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A peek inside the 2016 season at Kings Island

Monday, March 21st, 2016


Construction on Tropical Plunge, a seven-story tall complex featuring six different water slide experiences, is underway in Soak City Waterpark.

Does the warm weather have you itching to get into the park? Every time there are changes to the Kings Island website, social media, or web cams, we get more excited for the season to start. There are major park enhancements we know like the Soak City expansion of Tropical Plunge and the new park entrance. With several secrets yet to be revealed, we get our first glimpse into Kings Island based on the 2016 Park Guide and Map now available online.


Cedar Fair is introducing an exciting new program for 2016 called FunPix, where guests can capture their favorite photographic memories of the day right on their smartphone. Then use the parks complimentary Wi-Fi to instantly share your professional photos with friends. The new 2016 map shows us there are tons of new locations to take advantage of the FunPix program.

Family Care Center
New for the 2016 season, Kings Island is presenting a brand new family care center along International Street. Located adjacent to The Great Pumpkin Coaster, families will be able to find a peaceful location to change their child, nurse, or just find a quiet place for kids to relax in an air conditioned facility. The new facility will be outfitted with restrooms, electrical outlets, charging stations, Wi-Fi services, televisions, refrigeration and ice, and hot water.

Coca-Cola Refill Stations

Kings Island is introducing three new Coca-Cola Refill stations, including one within Soak City. The first Coca-Cola Refill station will be located beneath the Eiffel Tower. The second Coca-Cola Refill stand is outside the entrance to Diamondback, and the third station will be in Soak City adjacent to Splash Landing. Guests will be able to take their 2016 souvenir drink bottles to the exclusive refill stations, or visit any of the other food stands throughout the park. Staying hydrated is easier than ever!

Enhanced Rivertown

Kings Island has totally revamped the Rivertown area of the park. Improvements include a new dual-line build-your-own funnel cake stand, soccer challenge and Rivertown basketball games. Guests will also experience a whole new White Water Canyon entrance and railroad crossing. By relocating some of your favorite games and food stand, foot traffic will more easily flow through the area. Not to mention, there is now this very nice open green space located across from Reds Hall of Fame Grill...we wonder what could go there?

In addition to seeing lots of new fresh paint around the park, the 2016 season also marks the 90th annniversary of the Grand Carousel, so make sure to take a spin on this iconic attraction this summer.

What has you most excited for the 2016 Kings Island season?

Justin D. Dietz brings you the latest food information from Kings Island and all of the Cedar Fair parks on the Justin, his wife and three sons, spend the season traveling across the country taking in as many roller coasters, attractions, and live shows as they can, all while indulging in Banshee Twists, the latest food creations, and finding secret menu items. His favorite Kings Island attraction is The Beast. Pull up a chair and come join the conversation.

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