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I discovered the lack of taking care of fashion, beauty and style in Egypt. Egypt used was one of the countries that was concerned about fashion, beauty and style in the past. Unfortunately, according to many economical and political problems in Egypt, Egyptians started to forget what they were in the fashion and beauty sect.
That's why I am giving examples for figures of Egyptian pretty women from the 30s till today...And, I am going to rank them according to the opinion of many magazines, writers, filmmakers, and photographers.
Antigone Costanda Miss World 1954
Miss Egypt
Antigone Costanda (Arabicأنتيجون كوستان‎) (GreekΑντιγόνη Κωνσταντά) was the winner of the Miss World beauty pageant in 1954, representing Egypt.[1] The pageant was held on 18 October 1954 in LondonEngland, 16 contestants participated. In addition to Arabic she speaks GreekEnglishItalian and French fluently. Her total points overall in the Miss World event were 7.941, ranked 4th. The Greek-Egyptian beauty was the first Miss Egypt candidate to win the title for Egypt.
According to Eric Morley's 1967 book, "The Miss World Story", Costanda was positively beaming as she claimed that her victory was also for the second runner-up status of Marina Papaelia, 1953's Miss Egypt.
The following year, during the 1955 Miss World beauty pageant held in London, Costanda did not attend the event because of political hostilities between Egypt and Britain over the Suez CanalBritish actress Eunice Gayson crowned Miss Venezuela as the new Miss World.
Prior to winning Miss World, Costanda was gaining experience in the modelling profession, her face appearing in numerous publications. Winning Miss World further helped her to reach the top of her profession, becoming a successful model in the Middle EastFrance, Italy and Greece. Her career in later years moved into interior design; she ran a company designing the interior of business buildings. She was one of the judges at the Miss Egypt 2006 contests.
Naema Akef 
Naema Akef  (7 October 1929 - 23 April 1966) was a famous belly dancer and actress during the Egypt's cinema's golden age. Her parents were acrobats in the Akef Circus (run by Naima’s grandfather), which was one of the best known circuses at the time. She started performing in the circus at the age of four, and quickly became one of the most popular acts with her acrobatic skills. She then got the chance to work in Badeia Masabny's famous nightclub, where she became a star and was one of the very few who danced and sang. And, then she got discovered by Hussein Fawzy, a film director, who was very interested in having Naima star in one of his musical films.

Berlanty Abdel Hamid 

Berlanty (April 25, 1935 – December 1, 2010) is an icon of Egyptian cinema's golden age. She is known for her roles as a "temptress" or "Seduction." She was given the name "Berlant" due to her beauty. She had entered the political history of Egypt, because she has married Abdel hakim Amer, the first vice-president to former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.
Camilia (December 13, 1929- August 31, 1950) was born in Alexandria. She attended an English school in Alexandria when she caught the attention of director Ahmed Salem who introduced her to the world of show business in 1946 at the age of 17.She was a typical Alexandrian socialite she was the subject of much speculation and rumors, her name was linked to the country's King Farouk and alleged relationship was more than just tabloid material. She died in a tragic plane crash in 1950 by the age of 21. In spite of her short –lived career, audiences keep her a warm memory of an exceptionally pretty and attractive actress with Hollywood quality. 
Tahiya Karioka
Tahiya Karioka (February 22, 1920 – September 20, 1999) was an Egyptian belly dancer and film actress. Tahiya was offered to Badia Masabni, the owner of Casino Opera, one of the most known nightclubs during that time. Badia offered a position in her troupe to Tahiya. Tahiya accepted and was given the stage name Tahiya Mohamed. She soon began gaining popularity as a solo dancer and as she became more experienced she learned a popular Samba dance from Brasil at the time called the Karioka. After that she became known as Tahiya Karioca. Tahiya began starring in movies during what is dubbed as the Egyptian film industries "Golden Age". She was a talented dancer, singer, and actor. Tahiya was married 14 times; among her husbands were the famous actor Rushdy Abaza. 
Maha Sabry
Maha sabry (13 June, 1933 – 16 December, 1989) performed and sung in many Egyptian movies. She was admired by Ali Shafik who was the head manager of the office of the vice president and high commander of Egyptian arm forces Abdelhakim Amer. Ali Shafik had prevented her from performing and acting. Then, she got back to work after her husband had lost his position. 
Nagwa Fouad 
Nagwa Fouad was born 1939 is a famous. She is a famous Egyptian Belly Dancer.  After her release she performed at the Abdeen Casino where she met Ahmad Fuad Hassan (her future husband for 6 years), a producer of stage shows that later became a famous conductor. He convinced her to perform live at the most prestigious music and dance show in the 1960s called Adwa El Madina (City Lights). She learned showmanship and eye-catching techniques, which were obvious in her performances. She played on the stage and in the cinema, and she finally became a cinema producer. 

Magda was (born in May 4, 1931) in Tanta, Egypt. Magda got the French Bachelor degree. She started her career when she was 15 without her parents' permission that's why she changed her name. Magda had represented Egypt in many international film festivals. She got married to the actor Ehab Nafea, and they got one daughter. 

Laila Mourad
Leila Mourad (Arabicليلى مراد‎; February 17, 1918- November 21, 1995) was an Egyptian singer and actress. She is also credited as "Laila Mourad" and "Layla Mourad" Leila Mourad was born in Al DaherCairo on February 17, 1918 to an Egyptian father of Iraqi Jewish descent, Zaki Mourad, a respected singer, musician, and religious cantor or Hazan in the twenties, and to a Jewish mother of Polish descent, Gamilah Salmon, who gave birth as well to Isak, Ibrahim, Malak, Mounir and Samihah Mourad. Her brother Mounir Mourad was an actor and composer.
Rakiya Ibrahim
Egyptian Actress

Queen Farida
Queen Farida or Safinaz Zulficar (September 5, 1921 – October 16, 1988) was the first wife of King Farouk. She was born in 1921 to an Egyptian noble family in Gianaclis, Alexandria. Her father, judge Youssef Zulficar Pasha, was vice president of the Alexandria Mixed Court of Appeals. At the age of sixteen, she married King Farouk on 20 January 1938 at the Saraya el-Kubba in Cairo, Egypt. She was renamed Farida in accordance with the tradition initiated by King Fuad I that members of the royal family should bear the same initials. 
Leila Fawzy
Leila Fawzy ( February 3, 1925- January 12, 2005). Leila was recognized as one of the prettiest women that had appeared on the Egyptian TV. And, she was recognized in of the American magazines as one of the prettiest women during her time. She had worked and acted for about 60 years. 
Laila Taher
Laila Taher was born in March 13, 1942. She was graduated from sociology major and she was supposed to work as a sociologist as her dad had decided. Then, she started her life as a TV host in 1960, during that time, she had met the TV director "Robeer Sayegh" who had helped and encouraged her until she became a successful TV host. And, she started her first movie "Abo el Hadid."  Laila had got married 6 times in her life. 
Queen Nariman 
Queen Nariman Sadek  (31 October 1933 – 16 February 2005) was the daughter of Hussain Fahmi Sadiq Bey, a high-ranking official in the Egyptian government. Farouk divorced his first wife, Queen Farida, in 1948, after a ten-year marriage in which she had produced three daughters, but no male heir. She was Known as the "Cinderella of the Nile" for her middle class background, Nariman was selected in part as a populist gesture to prop up public opinion of the monarchy. 
An Egyptian actress that appeared in many movies in playing minor roles and one of her most famous roles was her role in "Khalli Balak Mn Zouzou" with Soad Hosni and Hussein Fahmy. She was playing the role of Hussein fahmy's finace and his step mother's daughter in the movie.

