Meet Murata girl: the robot that can ride a unicycle!

It's something most humans can't even manage, but scientists have created a robot that can ride a unicycle.

'Murata Girl', who was modelled on a primary school aged child, has sensors to keep her balance and can ride the cycle forwards and backwards.

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Circus stunt: Scientists in Japan have created Murata Girl, who can ride a unicycle


Murata Girl is a cousin to Murata Boy, right, created in 2005, who can ride a bicycle

An electronic eye made of ultrasonic sensors tells the robot when she is about to bump into something and her robotic brain helps her change direction.

A series of gyroscopes in Murata Girl's body help her to stay balanced, even when stationary.

The 5 kg robot can be also be guided by humans using the same Bluetooth technology that can be found in phones and computers.

The robot is the creation of Japanese technology group Murata Manufacturing.

The company's first robot 'Murata Boy' - Murata Girl's cousin - was unveiled in 2005 and is able to ride a bicycle.

The company uses the robots in schools to promote science education and on television to advertise the brand.

The two robots will be part of an exhibition at the CEATEC Japan 2008 exhibition at Makuhari Messe in Chiba from 30th September.

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