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Are you thinking about enlisting?
Think again!

The video "Before You Enlist" (in English and Spanish) is definitely worth your time!


You can also get a lot of good questions to consider from the Ya-Ya Network —Youth Activists, Youth Allies,.


Are you worried about registering for the draft?  Find out about Selective Service Resistance

If you're already in the military and are having second thoughts, the GI Rights Hotline is there for you. (In English and Spanish) It includes a detailed section on conscientious objection,



Want information about how much tax money is spent on war? The National Priorities Project has lots of tools for understanding military spending as well as statistics about military recruitment..








Looking for alternatives to the military?

There are hundreds of places to get money for college. Check out the
Scholarship Directory from East Bay Consortium of Educational Institutions


The federal government has several programs that offer job training and help for college while serving your community or communities in other parts of the U.S. or around the world:
Americorps,    Job Corps and   Peace Corps



There are also programs that can help you travel while you're still in high school, or after you graduate.  Many of them cost money, but they also have great scholarships to help you participate.  Check out Global Glimpse and Amigos de las Americas.


And if you're looking for some creative ideas about what to do with your life after high school, you can download a free booklet from the American Friends Service Committee called It's my Life.