Angham Mohamed Ali Suleiman (born January 19, 1972) is an Egyptian singer, record producer and actress. Her debut was in 1987 under the guidance of her father, Mohammad Suleiman. She is the most successful vocal female artist in Egypt starting from the 1980s till nowadays. Following her divorce from Magdy Aref in 2000, Angham took much more control over her image and musical style after that Leih Sebtaha (Why Did You Leave Her) record established her into a strong position amid the constant emerge of new voices in the Middle East music scene. After a highly publicized feud between Alam El Phan Music Records' president Mohsen Gaber and the artist, Angham moved to another record company, Rotana. In 2005, she released "Bahibbik Wahashteeny" (I Love You, I Miss You) record.
Wafaa Amer
Egyptian actress
Egyptian Belly Dancer and an actress

Nahla Salama
Egyptian Actress
Fefe Abdo
Egyptian belly dancer and actress
Bothaina Rashwan
Egyptian Actress
Hanan Shawky
Egyptian Actress
Jala Fahmy
Egyptian Actress
Jihan Fadel
Egyptian Actress

Egyptian Actress
Amal Maher
Amal Maher or Ammal Maher (born 19 February 1985) is an Egyptian singer. She is known for her powerful voice, and has been influenced by Umm Kulthoum. 

Illham Chahine
Ilham Chahine (Various spellings are Elham Shahin, and Elham Shaheen) She was born in (March 3, 1960) is an Egyptian actress.She has appeared in many Egyptian films and television series and has won both Egyptian and international awards
Aza Bahaa
Egyptian Actress
Ola Ramy
Egyptian Actress

Lana Said 
Egyptian Actress

Farida Fahmy
Dancer in The Reda troupe

Nagat El Saghira 
Nagat El Saghira was born in August 11, 1936. He name is Nagat Mohamed Mahmoud Hosni ,but she known as "Nagat El Saghira." She started singing at the age of 9. She was a famous singer, and she performed in many movies.
Ragaa El Gedawy
Started as a model then she became an actress 
Zozo Shekib
Egyptian Actress
Egyptian Belly Dancer
Julia Booby
Egyptian Model 
Ninochka Manoug Kupelian better known by her stage name Lebleba  (name variant Lubluba) (born Cairo,Egypt on 14 November 1945) is an Egyptian film actress and entertainer of Armenian origin. She is the cousin of Egyptian actress Feyrouz and entertainer Nelly (real names Perouz and Nelly Artin Kalfayan). She started as a child actress imitating other actresses including appearances on the Egyptian National Theater promoted by Muallem Sadiq. She was given her first movie role through Egyptian film director and producer Anwar Wagdi and screenwriter / playwright Abo El Seoud El Ebiary in Habeebti Sousou. El Ebiary also chose the name Lebleba after seeing the multi-talented child actress, comedian, dancer and singer Ninochka Kupelian. She married actor Hassan Youssef, but they were divorced later on. She never remarried.
Samira Ahmed 
Samira Ahmed was born in November 15, 1938. Samira had entered the show business at a very young age. She acted in many Egyptian movies. She got married 4 times in her life.
Yasmine Jelany
Egyptian Actress
Mona Ibrahim
Egyptian Actress
Eman El Tokhy
Egyptian Actress
Safeya El Emary
Egyptian Actress
Reem El baroudy
Egyptian Actress
Nada Bassiouny
Egyptian Actress
                                                                           Gehan Ratib
Gehan Hassan Rateb  (born January 17, 1975) is an Egyptian actress, singer and composer. Gehan Rateb is one of the most famous Middle Eastern artists of her time, as she was one of the leading artists to bring back acting & singing career in one, & became an idol to follow her steps by other female artists in Egypt
Zeina (Arabicزينة‎, IPA: [ˈzeːnæ]; born Wessam Reda Ismail El-Degwi, 4 February 1981) is an Egyptian actress.Zeina started her career as a model in video clips, using her real name Wesam. She was chosen by director Daoud Abdel Sayed to play the role of Hanna in the movie Ard El kof (Land of Fear), her first film. She also worked as a broadcaster in one of the channels of Arab Radio and Television where she presented technical programmes.
Ayten Amer
Egyptian Actress and Wafaa Amer's sister
Hanan Tork
Hanan Tork (Arabicحنان ترك‎) (born March 7, 1975) is an Egyptian actress and former ballerina. She was born as: Hanan Hassan Muhammad Abd El Karim (Arabic: حنان حسن محمد عبد الكريم), and is sometimes credited as Hanane Turk and Hanan Turk. She is a sister to two brothers: Hussein and Hossam. Her father owned his own factory for clothes (Al Turki for Dresses).In addition to her work in the arts, Hanan also serves as a worldwide ambassador for the international charity Islamic Relief.[1] She started her career as a ballerina and completed her studies at the Cairo Ballet Institute in 1993. She then became a member of the Cairo Ballet Group and soon after moved to the Classical Ballet Group.
Hana Sheha
Egyptian actress and Hala sheha's sister

Hala Sheha
Egyptian actress who had played many successful roles in Egyptian cinema and who got veiled and stopped acting.

Madiha Yousri
Madiha Yousri (Arabicمديحة يسري‎, born Ghanima Habib Khalil (Arabicغنيمة حبيب خليل‎) in Cairo, December 3, 1921) is an Egyptian film and television actress. She was discovered by the Egyptian director Mohamed KorayemIn 1969 she was a member of the jury at the 6th Moscow International Film Festival.

Menna Shalabi
Menna Shalabi (born on 22 July) is an Egyptian actress featured in numerous movies. Shalabi is the daughter of the famous dancer: Zizi Mustafa.

