Can this £170 dress give YOU Pippa's derriere?

Before April’s Royal Wedding, there was only one gown everyone wanted to know about: the bride’s. After the big day, though, it was a different story and bridesmaid Pippa Middleton’s dress became the hot topic of discussion.

Designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, who also made Kate’s, its figure-hugging form showed off Pippa’s size 8 curves to perfection. It also transformed her shapely bottom into the most talked-about derriere since J-Lo’s.

Now Debenhams has created its own version, selling for £170 rather than the £20,000 Pippa’s was rumoured to cost. But will the dress give you the perfect Pippa bottom?

Perfect sihouette: Pippa Middleton's Alexander McQueen dress is rumoured to have cost £20,000

We asked four women, ranging from a size 10 to a 16, for their verdicts . . .


Ruth Flanagan, 34, from Surrey, works as a project co-ordinator for a charity.

Yoga bunny: Ruth Flanagan thinks the V-shaped panels at the back add impressive shape and curve

She says:

My bottom is a little on the flat side, but I do yoga and climbing so it is firm. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to plump up a behind, so while I think I have a perfectly acceptable bottom, it isn’t as great as Pippa’s.

The V-shaped panels at the back of the dress narrow your rear profile and do lend a bit of shape and curve, which I’m very impressed by.

However, I think it would be more suitable for a bride than a bridesmaid.


Anna Punshon, 29, is a sub-editor from Surrey.

'I’d kill for a bottom like Pippa’s': Anna Punshon is not fond of my derriere and I felt the design of this dress made it look even larger

She says:

I’d kill for a bottom like Pippa’s. I’m not fond of my own and I felt the design of this dress made it look even larger. It also made my hips look lower and wider than they really are.

I’m getting married next year, but my wedding dress is nothing like this. I prefer something more structured that will hold me in a bit more and create a defined waist and bust-line.


Julia Veidt, 37, is a production co-ordinator from North-West London.

Not perfect: Julia Veidt thinks you’d still need to wear some serious underwear if you wanted to try to emulate Pippa’s bottom

She says:

I’m quite happy with my bottom. It’s not perfect, but I’m more concerned with what the front looks like than the back. I can’t say this dress did much for my backside — it doesn’t really sculpt you, so I think you’d need to wear some serious underwear if you wanted to try to emulate Pippa’s bottom.

It was comfortable, but even though I’m much older than Pippa, I still think it’s too ‘mumsy’ for me.


Emma McIntosh, 46, is a dental nurse from South-West London.

Glamorous: Emma McIntosh admits she knew she wasn’t going to fit in the dress the way Pippa did

She says:

I knew I wasn’t going to fit in the dress the way Pippa did — I’ve got broad shoulders, no hips and no bottom; the colour of our hair is about the only thing we’ve got in common!

I wouldn’t normally go for something so figure-hugging — a Fifties-style prom dress is more flattering to my body type — but I do feel glamorous in it.

The only thing that would give me Pippa’s behind would be implants — which I’ve thought about, but I’m not sure I like the idea of sitting on them.

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