Saturday, May 7th, 2016


Where can you enjoy the thrills of the Banshee, sip on craft beer, eat amazing tasting plates of food, and watch live entertainment, all while under the glorious shadows of the Eiffel Tower? Hint, it is not Paris. All this can be had at the Banshee Brew Festival at Kings Island. 

Guests 21 and over are permitted into the Banshee Brew Festival, which is located on the back side of the Eiffel Tower walkways. There you will find more than 50 breweries and 200 beers, food, and live music taking place from 4:00 until 10:00 pm May 13-14.

While many are at the festival to sample the variety of craft brews, the CPFoodBlog was there to sample all the food and will give you the inside scoop of what to expect.

The food tent offers four stations for guests to redeem their dining tickets. Two are included in each ticket purchased for the Banshee Brew fest.

Italian Sausage served with Tortellini Salad

Stuffed tortellini are served with crumbled feta and olives alongside an Italian Sausage which packed a lot of great flavor. We thought the sausage was excellent with a nice poppyseed bun, with the salad giving a nice complimentary embellishment.

Pulled Pork served with Coleslaw*

A pile of pulled pork is topped with BBQ sauce and served alongside a creamy coleslaw. We were so glad this was served on a plate and not in a typical sandwich form. The coleslaw was the perfect accompaniment to the pork, so make sure every fork full includes a taste of each for maximum flavor. Definitely one of our favorite dishes of the event!

Mesquite Grilled Jumbo Chicken Wings served with Broccoli Salad

The Chef has taken his signature dry rub chicken wings and grilled them to perfection while serving them alongside a broccoli salad. Once again we thought the two were an excellent pairing, as the broccoli salad was our favorite dish out of everything sampled. The wings were cooked just right, locking in the juiciness of the meat with a nice smoky, mesquite flavor.

Roasted Corn* with Chicken Quarters

A whole roasted ear of corn is served alongside a chicken quarter, making this the biggest of the sampling menu items. The chicken was very tender and played off the sweet flavors from the corn. Note:
 Items denoted with a * are gluten free.

Is your mouth watering, but you are concerned since you are not a beer connoisseur? Great news, because Kings Island has you covered with a Designated Driver (DD) ticket. As a DD, you will get access to all the FUN with unlimited Coca-Cola fountain drinks, food coupons, and the live entertainment.

Brew masters should be impressed with the local representation from a variety of smaller breweries mixed in with some of the more mainstream beer creators.

Tickets and additional information about the Banshee Brew Festival can be found at

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