Faten Hamama 
Faten Hamama was born in May 27, 1931. She is an Egyptian producer and an acclaimed actress of film, television, and theatre. She was regarded for her performances in a range of film genres, from melodramas to historical films and occasional comedies, though her chief successes were romantic dramas. Noted for her willingness to play serious characters, she has also acted in some controversial films in the history of Egyptian cinema. Faten got married two times in her life. In 1954, Hamama chose Omar Sharif to co-star with her in a film. In this film, she uncharacteristically agreed to a romantic scene involving a kiss. During the filming, they fell in love. Sharif converted to Islam and married her. The couple co-starred in many films, their romantic relationship clearly evident on screen. However, after almost 20 years, they divorced in 1974. Hamama later married Dr. Mohamed Abde
l Wahab Mahmoud, a successful doctor in Egypt.
May Kassab
May Kassab (Arabicمي كساب‎) (born December 8, 1981) is a popular female singer from Egypt. She is signed to Rotana, the biggest Record company in the Middle East.

Menna Fadaly
Egyptian Actress
Rania Farid Shawki
Egyptian actress “Rania Farid Shawki” was born on October 9, 1974, the daughter of actor “Farid Shawki” and “Sahir Tark.”She chose to not continue her studies in order to pursue her ambitions as an actress, and has since appeared in a number of TV shows, as well as a number of plays in which she was given lead roles. She married the Choreographer “Atif Awad” in 1998. 
Egyptian singer 
Heba Shoier
Egyptian TV anchor and she acted in few roles

Yousra is an Egyptian actress and singer. Her birth name is Civene Nassim .She is the sister-in-law of actor Hesham Selim, son of famous Egyptian football player, actor and former president of Al Ahly, Saleh Selim. Yousra is considered as a glamorous icon for the Middle East. Despite obstacles, she has always managed to pull herself up into the limelight. Recently many people have acknowledged that Yousra has reached a point of stardom where anything she has to say will be heard by more people and to greater effect than even those in authority.
Elham Wagdy
Miss Egypt Universe 2009 

Hoda Sultan
Hoda Sultan's real name is Gamalat Abdel-Aal al-Haw. She was born on (August 15, 1925- June 5, 2005) in Gharbeya to an Egyptian father and a Turkish mother. Her first movie was "Set Al-Hosn" (the Lady of Beauty) in 1950.
Egyptian actress that got veiled and stopped acting.

Zeinab Ismail
Egyptian Actress

                                                                    Seham Galal
                                                                  Egyptian actress
Reem Maged
Reem Maged (Arabicريم ماجد فوزى السيد أبو زيد‎, IPA: [ ri:m ma:gid ]) is an Egyptian journalist and host of the popular Baladna bel Masry talk show on Egyptian ONTV. Maged's popularity and renown have dramatically increased due to her critical coverage of political events since the 2011 Egyptian revolution, as well as her hosting of individuals on her show that are critical of the military Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or SCAF, that has ruled Egypt since the resignation of Hosni Mubarak. She has been described as "Egypt’s best and arguably most vocal [female voice] in delivering the true happenings to the country on a nightly basis.
Lara Scandar
Lara Scandar (Arabic:لارا اسكندر) is an American-born Arabic singer. Her father is part Italian and part Egyptian while her mother is Lebanese. She and her family moved from the USA to Cairo, Egypt when she was a child. She was a semi-finalist on the Lebanese reality talent competition Star Academy during the 6th season, representing Egypt in 2009.[1] Her debut album is named "About A Girl".

Sherine Reda
Sherine Reda was born Jul 12, 1968. She is an Egyptian actress and the daughter of the dancer and dancer designer Mahmoud reda. She started working on TV as a model for commercials, then she worked in "Fawazeer Ramadan" then she started acting. She got married to the most famous Arabian and Egyptian singer Amr Diab, and they had a daughter together, Noor. After their divorce she got married to Sultan Kamal Adham and they didn't stay long together. She worked with the famous Egyptian actor Ahmed Zaki.

Ola Ghanem
Ola Ghanem (born November 26, 1973) is an Egyptian actress. She had appeared in many seductive roles and she was criticized a lot from Egyptian and Arabian critics for her daring role.

Laila Elwi
Laila Elwi (born January 4, 1962 in Cairo), sometimes credited as Laila Olwy and Laila Elwy, is a famous Egyptian actress. She is of mixed blood. Her father is Egyptian and her mother is Greek. Actress Laila Elwi has starred in more than 70 movies and has been honored at Egyptian and international festivals with prestigious awards for most of her roles.
Egyptian Actress
Egyptian Actress
Safa Tag Eldin
Egyptian Model and actress

Naglaa Badr
Egyptian Actress 
Sherine El Tahan
Egyptian TV Anchor and Actress

Boushra is born August 24, 1980 in Cairo, Egypt. She's famous because she had many skills, she has a good voice, and she is a good actress. She started as a TV host and she was very popular. Then, she worked as an actress. She was good in all movie types' comedy, drama or tragedy.
Zeinat Elwy
Egyptian Belly Dancer
Manal Abd El Latif
Egyptian Actress
Engy Khattab 
Egyptian Actress
Enas Aly
Egyptian Actress
Inas Ez Aly
Egyptian Actress
Passant El Sobaky
Egyptian Actress
Mai Kady
Egyptian Actress
Farah Youssef 
Egyptian Actress
Heba Magdy
Egyptian Actress
Mona Hala
Egyptian Actress and Comedian 
Lekaa El Khameesy
Egyptian Actress
Sally Ahmed
Egyptian Singer
Egyptian Singer
Shwikar  (born 24 November 1936 ) is a famous Egyptian actress. She started her career in Alexandria in some tragedic roles before she was discovered by the Egyptian film director Fateen Abdul Wahab to work as a comedian in TV, cinema and theatres. She is of Turkish origin.
Shaimaa Saeed
Egyptian Singer and she acted in few roles.

Hanan Motawie
Hanan Motawie, is the daughter of the actress Soheir Al Morshedy and the actor
Karam Motawie. She was born on March 2nd, which makes her zodiac sign Pisces.
Hanan graduated from Cairo University, faculty of Commerce English section and
started off her acting career by playing a role in "Hadeeth El sabah wa El masaa.”Ever since Hanan has played many important roles in both movies such as "Qas weLazq" by Hala Khalil, "Al Ghaba" (The Forest) and "Heliopolis" as well as in TVseries like "Sara,” "Awlad Elshaware,” "Aghla men Hayaty,” "Azmet Sokkar" and"Wekalet Ateyya.” In addition, she has played several roles in theatre like "Al sultan Al 

Rania Youssef

Rania Youssef was born December 1, 1973 is an Egyptian actress and fashion model

Magda El Khatib
Magda el Khatib (October 2, 1943- December 16, 2006) She started her career as an actress in the beginnings of the1960. First, she started to work in small roles, then her first time as a main character was in the movie "Dalal el masreya."
Nermin Al-Fiqy
Nermin El-Fiqy (born September 8, 1971) is an Egyptian actress. Sexy actress from the Egyptian city of Alexandria, graduated from Victoria School and then graduated at the Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University.

