Florida mom reunited with daughter who was found in MEXICO after being abducted by her father nearly FIVE YEARS ago

  • Cara Cox, now 12, was found in Hidalgo, Mexico last week with her father, Aaron Cox, who abducted her in August 2009 during a weekend visiti
  • Jodie Borchert had custody of Cara at the time of her abduction, but Cox had weekend visitation rights
  • Cox was extradited to Miami and faces a charge of interference with child custody

A Florida mother has been reunited with her now 12-year-old daughter who was abducted by her father almost five years ago.

Cara Cox is now back with her mother after her dad Aaron Cox, 55, used a court ordered visit in 2009 to steal his daughter away to the remote mountains outside Mexico City.

In Miami on Saturday, Jodie Borchert of Deltona saw her daughter for the first time since the little girl was just eight years old.

Home after five years: Authorities say Cara Cox, who is now 12, is thrilled to be back with her mother in Florida after she was allegedly abducted by her father and taken to remote mountains in Hidalgo, Mexico. Cara is seen at 8-years-old at right before her abduction and in a computer-aged police photo at left

Charged: Aaron Cox, 55, in a mug shot taken after he was extradited to Miami. He has been charged with interference with child custody for abducting his daughter, Cara, in August 2009

Unraveling mystery: Initial reports indicate that 55-year-old Cox (pictured here before the alleged abduction) had no connection to Mexico and yet somehow managed to hold up their with his daughter

Nearly five years had passed since since Cara and her dad disappeared into thin air from his Deltona home without a single clue as to their whereabouts.

Borchert had legal custody of her daughter while the girl’s father had weekend visitation rights, which were evidently not enough for Cox.

Police searched diligently for Cox and his daughter and were soon joined by experts at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Every two years, investigators released a new computer-aged photo of Cara in hopes she would be recognized.

Her mother clung to hope despite the sad dearth of clues and as recently as May 12 had shared a new missing persons post on Facebook.

She also posted a tear-jerking Mother's Day message to her daughter that day, writing in part:

'Hi Cara baby, this is mommy wishing you had been here on this my fifth Mother's Day without you, I miss you more than words can say! Please keep trying to reach us, don't ever give up we are all still here and looking for you.......always.'

And on that very same day, a miracle happened.

A tip came into the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that revealed Cox and her father were in the mountains near Hidalgo, Mexico, about two hours northeast of Mexico City.

Holding out hope: Cara's mother never gave up hope and happened to post a Mother's Day message of hope to her long-missing daughter on the very day a tip line got a call about Cara's whereabouts

Reunion: Cara saw her mother for the first time since August 2009 on Saturday when they were joyfully reunited in Miami

Over the following five days, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office worked with U.S. Marshals Service, the State Attorney's Office and the Florida/Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force.

Cox was arrested without incident, authorities said. The man and his daughter had been living in Mexico under assumed names.

'It is such a huge relief to bring this case to a successful conclusion,' said Brandon Haught, a spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. 'Reports are the girl is extremely happy to be reunited with her family.'

Cox has been charged with interference with child custody and was extradited to Miami. He will be moved shortly to Volusia County, where the abduction took place.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported an investigation is ongoing and Cox could face more charges.

'Extremely happy': Authorities say Cara was thrilled to see her mother after all this time

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