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Take home Kings Island blue ice cream in a bag

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Saturday, April 23rd, 2016


If you visit Kings Island, you know the legendary blue ice cream is something you must have on every visit. What is not to love about the blue soft serve that has been served in the park since 1982? However, the melting nature of the blue ice cream creates a caveat for being able to take it home to enjoy later. That is, until now.

New for the 2016 season, Kings Island has introduced a special flavor of their bagged popcorn. That is right, you can now take the famous Kings Island blue ice cream home, only in a different form.

Kings Island has managed to take the amazing blueberry-esque flavors and combine them with their fresh popcorn in an amazing treat in a bag.

The blue and white flavored popcorn is available in the Sweet Spot along International Street.
So how is the popcorn version of blue ice cream? Check out our video trying the popcorn for the first time.

The white and blue flavors played off each other and were very similar to that of the actual ice cream.
So have you tried this new treat at Kings Island? The new version of blue ice cream promises not to melt, but you may still get some sticky fingers in the process. How many bags will you take home this season?

Justin D. Dietz brings you the latest food information from Kings Island and all of the Cedar Fair parks on the Justin, his wife and three sons, spend the season traveling across the country taking in as many roller coasters, attractions, and live shows as they can, all while indulging in Sweet Spots, the latest food creations, and finding secret menu items. His favorite Kings Island attraction is The Beast. Pull up a chair and come join the conversation.

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