Doaa Hakam Al-Malla
                Doaa Hakam Al-Malla - Egyptian model, Miss Egypt Earth 2010. Height - 169 cm, weight - 55 kg.
Egyptian Singer
Lekaa Swedan
Egyptian Actress and Singer
Nabila Ebeid
Nabila Ebeid (born 21 January 1945 in Cairo), also spelled Nabila Obeid, is an Egyptian actress. In 1965, she starred with Omar Sharif in The Mamluks, a role which was described as her "first steps to fame".

Donia Samir Ghanem
Donia Samir Ghanem (born June 8, 1983) is an Egyptian actress and singer. Donia's artistic family includes, her parents, Samir Ghanem (an Egyptian comedian actor) and Dalal Abdul Aziz and her sister Emy Samir Ghanem (a young actress). Donia began her artistic life in 2001 when she was 16 "leladala wegoh kathera" (For the Justice there are many ways) as nada in 2001.

Nadia El Guindy
Nadia el Guindy was born in (March 3, 1945) Her first appearance was in small movies in the movie "Gamila" with Magda and Rushdy Abaza about Algeria's revolution. She was named "negmet el gamaheer" (the audiences' star).
Sama El Masry
Egyptian Belly Dancer and singer 
Randa Hafiz
Egyptian Singer
Dina Fouad
Egyptian Actress
Yasmine Gamal
Egyptian Actress

Heba El-Sisy
Heba El-Sisy (born 1983 in El Mansoura, Egypt) is an Egyptian beauty queen and television presenter. She was the official PanteneMiss Egypt 2004 titleholder. She represented Egypt in Miss Universe 2004 and then again at Miss World 2004. El-Sisy also won the title of Miss Supermodel of Egypt less than a year before becoming Miss Egypt. The first two runners-up to El-Sisy when she became Miss Egypt in 2004 were sisters.
Fawzia Mohamed
Fawzia Mohamed (born 1983 in Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian beauty queen and model. She was the official Pantene Miss Egypt 2006 titleholder, at age 22. She represented Egypt in the Miss Universe 2006 pageant. Fawzia is a part-time model. She specializes in catwalks. She attended a modeling school run by Amina Shelbaya, Miss Egypt 1988. She has modeled for many prominent Egyptian designers, including Hany El Behery and Dagher.

Najla and Nourlen
Egyptian Famous twins who worked as models in Melody hits channels and they lately started to sing.
Engy Abdallah
She was Miss Egypt 2000, and she had acted in some movies

Abeer Sabry
Abeer Sabry was born in April 16. 1971. She started in a movie called "el nagoon men el nar" (the fire survivors) Abeer sabry had always been the subject of religion because she wore veil then she took it off, and she got back in seductive roles.

Somaya El Khashab

Somaya El Khashab was born in October 20, 1966. She was born in Alexandria. Somaya had been called "The legendary star" by the Khaliji critics. She is an actress and she sings. She had one album. And she had played many daring roles. 
Ghada Abdel Razk
  Ghada abd el razk was born in July 6, 1965. She studied computer science. She started her career as a model that appeared in TV commercials. Ghada is famous for her daring and seductive roles.

Nora was born in June 18, 1956. She is the sister of the famous Actress pousy. She had left the career in 1996, because she got veiled and she got married to Hatem Thou el fakar, and to the famous business man Hisham Taalat mostafa ,but she got divorced in 1998. 

Pousy was born in November 26, 1953. Pousy's name is Safinaz Mostafa Kadri, she was born in Shubra in Cairo. She graduated from commerce. She got married to Egyptian actor Noor El Sharif. And, they got divorced in 2006.
Nesma Mamdouh
Egyptian Actress
Amira Hani
Egyptian Actress
Egyptian Actress

Hasnaa Seif El Din
Egyptian-Jordanian Actress
Doaa Teama
Egyptian Actress
Heba Kamel
Egyptian Actress

Reem Helal
Egyptian Actress 

Arwa Gouda 
Egyptian Model and Actress and who made the cut to the Top 16 in Miss Earth 2004. 
Yasmine Niazy
Egyptian Singer
Egyptian actress that just played in two movies
Safaa Abo El soeud
Egyptian actress and TV presenter
Donia El Masry
Egyptian Actress

Sherine Abdel Wahab
Sherine (born Sherine Ahmed Abdel Wahhab, though it is not her real name; October 8, 1980) is an Egyptian singer and actress from Egypt, Cairo. Sherine began her career with the single Ah Ya Leil in 2000, and has since released several albums that include 2 EPs and 3 LPs. Sherine has always been very open about her love life. Before professionally becoming a singer, she was married to music arranger Medhat Khamis. The marriage lasted for a very short time, and ended with a divorce. Later on Sherine was involved with two men, being briefly engaged to them. In 2007, Sherine married music arranger Mohammad Mustafa. According to both of them there was an on and off relationship before the marriage that spanned several years. The wedding was attended by the couple's family members and close friends including Asalah Nasri, Tareq Al Arian, Menna Shalabi,Waleed Saad, Hani Mahrous, Amir Abdul-Majid and Hani Rushdi. Sherine also has two daughters (Maryam and Hana) with her husband.
Nesrine Al Emam
Egyptian Actress

Reham Abdel Ghafour
  Reham Abdel Ghafour is an Egyptian actress and the daughter of famous Egyptian actor Ashraf Abdel Ghafour. She is graduated from Faculty of Commerce-English section. She appeared with Mohamed Henedi and Ashraf Abdel Baki in the film Saheb Sahbo.Reham acts in many TV series and films like Mallaki Eskinderiya, Kan yom Hobak, Gayy fel Saree',BelAraby cinderella. She also participated in plays like Bint Bonoot, AlMalek Lear (i.e. King Lear) with the star Yehia El-Fakharany and Hamlet play at Egyptian theaters.
Amina Khalil

Shadia or Fatima Ahmad Kamal, better known by her stage name Shadia (Arabic: شادية), is an Egyptian actress and singer. Now retired, she is famous for her roles in light comedies and drama in the 1950s and 1960s. Her first appearance was in the film el-Aql Fi Agaza (The Mind on Vacation), and she retired after her last film La Tas'alni Man Ana (Don't Ask Me Who I Am). Shadia is considered one of the most popular and most talented singers and actresses in the Arabic movie and enterainment industry. Her songs and movies are still sought after, and her songs are popular amongst all generations.
Dalia El Behery
Dalia Mahmoud Quotb El Behery (born October 5, 1970), Egyptian actress. She won the 1990 title of Miss Egypt, also won 27 place the Miss Universe pageant in Los Angeles in the same year. She received a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at Helwan University, where she worked as a tour guide, then as a prelude programs on the Egyptian Satellite Channel and modeling. Her first notable appearance was in a video clip of the song "Tegeesh neaeesh", by Ali El Haggar. Dalia’s modeling career paved the road for her acting profession.
Dina Abo El Soeud
Egyptian Actress

Yasmin Abdulaziz
Yasmin Abdulaziz  (born June 10, 1980) is an Egyptian actress. Abdulaziz started in commercials at the age of 15 because of one of her mother's friends who owns a company of commercials. After a while she started to act in cinema and television with a series named A Woman From The Love Time that was a huge success all around the Middle-East. After this success she made another mini-series called Kids Are Going Crazy.
Mona Zaki
Mona Zaki  (born November 18, 1976) is an Egyptian actress. Although she had no interest at all on being an actress, Mona Zaki is now a remarkable leading star. Mona started her career in acting accidentally, when she met Mohamed Sobhi, the famous Egyptian Actor and Director. Mona is a Mass Communication student at the fourth grade. Her dream is to prove herself as a good actress. She wants to make good remarkable roles in her career as a Super Star. 'There is a lot to do'. She is married to Ahmed Helmi, an Egyptian actor. They are the parents of a daughter named Lily.
Ghada Adel 
Ghada Adel (Born December 25, 1974) is an Egyptian actress who was born in Libaya, she had spent most of her life there. Ghada's mother had died when Ghada was four. And, she spent all her life with her step mother. She got married to the TV producer Magdy el Hawary. And, he was the one who discovered her and introduced her as a new actress. 
Meriam George
Meriam George (born 1987, Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian beauty pageant titleholder. At the age of eighteen, she was the official Pantene Miss Egypt 2005 winner. She represented Egypt in Miss Universe 2005, Miss Intercontinental 2005 and Miss Earth 2006. In Miss Earth, she was among the eight finalists, in Miss Intercontinental, she was a semifinalist, and in Miss Universe, she did not place.
Heba Al-Abasiry
Heba Al-Abasiry, an anchor of AL Hayat TV, believes that crossing the red lines in entertainment programs leads to having more viewers, which leads to more advertisements that lead to increased revenue. She is not necessarily fond of it, but if it was necessary, she would do it in a way that would not affect her conscience in a bad way. According to Ms. Al-Abasiry, the society needs to take care of its individuals morally, socially,  economically..etc, then it will not have to worry about the red lines as the society would be raised on certain values and what they see on TV will not affect them. 
Egyptian Singer
Egyptian Singer
Dina Elsherbiny
Egyptian Actress

Jehan Abd Allah
Egyptian Radio Anchor

Madeha Kamel
Madeha Kamel was born in August 3, 1948 in Alexandria. She moved to Cairo in 1958. She went to Literature school in Ain Shames University in Cairo during studying she started with small roles in cinema and theatre, and then she worked as a model. 
Maha Bahnassy
Egyptian TV and Radio Anchor

Sara El-Khouly
 Sara El-Khouly (born February 15, 1988 in Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian model and beauty queen. She is of part Croatian descent and grew up in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Sara was crowned Miss Egypt World 2010 on July 7, 2010 in Cairo.
Basma Hassan
Basma Hassan (born December 7, 1976 in Cairo) is an Egyptian actress. Basma's father is a journalist and her mother is a women's rights activist. Her maternal grandfather, Youssef Darwish, was a communist activist. Basma began her career acting at the university in the film "El Madyna (The City)" where the director Yousry Nasrallah chose her to participate in the film; however, before the movie she tried to be a radio presenter and had already taken an interview in the national radio channel. But before anything, Yousry Nasrallah selected her for the movie "El Madyna (city)".
Mayar El ghety
Egyptian Actress
Zizi Adel
Egyptian Singer
Egyptian Model and Actress
Jehan Nasr
Jehan Nasr was (born in December 2, 1972) She got a Bachelor degree in children disciplinary. She started her career through TV ads. Then, she started to appear in TV series. And she had appeared in "Fawazeer Ramadan" and she had performed in two plays with the famous comedian Samir Ghanem. In 1997, she got married to a rich Arabian figure and she quit acting.  
Sherine Seif el-Nasr
Sherine Seif el-Nasr was (born in November 27, 1967) She is an Egyptian actress. Sherine graduated from the law school in Cairo. And, she is the daughter of the Egyptian journalist Elham seif el Nasr. She lived in France for a long time where she met youssef frenses and he introduced her to the cinema in Egypt. she got married three times in her life. First, to the owner of MBC channels abdelaziz Ibrahim Shafik. The second marriage was to the Egyptian singer Mehat Saleh. And, the last in 2010 was to the doctor raef el Feki.
Bossy Samir
Bossy samir's real name is Saada she is an Egyptian belly dancer, singer and she acted in some movies in minor roles. She danced in hotels and then she moved to dancing and acting.

Nelly Karim
Nelly Karim was (born in December 18, 1974) She was the son of an Egyptian father, and a Russian mother. She had performed in many ballet shows in the Egyptian Opera in Cairo. She started as a ballerina and she was one of the best ballerinas in Egypt she was discovered by Egyptian actress Faten Hamama and she appeared with her in the series "wajeh el qamar" (the face of the moon). 
Mai Ezz Eldin
Mai Ezz Eldin was (born January 19, 1980) she was born in Alexandria. She was a courageous person when she was young she was the head of the theatre club at her school and after she graduated she wanted to be an actress. She got engaged to the Egyptian Player Mohamed Zidan, then they broke up.
Heidi Karam
Heidi Karam (born August 27, 1980) She graduated from faculty of French language from Ain Shames university. She started by working as a model, then she worked as a TV host for a while on ART channels and MBC channels. She is one of the most beautiful Egyptian celebrities. Karam is also famous for her large and beautiful eyes. She has done modeling for so many companies. Heidi has also performed in many television series. Her most recent series is “Hadret El-Dabet Akhi”. In this Drama she starrd with Mohamed Riyad, Karima Mokhtar, Menna Fadali and Entesar.
Nour El-Semary
Nour El-Semary (Arabic: نور السمري ; Cairo, 28 September 1980) is an Egyptian actress and former beauty pageant titleholder.[1] El-Semary she was the official Pantene Miss Egypt 2003 winner.[2] She represented Egypt in Miss Universe 2003. In 2003 she also acted in the TV Series Al Atar Wa Elsabaa Banat (العطار و السبع بنات) with Nour El-Sherif (نور الشريف).

Nermeen Maher
Nermeen Maher (born October 9, 1980) she is an Egyptian actress, and a famous model in Egypt. She started as a model in video clips. 
Azzareya Curtis
Azzareya Curtis is African-American, an Egyptian father and Brazilian mother, who resides in New Jersey. Ms. Curtis has maintained that wonderful figure she had obtained through playing track in high school, staying at 125 lbs and still eating McD’s all the time! She has been in great demand, and has appeared in many magazines and websites. Moreover, she has also been hosting various shows, including some acting, as well as Campaign Ads & Billboard.
Reham Hagag
Egyptian Actress
Carmen Soliman
Egyptian Singer
Amany Abo El Naga
Egyptian model and TV Presenter.

Nahla Zaki
Nahla Zaki is a new Egyptian actress. She had appeared in many Egyptian movies. Her first appearance was in a small role in the movie "nemes bond" with the comedian actor Hany Ramzy. Nahla had won in the beach beauty contest that is made in Egypt. Lately she had appeared in the movie "bonne swareh" with the Egyptian actress Ghada Abdelrazk. 
Eman Samir
Egyptian Singer and Actress
Anaya Hayes
Anaya Hayes may seem like just eye candy appearing in videos of some of hip hops biggest stars but she might just be the most talented person on stage. Anaya started singing at age six and immediately developed a passion for the stage. She combined her singing with a dancing career and it was sure that modeling wasn’t far behind. Still not content, Anaya started hosting parties and social events. She is most recognized in the Drake & Trey Songz video ‘Replacement Girl’ but won’t be in the background for long as she has started launch her music career thanks to the connections she’s made in the industry.

Jihan Mansour
Egyptian TV anchor
Marwa Nasr
Egyptian Singer

Dina Abd El Rahman
Dina Abdel Rahman (Arabic: دينا عبد الرحمن, May 5, 1975-) is an Egyptian TV show hostess and one of the few journalists who supported the January 25, 2011 Revolution. Her dismissal in July 2011 from her morning TV show Sabah Dream (Good Morning, Dream [TV]) after she respectfully argued on air with a retired military general made it clear to everyone that media censorship was still very much part of post-Mubarak Egypt.Dina Abdel Rahman holds a bachelor's degree in Art Education. And although she was a successful artist and participated in many successful art exhibits, she eventually became a journalist and began writing political articles for several newspapers. Dina was then offered the job of hosting the morning show Sabah Dream on the privately owned satellite channel Dream TV.
Sarah Fasha
Sarah Fasha was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Orange County, California until the age of 18. Both of her parents were born and raised in Cairo, Egypt making her and her brother first generation Americans. 
Her grandfather is Taher Aboufasha, a very famous Egyptian writer and poet best known for “Thousand and One Nights.”

After high school, Sarah joined the United States Military where she served four years in the Navy, making her a veteran.

Sarah pursued modeling in the Washington D.C. area where she served for sometime in search of an outlet to the everyday lifestyle of the military. Once she was honorably discharged, she was able to learn the modeling business on her own, creating her own connections and learning to negotiate her own shoots.

Although Fasha loved to model, she began to realize that there was more to be achieved in her life and began transitioning into acting. After years of training as an actor and doing several projects, she decided to move back to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career full time.

She is now a graduate of the Lee Strasberg Institute Conservatory in West Hollywood and is a member of the SAG-AFTRA union. In the summer of 2012, she competed with many other Egyptian women and won the title of “Miss Egypt 2013” for the Queen of the Universe Pageant set to take place in January 2013 in Los Angeles.

Sarah hopes to make her mark in the entertainment industry for Middle Eastern women and be the first well-known Egyptian actress in America and to receive an Academy Award one day.

Sarah’s hobby is DJing in her spare time. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and currently owns property on the East Coast.
Nelly Artin Kalfayan better known as Nelly  (born in Cairo on 3 Jan 1949) is an Egyptian actress, singer, comedienne, dancer, television personality, and all-around entertainer. Nelly is of Armenian descent. The school she attended as a child was run by and for people of Armenian descent in Cairo. She is the younger sister of Feyrouz, a well-known child actress, and a cousin of Lubluba, another well-known Egyptian-Armenian film actress who is a little older than she is. Nelly was married to the Egyptian film director Husam al-Dine Mustafa, and later on she married musician Mody al Imam. From among the large amount of her artistic work, Nelly is best known throughout the Arab World for her "Fawazir Ramadan"  (translates as Ramadan puzzles). This is a set of TV comedy shows with lots of music and dancing, with Nelly the star of the shows.

Hind Rostom
Hind Rostom (November 11, 1929 – August 8, 2011) was one of the most popular Egyptian actresses. Rostom was born in Alexandria, Egypt on November 11, 1929 to a middle-class father and an aristocratic mother. She started her career at the age of 16 with the film Azhaar wa Ashwak (Flowers and Thorns). Her first true success was in 1955 when the famous director Hassan Al Imam offered her a role in Banat el Lail (Women of the Night). Rostom was known as the queen of seduction in Egyptian cinema, and the "Marilyn Monroe of the East". She decided to retire acting in 1979 because she wanted the audience to remember her at her best. Hind Rostom died on 8 August 2011, aged 81, due to a heart attack after being hospitalised for a few hours in Mohandesseen, Cairo.
Naglaa Fathy
Naglaa Fathy was born in December 21, 1950. Her real name is Fatma El Zahraa Hussein Ahmed fathy. She was discovered by the producer Adely El moleed and the famous singer Abdel-Halim Hafez in Alexandria. Abdel-Halim Hafez has chose her the name "Naglaa Fathy." She now married to the famous TV host and journalist Hamdy Kandeel. 
Lobna Abdel Aziz
Lobna Abdel Aziz, aka Loubna Abd el Aziz or Lubna Abdel Aziz is an Egyptian actress. She was born in 1935 in Cairo, Egypt. She is married to Dr. Ismail Barrada; they have two daughters, Giselle Miriam and Nadine Sarah.
Rahma Hassan 
Egyptian Actress
Yara Naoum
Yara Naoum  (born in 1987 in Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian beauty queen. She is married to the Egyptian footballer Emad Moteab. She earned the title of Miss Egypt in 2008.
Randa El Behery
Randa El Behery was born in August 8, 1983 (age 28). Randa is an Egyptian model and actress. She is studying at the Department of English Language and Literature at Cairo University. Randa worked at the field of commercial advertisements for three years then started acting.

Ehsan Hatem El-Kirdany
Ehsan Hatem El-Kirdany (born 1986) is a beauty pageant titleholder from Egypt who has competed in the Miss Universe pageant.Born on Sunday 5 January 1986 to an Egyptian father, Hatem El Kirdany and an American mother. Ehsan has lived in Egypt all her life, contrary to popular understanding.Although she did not place, she was among GobalBeauties.com Top 10 for Best Evening Gown and Top 10 for Most Photogenic.
Wafaa El Kilany
Wafaa El Kilany began her career in media with ART TV in Italy and then joined Rotana channels broadcasting from Lebanon where she made several talk shows, including "Dhed Al Tayyar". She then moved to the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) where she presented the famous talk show “Without Censorship.” El Kilany has recently joined MBC Group and the last appear for her was presenting “Nawwarat" program. El Kilany Holds a Bachelor's degree in Politics and Economy.

Tara Emad
Tara Emad epitomizes natural  Egyptian beauty. She has a fresh face and an innocent look that helped her get nominated for Miss Teen Egypt in 2010. Since then she has been a fashion staple on catwalks and in magazines throughout the world. She is also developing an acting career to help globalize her brand.
Eman Abu Talib
Egyptian TV presenter
Donia Hamed
Donia Hamed while Egypt doesn’t have a Miss Universe winner for the modern version of the pageant., it does have one winner for the old Miss Universe beauty pageant that ran it’s course in the 20s and 30s  Charlotte Wassef who won the title in 1935. Fast forward to 2010: we have the willowy Donia Hamed taking the Egyptian sash to Las Vegas, site of the Miss Universe 2010!  This part-time model is one of the taller girls in the beauty contest at 5’10″. She was born and raised in Cairo. Donia studied  Finance in an Arab academy for science, technology and maritime transport, in Cairo, Egypt.

Sara Salama
Egyptian Actress
Sally Shaheen
Egyptian model that had applied for Miss Egypt contest and she is now a TV anchor

Mirhan Hussein
Egyptian Actress and had been one of the stars in Star Academy 
Amira Fathy
Egyptian actress. Fathy started as a model then she became an actress and she made a video clip and she started to sing.
Eman Elhosary
Egyptian TV anchor
Egyptian Singer

Mirna El Mohandes 
Egyptian Actress
 Dalida (17 January 1933 – 3 May 1987) - singer, actress, Miss Egypt 1954. Iolanda Christina Gigliotti 'aka' Dalida was born in Shubra, Cairo, Egypt. Her family was from Serrastretta, Calabria, Italy, but lived in Egypt, where Dalida’s father, Pietro Gigliotti, was first violinist (primo violino) at the Cairo Opera House. Dalida lived most of her adult life in France.
Reham Ayman
She started as a model, and she had also began in a band called "virus", she made 2 video clips with that band then they got separated and later she started acting. 

Nahd Sherif
Nahd Sherif's real name is Samiha Zaki Al Nial she was (born January 1, 1942 ) in Alexandria, Egypt and she died in , 1981 (age 39) in Cairo, Egypt. She was an Egyptian actress. She was very famous for her sexy body and her seductive roles. 
Nadia Lutfi
Nadia Lutfi (born Paula Mohamed Mostafa Shafiq in 1938, Sohag), the daughter of an Egyptian father who was an accountant and a Polish mother, was one of the most popular actresses during the final phase of Egyptian cinema's "Golden Age". Acting for Nadia started as a hobby; when she was 10 years old she participated in a play at her school and did very well. When the 20-year-old was about to make her screen debut in 1958, Omar Sharif was the reigning king of the Arab cinema, and his wife, Faten Hamama, its queen. The star couple had just had a smash hit with the film La Anam with Hamama as "Nadia Lotfy", a willful teen who destroys her father's marriage. Young Paula appropriated the name.
Shames El Baroudi
Shames el Baroudi was (born in October 4, 1945) She studied in the artistic theatre academy for two years and half and her first role was in a TV series called "el asal el mor" (the sour honey) She got married to the prince Khaled Ibn Saoud and they got divorced after 3 months. Then, she got married to the famous actor Hassan Youssef. Then she quit acting in 1985, and she got veiled. 
Souhair Ramzy
Sohair Ramzy was (born in March 3, 1949) Sohair is the daughter of the Actress Doreya Ahmed. Her first appearance was when she was five years old in the movie "Saheefa sawabek" in 1956. Then, she appeared in "el banat w el seif" when she was 10 years old. Then, she worked as a hostess. Then she worked as a model. Then, her first appearance as a lady was in the movie "Miramar" since then she started to be a famous star. She got veiled in 1993 and she quit acting.
Christine Solomon
Award-winning actress, Christine Solomon is of Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese ethnicity. She was born in Egypt and raised in Montreal from the age of seven. She is truly an international star; a member of the Egyptian Actor’s Union, Actra and UDA, she has performed in a wide range of productions across Canada, the United States and Egypt.
Horeya Farghaly
Egyptian Actress
Yosra El Lozy
Yosra El Lozy is (born August 8, 1985) She is a film actress and a ballerina. She has received many awards from regional and international film festivals.
Mai Fakhery 
Egyptian Model and Actress
Yasmeen Raees
Egyptian Actress

 Egyptian Singer 
Rania Hussein Muhammad Tawfiq (born October 8, 1981), known as Ruby (sometimes transliterated as Roubi), is an Egyptian singer, actress and occasional model who rose to fame with her debut single "Enta Aref Leih" ("Do You Know Why?") in 2003. The first music video of her debut single "Enta Aref Leih" (2003), was directed by Sherif Sabri and was a hit on most satellite music stations in the Middle East during the summer of 2003. Ruby was criticized by the media for appearing in the provocative costume of a belly dancer in the song's music video. Despite this criticism, the successful single brought Ruby into the limelight.
Amando Banoub
Amanda Banoub is an Egyptian American actress. Her mother and father were both born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. In May 2009, Banoub appeared in a four-page spread for NOX Magazine.

Eman El Assy
Eman El Assy was born August 28, 1985. She is an Egyptian actress. She studied business administration. She entered the acting field by coincidence when she went to take a photo and when the photographer finished, he liked one of her photos and he asked her to publish it in a women magazine, and Eman agreed. The Film director saw her photo on one of the magazines and he selected her to work in a TV series called "ams la yamoot" (yesterday never dies). Until she worked in the cinema, Eman got married two times. First, to Ali Mansour el Awdi the Yemen British businessman for 3 months in 2009, in 2010 she got married to Egyptian businessman Nabil Samir Zanusi. 
Mariam Fakher Eddine
Mariam Fakhr Eddine (born  January 8, 1933) is an Egyptian actress from a Circassian origin. She was born in the city of Fayoum in Egypt, to an Egyptian Muslim father and a Christian Hungarian mother. Actor Youssef Fakhr Eddine is her bother.
Sherihan or Sherihan Ahmed Abdul Fattah Al Shalaqany., (born December 6, 1964), is an Egyptan actress and multi-artist. Sherihan comes from the Shalakany family. She was a talented child by nature. Her mother Awatef Hashem, who died in 1987, and her brother popular actor and guitarist Omar Khorshid, who died in 1981, gave her lots of support in order for her to be a big star in show business one day. Sherry (her nickname) has two sisters, Gihan, the widow of Fayez Al Zomor, and Huwaida, the wife of director Karim Dhiaa' Al Din. She was lovely. n 1977, Sherihan was asked to act in her first movie. She was only 12 years old and played the role of Farid Shawky's granddaughter and Nour El-Sherif and Pucy's niece. In 1978 she starred in a TV series called El Mo'geza or The Miracle.
Samia Gamal
Samia Gamal  (born as Zaynab Ibrahim Mahfuz, March 5, 1924 - December 1, 1994) was an Egyptian belly dancerand film actress.Born in the small Egyptian town of Wana in 1924, Samia's family moved just months later to Cairo and settled near the Khan El-Khalilibazaar. It was many years later that Samia Gamal met Badia Masabni, the founder of modern Oriental dance. Badia offered Samia an invitation to join her dance company, which Samia accepted. Badia Masabni gave her the stage name Samia Gamal, and she began her dance career. In 1949, Egypt's King Farouk proclaimed Samia Gamal "The National Dancer of Egypt", which brought US attention to the dancer.In 1950, Samia came to the US and was photographed by Gjon Mili. She also performed in Latin Quarter (nightclub), New York's trendy nightclub. She later married so-called "Texas millionaire" Shepherd King III (who, it was later reported, actually only had about $50,000). All this brought her to star proportions in the US. However, their marriage didn't last long. In 1958, Samia Gamal married Roshdy Abaza, one of the most famous Egyptian actors with whom Samia starred in a number of movies as well. Samia Gamal stopped dancing in 1972 when she was nearly in her 50s but began again after given advice by Samir Sabri. She then danced until the early 1980s.Samia Gamal died on December 1, 1994, at 70 years of age in Cairo, Egypt. Samia's charismatic performances in Egyptian and international films gave Oriental Dance recognition and admiration in Egypt and worldwide. She was and still is deeply mourned by the dance community.

Zubaida Tharwat
Zubaida Tharwat was born in June 14, 1945. She was known as "The Egyptian cinema's kitten" due to her cute face and her beautiful eyes. And, she had the prettiest eyes of the Egyptian cinema until now. She is living now in the United States. And, her first movie was "dalida" in 1956 and she appeared just for minutes with shadia and abdel halim hafez. Zubaida also had the title "the queen of romance" after her movie "yoom men el 3omr" (a day of life) with Abdel Halim Hafez. Zubaida also got the title "the little angel" Zubaida got many titles due to her cute, angel and moon face. 

Mervat Amin
Mervat Amin is an Arab Egyptian actress, born in 1953 in El-Menya in Egypt. Her father is Egyptian and her mother Scottish. During the seventies her mom was the Head of the Elementary School of El Nasr School Heliopolis,Egypt(ex-The English School, Cairo). Her father was Dr. Ahmad Amin was the physician of the same institution. Amin's first fame came when she starred with Abdel Halim Hafez in his last film, Abi Foq El Chagara (My Father Is Up the Tree).From there she became one of the most successful Egyptian actors in the 1970s and early 1980s during which she starred in many Egyptian films. Mervat Amin was married four times and she was the second wife of the famous Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmy between 1974 and 1986. They had a daughter together, their marriage ending in divorce in 1986.
Souad Hosny
Soad Mohamed Hosny (January 26, 1943 – June 21, 2001) was an Egyptian actress born in the Bulaq district of Cairo. Hosny was known as the "Cinderella of Egyptian cinema" and one of the most influential actresses in the artistic arena. She ascended to stardom in the end of the 1950s, performing in more than 83 films between 1959 and 1991. A majority of her films were shot in the 1960s and 1970s. Her final screen appearance was in the 1991 film The Shepherd and the Women, directed by her ex-husband Ali Badrakhan. Souad Muhammad Kamal Hosny Al Baba was born on January 26, 1943 in Ataba, Cairo, Egypt. She was the tenth sibling of 17 brothers and sisters.Hosni started her career at a very young age, through singing Okht El Qamar (Sister of the Moon) in the radio children program Baba Sharo. A family friend, Abdel Rahman el-Khamissy (a writer/director) discovered her and asked an Arabic language teacher at the time to give her singing lessons. Abdel Rahman was screening for the film Hassan We Na’ima, and wanted to present Hosny as his new discovery in the role of Na’ima. The film was produced and directed by Henry Barakat. Hosny was known as the "Cinderella" of Arab cinema and one of the most influential actresses in the Arabic art world. She ascended to stardom in the end of the 1950s, performing in more than 83 films between 1959 and 1991. A majority of her films were shot in the 1960s and 1970s.
Princess Fawzia
Princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt  (born 5 November 1921) is an Egyptian princess who became Queen of Iran as the first wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
Titles and styles from birth
·         Her Sultanic Highness Princess Fawzia of Egypt (1921–1922)
·         Her Royal Highness Princess Fawzia of Egypt (1922–1939, 1949-1952)
·         Her Imperial & Royal Highness Princess Fawzia of Egypt and of Iran (15–16 March 1939), a day before marriage granted title Shahdokht(Princess) with style Imperial Highness
·         Her Imperial & Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Iran, Princess of Egypt (1939–1941)
·         Her Imperial Majesty The Queen of Iran (1941–1948)
·         Her Imperial & Royal Highness Princess Fawzia of Egypt and of Iran (1948–1949)
·         Her Imperial & Royal Highness Princess Fawzia of Egypt and of Iran, Mrs Shirin (1952–present)


  1. This is a delightful collection of famous Egyptian beauties. However, it is such a pity that the English descriptions of the women's backgrounds is so full of grammatical errors!

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    1. "Most Egyptians till today have Turkish origins"!!! Wow, that's some statement!
      You probably mean " a lot of Egyptians", or "quite a few Egyptians". In any case, this country was such a land of milk and honey that it attracted immigrants from all over the world. Unfortunately, Egyptians, today, tend to flee the place. Let's hope the country will "pull its shit together"!
      Not too many years ago, South Korea, Brazil, China and others were way behind Egypt in development terms. Look at the situation today... These countries manufacture so many high-tech products... Brazil, for one, sells jet liners (Embraer) to major international airline companies... Where does Egypt stand today? And who bears responsibility for this backwardness? What a pity!
      Nice work, your list of gorgeous Egyptian ladies. One should mention, though, that quite a few of them wear hidjab today! Again, what a pity!
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